Find Yourself: How To Reach The Stars

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Find Yourself: How To Reach The Stars
Find Yourself: How To Reach The Stars

Video: Find Yourself: How To Reach The Stars

Video: Find Yourself: How To Reach The Stars
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Find yourself: how to reach the stars

Destiny is what a person is best equipped for. An unbearable feeling that life is wasted, time is running away irrevocably, and you are still in a stupor and do not understand what is your role, where is your place in life.

A lot has already been tested: part-time work here and there, books on personal growth, master classes on mastering creative skills. Yoga, pilgrimages and even asceticism, and tons of scribbled diaries trying to understand who I am and what to do. An unbearable feeling that life is wasted, time is running away irrevocably, and you are still in a stupor and do not understand what is your role, where is your place in life.


Destiny is what a person is best suited for. Potentially natural qualities given to a person from birth, the unique properties of his psyche suggest full realization in the world. What we call “doing to your liking”, an activity that allows you to feel that you are in the right place.

Why doesn't this happiness happen to some people? Life continues its dull course, there are more and more questions, but there is no answer. How to be realized among other people? Is there a place for me there? What is the sense of life? Who am I and why does all this exist? You justify yourself by the fact that the great ones also live with their heads in the clouds, and with their hands in a dung heap, well, that is, in something completely earthly and material.

For example, Viktor Tsoi composed deep texts, gave concerts, acted in films, and worked as a stoker at night. Why am I worse? Maybe I'm great too, but the fact that I work where I have to in order to pay for an apartment, so this even has its own romance. Do you remember the movie Peaceful Warrior? There Socrates worked at a night gas station, while he was a spiritual master. I walked in unpaired boots and did not bathe, did something useful for people, and around the darkness, silence and loneliness - beauty, in a word. I wish I could do it so that it seems that there would be money and, most importantly, fewer people.

The pleasure principle

A person is a desire for pleasure, a desire to receive reward for the efforts made.

When we invest, but do not find a sense of satisfaction from what we are doing, disappointment comes and, finally, apathy, complete powerlessness. More and more often you cuddle up on your pillow to sleep through this meaningless life. During the day you sleep for 16 hours, and at night you go into virtual reality: play computer games, watch TV series, listen to spiritual people.

Of course, to us, people who find themselves in nothing, tormented in search of an answer to the main question of life - what is the meaning? - it is difficult to accept how people are generally able to enjoy life without thinking about the most important things. Pleasure, pleasure from what? From a car, an apartment? From a family that doesn't understand you? From working with a stupid boss and stupid colleagues, where every hour you dream of leaving for a secluded room to take a break from voices and put your thoughts in order? It's a shame, even humiliating, to want something like that.

We ourselves have no idea what we are so missing. Inside - pitch darkness, emptiness and loneliness. It seems that pleasure is not about us at all.

Finding yourself

When all other people know what they want, strive and achieve, we are left on the sidelines of life, with genius potential, devastated by meaninglessness. This is because the desires of our type of psyche lie outside the material plane. There are only 5% of people like us on earth.

After some time, we have apathy, exhaustion and a feeling that this is “not mine” at our next job. We are tormented by the conversations of our colleagues about nothing, to which we simply cannot answer. It seems that the resources of time and life itself are wasted and it is better to stay at home than to do something that makes no sense.

We urgently need the value that we, people with a sound structure of the psyche, see in the disclosure of the meaning of life and the cause-and-effect relationships of everything. When we do not find global significance in what we do, a feeling of deep dissatisfaction very quickly grows in us. We go over and over the options in the hope of finding the only correct option that will justify all our searches. But bitter experience says that no job gives a chance to get what you want.

Is it really?

Get out of captivity

Yes, the modern world is focused on consumption: how to make money and build a house. We, people with a constant thirst for the disclosure of meaning, are looking for something that gives value to everything that happens around and what we ourselves produce. Therefore, we definitely need to clearly understand the importance of what we are doing, what global significance this activity has for all of us and the world around us.

A clear idea of ourselves, of what our unique task in this world is, will help to find a job to our liking, to find a meaning that gives satisfaction, strength and inspiration.

Here is how Alexey and Ekaterina describe their results after the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan:

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