Lydia Ruslanova. The Soul Of A Russian Song Part 2. The Personal Life Of The Singer

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Lydia Ruslanova. The Soul Of A Russian Song Part 2. The Personal Life Of The Singer
Lydia Ruslanova. The Soul Of A Russian Song Part 2. The Personal Life Of The Singer

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Lydia Ruslanova. The soul of a Russian song Part 2. The personal life of the singer

A visual woman with such potential as Lydia Ruslanova is always attractive to men. The courage and real beauty of the Russian soul was combined in her with incredible sensuality and the ability to love. This ability developed in her over the years, and when she met with General Kryukov, Lydia was ready to create a strong emotional connection, an all-consuming love, capable of overcoming any obstacles …

Lydia Ruslanova. The Soul of Russian Song Part 1. From Saratov to Berlin

War is over. The popularly beloved singer bathed in the rays of glory. A new life began, filled with happiness and joyful hopes. Contemporaries considered Ruslanova a real Russian beauty, who conquered people with her love of life and spiritual generosity.

Mischievous, with an amazing sense of humor, she, as a true owner of the oral vector, has always been the soul of the company, ready for jokes and practical jokes. Lydia cooked excellently, her funny and amazingly delicious feasts with her own pies, toasts, anecdotes and funny stories were legendary. She lived surrounded by friends and fans.

The personal life of Lydia Ruslanova was as bright as the singer herself. She was married four times, and each marriage brought her new happiness and inspiration.

One day I had a hard, terrible dream. My darling got married, he broke his oath …

Freedom of morals has always been the hallmark of the stage. Rumors, gossip, scandals accompanied the life of famous artists. Their amorous adventures were followed closely and with great interest. Exceptions were rare, and Lydia Ruslanova became such an exception. She never allowed herself to have a defamatory relationship, did not demean herself to lies and treason. Her personal and family life was in plain sight, as pure and perky as the song.

Once, during the years of the Civil War, working in a medical train, young Lida fell in love with a handsome officer, married him and gave birth to a son. The happiness was short-lived. The revolution changed not only the course of history, but also the country and the people living in it. The attitude towards officers has changed dramatically, they have become unnecessary, outcasts.

Lydia's young husband was also depressed. He began to disappear in companies with former officers, played cards and began to visit a young gypsy woman. And one day he disappeared with the gypsy, taking his son with him. She hoped he would return. But no. Didn't come back. She did not find her lost son, and this loss burned her all her life. Ruslanova never spoke about that time, never named her lost son. Only the song, melancholy like a moan or a cry, betrayed her sorrow.

Lydia Ruslanova Russian beauty picture
Lydia Ruslanova Russian beauty picture

Charming eyes, you charmed me. You have a lot of life, a lot of affection. How much passion and fire.

A year after these sad events, Lydia met the Chekist Naum Naumin, who was assigned as a security guard to the concert brigade, and in 1919 she married him. They lived together for ten years, and these years became significant in the singer's life. Her husband, a former artist, was fond of books and antiques. It was he who opened before Ruslanova the magical world of manuscripts and beautiful, valuable things. The girl, who grew up in the poverty of an orphanage, was poorly educated and well understood how this prevents her from revealing her talent. She moved to her husband in Moscow and took up self-education. All her free time, sound-visual Ruslanova read, swallowing book after book. When asked what is her favorite pastime after singing, Lydia confidently answered - reading. The country's leadership encouraged education and opened access to museums, theaters,books for all citizens. And the singer was drawn to knowledge, making up for lost time in childhood. She discovered the beauty and power of the Russian word, Russian painting, acting and the charm of her native culture, so deep and diverse.

For the owners of the anal vector, the main value is the preservation of the traditions of their people, as well as a burning desire to learn, a love of reading and the ability to transfer knowledge to other people. Therefore, together with her husband, they began to collect the library. The spouses did not need anything, both earned good money and were happy to spend it on their hobby.

She met collectors, book connoisseurs, and went shopping. At that time, real rarities could be purchased on the ruins of second-hand books. Muscovites brought for sale bibliographic masterpieces, popular prints, albums with biographies, luxurious folders with photographs of all members of the State Duma, collectible editions of the classics of literature.

Rare books have appeared in Ruslanova's library. The Sovremennik magazine published by Pushkin, a whole file with the autograph of the great poet, was acquired by Ruslanova quite by accident and was read to the last page. She managed to buy the real value - the first edition of the book "Travels from St. Petersburg to Moscow" by Radishchev, printed and released for sale during the writer's lifetime. The library was not just a tribute to fashion or saving money, it was a means of educating and raising the cultural level of the singer. Every single book has been read by Lydia Ruslanova.

At this time, Lydia already understood the power of Russian song, her talent and the love of the audience. And she gave them a hundredfold - putting her whole soul into the performance of songs. She sang as much as she could. She always finished concerts with cocky ditties, then bowed to incessant applause and left the stage with dignity.

Her fame grew, but the family boat cracked. Her husband, a straightforward, fanatically devoted to his work Chekist, for whom the whole world was divided into comrades and enemies, made Ruslanova's life safe and helped her through difficult times. But she lacked warmth, warmth, emotions. It was a secure but not fun marriage. The singer felt like a bird locked in a cage. She felt cramped.

The relationship between the spouses grew colder. At this time, Lydia Ruslanova met the famous entertainer Mikhail Garkavi, whom she really liked. She honestly told her husband everything, and they divorced. A new stage began in the singer's life, which lasted for thirteen years.

Singer Lydia Ruslanova picture
Singer Lydia Ruslanova picture

That he is fat is not a problem, it is a problem that he is not always thin …

They immediately started working together. Both popular and beloved by the audience, they were very close to each other and had a lot in common. Artistic and charming Garkavi, like Ruslanova, possessed an oral vector and knew how to instantly win over the most demanding audience. The fat, but at the same time incredibly agile entertainer came on stage, spreading his arms and, as it were, embracing the entire audience.

He joked, told jokes and jokes, he improvised, sang verses and talked to the audience. He knew how to aptly parry sharp questions and kept the audience in joyful tension, although sometimes his conceit let him down. Epigrams and jokes were poured into his address, incredibly amusing Ruslanova.

Lydia Ruslanova was happy. It was very easy for her with her new husband. Harkavi was always there and knew how to please her and arrange holidays. He loved to eat deliciously, to pamper, disinterestedly lie and play the company. Thanks to him, Lydia got acquainted with the artistic elite of Moscow and entered their circle. But most importantly, the singer was able to continue her education. Harkavi was a connoisseur of rare books, and Lydia bought them, sparing no expense. And then I read it from cover to cover.

Harkavi had extensive knowledge of painting and jewelry. And soon in matters of painting, especially Russian, Ruslanova surpassed her husband. She re-read catalogs, studied the history of that period and the life of an artist who was interesting to her. When a rare book or painting appeared on sale, she would come and decide how suitable it was for her collection.

Lydia Ruslanova was close friends with the art critic Grabar, a highly qualified specialist in paintings and historical values, communicated with master painters, read literature. Very soon she learned to distinguish between the styles of artists, their manner of painting and became a real expert in Russian painting. The singer tried to unravel, to comprehend the Russian soul consciously through literature and painting, so that later she could express it sensually with a song. She bought works of Russian artists. The paintings of the world famous Surikov, Kustodiev, Repin, Serov, Vasnetsov, Bryullov, Levitan and many others have become part of her collection.

Ruslanova has been forming a collection of paintings for about 20 years. Her collection included 132 paintings exclusively by Russian painters. They hung on the walls in her apartment and created for the singer the atmosphere of her native culture - a special world in which everything helps her main business - the song. It was a source of inspiration for vivid images and beauty. After all, she sang about her native open spaces, forests and rivers, about women from the people. Lydia lived surrounded by great canvases, every day more and more adored the strength and beauty of the Russian soul.

Lydia Ruslanova became a real specialist in Russian painting picture
Lydia Ruslanova became a real specialist in Russian painting picture

The owners of the anal-visual ligament of vectors have amazing imaginative intelligence, combined with an ardent desire to learn, excellent memory and attention to detail - the "golden ratio" in the eyes. Lydia Ruslanova became a real specialist in Russian painting. She prided herself on her knowledge and ability to distinguish original from copy. One got the impression that Ruslanova accurately understood the artist's sensual experiences behind each stroke of the brush, turning an ordinary canvas into a beautiful work of art. She rested her soul near her paintings and was proud that each of them was bought with honestly earned money. True love for Russian art and exquisite taste of the singer made the collection of paintings unique.

And of course, what woman does not like jewelry made from "wondrous stones", especially a famous singer and actress? She chose precious stones and jewelry with unchanging taste. Among them were both real works of art and rare, valuable specimens. Something she bought herself, something given by fans. But in this sense, Ruslanova was an exception. She dressed modestly, and kept her jewelry in a box. Only for receptions and appearances "in the world" she put on smart clothes and jewelry according to her status as a famous singer. And she looked regal at the same time.

With the beginning of wartime, Ruslanova and Garkavi began to participate in concerts as part of the front-line brigades. Together they were bombed, waited out the raids and played hundreds of concerts without interruption, never canceling the performances. But in 1942, the life of the famous singer again took a sharp turn. She met him - a man who gave her such depth and strength of feelings that she had not experienced before, with whom she knew true happiness and peace of mind.

"I can't help myself, I love the general!"

In May 1942, Ruslanova arrived with a concert in the 2nd Guards Cavalry Corps. There she met General Vladimir Kryukov. She worked out the concert in some incredible mood, sang so sincerely that she herself did not recognize herself. And the gallant general looked at her somehow especially tenderly and admiringly. And this look made her heart beat faster in anticipation of a new great happiness. “And the general is a widower,” someone whispered during the break.

On a walk after the concert, Kryukov said that he had a little daughter who was being evacuated, and that he missed her very much. He said that his wife had died. Lydia was very upset, and then, unexpectedly for herself, on this first date she said: “Let me marry you! And I'll take the girl to me. " The dumbfounded general could not even dream of this, but, as expected, he got down on one knee, kissed the singer's hand and said that he would do everything so that she would not regret her decision. And so it happened.

Lydia Ruslanova did not know how to hide and hide her feelings, just as she never allowed herself to adultery. She lived with the full power of her generous soul, gave herself completely to both the audience and the man who was nearby. And when the love was gone, she told everything to her husband frankly. The singer explained everything to Harkavi and broke up with him. He was grateful to her for her sincerity, love and happy years. They have kept warm and friendly relations for life.

A visual woman with such potential as Lydia Ruslanova is always attractive to men. The courage and real beauty of the Russian soul was combined in her with incredible sensuality and the ability to love. This ability developed in her over the years, and when she met with General Kryukov, Lydia was ready to create a strong emotional connection, all-consuming love, capable of overcoming any obstacles.

From the first day of life together until his death, Ruslanov and the general adored each other. They say that such love happens only at twenty - so that at first sight and for life! Lydia was faithful to her general both during the time of great glory and during difficult trials.

For little Margosha, Kryukov's daughter, she became a truly dear person, giving the girl all the unspent maternal love. After the wedding with the general, the singer went to Tashkent for Margosha. When they met, Lydia hugged the girl, told her something funny, some kind of fairy tale, and immediately won over. She found simple and sincere words, winning the baby's love. Possessing a visual vector, Lydia managed to create a strong emotional connection that accompanied her mother and daughter all her life.

The visual woman Lydia Ruslanova picture
The visual woman Lydia Ruslanova picture

The status of the general's wife immediately changed her position in society. Lydia even joked that now she is presented not as a singer Ruslanova, but as the wife of General Kryukov. It flattered and amused her at the same time. Often she answered invitations with a laugh: “Yes, we will come with the general,” she was so pleased to pronounce the title of her husband. But none of that mattered.

One thing was important - her beloved husband and daughter were next to her, who brought her happiness, which she no longer dreamed of, filling her life with inexpressible joy. Lydia Andreevna was very pleased that the little girl escaped the bitter orphan fate, all the hardships of which she herself experienced in childhood. Her voice sounded even louder, the soul of the Russian song performed by the famous singer was even brighter and more piercing.

Ruslanova's stage image was bright and unusual. The Russian song demanded a special approach, and the singer was firmly convinced that it should be sung in national folk dress. The outfit of Lydia Andreevna could not be called a deliberate stage costume. This is how women of villages and villages of Russia dressed on holidays. Their dignified become, the breadth of gestures and soul was perceived by the singer naturally. She believed that the song should be played. Only then will the song from her heart enter the hearts of the audience.

Throughout her life, the singer collected and carefully kept the collection of costumes in which she appeared on stage. Bright sundresses, embroidered soul warmers, patterned shawls and scarves - in these outfits a real Russian beauty came out to the audience, personifying Russia with its breadth and power. The magic voice and absolute pitch of the owner of the sound vector allowed her to catch the slightest nuances of the melody and quickly find the best sound of the song being performed. Ruslanova did not care where she sings - in a huge hall, a village club or in a forest glade. The songs she sang sounded equally powerful and soulful. And ahead was her main concert, which brought her fame and even greater people's love.

General Kryukov and Marshal Zhukov have been friends since their cavalry youth. In Zhukov's cavalry division, Kryukov commanded a regiment. Subsequently, their paths crossed more than once. Kryukov was a conscientious campaigner, an executive, docile and reliable subordinate. By the end of the war, he fought as part of the Byelorussian Front and understood that it was their troops who would take the capital of Germany.

Even then, he began to dream of a concert in the heart of a defeated enemy. Ruslanova, who was advancing westward with our troops, arrived in Berlin and gave her famous concert on the steps of the Reichstag. It was the finale of the greatest and bloodiest tragedy of the twentieth century. The Russian song poured over the defeated lair of the Nazis, over the ruins and the battlefield that did not have time to cool down. And then the Marshal of Victory presented her with the order, appreciating her courage and undoubted contribution to the defeat of the enemy.

Lydia Ruslanova and General Kryukov adored each other. They lived in perfect harmony and shared days of joy and days of severe trials. The steadfastness of the Russian character, unbending will and complete absence of fear helped Ruslanova to endure all the sorrowful years and slander that befell her family after the war. She retained her great talent without breaking under the weight of misfortune. "Saratov bird" rose from the ashes of repression, without losing a single grain of charm and skill, continuing to delight the grateful audience.

Lydia Ruslanova and General Kryukov picture
Lydia Ruslanova and General Kryukov picture

But now, in the radiance of the Great Victory, Lydia Andreevna could not even imagine what lay ahead for her. What hardest trials and sufferings fate has prepared for her, what terrible troubles and sorrows she will have to endure …

To be continued…

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