A Loved One On The Brink: What To Do If The One Who Is So Dear To You Wants To Commit Suicide

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A Loved One On The Brink: What To Do If The One Who Is So Dear To You Wants To Commit Suicide
A Loved One On The Brink: What To Do If The One Who Is So Dear To You Wants To Commit Suicide
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A loved one on the brink: what to do if the one who is so dear to you wants to commit suicide

What to do if the one who has become part of your soul balances on the brink of no return? The incessant alarm bell rings in the minds the same: “What to do? How to keep? What should I say to him so that he would hear me and stay alive?"

Already that day the soul hurts. Anxiety and fear eat away from the inside, and you do not find a place for yourself. Because such a close and beloved person does not want to live.

He walks like a somnambulist, he is not interested in anything, perhaps he says that he is tired that the world around is meaningless and gray. That life is a continuous pain, which is easier to end with one jump from the window. Or he simply does not say anything, silently fencing himself off from you with headphones or falling into a long sleep.

You see that his condition is getting worse day by day. And you can't do anything: all the words about how beautiful life is and how much good there is in it seems to fall into a deaf void.

And it also happens that a person close to you shows the intention to commit suicide differently: with tears, tantrums, attempts to close in a bathroom with a razor and open their veins or swallow pills. For a while, you manage to calm him down with stories about how dear he is to you, how much you love him and you cannot live without him. But after a while the situation repeats itself again.

And the fear that at any moment the irreparable may happen to your loved one becomes your constant companion.

What to do if the one who has become part of your soul balances on the brink of no return? The incessant alarm bell rings in the minds the same: “What to do? How to keep? What should I say to him so that he would hear me and stay alive?"

Life can be saved with a word

How to choose these correct, precise words that will help a loved one keep from an irreparable mistake? To do this, one must absolutely accurately imagine what is happening in the soul of the one who decides to take this step. Know what exactly pushes him to suicide. What thoughts, feelings, internal states lead him to such a decision.

suicide of a dear person
suicide of a dear person

Today there is scientific knowledge that allows you to understand the human psyche from the inside, to see the deep reasons even for those motives and actions of a person that are hidden from him. The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan absolutely precisely differentiates in which people and for what reason suicidal thoughts may arise.

This becomes a saving thread for the family and friends of a person balancing on the edge, and helps to save his life.

Main risk group: Silent introverts

Such a person is immersed in himself. If you call him, he doesn't even answer right away. He is so deeply focused on his own thoughts. Most of all he is worried about the questions: “Who am I and why do I live? What is the meaning of this eternal human race in a circle? For what, in general, does humanity exist?"

This natural introvert possesses, according to the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, a sound vector.

Even with a good education, job and a loving family, the sound engineer can be in a prolonged depression for reasons incomprehensible to himself and to others. The fact is that his desires really have nothing to do with the benefits of this world, and the joys of the physical world do not bring him happiness.

The sound engineer is overwhelmed with a thirst for knowledge, his I, primary causes, world order. This is his dominant desire. And when he does not find answers to his deepest questions, he does not see the point of living.

Life begins to be perceived by him as an empty, gray series of days, a senseless running in a circle. Symptoms of depression gradually worsen, and headaches and sleep disturbances may occur.

A sound engineer in this state may even forget to eat, not leave the house for several days. He feels the outside world as illusory, his own body is a burden, and his needs do not matter.

For some time, the sound engineer may be carried away by religion or reading esoteric literature, but he does not find genuine fulfillment there either. An inner emptiness grows, which he feels like a black, bottomless hole, tormenting with unbearable pain.

The features of the sound vector are such that its owner blames his own body for his suffering. After all, he associates his I with the soul, which he considers eternal. Only by his body is he attached to this world, which is perceived as a source of enduring pain. And the only way to stop experiencing mental anguish the sound engineer sees is to destroy the body. So the owner of the sound vector begins to have the first suicidal thoughts.

For a while, the sound engineer may still try to drown out his soul pain with the help of drugs or going into the world of virtual games. But this black hole inside eventually leads him to the edge of the windowsill, from which he can take the last step in the hope of getting rid of the torment.

suicide of a dear person
suicide of a dear person

How to help a loved one and keep him from taking this step?

First of all, you need to understand the main problem of the sound person - isolation within one's own states. He is convinced that no one is able to understand his mental anguish. This is often confirmed by his experience of the "white crow": people around really often perceive the sound engineer as "not like everyone else." He closes in even more and ceases to voice his feelings altogether.

Nevertheless, we can recognize the danger of the situation by external signs. You should be on your guard if:

  1. A person close to you is in prolonged depression, wants nothing, sleeps 12-16 hours a day, or, on the contrary, suffers from insomnia.
  2. Even if he casually drops phrases that “life has no meaning”, “I don't understand why I should live at all,” this is a real cry from the heart. It's just that the soundman is not very emotional outwardly, does not show any storm of feelings outward. In fact, at this moment, the whole world just collapses inside him.

A sound engineer in critical condition needs not so much sympathy as understanding. Emotional manifestations of feelings towards him may even alienate him at such a moment.

What can you say to a sound engineer to dispel his imaginary loneliness?

  1. “I understand that you just have a bottomless black hole inside that causes excruciating pain. I understand that nothing that people are used to enjoying makes you happy. And you see no point in living."

  2. “It seems to you that no one is able to understand your feelings, but this is not so. Among us, there are about 5% of people who do not enjoy the benefits of this world, who more than anything else want to understand how this world works and what is the meaning of their life. "

Voicing the inner, hidden thoughts of the sound engineer will already help him partially relieve himself of incredible tension. But for a sound person it is vitally necessary to find answers to his deepest questions himself, to satisfy his desire to know himself and the world around him. As a result, depression and the desire for suicide go away, and the desire to live and create for the good of people arises.

Such results have already become the property of a huge number of sound specialists trained in system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan:

To help your loved ones, register for Yuri Burlan's free online lectures using the link.

Second risk group: especially sensitive people

There are people among us who are naturally endowed with a huge emotional range. They aim to establish emotional bonds with others. In potential, such a person, whom the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan defines as the bearer of the visual vector, is capable of genuine compassion and sympathy towards those who feel bad.

When the colossal range of emotions of the viewer, given by nature, does not find the proper social realization, then the owner of these properties falls into the so-called emotional swing. At the peak of a positive state, he simply gushes with joyful emotions. And in the recession, he feels unbearable melancholy and hopeless sadness.

At such a moment it seems to him that no one needs him. That the whole world turned away from him, no one loves him, and he is infinitely alone.

It is visual people, according to the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, who are inclined to openly express their thoughts about death, to talk about their desire to commit suicide. Unconsciously, with the help of these conversations, such a person tries to gain attention to himself and empathy. In a sense, he is experiencing tremendous emotional hunger and is waiting for the filling of his emotional emptiness from others.

suicide of a dear person
suicide of a dear person

The desire to still find a response from loved ones can push the viewer into demonstrative suicide. It happens that his repeated tantrums and conversations about death are no longer taken seriously by those close to him. But one should not underestimate the danger and dismiss it as a banal attempt at manipulation. Most often, a person is not even aware of what drives his emotions.

The owner of the visual vector can really bring suicide to completion. Sometimes the "demonstration" has time to go too far, and the person simply does not have time to save.

In addition, today the Internet space is teeming with communities of those who have decided to commit suicide. And the spectators, in their bad states, often try to find like-minded people who only help to "swing the emotional swing" even more and still bring the matter to the end. In such communities, the visual person can be persuaded to commit group suicide by agreement.

What urgent help can be provided to the owner of the visual vector, which balances on the brink of suicide?

  1. To get out of the crisis, he really needs your empathy and sympathy at the first moment. This will at least partially fill the abyss of his emotional emptiness.
  2. When the viewer is already capable of relatively adequate perception, be sure to try to switch him to compassion for other people. By nature, the visual person is created so as to realize his sensory potential for the benefit of society. It is the lack of such realization that provokes his bad conditions. Perhaps he will respond to an offer to help an elderly neighbor or visit someone of his acquaintances in the hospital.

Such measures can help in a short distance and work in a critical situation. But in order for a person to no longer return to bad conditions, his own awareness of his innate properties is required. This allows him to find ways of maximum realization, to live with joy and never return to thoughts of death.

Save life and live it happily

From the very first free introductory online lectures by Yuri Burlan, the owners of both visual and sound vectors feel a significant improvement in their internal states.

Viewers get rid of emotional addictions, tantrums, panic attacks and other negative conditions that can lead to demonstrative suicide attempts.

And the sound scientists finally get answers to their deep questions about the structure of the universe, tormenting them for years, begin to feel a deep meaningfulness of the life of all mankind and their role in it.

Give your loved ones a chance not only to save your life, but also to live it happily and meaningfully. Register for a free online training on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan here.

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