Everybody Runs And I Run, Or When Running For Health Leads To A Heart Attack

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Everybody Runs And I Run, Or When Running For Health Leads To A Heart Attack
Everybody Runs And I Run, Or When Running For Health Leads To A Heart Attack
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Everybody Runs And I Run, Or When Running For Health Leads To A Heart Attack

Despite the huge number of sports centers and a variety of sections, cardiovascular diseases are still confidently leading in Russia. What are the reasons? It would seem that the picture should be diametrically opposite, because sport should heal. An interesting view of the problem is offered by the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan …

Everyone is running, running, running, and I run …

Fragment of V. Leontyev's song

Today it is fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle. Many sports clubs offer a full range of services for every taste and budget. Do you want to do yoga - please, you want to swing - please. Exercise bikes, Smith machines, Scott benches, treadmills, hack machines, Pilates, fitness … Everything is designed to contribute to the health and fitness of the population. Families, companies, collectives go to clubs. Having an annual membership to a prestigious fitness club is an indicator, it is a status. There is something to boast to friends.

But, despite the huge number of sports centers and a variety of sections, cardiovascular diseases are still confidently leading in Russia. What are the reasons? It would seem that the picture should be diametrically opposite, because sport should heal. An interesting view of the problem is offered by the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

Who are the main victims of cardiovascular disease?

System-vector psychology distinguishes eight vectors, sets of innate desires and properties for their realization in the general mental of humanity. Each vector determines human behavior, his role in society, values ​​and type of thinking. A modern person in his vector set can have an average of 3-5 vectors.

It should be noted that not all people are susceptible to cardiovascular disease. According to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, this is an Achilles' heel for the owners of the so-called anal vector - unhurried in movements, doing everything thoroughly and efficiently, for centuries. Haste is unbearable for them. If they need to do something or decide quickly, they fall into a stupor and lose the ability to act at all.

Eh, there were times …

Previously, they were not so susceptible to cardiovascular disease, because the time was different. The golden period for such people was the era of the USSR. You work conscientiously - you don't have to worry about anything: you will get an apartment from the enterprise over time, a child will be born - you will get a bigger apartment. High-quality free medicine, education, family vacations in Pitsunda or Gagra, vouchers to sanatoriums - just work. A photo on the honor board is something to be proud of, what to show to grandchildren.

But the dashing 90s came, and everything went to hell. The photo is hanging on the honor board, so what? What to be proud of ?! The salary turned into nothing or the "kopeck piece" in the "Khrushevka" received under Tsar Pea? Or, perhaps, rusty Zhiguli, for which the head of the family scrupulously saved 25 rubles from his salary for almost 20 years? Everything has turned upside down: who is stronger is right. Whoever "grabbed" more, he knows how to live.

Of course, it was very difficult to survive such a collapse. Naturally, the 90s "hit" not only people with an anal vector. Many leather workers also suffered: in those years, films were practically not made, design bureaus were massively closed. But actors and engineers with a skin vector, the properties of which are a high ability to adapt to any situation, flexibility, swiftness, being left out of work, were able to engage in a completely new activity for themselves. Someone began to travel to China and Turkey for goods for resale, someone opened private cooperatives (“cooked” jeans, organized small-scale production), mastered the restaurant business, looked for and found investors for their projects in the West or in China.

They managed to adapt to new living conditions. For people with an anal vector, it turned out much worse: they did not know how to trade (and it is impossible to learn this in the absence of the ability for this type of activity), they simply could not weigh. It was contrary to their nature. They did not succeed in coming up with something new, changing the type of activity: they did not have time to track changes in society, they were stressed at the sight of everything new.

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And everything that they knew and knew how to do turned out to be not very much in demand in the new reality. Men with an anal vector have ceased to be respected members of society, breadwinners in the family. The instant devaluation of everything that was the main thing in life, a radical change in landmarks became a crushing blow for them, which many simply could not bear. This was the reason for massive heart attacks in men, owners of the anal vector, after the collapse of the USSR.

The world does not degrade, the world develops …

It is important to understand that these changes did not happen “suddenly”: the world cannot but develop, otherwise we would still live in caves and run with spears in animal skins after the mammoth. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan distinguishes four phases in the evolution of mankind, which are determined by four vectors: muscle, anal, skin and urethral. The features of each era are consonant with the properties of these vectors.

The very first muscular era of development was replaced by a leisurely anal era with its values ​​of family, traditions, inheritance, which, in turn, after the Second World War, was replaced by a rapid skin era, characterized by the rapid development of technology and the growth of individualism. And only the USSR was "delayed" for 40 years. But the USSR collapsed, and with it the anal phase of Soviet social development ended, and a skin consumer society burst into our already post-Soviet world.

It just so happened that the values ​​of our Russian urethral-muscular mentality (giving, generosity, collectivism, priority of the public over the personal) are contrary to the values ​​of the skin vector. The word "huckster" for us has always been akin to an abusive one, economy was perceived as greed. That is why the properties of the skin vector in our country did not receive proper development, except for the period of the early Soviet state, when developed skin engineers became the elite of society.

But after the collapse of the USSR, the archetypal (undeveloped, remaining at the level of primitive man) skin raised its head. That is why in the 90s all state property in record time was plundered by nimble skinny party functionaries, who quickly invented and implemented schemes for the “legal” acquisition of private property that was earned by collective labor and belonged to the country.

25 years have passed since the end of the existence of the Soviet Union. Much has happened over the years, the situation has stabilized, but in Russia, cardiovascular diseases are still confidently leading among other ailments, that is, people with the anal vector are still at risk. And a healthy lifestyle, sports do not greatly affect this situation. What is the reason?

Everyone is running, and I am running …

As mentioned above, today the skin phase of development is in the yard, which is opposite in its values ​​to the anal one: the world is changing more and more rapidly and rapidly every day, and people with an anal vector are simply not able to keep up with this accelerating skin race. Trying to meet skin standards, they try to keep up with their nimble brethren, to do everything as quickly and dexterously as they can not! In all aspects: at work, in sports, entertainment. These standards are contrary to their nature. That is why the owners of the anal vector are in permanent stress today.

And when smiling, smart, successful leather businessmen, TV presenters and actors watch from all the screens and magazine covers, saying how great it is to be, for example, a vegetarian, or not to eat after six in the evening, or to go snowboarding with some company on weekends. either to the top, or every day after work to go to a sports club to exercise on simulators, the representative of the anal vector acutely feels that for some reason he does not want this at all. And, on the contrary, I especially want to eat after six, and not a vegetable salad, but a large meat cutlet with a piece of pie, and I don't want to go for a drive on weekends, I would have to relax at home with my family …

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But nevertheless, striving to fit into modern life, they try to repeat what is so easy for those - light, fast, flexible - and understand that it does not work. And it will not work! After all, everything is different: physique, metabolism, reaction speed. As a result, even more self-disappointment, as a result, stress seizing and excess weight gain - and again an additional burden on the heart.

Unleash your capabilities

People with an anal vector should avoid jerking techniques, sprint loads - things that wear out the heart muscle. It is better for them to engage in measured walking, cycling, rowing that are useful for themselves - at their own pace, without haste. And for health benefits, and for the figure, and for the mood - after all, when a person does something that does not contradict his essence, he likes it, and he does it well. For a leather worker, monotonous monotonous activities without changing the rhythm, pace, direction will be insanely boring and uninteresting.

Doing a sport other than your own is just one problem out of many. Misunderstanding of their nature, their role in society, the reasons for their "failure" in the modern world lead to attempts to become what it is impossible to become (it is people with an anal vector who are regulars of all kinds of trainings for success, without hope for a result). While qualified doctors will always be needed, children will always grow up, which means that you cannot do without competent teachers. That is, society will always need specialists, which can only be people who have an anal vector in their vector set. And in order to become a good doctor, teacher, expert, you need to know your business well and constantly improve your qualifications. Professionalism, attention to detail,the desire to learn and the ability to memorize a huge amount of information - all this distinguishes the owners of the anal vector. This is what they do well. This is what they love and know how to do. And no trainings of success have anything to do with it!

According to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, the realization of one's talents, the use of one's properties for the benefit of society is a guarantee of a healthy, balanced psyche, and therefore good physical health. To avoid stress and related health problems, it is not necessary for everyone to run. You need to know yourself and find your own way to be happy in this world.

You can learn more about what you should be doing and how to live your life joyfully, without chasing other people's standards, you can at the online training on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Start with free online lectures, register at the link:

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