How To Communicate With People Easily: The Psychology Of Effective Communication

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How To Communicate With People Easily: The Psychology Of Effective Communication
How To Communicate With People Easily: The Psychology Of Effective Communication
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How to communicate with people easily and naturally

Being an outsider among normal conversationalists is unbearable. The fear of communication does not allow to take place either in a couple, not at work, or among friends. But do not rush to despair …

There is a pause. Only a confused, stupid smile can be squeezed out of myself. Awkward silence outside and chaos in my head: how to talk, what to talk about ?! How to communicate with people so as not to seem ridiculous, intrusive, stupid, funny? From these thoughts you get even more lost. The head becomes completely empty. And the thread of the conversation has already gone - to those who are able to support him.

Being an outsider among normal conversationalists is unbearable. The fear of communication does not allow to take place either in a couple, not at work, or among friends. But don't be in a hurry to despair. The training "System-vector psychology" provides a unique ability to communicate with people easily.

I can't communicate with people: what is the reason?

The main reason why effective communication fails is:

Instead of focusing on the interlocutor, the person is immersed in his thoughts and states, in doubts or fears.

This prevents you from really getting involved in the conversation. Be sincerely interested in the interlocutor, tune in to his wave. The head is occupied exclusively with its "thought mixer".

Our internal states interfere with communication:

  • fear

It happens that it is not clear why, but still scary. What if people will be bored and uninteresting with me? What if I seem funny, stupid, ugly to someone? See, two are whispering about something, giggling? They are about me, I know for sure. You ought to move to that dark corner, away from your eyes, otherwise it’s like on an x-ray.

  • stupor

How to talk to people if I get stuck when they ask me a question. It's scary to disgrace yourself in front of everyone, blurt out some nonsense, seem incompetent. Because of this "paralysis" only words-parasites come out: "This is … Well … mm … uh …". As a result, I am even more ashamed of myself, disgusting and disgusting.

  • doubt and uncertainty

It is not clear at all about what and how to communicate with people correctly. I can't find a suitable topic. Not talking about the weather, really! Then what about? It's good if there is a common cause - at work, at school, you can discuss something. And if not?

  • feeling that you will not be understood anyway

Sometimes I just feel out of this world. Everyone is fixated on some crazy things. Money, clothes, cars, food … This is not a conversation, but some kind of meaningless background noise. You stand and think: people, is it really important ?! And the meaning of life, the purpose of a person does not interest anyone? Apparently not. And how to learn to talk to people if there is absolutely nothing to talk to them about?

Observing others through the "glasses" of our own states, we always see a distorted picture. People can appear dangerous and derisive, aggressive, or narrow-minded. The secret to communicating easily and being confident is simple: the ability to see people as they really are.

Yuri Burlan's training allows you to learn to identify hidden thoughts, motives, priorities and values ​​of any person. Moreover, effective communication psychology is available to everyone, regardless of age or education.

For a start, you can apply this unique knowledge to understand yourself. In their fears, doubts, inner loneliness. Get rid of everything that interferes with communicating with people.

Photo how to communicate with people
Photo how to communicate with people

How to learn to communicate without fear

Strong fear, anxiety, phobias and even panic attacks are familiar only to the owners of the visual vector. These are people with a huge emotional range. Their mood can change in a short time: from euphoria of happiness to bottomless melancholy. At the root of this special emotional susceptibility lies an innate fear of death.

When a person is locked in fear for himself, his safety (physical or psychological) - all thoughts revolve around this. Possessing a rich imagination, the spectator can even think of something that does not exist at all. For example, that everyone is whispering about him, they laugh at him.

The problem is that our condition is unconsciously captured by others through pheromones. And this smell cannot be controlled deliberately. No perfume will clog it - it will only strengthen it. When we smell of fear, we literally attract those who can humiliate or ridicule.

For this reason, the owners of the cutaneous-visual ligament of vectors from childhood can become a victim, on which the whole class dumps hostility and aggression. Over the years, this scenario has become familiar. And with any attention to your address, everything inside shrinks with fear: now they will be beaten. Not with fists, but with words. To humiliate and ridicule. What is the right way to talk to people in order to get rid of this fear and feel safe? To begin with, balance your inner state.

When the owner of the visual vector manages to focus on the emotions and states of others, the fear for oneself disappears. You've probably noticed that when you empathize with loved ones or friends, your own pain and fear recede. Joy and delight appear. Because we managed to support the other, to share his feelings with him. At such a moment, the question does not arise of how to learn to communicate easily with people. Everything is so easy and natural. There is a reason for this: the ability for empathy and compassion is the special talent of fine-feeling spectators.

When realizing visual talent - the talent to establish emotional connections with people - the entire range of fear turns into a great love for people. In sympathy and active help.

Image how to learn to communicate
Image how to learn to communicate

Our states are instantly captured by others through pheromones. Realizing his talent, the visual person does not "smell" of fear and does not cause anybody to want to cause damage. On the contrary, he himself becomes an object of universal love, attraction and admiration.

How to communicate with people correctly: psychology for a perfectionist

There are people among us who would like to know the exact rules of the psychology of communication. Because it's scary to make a mistake. To say something out of place, to be in a mess, to disgrace. It is better to ask a psychologist for advice once again than to blush in front of people. One problem: you won't be able to hire a psychologist for every meeting (and even more so for a date). You need an independent skill of communicating with people.

The desire to do everything perfectly, without errors and mistakes is a property of people with an anal vector. They are natural perfectionists, aimed at respect and honor in society. The opinion of those around them is not an empty phrase, but an indicator of their own solvency. It is painful even to think that you will disgrace yourself and look like a fool.

An analytical mindset allows such a person to generalize and organize information. A phenomenal memory stores every detail and detail. When these natural talents are realized in the profession, we see an expert, a professional. Such a person is aimed at finding the slightest error, doing the job perfectly accurately. But when their talents fail to find social use, they become a source of big problems.

When the tendency to generalize is misused, we generalize our bad experiences. Having experienced betrayal - we see a potential traitor in everyone. Once offended in a pair relationship - we are offended by the entire opposite sex. Phenomenal memory constantly slips memories of the past shame and causes fear of a repetition of the situation. Especially if even in childhood we were constantly cut off in mid-sentence and considered "mumble".

I want to communicate with people - but I can't. No amount of self-improvement and psychology in exercises and meditation helps. On the psyche hang such pound weights that do not allow to take place among people. Being natural couch potatoes, in such a situation, they simply stop leaving the house.

Awareness of their mental properties and the ability to implement them for their intended purpose will remove the huge burden of internal dissatisfaction. Then there will be no need to perceive the interlocutors as "confirmation" of their accumulated grievances and bad experiences. Communication with other people will become an easy and natural process.

Training on communication with people for aliens "out of this world"

It happens that ordinary conversations in a company are alien to a person. He perceives them simply as mouse fiddling around meaningless things. And it is not surprising: his thoughts are not occupied by material issues at all. The owner of the sound vector is by nature striving to cognize the metaphysical, spiritual - the meaning of life, the destiny of man. He often does not even realize what he is striving for, simply feeling the need to look for something more.

For a sound engineer, communicative interaction with others is valuable if one can find like-minded people, “brothers in mind,” who are also striving to comprehend the spiritual. In other cases, a person gradually closes in on himself, stops making contact.

Sometimes the sound engineer has a special problem in communicating his unusual thoughts to people. Everything in my head sounds harmonious and consistent. And when trying to voice an idea, some unintelligible, torn fragments come out. The sound engineer is so immersed in his thoughts and states that he is not ready to explain to others what is extremely clear to him.

The soundman is a natural egocentric. However, the ability to communicate adequately is a matter of good fortune for such a person. When he manages to realize himself in society, we see a brilliant scientist, programmer, musician. If not, depressive states gradually appear, suicidal thoughts come. In order not to experience difficulties in communication, the sound engineer needs to get out of the shell of his own thoughts, and this is possible only by being aware of those unconscious processes that drive us.

Modern people are multi-vector. Interference in communication can be complex and have causes in different vectors and properties of the human psyche. Yuri Burlan's training solves psychological problems of any complexity. Give yourself a chance to see this from personal experience.

Here's what people say about it who managed to completely get rid of the fear of communication with the help of Yuri Burlan's training:

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