Why Are Russians Not Fighting According To The Rules? In Memory Of The Great Victory

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Why Are Russians Not Fighting According To The Rules? In Memory Of The Great Victory
Why Are Russians Not Fighting According To The Rules? In Memory Of The Great Victory
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Why are Russians not fighting according to the rules? In memory of the great Victory

“We here in Hamburg are deeply outraged by the stubbornness and shamelessness of the Russians, who in no way agree to stop their stupid and senseless resistance” …

A German officer from a damaged tank, taken prisoner by the partisans near Pinsk 6 days after the start of the war with the Soviet Union, was most outraged not by the fact that his tank was knocked out, but by the fact that some civilians did it. He was indignant and demanded captivity "according to all the rules." Having easily conquered half of Europe, the Nazis then did not yet understand that a similar easy walk from Brest to Moscow would not work. The pragmatic "civilized" Europe is over, and here they find themselves on a land in which their logic and their rules do not work.

It took Hitler a couple of months to conquer Europe victoriously. The European states, one after another, capitulated to the indestructible might of the German army. The dilemma “surrender or fight and perish” in most cases was decided in favor of the first option. The pragmatic French, in order not to damage the monuments of architecture, in general, surrendered Paris without a fight.

It was not at all what the Nazis expected when they came to conquer the Soviet Union. All people, young and old, rose to defend their Fatherland, to an implacable struggle against the enemy: military, civilians, women, old people and even children.

A letter from the wife of a German soldier found on his corpse in 1942:

"We here in Hamburg are deeply outraged by the stubbornness and shamelessness of the Russians, who in no way agree to stop their stupid and senseless resistance."

What did Bismarck not understand?

The famous German chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) is credited with the phrase: “Never fight the Russians. They will respond to every military trick of yours with unpredictable stupidity. " Bismarck knew what he was talking about, because he had lived in Russia for some time and had the opportunity to know the mysterious Russian soul. But the Germans simply did not understand him.

From the point of view of the Germans, the fierce resistance of the defenders of the Brest Fortress, the defense of the hungry, freezing blockade of Leningrad, the partisan war and, in general, all this "senseless resistance of the victorious German army" were just another Russian stupidity.

The key role in the invincibility of our country was played by the unique mentality of the Russian people, which is fundamentally different from the mentality of European states.

What is great for a Russian, death for a German

The mental characteristics of the unique Russian mentality are revealed by the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan. She identifies four types of mentality: muscular, skin, anal and urethral, ​​respectively, four measures of the mental. The mentality is formed from the community of values ​​of people living in the same territory under the influence of certain geographic and climatic conditions.

At the core of the Western mentality is individualism and limitation by law. The mild climate and good harvests made it possible for the individual farm to survive. To protect surplus profits from robbers, Western farms could allocate separate resources. This is how cities were formed in the West, and inside the cities there was a strict law protecting my property from encroachment and requiring me to pay taxes. The bearer of the Western skin mentality is by nature an individualist who observes the rules that, on the one hand, limit individual freedom, and on the other hand, protect it from the assassination of other people.

The Russian mentality took shape in completely different conditions - a harsh unpredictable climate and an endless expanse stretching beyond the horizon.

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There was simply no extra profit, extra bread. And in the form of rent from the farm, the last cow was often taken away. We have never felt the law as a blessing, because blessing is what helps to survive, but in our conditions everything was the other way around. A Russian person could never, like a Westerner, rely only on himself. With them, you invest your labor and get a guaranteed harvest. With us, you can put in all your work, but crop failure, drought, early frosts will come, and you will be left without a piece of bread. Survival in such conditions was only possible through mutual assistance.

This year I have a bad harvest - “good people help”, next year the neighbors have a bad harvest, and they already need my help. Thus, a community muscular mentality was developed. The feeling of being a part of “we” that together cope with all difficulties and adversities is about us, about Russians.

The second component of our mentality greatly enhances the first. It's about the urethral component.

Endless space has always made it possible to move to new undeveloped lands. It was on our lands that special conditions were formed for the development of the urethral type of mentality.

The urethral man is a just and merciful leader who does not separate himself from his people. He is by nature the opposite of the cutaneous individualist. The unique worldview of the urethral person gives him the understanding that it is impossible to survive alone. That is why he, with all his being, strives to preserve and continue in time not his separate "I", but the whole society, of which he is a part.

By nature, it is the urethral who is given the highest rank. Not for self-gratification. And because with such a worldview, the urethral uses this rank to preserve the whole society - he gives up on shortages. To each according to his needs and from each according to his capabilities - this is the natural urethral principle of the highest justice.

Consumption in yourself is always limited by the volume of your body, return outward is not limited by anything. Therefore, the urethral is not limited by artificial frameworks and rules. The principle of the highest justice - not according to the law, but at the behest of the heart, is close to every Russian person.

Every Russian has an urethral mental superstructure. We think about how to survive as a team, and we are capable of real deeds not for the sake of our separate private shop, but for the sake of our team, our society.

It is the urethral-muscular, collectivist-communal mentality that forms our unique worldview, when everyone feels like a part of the whole and when the value of each is determined by the degree of return to the whole. Thus, during the war, the slogan arose: "Everything for the front, everything for victory!" And everyone gave, not counting, everything that he had: his savings, his work, his life. - this is the secret of the Great Victory.

Recoil not limited by the rules

"Our care is simple, Our care is such, Our

native country would live, And there are no other worries …"

One indestructible "we" in the name of the future of the entire people - this is the secret of the mass heroism of the Soviet people at the front and in the rear. This is the same return, not limited by rules, when a person does his best not for himself, but for everyone. And then everyone is a hero. And any child passing by can be a scout. And behind every tree there may be a partisan. And even a tank can be pounced on with an ax and won, as did the cook of the field kitchen, Private Ivan Sereda, who, with the help of courage and ingenuity, captured the crew of an enemy tank.

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Women fought and worked on a par with men. Even children, also carriers of the urethral mentality, could not stand aside. More than 35 thousand children were awarded with government awards for courage and heroism displayed during the Great Patriotic War. More than 74 thousand children, boys and girls fought in the partisan detachments on the territory of Belarus alone, who did not think that war was an exclusively adult matter. Those who could not fight, worked on an equal basis with adults. Those who, due to their age, were not yet able to work, also tried to contribute their bit to the common cause of Victory.

Preschoolers decided to help the front and bought a tank

“I’m Ada Zanegin. I'm 6. I am writing in print. Hitler drove me out of the city of Sychevka, Smolensk region. I want to go home. I collected 122 rubles 25 kopecks for a doll. And now I'm giving them to the tank. Dear Uncle Editor! Write to all the children to give their money for the tank too. And let's call him "Baby". When our tank smashes Hitler, we will go home. " This letter came to the editorial office of the Omskaya Pravda newspaper in 1942 and was published. In response, letters from children were sent from all over Siberia with money collected by babies, for coats and shoes, for dolls and toys.

In total, the preschoolers collected 160,886 rubles, which was actually used to build the T-60 "Baby" light tank. It is noteworthy that the driver of the tank was a girl, 22-year-old Ekaterina Petlyuk, one of 19 heroic Soviet female tankers.

Russians don't give up

"If tomorrow is a war, if the enemy attacks,

If a dark force appears, -

As one person, the entire Soviet people

will stand up for a free Motherland …"

The urethral cannot be subdued, it cannot be broken. Therefore, in our mentality, the dilemma “surrender or fight and perish” is decided in favor of “fight”, which is irrational in the opinion of any Western person. Having united in a single monolithic force, the entire people in one impulse rises to defend their Fatherland. And then you are no longer afraid of yourself. The main thing is Victory! One for all.

Therefore, Western analysts still cannot calculate us. The behavior of the Russians defies their logic and calculation. We live according to other laws: according to the laws of mercy and justice, collectivism and bestowal, the priority of the general over the particular.

But, as the same Bismarck said:

“The Russians cannot be defeated, we have seen this for hundreds of years. But Russians can be instilled with false values, and then they will defeat themselves."

Let's not let ourselves be fooled

To prevent this from happening, so that we do not become another victim of information wars, we need to find out the whole truth about ourselves, about our potential and purpose. You can learn everything about the urethral mentality, the invincibility of the Russian people, the mentality of other countries and much more at the free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here:

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