How To Get Rid Of Fears And Breathe Freely

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How To Get Rid Of Fears And Breathe Freely
How To Get Rid Of Fears And Breathe Freely
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How to get rid of fears and breathe freely

You know very well what fear is - it is your longtime companion. He has been with you since childhood. Fear of the dark, chilling a child's soul. Fear of losing parents, fear of death. It's so scary to know from childhood that death exists and you have to die. Painfully scary …

Fear … You do not know how, when and why it took possession of your consciousness. Since then, your life has become painful. You cannot free your mind from negative thoughts, fear follows you everywhere. He lives in you, in your head. He is always with you. More than anything, you would like to forget about him, but you do not know how to get rid of the feeling of fear and anxiety for yourself or someone close to you, how to get rid of the constant panic fear in anticipation of something terrible. You are tense, tortured, exhausted …

And those nightmarish obsessions that create pictures in your imagination that scare you more than anything else? From these thoughts a cold sweat appears on the body, you are ready to pass out. Better to die than think about it. But thought is material, you remember this and are ready to kill yourself so that your terrible thoughts do not materialize, so that this nightmare from your head does not bring any real harm to anyone. You are resisting these thoughts with all the forces of your consciousness, you are meditating to get rid of fear - no, you will not think about it, you will not allow yourself! But from this you only enter into colossal tension, unpleasant, painful - even your body begins to ache from this mental intensity. And your terrible obsessive thoughts - they climb into your consciousness with even greater force.How to get rid of bad obsessive thoughts and fears? After all, there must be some way, it cannot be that it does not exist!


How to get rid of fear of people, men, darkness, dogs … Fear takes any guise

You know very well what fear is - it is your longtime companion. He has been with you since childhood. Fear of the dark, chilling a child's soul. Fear of losing parents, fear of death. It's so scary to know from childhood that death exists and you have to die. Painfully scary. You are so used to fear that it seems to you that it is part of you. Therefore, you have no idea how you can get rid of your inner fear and insecurity forever.

But what is happening now is unbearable! You can't live like that …

Yes, fear has always been with you, it only changed its appearance. Or not. The main thing for him is to live in your head under any pretext. You may be afraid of heights, water, snakes, insects, dogs - he doesn't care in the long run. You may seem funny to other people when you are afraid of germs on public transport. And you are not at all funny - there are so many diseases in the world that you can get infected! And to be sick for a long time, and it is painful to die … You do not know how to get rid of the excitement and fears in life, so you follow their lead. You don’t put your hands on the handrails in the minibus; you carry antibacterial wipes with you. Wash your hands a thousand times a day.

By the way, about diseases. Who can tell you how to get rid of the fear of getting sick? Sometimes you think you are sick. It happened so often in your life. You carefully monitor your body, your health … And suddenly you see that something has changed. You look for information about this on the Internet and find confirmation: yes, you are sick. Seriously. It looks like your song is over. How awful it is to get sick at such an early age! You are only 20 (30, 40, 50 …). Become disabled, lose health, and even worse - die after a hard struggle for life. And how afraid you are of pain, torment, all that is to be experienced - you are afraid to the pain in your heart. To tears. You can't sleep at night, you are so afraid.

You have already prepared for the worst, bought everything you need to take with you to the hospital and … the doctors did not confirm your diagnosis. They didn't find anything. You cannot believe it and go to other doctors! But even there they tell you that you are completely healthy! You are crying with happiness, because you will not die and become disabled! But … what was that? Hypochondria is one of the guises of your old friend FEAR. I would like to understand how to get rid of the fear of illness and pain, but what diseases are there - how to get rid of all fears …

The agonizing question: how to get rid of fears and complexes?

Whatever happens in your life, fear always makes its own adjustments. Even beautiful events are clouded with fear. For example, you are afraid of losing something. Something or someone.

If you are in love, and even mutually, and even happy, this happiness does not last long. Fear drags into your mind the thought that your beloved (beloved) can stop loving you, leave you or cheat on you with another (other). Your fear helpfully draws pictures in your imagination, painful pictures of treason. There she (he) is with another, and it seems to you that in fact her (his) behavior is suspicious. She (he) pays little attention to you, at least less than before. Stopped loving (stopped loving)? You are tormented by jealousy, suspicion, fear of being abandoned. You roll up scenes of jealousy, sort things out, and your beloved (beloved) looks at you with eyes round with surprise and says that you have no reason for jealousy.

You see that you yourself, with your own hands, are gradually destroying your wonderful relationship, making them sick and painful. You are destroying your great love. And so it is always: at first you do not know how to get rid of the fear of approach, then - how to get rid of the fear of betrayal, and there is no end to it … Fear always guides you, lives by you, screams at you, hysterics with you, jealous of you …

Fear prevents you from living. He brings suffering to you and your loved ones. Get rid of your fear! Make it leave your consciousness forever. Because it is possible.


System-vector psychology. How to get rid of fear and phobias

So what is the technique for getting rid of fear?

The systemic psychoanalysis of Yuri Burlan helps to get rid of fears guaranteed and forever. Many people have already used this method and received excellent and lasting results, got rid of a variety of bad conditions, including phobias, obsessive fears, and panic attacks.

How it works?

System-vector psychology is the science of vectors, innate desires and mental properties for their implementation, which are indicated on the human body by erogenous zones. If a person is not aware of his true, innate desires, he does not realize them. Then the vectors (that is, the psychic, hidden in the unconscious) are not filled, and at the same time the person experiences bad states.

Deficiencies in the visual vector cause fear in its wearer. Obsessive, changing guises, finding more and more reasons and objects.

In other words, it is the deep, hidden reasons in the unconscious that cause fear, and not external circumstances. The external serves only as an object for fear.

Children with visual vectors also often suffer from fears. They are afraid to sleep alone in a dark room, they can be terrified of insects, dogs, imaginary monsters. With the help of systemic psychoanalysis, parents begin to understand how to help the child get rid of fears and what exactly causes the child to feel fear.

The technique of getting rid of fear consists in psychoanalysis, which occurs with a person during the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology". Systemic psychoanalysis is a deep awareness of oneself, one's psychic nature. This is an instant awareness of the reasons that give rise to certain thoughts, emotions in you, push you to actions and actions. During systemic psychoanalysis, everything falls into place by itself and the question of how to get rid of fears and anxieties forever loses its relevance. Desires are realized by a person and are filled, and in place of bad states comes the ability to enjoy life, awareness, acceptance of oneself and others, self-confidence and confidence in the future.

Thousands of people have already used Yuri Burlan's systemic psychoanalysis in order to change their lives for the better, have ceased to be tormented by the question "How to get rid of anxiety and fear?" and learned to live a fulfilling life.

More results can be found here.

You can try systemic psychoanalysis in action completely free of charge at the introductory online lectures "Systemic Vector Psychology". To register for the training, follow the link.

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