Varvara Karaulova. Guard, Girls Are Recruited

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Varvara Karaulova. Guard, Girls Are Recruited
Varvara Karaulova. Guard, Girls Are Recruited
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Varvara Karaulova. Guard, girls are recruited

The heroine of one of the television talk shows, the mother of a teenager who committed another terrible atrocity, in her defense said a phrase that caused the outrage of the audience, but very truthfully reflects the main problem of today's parents. “We don't know our children,” she said …

More and more people of "Slavic nationality" are among the Islamists

On May 27, a student of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, Varya Karaulova, did not return home from the university. The girl's father instantly sounded the alarm and used all his connections to find the girl. The runaway's route was established quite quickly: home - Sheremetyevo airport - Istanbul - Syrian border. A little later, the prehistory of the escape became clear, which shocked both the girl's parents and many people unfamiliar with her. Passion for the Arabic language and the Koran, wearing a hijab in class, reading Islamic literature … The conclusion suggested itself: the girl was “recruited”.

Even though the guard scream

"I have brothers, but no relatives …"

From the song of V. Tsoi

A week after the escape, Varya was detained at the border with Syria as part of a whole group of citizens of the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan. We must pay tribute to the father - if he hadn’t raised the public and the media, he would not have seen his daughter anymore. Alas, such activity of a parent, although admirable, is unlikely to be able to fill the gaps in communication with the child.

The heroine of one of the television talk shows, the mother of a teenager who committed another terrible atrocity, in her defense said a phrase that caused the outrage of the audience, but very truthfully reflects the main problem of today's parents. “We don't know our children,” she said.

Taking into account the indifference, psychological ignorance and / or lack of time among adults, many parents have to shout "guard" today, for whom the inner world of their children is "Chinese" (and sometimes "Arabic"). Parents who are familiar with the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan have such problems to a much lesser extent, since the SVP provides not only the opportunity to determine the vectors of their child, but also the tools for their harmonious development, as well as for understanding the true needs of the person growing nearby.

Skin tones can be secretive, and others often say "on their own mind" about them. Varya Karaulova is just one of them. A sound that pushes to search for the deep meaning of one's own life and the entire universe and a skin that endows with the desire to act - this union is able to push a person to the most desperate and inexplicable from the point of view of common sense steps towards knowledge of the truth. From hermitage to suicide, from self-torture to extremism, from militant atheism to religious fanaticism … The options are countless. And in most cases - not the slightest desire to share their experiences with loved ones who have a completely different set of vectors. Because they still won't understand, won't support, won't help. At most, they will say “throw this crap out of your head” and take you to a psychologist.


Perhaps that is why Varin's act came as a complete surprise to the family, which even in fact refuses to believe in the awareness of her choice.

Love Attack

"I will give a kalym for you, I will sell my soul to the devil …"

From the song of Murat Tkhagalegov

The noise around the fugitive from the Faculty of Philosophy stirred up another wave of public interest, bringing to the surface the widespread opinion of the "experienced" about the "love attack". They say that dozens of marriage companies specialize in supplying Slavic girls to ISIS, luring young fools with "oriental tales" and offering to start a family with real men from Turkey, Iraq, Syria and other "sultry" countries.

Of course, love lure plays a big role in organizing regular female deliveries to the east, but not all girls are interested in such bait.

Women with a skin-visual ligament can in this case find themselves in the realization of their ancient destiny, rationalizing this by the fact that this is done for a good cause, in support of the fighting spirit.

A man, family and children at any cost are the main life goals for women with an anal vector, often without developed "upper" vectors. The world of ideas is alien and incomprehensible to them, but in the role of the mistress of the hearth with a stern man-earner by their side, they feel fulfilled and full. Such a dream in Islamic countries can partly come true only if one accepts Islam. A woman of another faith, in most cases, has only one path - to a wordless slave, who is treated like a thing.

Such girls, having fallen into the trap of "love and marriage", quite rarely stand shoulder to shoulder with the militants to participate in the jihad. And even if they get up, it's not for the sake of ideas. Their ideas are their children, their homeland is their home. Moreover, literally - the house or apartment in which they live.

Girls caught with this bait are used as females. They become wives, concubines, slaves of militants, give birth to children - also future militants. And only in exceptional cases they take up arms. Under duress, under suggestion, out of revenge, "for the company" with her husband … And never - out of convictions. Unlike girls with a sound vector.


Ideas are the plague of the 21st century

Live! Burn and not fade away! Live! But not to exist! …

From the song of I. Reznik

In February 2015. The head of the FSB of Russia, A. Bortnikov, following the summit on countering extremism, told reporters that up to 1,700 Russian citizens are supposedly fighting in Iraq and their number is constantly increasing. According to unofficial data, at least 1,000 foreign volunteers join the ranks of ISIS every month.

And how many "volunteers" every month join the ranks of adherents of other extremist organizations, occult teachings, various sects, unrecognized religious movements? And how many people look out the windows of high-rise buildings or poison themselves with hard drugs, not finding among the ideas offered by the world the one that would fill their life with meaning?..

And while the whole world wonders why positive "domestic" girls and boys, who have not found fulfillment for themselves, run to the terrorists from all sides, the sound musicians continue their desperate Hajj. And they do not have such arguments to explain to their parents who are far from understanding the needs of sound that ideas alien to the society that gave birth to them become a chance for them to escape from the philistine swamp, fill their lives with meaning, challenge the well-fed indifferent world, justify their existence, feel like -really living.

Nikita Mikhalkov once said that ideology is part of the country's national security. These words acquire a special meaning if you look at the word "ideology" through the prism of understanding the essence of the sound vector. The girl Varya, who studied for two years at the Faculty of Philosophy, who studied several languages, shoveled mountains of books and studied dozens of philosophical movements, did not find in her environment ideas that could truly captivate her, fill her life with meaning, justify her birth, give feel that she lives and does not exist. But without this it is difficult for a sound engineer, it is almost impossible to live a full life - and no benefits and values ​​revered by other vectors help. Neither family wealth, nor the prestige of an educational institution,no gold medals for excellent studies … All this is nothing before the opportunity to feel like truly living, involved in some big idea that justifies the existence of all mankind and oneself separately.

Varya was looking for such an idea and, quite obviously, found it. And when I found it, I bought a one-way ticket. Like many other sound scientists, to whom extremists, religious sects, mystics and other "speculators of ideas" playfully slip their ideas. But ideas can be not only destructive! Ideas can and should be creative and life-affirming!

But what is there "can", they already exist - system-vector psychology explains the meaning of existence, both of all mankind, and of any individual person. The sound specialists who have mastered the SVP cease to perceive life as a heavy burden or meaningless living; they understand who they are and why they are here.


To convey this understanding to the sound specialists suffering from a misunderstanding of their life mission is the task of any person who brings up a child who is looking for and does not find the meaning of his prosperous and outwardly happy life. What are individual people; this is a primary task for any state that thinks about its national security and is concerned about the "leakage" of sound professionals towards asocial communities. System-vector psychology provides not only an understanding of the essence of human existence, but is also able to fill the most "hungry" sound with an awareness of its nature, its mission, its role and super task in the existing system of the universe.

It is possible to fill the void of the seeking sound. The whole question is what. If we do not help our children find the right answer, they will continue to look for it where a one-way ticket is purchased.

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