The Pyramid Of Misunderstanding

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The Pyramid Of Misunderstanding
The Pyramid Of Misunderstanding

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The pyramid of misunderstanding

We always want the best, but we get what we get. We blame ourselves or those close to us, or distant ones, or everyone around us. But we cannot live without each other! Vector systems psychology gives us a chance to transform the pyramid of misunderstanding into a pyramid of interaction - it's not difficult.

We are born, we live and we die.


We love and hate, marry and divorce, suffer and enjoy, raise children, travel, quarrel, run to work and to the gym, argue, ruin the lives of ourselves and others. We always want the best, but we get what we get. We blame ourselves or those close to us, or distant ones, or everyone around us. But we cannot live without each other! All together we make up a single whole, although we ourselves do not yet understand this …

Vector systems psychology gives us a chance to transform the pyramid of misunderstanding into a pyramid of interaction - it's not difficult.


24% of the world's population is born as thieves. The reason for the phenomenon lies in the archetypal role of the skin vector, which lies in obtaining food for the primitive flock. Where could you get food in the primeval savanna? There are few options: go hunting, take away or steal from another tribe. Everything is like in animal nature. The main thing is to get what you need.

What happens to the child, the carrier of the skin vector, in the family? The leather worker grows mobile, he is ready to penetrate everywhere, stick his nose everywhere, grab the most inappropriate objects with his hands. Parents react to these actions almost always in the same way: “Do not touch!”, “Do not climb!”, “Drop it - byaka!”, “Take your hand - there’s current!”, “You cannot - break it!”, “You will fall!”, “Drop it!”,“Hot!”,“This is my father’s wallet”,“This is my mother's perfume”- and so on ad infinitum. And on his hands, on his hands!

The kid learns the world, internal desires prompt him to research actions. Despite all the tugging, spanking and punishment, he still cannot resist and secretly gets into his pocket, into the closet, into the table. He gets something wonderful for himself, no matter what, and rejoices. If someone incriminates him, he will open up, lie: "It was not me who took your lipstick, this is a cat!" - says three-year-old Dasha.

If there is strong pressure and control in the family, you can steal a car or a doll dress in the kindergarten, never admit it and feel great satisfaction.

At school, it is also difficult for skinny mobile children to sit quietly and calmly listen to the teacher - they live in movement, new impressions. And, avoiding teacher and parental dissatisfaction, they level the biochemistry of the brain by petty theft: in the locker room they pull out change, keys from their pockets, a beautiful pen from the neighbor's table … And they get good conditions - the archetypal role is fulfilled, survival is assured.

If such a child does not meet an adult who will fill his still undeveloped archetypal desire for prey and theft with sublimated action, after puberty we will get a thief, a swindler, a swindler who easily bypasses the law and drags everything that lies badly. Robbing the weak and stealing from the strong, thereby getting his own scanty pleasure. Although I could have grown up and become an athlete, dancer, engineer, economist, businessman, officer, lawmaker. But this path began with an innocent slap on the handles: "Do not touch!", "Do not climb!", "Throw - byaka!" …


Tell me, who is to blame for the fact that a child, having by nature excellent ability to get food and save money, could not adequately develop into a specialist who benefits society, becoming a thief? Who pondered this question? Who is always looking for the right, the guilty, justice? There is only one vector for which such thoughts are characteristic, the rest do not come to such questions.

These people 40-50 thousand years ago guarded the cave, property, children and women, when the warriors of the primitive flock went to war or hunting. Until now, these are modest and reliable people on whom you can safely leave your wives, your hearth, your business. When the hunters returned with the prey, the leader justly divided it among all the members of the pack. And our guards justly received their share: "Here's a piece of mammoth for you, Vasya, and here's a leopard's tail for you!" “Thank you, - says Vasya, - thanks for the mammoth, but I don’t need too much, take the tail”.

And indeed, they are uncomfortable if they are given something unearned, undeserved - it’s unfair. Honest, they won't take an extra penny. And if they were not given enough in the distribution? This is also a tragedy, also injustice. This is how resentment arises against the wrong person. It's his fault!

The very essence of the anal vector lies in being in or near a cave and waiting for a fair distribution of benefits. Of course, he fulfills his archetypal role: he protects property, women and children, manages the household, accumulates and records the experience of the flock, passes it on to adolescents, teaches children the art of war and hunting, makes something (golden hands), he always has order in the cave … Here he is, how wonderful, and the leader (state) gave out a little mammoth, the pension is too small, he has a new apartment, free milk, respect, honor!

It is bitter and unfair! So she suffers for years: resentment against my mother, against classmates, against the team, against the state. If he, like a skin child, did not work out in childhood, was not allowed to develop adequately, then the consequences can be no less serious. And anal people find themselves in prisons next to skin thieves for revenge for injustice, for the infidelity of his wife, for the betrayal of a friend, for sadism, for pedophilia.

In everyday life, we see these people in the role of teachers, writers, historians, scientists. Developed and realized - these are the best of professionals, golden hands! They are the keepers of customs and traditions. And critics who want to return the past: "We need a tsar!", "Stalin is not on you!", "Only a strong government will save us!" - to which others answer them: "What are you, beauty will save the world, love!"


How many people believe in this! You will see these majestic mountains, this endless sea, this ruby ​​sunset, breathe in this heady scent of the forest - and you want to die of happiness.


How can you think about war, about revenge, about money, when there is such beauty around! Soak up the nighttime smells of tropical flowers, these disturbing and beautiful fire reflections.

Romance, love, sweet fear of the night, supper by candlelight, swimming in the moonlit path … Passion for esotericism, mysticism, religions - all this helps to fill the emotional emptiness of the undeveloped visual vector. From horoscopes to horror movies, from feng shui to night trips to the cemetery. The highest emotional amplitude from grief and melancholy to euphoria, the fastest change in mood. This archetypal species role of the daytime guard of the pack haunts the viewers to this day.

To see a poisonous snake or an alligator lurking in the grass among the bright foliage, a tiger and send a danger signal in time to the flock, being frightened and shooting a cloud of fear pheromones. Such is a difficult species role: to enjoy the beauty and to be scared, scared, scared … Scared all your life, never having understood your unconscious. Rarely does an anal gentleman resist the temptation to scare a skin-visual girl in jest. These are the rules of the game!

As the child develops, the visual child ceases to fear for himself, begins to sympathize with others, to worry about them, and thus brings his fear out: through sincere sympathy and compassion - into love. Visual people perfectly feel the states, moods of other people, they are the best empaths and realize themselves well in culture and art. Only they distinguish an infinite number of colors and smells. Heads of gold: poets, painters, artists. The intelligentsia on which the whole culture rests.

Yes, it is we, who are not filled with real love, who believe in miracles, in aliens, in the evil eye, in amulets, thus removing our fears. So we believe our illusions that we can deceive the polygraph, that we are healed by faith from deadly diseases. Having a well-developed speech, we can talk about aliens beautifully and colorfully, and sluggish anal people will think: "Well, there is no smoke without fire, so there really is something like that."


Several typical sketches.

…Children's camp. Night. A candle is burning in a dark room, the girls are quietly whispering: “But when I was in the village, I had this! The brownie came to me! I wake up at night, and he strokes my face with a furry paw! I was so freaked out! And once he almost strangled his grandmother in the bathhouse! And in the river we have a water one, he drags girls into the water before the wedding!"

… The boys return from school: “Guys, there is an opportunity to earn money! Now they accept ten-kopeck coins of the Petersburg plant in 1999, one hundred rubles each! My brother took it from the piggy bank, handed it over and bought a new computer!"

…In a court. Another witness comes out and tells how it was. As the accused drew a knife from his boot, as the scabbard fell out on the asphalt (they were still such brown leather, with a Swiss cross on the side). And how he hit the victim in the stomach, and then ran around the corner of the store … And when he hit him with a knife, he stained the sleeve of his sweater with blood. He probably threw it away or burned it, so as not to leave traces …

And the court believes him, because the witness remembered so many truthful details, he could not invent everything. And visual girls believe in brownie and water. And skinny with anal boys believe in easy money. Everyone believes that there is no smoke without fire! And they believe because this oral vector speaks to you according to your lacks about what you want to hear, not distinguishing yourself where it is true and where it is fiction. With a constant urge to talk and talk, he needs your ears. It was the oralist, having an innate ability to induce, that is, creating new neural connections with his speaking, who contributed to the transformation of an early person into a person speaking.

Developed oral people are excellent lecturers, readers, orators, actors, humorists, - masters of the spoken genre. An oralist comes - and now he is the soul of the company: he tells jokes with a mother, jokes, teases. There is animation all around, everyone loves it. The men laugh, the visual girls laugh to tears, and only one, there, in the corner, frowns as if in pain …


I hate your jokes, I hate your laugh, your screeching, stupid chirping, this is your flickering, your stupid arguments! I am ready to kill for this vulgarity and this mat! I hate these holidays! What's the point of this? What am I doing here anyway? It hurts so much, so excruciatingly to serve my sentence in this world. These are your "must", "must", "do" …

Only at night, in the complete silence of the twinkling of the starry sky, the icy hand, squeezing the heart, begins to let go. It seems that something is clearing up, lining up … and the meaning begins to be felt. And in the morning - all over again: sleepy, sullen, covering his eyes with dark glasses, battered by headphones with hard rock, rides in a cold tram on another meaningless day.

- Do not touch me, people, I am leaving you in the thunder of metal, in silence, deep into the ocean, I am leaving my body in heroin, from the height of a twenty-story building into eternity, because my I is immortal …

But this is an irreparable mistake. Everything should be different. We will rewrite everything with you, while you are not yet at the point of no return.

You are the sound engineer - designed for a special role. All of humanity is invisibly connected to you. If you feel bad, everyone is bad: accidents, catastrophes, defaults, wars, epidemics, falls - all the bad conditions of people occur. And if you feel good, everyone becomes a little happier, calmer for no apparent reason. You have a special mission - through your fillings, through the knowledge of the higher laws of nature, to save humanity from future catastrophes. You just need to overcome the last obstacle - to get out of your inner world into the outer world.

Philosophy, religion, music, poetry, physics, mathematics … Everything that previously filled the life of a sound engineer with a special meaning does not close the gaping void anymore, and depression is increasingly becoming his lot. But depression is not a normal condition! The sound engineer, finding his realization, knowing himself - once through philosophy and religion, today revealing the control of human life hidden in the unconscious, and his own, and the life of each of the living - feels that at last he has his path, his road to home.

- There is nothing inside, do not look. Everything is outside, no restrictions, freedom. Free will, freedom of choice.


What is free choice? The choice of the party, the choice of the deputy, the choice of the educational institution, the choice of the wife, husband. Which sausage to choose from 5-6 varieties at the same price, which boots - these or these? “Yes, we don’t need this choice, don’t offer it! I am like everyone else: how will the foreman say, how will the men decide, am I the smartest? As taught in childhood, as the bosses command."

The muscle vector has the most serious, most significant species role: to be the demographic basis of the human flock, the base of the pyramid. At the poles of the axis of the muscle vector are life and death, murder and reproduction of life without any visual emotions there. Murder in the broadest sense: to kill a mammoth and feed the whole flock, to kill an enemy, a stranger, and to die on the battlefield is the best death. In a state of peace - to easily give birth to children every year, build houses, plow the land. These are very good-natured and simple people who will always feed and warm you.

But even in this state, a special attitude towards death is subconsciously manifested. “Well, thank God, I was tortured! May the earth rest for him”- the news of death briefly revives us: we will discuss with interest the cause and circumstances of death, we will always put our shoulder under the domina and we will lead the cemetery, because we know best of all what and how to do, but everything has been done should be "human" - this is the key word! And then again we go into monotony - our natural and comfortable state.

Most people have a muscle vector, but we don't call them muscle - it merges with other lower vectors, strengthening them. If you do not have muscle, you regretfully realize that you will never become absolutely your own in a sweet, benevolent multi-vector company, which is united by this Muscle vector, like a string unites beads.

Do you know why it is customary in some places to call adults YOU? This is not a polite address, it is separation from US. There are WE and there are YOU. This division is well observed in the confrontation between our yard and your yard; our school is your school; our area is your area and so on.


All the vectors that make up the flock, fulfilling their specific roles, obey the urethral leader, who has the highest rank by nature, by birth.

Nature wisely endows people with properties that allow them to fulfill their species responsibilities. Having the first right to bite and using it fairly, the urethral bears responsibility for the flock. The leader never gets tired of working for the flock, he lives on acceleration, on increase, all outward, on bestowal.

From birth, urethral children do not obey anyone.


Daring, fast, growing up early, unpredictable, courageous, unapproachable, noble and merciful - they enjoy giving. The urethral child does not need to be limited, he is balanced by nature, has no craving for possession of either property, or another person, or his own body. He cannot be punished, that is, he should not be demoted, so we run the risk of preventing the development of the psychic and getting after puberty a desperate bandit, a lone wolf or the last coward in neurosis.

The motto of the urethralist: "One's own life is nothing, the life of a flock is everything" is implemented in relation to women. Four-dimensional high unlimited libido is directed primarily at females left without men and having no demand: aged, ugly, strange, with special features - the main thing is that they can give birth to a healthy child, and this is guaranteed from the leader! The leader's muse, his rank female is the most beautiful visual daytime guard of the pack. This is a perfect couple: he does not strive for possession, she does not belong to anyone and at the same time belongs to everyone.

For the urethral leader, all children are his own, but he, unlike the anal, does not seek to pass on his power to his son by inheritance - the interests of the pack are first of all.

His desire to give attracts all 7 vectors willing to receive, but one vector is still outside of subordination. Moreover, the leader himself listens to his advice.


His motto is “Survive at any cost, at any cost”. No thoughts, no rational mind, no morality. An informer, an intriguer, arrogant, despising everyone, lethargic, melancholic, weak - such can only survive under the wing of the leader. Why would a leader like that? And they have an ancient unconscious conspiracy of altruism and superegoism, covering the entire living space of the flock from and to: from the olfactory "to survive on your own, but being part of the flock, so be it, to prevent a common danger" to the urethral "give your life for the sake of others. The leader guarantees protection to the olfactory, and he ensures the survival of the entire flock.

Possessing an intuitive sense of danger, she is interested exclusively in the unknown, which can pose threats to existence, in order to come to the leader at the right time and say: “That's it, we're leaving. I don't know what, I don't know how, but I can smell the danger with my nose. And the leader, without hesitation, raises the flock, and instantly everyone is removed from their place or takes up defense. Always infallible, he is the real king of the unconscious, not rational, but intuitively feeling the threat.

When the olfactory person enters the collective, the process of unconscious re-ranking immediately begins, each takes its natural place, the people begin to work, and they receive their balanced state - melancholy. People do not like him, they are unconsciously afraid, especially the dermal-visual, mystifying his image.

Due to the fact that the olfactory person hides his pheromones, it is difficult to notice his appearance and disappearance, but he himself senses everything - all the thoughts of others, and they are deeply unpleasant to him. At a higher level, he ranks humanity in finance.

The olfactory senses the so-called zero nerve located at the tip of the nose. The more developed the olfactory person, the higher the level of his sensitivity: he distinguishes between the tricky thoughts and intentions of others, feels the upcoming checks, defaults, revolutions. It is implemented in finance, politics, intelligence, it can be a great scientist in areas where threats to humanity come from: a microbiologist, a volcanologist. His lacks push him to create a safe environment for the survival of the entire flock in order to obtain his own balanced state - melancholy. Such is the specific feature.

An olfactory child develops better from strong pressure. The frequent change of the children's team makes it stronger, more sensitive to the pressure of the landscape. Acquiring the ability to preserve himself in childhood, he then transfers the skill to the flock and, through the preservation of the flock in more difficult situations, preserves his life.


And here we have a whole pyramid of a self-governing, self-developing human flock, where we are all inevitably forced to fulfill our functions, creating integrity.

Our amount of living matter increases thanks to the muscle vector, is preserved thanks to visual, sound, olfactory guards, feeds on skin efforts, multiplies and talks, induced by the oral vector. Vision creates culture, skin creates law, the urethra expands space and leads the flock to the future, the anal vector preserves the past and conveys the experience of the young growth. The top of this pyramid is a sound vector, the last measure that separated a person from an animal, his task is to understand the meaning of existence, the role of each person and the path of all mankind …

But not only sound scientists are responsible for our future: each of us is responsible for ensuring that all children can receive their normal development in accordance with their innate abilities and needs, and subsequently can be realized. From nature, everything is given to us for happiness, we just need not to interfere with our false ideas and rationalizations.

Ahead is the urethral stage of development, where everyone will give according to their ability, and receive according to their needs, the era of mercy.

Perhaps at this wonderful time we will be able to live as well:)

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