Creativity Of Nikolai Noskov: "informal" For All Times

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Creativity Of Nikolai Noskov: "informal" For All Times
Creativity Of Nikolai Noskov: "informal" For All Times

Creativity of Nikolai Noskov: "informal" for all times

Nikolai Noskov cannot be called super famous, he himself does not consider himself to be a domestic musical get-together. His music does not fit into the so-called popular music format. But at the same time, for many years he has been collecting full houses at concerts, and his fans are delighted with his work.

Music is the only thin bridge between man and God.

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Many people remember Nikolai Noskov as the soloist of the legendary rock band "Gorky Park" and the performer of songs from the equally legendary movie "Island of Lost Ships". But loyal fans especially love him for the compositions of the later period of his solo career - the songs "It's great", "I don't agree for anything less", "Confession", "Snow" and many others.

Nikolai Noskov cannot be called super famous, he himself does not consider himself to be a domestic musical get-together. His music does not fit into the so-called popular music format. But at the same time, for many years he has been collecting full halls at concerts, and his fans are delighted with his work. It is very interesting to unravel the secret of this unique singer and composer with the help of Yuri Burlan's System Vector Psychology training. Let's try?

Rock and roll past

Nikolai Noskov is a skin sound specialist, only such people become rock musicians. Although people with such properties can take a different path - for example, become the most talented engineers, inventors, programmers, moving forward modern technologies (for example, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs).

The period of work in the rock group "Gorky Park" gave a rich experience of collective musical creativity - during this period the musician wrote the song "Bang", which became a world hit. However, for many reasons, the singer left the group and returned to his homeland. I had to start everything from scratch … In those troubled times, when in the 90s a huge country was falling apart before our eyes, it was extremely difficult. Therefore, there were moments of despair, when it seemed that there was simply no hope for the best, for the realization of one's talent.

We can be glad that the singer survived this period with dignity and, in the end, began to delight fans with his solo work. Songs in English have gradually become a thing of the past. The singer's first solo album was exactly in English, but in the end it did not receive recognition either here or abroad.

We can say that rock and roll became that base, a platform on which the musician later built something completely new - his unique songs that tear the soul and make even harsh men cry, about which they shyly, confused and gratefully confess to their idol …

Soul tearing songs
Soul tearing songs

The alchemy of creativity: a symbiosis of music and poetry

At the concerts of Nikolai Noskov, not only modern songs are heard, but also works based on verses by Russian poets - Gumilyov, Pasternak, Yesenin … Such a symbiosis of music and poetry has become a kind of distinction between the work of the composer and the performer. The musician is so harmoniously able to translate the poems into music that a unique super-effect arises - the poems of the Silver Age poets begin to sound in a new way, very modern and relevant, answering many of our today's questions. And even people far from poetry celebrate the very "prick in the heart" when creativity penetrates the very soul.

Both music and poetry are variants of the realization of the owner of the sound vector. We can figuratively say that the work of Nikolai Noskov is a "sound in a square". Nikolai Noskov writes original music and performs his works himself, without having a musical education. The desire to realize his talent was so strong that Nikolai independently mastered the musical literacy, learned to play the guitar, piano, drums and trumpet!

His works are complex and multi-layered - each of his listeners feels and understands them at his own level and takes as much as he can take. Moreover, over the years, in the same works new depths open up, new meanings are realized. So, many listeners at some point make an amazing discovery for themselves: it turns out, the song “I love you. It's great!" not about earthly love, but about … love for God.

Looking for meaning

Only the owner of the sound vector cannot be satisfied with simple earthly joys - home, family, career, and so on. Like other sound specialists, Nikolai Noskov went his own way of searching for the meaning of life. In his youth there was a conversion to religion. So, in one of the interviews, Nikolai said that he was baptized at the age of 25 of his own free will. But over time, he stopped visiting the temple - “for some reason there is no urge to go there” …

There were also travels along the roads of Tibet, India and Peru, yoga and meditation classes, passion for Indian philosophy. And from the book "Leo Tolstoy and India" he was so impressed that he gave up all bad habits and stopped eating meat.

However, music has always been the main spiritual content: “Our whole life is music. Therefore, a person must build his life starting with music. When she lives inside us, we are ready for a lot."

Developed and realized by Nikolai Noskov, with an unmistakable instinct, he was able to identify one of the main talents of a modern sound engineer - the talent of the written word. In an interview, he said: "When I leave the stage, I will write books!"

Unique voice

Nikolay Noskov has a unique range and timbre of his voice - from baritone at the bottom to tenor at the top. His incredibly powerful and beautiful vocals with “trademark hoarseness” are mesmerizing and attracts like a magnet! As soon as fans do not call his voice: “This is golosina! Unique vocals! Takes for the soul! The voice is unique, the timbre is crazy, goosebumps run through my body - the man is a real genius!"

This is evidence that Nikolai is the owner of another vector, oral. Such people can influence the psyche of other people with their voice, influencing them through the unconscious. The oral vector ranges from a liar, chatterbox and slanderer to a great orator or singer who can unite people with the power of words.

The musician's idol was Fyodor Chaliapin: “I was put into a trance, as he pronounces the letters, as he circles them in the mouth …” With great attention he studied the work of more modern great vocalists - the same owners of the oral vector.

Nikolai Noskov's possession of his voice evokes respect and admiration. His songs cleanse souls and heal hearts. As one of his grateful listeners wrote in the comments to the song posted on the Internet: "The heart is breaking into pieces!" Such an effect is possible only when the oral vector is developed and implemented in its best properties. No wonder listeners call him "the golden voice of Russia." In the songs of Nikolai Noskov there is not an ounce of falsehood - you listen and believe every word. Bravo, Nikolay! Thank you for playing the strings of our soul with your songs!

Plays with songs on the strings of our soul
Plays with songs on the strings of our soul

A man with a capital letter

For all his talents and achievements, Nikolai Noskov is a modest, decent, very intelligent person. He is very devoted to his family, loves one woman all his life, takes care of his daughter. Simple human joys are not alien to him - he can sit at a potter's wheel or go fishing. This means that the musician is the owner of another famous vector - the anal one.

The inner dignity and thoroughness that the singer exudes, arouse sincere respect in his listeners, give a feeling of confidence that not everything is lost in this world.

Fans of Nikolai Noskov's work define him as a person with a subtle feeling, a person with a big heart. The range of emotions that we observe during the performance of songs is so huge and vivid that it involuntarily captures the feelings of the listeners. This emotional whirlwind seems to suck us into a funnel of feelings and experiences - it circles in a general magic dance, in which the hearts of the listeners begin to beat in unison.

This suggests that Nikolai also has a visual vector that personifies Beauty and Love. As a developed visual person, Nikolai Noskov draws inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding world, which arouses interest and admiration. As the musician himself says, in order to write a new song, he just needs to go on a journey and gain impressions, otherwise nothing is written …

Where does charisma come from?

Systems psychology defines the owner of different mental vectors as a polymorph. In a developed state, such a person begins to shine like a diamond - with all his unique facets. When a developed polymorph realizes itself for others - giving away its talents and abilities, fulfilling its role in this world with full dedication, a phenomenon called "charisma" is born.

Fans of Nikolai Noskov's creativity note this property of his personality - to attract other people, to influence them, and, moreover, the most beneficial. Listening to the songs of Nikolai Noskov, you get such an incredible charge of life-affirming strength, energy and inspiration that you involuntarily exclaim: “Talent from God! He's the only one - he has no equal!"

Mission Possible

So we have analyzed systematically the phenomenon of the unique creative genius of Nikolai Noskov. Impressed by his extraordinary creativity, it begins to seem to us that any polymorphic person is simply doomed to become a genius. However, not all so simple…

Each of us in this world, in the course of our earthly life, is simply obliged to make a choice - for this we have been given freedom of choice and will. What will a person choose - to develop his talent and give all of himself to others, or plunge into the abyss of depression, an abyss of drugs, step out the window or go for mass murder? Embrace the whole world with your love or shake with fear? Help others or take offense at everyone around, accuse and insult? To inspire with words to great accomplishments or to chat about empty things? Run forward into the future, or lie limply on the couch? The choice is ours.

The world today is under incredibly dangerous tension. And it depends on each of us, on our choice, what our future will be. Previously, few people managed to find themselves - to understand their true desires, to discover their natural talents. Today it is much easier, one has only to master the methodology that modern psychoanalysis gives us. Knowing ourselves and our responsibility to other people gives the right direction to our development and realization in society.

Nikolai Noskov succeeded to the fullest extent. It is on the example of such people that we see that "the mission is feasible"! Here is what his listeners say under the impression of the concerts:

- It seemed that by the middle the concert was gradually turning into some kind of sacred action - one endless hymn of Love! The energy was simply physically felt in the hall, overwhelming both the heart and the mind, carrying away into an infinite feeling of gratitude and love - this life, the world, God, and of course, Nikolai Noskov, who gives us this miracle …

- If you connect your soul to your eyes and ears, then what is happening on the stage and the whole world around you begin to perceive in a completely different way - you begin to understand yourself and others … The world becomes ONE, you feel it through your own heart, everything becomes clear and, most importantly, surprisingly harmonious and comprehensive, not a single link falls out of it, there is a place for everything and everything complements, develops each other … I sincerely thank you for the MAGIC granted to us of discovering the ability to perceive the world not in the usual plane, but in an amazing and inexpressible MULTI-DIMENSIONAL VOLUME !

Multidimensional volume
Multidimensional volume

Each of us has our own mission. The task of each of us is to fulfill it 100%. The example of the life and work of Nikolai Noskov shows us that it is possible, that it is real!

Let's wish Nikolai Noskov good health and many years of creativity. And we all have the right choice. What will happen then? We will answer with the words of the song of the great musician: "I will wake up one day, and the other world around me is bright, pure, infinitely beautiful!"


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