On Guard Of Girl's Honor, Or How Not To Bury Talent

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On Guard Of Girl's Honor, Or How Not To Bury Talent
On Guard Of Girl's Honor, Or How Not To Bury Talent
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On guard of girl's honor, or How not to bury talent

Parents raise children with the best intentions, do everything for their good future. But they are guided by their worldview, their values. Will they not ruin in this way what is given to her by nature itself? Wouldn't they spoil their lives without wanting to? Or maybe these creative professions are not so bad and carry more than just showing themselves? And, finally, why are the views on the life of parents and children, their desires, so different from each other? …

Any parent wants to raise their daughter as best as possible so that she grows up as a decent girl, gets a good profession, and creates a strong family. And the girl, growing up, dreams of what she will become when she grows up. It happens that he sees himself as an actress, singer or dancer. Sings songs, blinks.

The parents of a little cotton-eyed girl are moved by such openness. But at the same time, they are worried that this will not pass, that she will remain the same in adulthood, in their opinion, frivolous. And then there is a desire to take seriously her upbringing. In their view, a daughter should be modest and obedient, because only such a girl can meet a worthy person, become an exemplary wife and a caring mother, and people will speak well of such a person.

When bright and beautiful actresses are shown in the movies, the father emphasizes that all actresses are not the most decent women, and the singers enter the stage only through the bed. And it's not even worth talking about models. And so it's clear that they are guaranteed to end up on the panel. And the more the girl admires the beautiful women on the screen, the more the parents are indignant.

Mom diligently supports her father's position, criticizing bright, defiant outfits and repeating how decent and modest a girl from a good family should be. “My father worked at the plant all his life. He is respected and appreciated, for 10 years his photograph has been hanging on the honor board! I work as a teacher - also a worthy profession. And you are going to become an actress! Shame and shame! This will not happen while my father and I are alive! " “Forget this nonsense! You will go to the technical one, you will be an engineer,”her father echoes her.

Parents raise children with the best intentions, do everything for their good future. But they are guided by their worldview, their values. Will they not ruin in this way what is given to her by nature itself? Wouldn't they spoil their lives without wanting to? Or maybe these creative professions are not so bad and carry more than just showing themselves? And, finally, why are the views on the life of parents and children, their desires, so different from each other?

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Parents want the best …

Interesting and not quite ordinary answers to these questions are given by Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, which differentiates people according to their natural properties - vectors. A vector is a set of innate desires and mental properties of a person, given to him by nature, which determines his talents, aspirations and life values. What profession a person chooses: creative, acting, or wants to become an engineer - just depends on his vector set.

People who value decency, obedience, correctness and honesty, for whom family is of great importance in life and stability is important, have an anal vector. According to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, men with an anal vector are devoted husbands and protectors of women and children, and women are the best housewives, caring mothers, devoted friends.

If in childhood the properties of the anal vector were well developed in a person and then implemented in society, he becomes a real professional, an expert in his field. But if, for some reason, the properties of the anal vector were not sufficiently developed or not implemented, then the person begins to accumulate negative internal states.

A person with an anal vector has an excellent memory and is able to store huge amounts of information in his head. He perfectly remembers all the events from childhood. Due to mental characteristics, he often becomes a hostage to the first experience. If, say, a man had his first negative experience of relationship with a woman, then he transfers this experience to all women and begins to devalue them all. Therefore, for him, all women become bad.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that the owner of the anal vector divides everything into clean and dirty, and in women, cleanliness and an unblemished reputation are important to him. And if he sees on the screen a representative of the acting profession, who looks defiant, brightly made up, if they say that she changes gentlemen like gloves, this causes rejection in the owner of the anal vector - a decent, decent woman, in his opinion, cannot behave like that. And in his eyes, if there are one or two of them, then they are all the same.

And through his inner bad state, such a father, raising his daughter, gives her the installation that all famous and star women are bad, dirty, and such a profession is shameful and frivolous. And, of course, the father does not want the girl to follow in the footsteps of "dissolute" women. Therefore, a girl is forced in various ways to abandon her natural aspirations, if they differ from the views of her parents on how a decent girl should behave.

For a woman with an anal vector, among other things, a natural female shyness is characteristic. And when actresses, singers, models behave uninhibited on the screen, she naturally has a negative reaction. And if she notices such behavior in her daughter, she, out of the best intentions, tries to save her daughter from shame and disgrace, unwittingly instilling in her a negative attitude towards the public profession. A woman with an anal vector will not want to see her daughter as a "fluttering butterfly". Who better than her to know that a decent woman should not twist her tail, but take care of her home and family.

Why do some bare their bodies while others reveal their souls?

Who dreams of stage and cinema? According to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, a girl with a skin-visual ligament of vectors is naturally endowed with the talent and desire for the profession of an actress or a singer. It was the skin-visual girl who brought culture, compassion and love into the life of the primitive flock in ancient times. And also an understanding of the special value of human life. Thanks to her, to this day, hostility in society through empathy and empathy is reduced, and we emotionally respond to the experiences of other people.

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A skin-visual girl is always in sight, from childhood she strives to be in public, she is pleased with everyone's attention. She is artistic, emotional, has a rich imagination and is potentially capable of empathy and compassion for people like no other. The main thing is to develop the visual vector before the end of puberty, the age of 12-16 years.

Of course, you can meet people with undeveloped visual vector, fixated on themselves, their appearance and their inner fears. They love to show off their bodies and attract the attention of others in any way. These people have not learned to endure the innate fear for themselves, characteristic of the owners of the visual vector, outward through empathy for others. If such a woman is an actress, despite all her efforts, she will be mediocre, and she will not be able to evoke bright feelings in those around her with her acting.

And there are other, truly great artists, whose visual vector is at a fairly high level of development. They bare the soul, bring out emotions and inspire viewers to show their best human qualities. Therefore, their play or performance bewitches, touch the viewer to the living, awakening all the most beautiful in him. Such creative personalities with a developed visual vector, in addition to acting, often organize charitable foundations, help suffering children, and travel with humanitarian missions around the world.

We develop the skin-visual girl correctly

The upbringing of a girl with a cutaneous-visual ligament of vectors requires a special approach to develop her innate talents. And of course, a visual child, like any other, needs a strong emotional bond with his mother, which is an important condition for the normal development of the baby's psyche.

As Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology explains, the carrier of the skin vector must be taught from an early age to regimen and self-discipline. Such a child needs reasonable limitations for proper development.

The development of the visual vector also needs to be given special attention. The owner of the visual vector has an innate fear for her life, which was necessary for her to fulfill in the distant past a special task of protecting the ancient human flock, when the timely rescue of others from a dangerous predator depended on her ability to be frightened.

For correct development, it is important for a visual child to be given the opportunity to take this fear out so that in the future he does not become the cause of a negative life scenario, inappropriate behavior in society, the appearance of various phobias and other negative internal states.

With the correct approach of parents to education, the child will be able to get out of the archetypal state of fear into a developed state of the visual vector. In total, there are four successive levels of development: inanimate, plant, animal and human.

At the inanimate level of development, a person enjoys only the beauty around him and his own appearance. Such a girl pays a lot of attention to make-up, chooses clothes carefully, loves "changing pictures" in the environment. She directs all emotions to external forms, while not noticing the internal content. Notices, for example, the color of a person's clothing, not their mood.

At the plant level, the spectator is able to empathize with wildlife: she loves flowers, feeds homeless animals.

At the animal level, she already has compassion for people, is able to create strong emotional ties with them. This level is quite adequate for modern society.

And at the highest, human level of development, the owner of the visual vector shows humanism, loves all of humanity. Representatives of the visual vector at this level of development are Chulpan Khamatova, Audrey Hepburn.

Each level includes all previous levels of development, that is, a girl can empathize with people and help them and at the same time dress fashionably and stylishly.

How to teach your child empathy

As Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology notes, for the development of the visual vector, the most important thing is to teach the child to take the innate fear for himself outward into empathy for others. This can be done, first of all, by reading tales of compassion, so that the child first learns to sympathize with the fairy-tale characters (and no tales about cannibalism!)

A girl with a visual vector can be sent to a theater group, especially if she herself asks about it. There she will learn to get used to the image of the heroines she will play, will bring her emotions out, and at the same time give the audience the opportunity to empathize with the characters of theatrical performances.

It is very important to teach your child to empathize and help other people. It is necessary to gradually create situations in which the child can positively show his visual vector. For example, at first, if the opportunity arises, you can attract your daughter to help an old neighbor. Then the mother can go with her daughter to visit a sick relative. So the girl will gradually learn to bring her emotions out into sympathy for other people. She will begin to notice that someone may be worse than her. She will begin to experience good states from what can help someone who needs her.

An illustrative example of how a developed visual vector can manifest itself is the incident with Angelina Jolie, who, while in Cambodia on the set of the film "Lara Croft - Tomb Raider", visited a local orphanage. Seeing the unfortunate kids, the miserable conditions in which they live, she felt their inner pain and mental suffering. This day completely changed the life of the famous actress. The described case spurred the special manifestation of the visual properties of the actress, already developed in childhood, to empathy and mercy, which needed more realization. It is very important not only to develop innate talents, but also to maximize them.

We see many famous women with very developed and realized vision. These are such representatives of the visual vector as the already mentioned Chulpan Khamatova, Audrey Hepburn and others. They use their popularity to benefit those in need, help sick adults and children. And the fearless skin-visual nurses of the Great Patriotic War, who carried wounded soldiers from the battlefield on their fragile shoulders? This is a manifestation of a developed and realized visual vector, when there is no fear for oneself, but there is only the pain of others, which is felt as one's own.

When a girl with a visual vector reaches an animal or human level of development in the visual vector, she will be able to adequately express herself in modern society, regardless of which profession she chooses. Whether she becomes an actress, model or doctor, she will always help people. And parents will not be ashamed of their daughter, on the contrary, they can be proud of her.

If the visual vector is not developed or it is wrong to raise such a child, for example, to beat a skin-visual girl or scold her for "inappropriate" hobbies, then she may indeed have an unsuccessful life scenario in the future. It is the undeveloped visual-cutaneous ligament that will push her to unsuccessful relationships with men, which she will build on the principle of "I will not give", that is, archetypally, inadequate to the modern level of development of society. Either she will not be able to realize herself in creativity or in something else.

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And life is good and life is good

The child's positive future, in which he can fully realize himself and fill his life with happiness and joy, undoubtedly depends on the parents. It is they who can set the right direction for the development of the baby, understanding his innate features. Knowing the nature of a child, one can not only avoid serious mistakes in upbringing, but also develop his natural talents in the best way, set the best life scenario.

You can learn more about the properties of different vectors, about the problems of education and development, the possibilities for the potential realization of a person in society at the free online lectures on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here:

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