Depression In Pregnancy - Fear Of The Future

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Depression In Pregnancy - Fear Of The Future
Depression In Pregnancy - Fear Of The Future

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Depression in pregnancy - fear of the future

Depression during pregnancy can manifest itself as a feeling of uncertainty about future changes, fear of dying during childbirth, fears of not coping with maternal responsibilities, lack of understanding of how to handle a newborn …

I will be a mother … What a horror

Fears about future changes often happen to pregnant women of a certain psychological profile. Expectations of global changes in life, a feeling of uncertainty, a sharp lack of self-confidence - all these experiences can result in such a negative state of the psyche as depression in pregnant women.

The judgment that absolutely all women dream of becoming a mother is only partly true. Most women really have a desire to have a baby. Continuation of the genus - the birth and rearing of offspring is a common species role for all women. However, the presence of exceptions only confirms the rule, therefore there are women who have a separate species role corresponding to their psychological characteristics, these are skin-visual ladies. It is they who can be overtaken by the problem of depression during pregnancy, since procreation is not a natural desire for them.

The skin-visual woman was born to be a public person, to bring culture to the masses in the form of art, charity, teaching, medicine or other social activities. Its psychological properties correspond to a specific species role, which in the early human community was reduced to the concept of a "female educator" in peacetime or a "temptress muse" in wartime.

The general genus specific role had nothing to do with it, therefore, the formation of the maternal instinct in the skin-visual woman does not occur, there is simply no psychological basis for this. This is associated with prenatal depression, the symptoms of which are a manifestation of fears of performing a foreign species role, actions and events uncharacteristic for her psyche.


Depression during pregnancy can manifest itself as a feeling of uncertainty before future changes, fear of dying during childbirth, fear of not coping with maternal responsibilities, lack of understanding of how to handle a newborn.

To all this, worries about her figure, appearance, thoughts that maternity leave can affect her career, deprive her of being in demand at work, lower her value for the company, and hence the level of security, are added.

The threat of being left without the opportunity to realize herself in society in a skin-visual woman is felt quite strongly, coming to the fore in comparison with the ability to fulfill maternal duty. The fear of loss of attractiveness and realization is the basis on which the state of depression is formed in pregnant women with the optic cutaneous ligament of vectors.

Gave birth … And now what should I do?

In general, the possibility of having a child became real for these women only with the development of modern medicine. Most of the clients of reproductive specialists are skin-visual, since these ladies are by nature least destined for the birth of children, they have a different species role.

It is very difficult for all other women who instinctively feel how and what to do with a newborn, it is very difficult to understand the terrifying fears of skin-visual mothers of dropping, pressing, doing something wrong, harming their own baby, with whom there is still no connection - animal maternal instinct.

At the same time, the skin-visual mother is able to be an excellent educator, teacher, mentor and friend for her child, but only after forming an emotional connection with him.

Such an opportunity appears after the baby reaches 3 years of age, when all the psychological properties of the child are clearly manifested and their intensive development continues.

From this period, this mother becomes easier, she subconsciously feels the emotional state of the baby and is able to direct his development in the right direction, but up to this point, it is very difficult for a skin-visual mother to engage in activities that are alien to her - caring for and feeding a young child, while being simultaneously under pressure lack of self-realization as an individual, losing their place in society.

Feeling the upcoming changes and her inability to cope with duties unusual for her, the psychological state of a skin-visual woman during pregnancy can deteriorate significantly, resulting in real depression before childbirth.

Understanding instead of fear, deliberate steps instead of depression

For the owners of an extroverted visual vector, who are in search of answers to their experiences, and more importantly, an emotional connection with the same skin-visual friends in misfortune in a state of depression during pregnancy, the forum of like-minded women becomes a kind of outlet, a place where you can share feelings. find warm communication, understanding, empathy and support.


However, a truly effective step for getting out of depression in pregnant women can be a deep and clear understanding of their own psychological characteristics, their capabilities and prospects, values ​​and priorities, true desires and aspirations.

Awareness of their specific role makes it possible not to succumb to fear of the unknown, but to look for possible ways to solve future difficulties. This is exactly what happens during Yuri Burlan's trainings on system-vector psychology.

Modern advances in medicine, qualified medical staff, all kinds of benefits of civilization can greatly facilitate caring for a baby, and an experienced nanny, selected using a systematic approach, may well provide the necessary conditions for both the child and you personally for a comfortable transition from pregnancy to the role of a young mother.

A large number of young women who underwent the training, as a result of the change in mental state from uncertainty to awareness, received the desired opportunity to get pregnant, they talk about this in their interviews and write on the reviews page, not hesitating to give their real name or show their face.

Many women got rid of the problem of depression, groundless tantrums, panic attacks, phobias and fears, stopped blaming themselves for insolvency, like mothers, stopped disembodied torment over the choice between career and motherhood, having received a clear understanding of the importance of realizing oneself in society without harming the relatives and loved ones. You can read hundreds of reviews on liberation from a wide variety of fears here.

Here is just one excerpt from the review:

I noticed that my attitude towards children has changed. The thought of my own child used to knock me out. I was shaking for several days when my husband tried to talk to me about it. I haven't figured it out yet, with the reason … But something is changing. Children don't scare me anymore. They even became interesting to me, and I basically see what kind of mother I can be. Especially with new knowledge about system-vector psychology … Natalia Kislitsina, graphic designer Read full text of the result

A deep awareness of one's own desires and possibilities, which occurs at the training of Yuri Burlan, gives a vision of one's future without fear and uncertainty, and a constructive approach to the implementation of innate properties makes it possible to enjoy communication with your beloved baby and feel like a happy mother.

A cycle of free introductory online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan will soon take place

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