I Change Men Like Gloves. Causes Of Female Promiscuity

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I Change Men Like Gloves. Causes Of Female Promiscuity
I Change Men Like Gloves. Causes Of Female Promiscuity
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I change men like gloves. Causes of female promiscuity

We often evaluate how sexy a woman is by her external features and behavior: how she is dressed, how defiant and frank she looks, whether her behavior seems inviting and, finally, how many partners she has. But with all the external similarity, there are two different features of the psyche that can cause "licentious", from the point of view of the majority, sexual behavior …

She had many men. Do not count. She herself had already forgotten how much, because it doesn't matter at all. She is called a dissolute, depraved girl. No, she is not a representative of an ancient profession. She is quite an ordinary young woman, only "promiscuous" in intimate relationships with the opposite sex. Many of these girls are thin and intelligent. For example, students and graduates of philological faculties.

Who are they? What makes them change partners like gloves? What kind of force pushes them to overcome the usual female bashfulness? Let us consider this phenomenon, this facet of woman's sexuality through the prism of Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology.

External and internal

We often evaluate how sexy a woman is by her external features and behavior: how she is dressed, how defiant and frank she looks, whether her behavior seems inviting and, finally, how many partners she has. But with all the outward similarities, there are two different features of the psyche that can cause "licentious", from the point of view of the majority, sexual behavior. To understand what the difference is, let us consider the definition of a vector given by Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology.

A vector is a set of innate desires and human properties that shape his behavior, life scenario, and value system. There are eight vectors in total: cutaneous, anal, muscular, visual, sound, and so on. Each is named according to the most sensitive area of ​​the body. The vectors are divided into lower and upper.

A modern person can have an average of 3 to 5 vectors. Some bundles of vectors create a stable life scenario. It is the ligaments of the skin vector with the sound and visual vector that will interest us in the context of frequent changes in sexual partners.

Same behavior, women are different

Outwardly, the behavior of women with skin-visual and skin-sound vectors will look very similar to an observer who is not familiar with Yuri Burlan's Systemic Vector Psychology.

So, the same lower vector - the skin one - will give a desire for novelty and, with insufficient implementation in society, for a frequent change of partners, because one of its values ​​is change in everything. However, the libido of a person with a skin vector is small, balanced, so it will obey the path along which the upper vector directs it.

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The upper vectors (visual and sound) of such women can be in a different state, and therefore give different manifestations of sexuality, up to completely opposite ones. And you need to understand the reasons for this or that behavior in order to distinguish them with complete external similarity. Both a skin-visual woman in a state of "war" and a skin-sound woman can often change partners, and at the same time they will have no interest in marital relations. They do not seek to get married. And on the contrary, a skin-visual woman in a state of "peace" and a skin-sound woman in depression may refuse to have sex at all.

However, the underlying unconscious psychological motives for such behavior will be completely different. Here we have to reveal them.

To love to feel secure

The skin-visual woman was the only woman in the ancient human flock to have a specific role. Together with the men, she went hunting and war, in order to see danger in time with her keen eyesight. She was a nulliparous woman, so she did not belong to a single man, as is the case with representatives of other vectors. A strong fear for her life in the visual vector pushed her to create emotional connections with different men.

So she got rid of fear, which at the same time was transformed into a completely different emotion, into love, and gained the feeling of security and safety that a man usually gives to his woman. To this day, a skin-visual woman easily enters into sexual contact with a man, without feeling ashamed of the frequent change of partners.

Being in constant search for a sense of security and safety, she consciously explains her behavior by the search for love. In fact, her partner changes are not messy. With each new object of her love, she goes to increase the intensity of feelings. And he continues to search until he meets his natural couple - a man with a urethral vector, which will give her maximum protection from her fears. However, this may not happen, since only five percent of the total number of people are born representatives of the urethral vector. And then the search continues …

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While the skin-visual woman seeks to find her partner, she is in a state of "war". Bright, eye-catching and flapping, she will not miss a single interested glance from a man. And for him, the meeting with her will become the most unforgettable episode in life - this woman is capable of such a high charge of sensuality. No wonder all men want her.

The opposite state of the skin-visual woman - "peace" - is due to the fact that when in ancient times she returned to the cave, she had to "hide" her pheromones. Men had to return to their women in order to continue their lineage, and if the skin-visual woman continued to seduce everyone in a row, this would not have happened. In peacetime, she directed all her emotionality to other people's children, raising them. The teacher of the Russian language and literature, kind, beautiful and not married, is, as a rule, an example of a skin-visual woman in a state of "peace".

The nun and the slut

The skin-sound woman has completely different motives. The search for the meaning of life, often unconscious, pushes her into sexual licentiousness. As Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology explains, the sound vector is the only one of all vectors that does not prioritize the material. The sound engineer is looking for answers to his questions in the metaphysical world, in the world of words, meanings and sounds. He wants to know who he is and why he came to this world. He is completely at the mercy of his inner states and thoughts.

He perceives the body as something illusory, often interfering with his needs for sound concentration. It wants to sleep, that is, then suddenly at a certain age it manifests itself as an attraction to the opposite sex. This state becomes for the sound girl just another reason for exploring herself - she begins to constantly masturbate. This is the infantile level of knowing your own body. In fact, she confuses the spiritual knowledge of herself, to which she is driven by desire in sound, with the knowledge of herself at the bodily level. In addition, masturbation helps to relieve stress from bad conditions in the sound vector, which are a consequence of the insolubility of sound issues.

If, in this state, the direction of her search moves to a man, then it will be promiscuous sexual intercourse with a frequent change of partners, in fact, the same masturbation, only with the help of a man. She will not seduce. She will simply offer men sex as a physiological need.

There is no intimacy or feeling in these connections. They are not remembered. This is, as they say, "sex for sport." After such a connection, the skin-sound woman prefers not to meet with her partner anymore, she may not even recognize him on the street.

The search for the meaning of life in sexual relations, of course, does not give a result, and therefore quickly ends in severe depression, in which she, like a nun, completely closes off to sexual relations and ceases to feel attracted to a man. And the more often there was a change of partners, the more difficult her condition will be. In a state of unfilled sound, a woman with a skin-sound vector ligament becomes asexual.

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Intelligence and sexuality

Now it becomes clear why philological faculties have always been famous for their "licentiousness". It is there that girls with visual and sound vectors, representatives of the intellectual elite of humanity, study. And it is the bad conditions in these vectors that push them to frequent partner changes.

Learning languages, visual girls do not receive the emotional content that is so necessary to overcome feelings of fear. And sound girls do not find the meaning of life here, because the study of a language, although it is the sphere of their interests, does not fill the sound vector as it did in past centuries. Today the volume of sound desire has grown tremendously and it is necessary to fill it with the knowledge of the human psyche, of everything that was previously hidden from us. It is this kind of disclosure that today can provide an answer to the sound question about the meaning of life.

How to stop changing partners and experience the greatest pleasure in life

To find what a woman wants to get out of her sex life, it is not at all necessary to sort out all kinds of options. You can simply find out about your desires, the characteristics of your sexuality and the possibilities of choosing the right partner. This can be done in full by the knowledge of the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

At the systemic training, the skin-visual woman learns about ways to gain a sense of security and safety, which does not depend on the number of partners she chooses, as well as how to create the most beautiful and lasting emotional connection with her chosen one. When such a connection is created, a woman feels herself filled with happiness in all senses, including in the sexual sphere, since in this case, a full-fledged relationship with the chosen partner is naturally built.

A woman with a sound vector, thanks to her knowledge of vectors, will be able to answer her sound questions about the meaning of life. After all, the meaning of life for a sound person is precisely in knowing oneself and one's neighbor. Filling the desires of the sound vector will help to reveal the sexuality of such a woman, and the conscious choice of a partner will allow you to experience not only the most vivid sexual experiences, but create the deepest connection with a man in the world - a spiritual one based on merging, kinship of souls.

There is no point in changing partners like gloves, making mistakes again and again, suffering and not seeing a way out. You just need to come to the introductory free online classes of Yuri Burlan and start knowing yourself. Register here:

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