Itchy Skin Is An Allergy To Idleness

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Itchy Skin Is An Allergy To Idleness
Itchy Skin Is An Allergy To Idleness

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Itchy skin is an allergy to idleness

Scientists have long ago identified the connection of many physiological diseases of a person with his mental and emotional state. So, as a result of research, it turned out that under the influence of stress and overstrain, certain substances are released in the human brain that affect the nerve cells of the skin …

Why is my body itching again? Unbearable! It is so disturbing and tiring … All doctors shrug their shoulders, talking about possible food or contact allergies. Various ointments and medications do not help; itchy skin still worries me, especially at night. I follow my diet and I follow my diet, but nothing changes. Hands stretch out to comb themselves to pain. What to do? Where to look for the reason?

Is itchy skin cause or effect?

The irresistible desire to scratch is familiar to many, it is almost impossible to distract yourself from these sensations. Experts are inclined to believe that during itching, a person feels a slightly altered and mild pain that does not give a person rest. In this case, itching sensations appear only on the skin (less often on the mucous membranes).

Scientists have long ago identified the connection of many physiological diseases of a person with his mental and emotional state. So, as a result of research, it turned out that under the influence of stress and overvoltage in the human brain, certain substances are released that affect the nerve cells of the skin. As a result, the level of histamine increases, which is responsible for the manifestation of allergic reactions: the blood vessels of the skin expand, redness and swelling appear.

Allergist or psychotherapist?

Those who consider stress and nervous overstrain of a person to be the cause of itching, recommend him to consult a psychotherapist. In principle, it is logical: if the reason is an unstable emotional state, then a specialist in this area should help. But until now, no one knew exactly for what reasons this or that psychosomatic reaction of the body arises, and therefore the results turned out to be unpredictable and unstable.

Today, Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology helps to understand the human psyche, which reveals the true roots of skin problems in people. System-vector psychology says that all people are born with a certain set of innate desires and abilities, which are called vectors. Moreover, the physiological characteristics of the body are directly related to the human psyche. That is, if a person from birth has the ability to go in for sports, where speed, accuracy and dexterity are required (for example, to run or shooting), to instantly switch from one thing to another, then his psyche also has the corresponding characteristics: it also rapidly translates attention from one type of activity to another, etc. Now we are talking about a person whom Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology calls the bearer of the skin vector.

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Sensitive skin is a guarantee of prey

With naturally sensitive skin, flexibility and quickness, carriers of the skin vector always feel comfortable on the move. For them, changing activities and getting work done quickly means having a lot of fun out of life. Such a person will never sit on the couch complaining about life. He will be the first to run to work, earning a living for himself and his family. The thirst for material advantages and the desire to be always the first keep him in good shape and additionally stimulate him to action.

People with skin vectors are always the best athletes. They rush forward in order to overcome the distance quickly and saving time and effort. They can also become first-class engineers, managers, businessmen, apply their abilities in any areas where their innate qualities are needed. Benefit-benefit is their credo in everything. It is this desire to save that allows them to perfectly implement their flexible thinking, for example, in the field of engineering, creating bridges, trains and airplanes.

However, as Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology explains, during periods of overexertion or material loss, such a person may suffer from skin diseases. Acne, eczema, dermatitis and pruritus - all of this often indicates that the carrier of the skin vector cannot cope with the load.

The same symptoms can occur in the wearer of the cutaneous vector if he does not use his given abilities. For example, instead of constant movement and full-fledged organizational activity, he sits in one place or works in a specialty that requires little mobility. In this case, he begins to get nervous and fidget, the psyche requires switching, changing the type of activity, moving forward. Ignoring this desire within oneself, a person feels discomfort, turning into problems with the skin.

In this case, the person still has to move, but already combing the skin and running around the doctors in search of treatment.

Knowledge is power

Realizing his properties and his true needs, a person naturally changes his life in the direction set by nature, and begins to experience the joy of life. This is made possible by systems thinking. The knowledge that people get at the training on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan helps them get rid of skin problems, allergies and other psychosomatic diseases. You can read about the results here:

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