Causes Of Epilepsy In Children, Symptoms, Treatment

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Causes Of Epilepsy In Children, Symptoms, Treatment
Causes Of Epilepsy In Children, Symptoms, Treatment

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The causes of epilepsy in children, treatment. At the reception with a child psychiatrist

This article will focus on babies born without pathology of the central nervous system, without epilepsy acquired in utero or as a result of birth trauma. What is the reason for the occurrence of epilepsy in children, if they do not have obvious organic pathology?

Epilepsy can occur in children from infancy for a variety of reasons. In this article, we will focus on the psychological factors related to the onset of epilepsy.

As a psychiatrist, children are often brought to me who are lagging behind in the formation of speech and psychomotor skills due to epilepsy. I will make a reservation right away that not every patient with epilepsy has a mental retardation.

In difficult cases, 4-5 year old children are referred by a neurologist to a psychiatrist, being already disabled due to epilepsy. By this age, they must have developed certain psychomotor and speech skills, but they are not. The fact is that when epilepsy in children, regardless of its cause, occurs at an early age, then frequent seizures interfere with the normal development of the brain, and therefore the whole body. And then the psychiatric diagnosis is added to the main diagnosis. Which in the future largely determines the life of a person.

The causes of epilepsy in children

This article will focus on babies born without pathology of the central nervous system, without epilepsy acquired in utero or as a result of birth trauma. Let's talk about children who were born healthy and who developed symptoms of epilepsy without an organic cause.

What is the reason for the occurrence of epilepsy in children, if they do not have obvious organic pathology? Do psychological factors influence the onset of epilepsy symptoms? Let's try to figure it out with the help of Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology.

In my practice, I observe that the occurrence of symptoms of epilepsy and their causes are closely related to the presence of anal and sound vectors in a child under stress.

The causes of epilepsy in children. The role of the anal vector

If epilepsy occurs from an early age, this indicates chronic stress in the child's anal vector. The presence of other vectors will determine the nuances of the clinical picture. But the anal vector will definitely always be present and have its own special role in the cause of the onset of epilepsy in children.

The anal vector reacts to stress by contracting the sphincters of the gastrointestinal tract. It can be assumed that a similar process - violation of muscle contraction-unclenching reactions - can also occur in other smooth muscle fibers and in skeletal muscles. The debut of epilepsy may be the baby's reaction to high fever with convulsions, for example.

To avoid stressful situations, it is important to know how to properly develop a baby with an anal vector in order to avoid mistakes.

Childhood Epilepsy Picture
Childhood Epilepsy Picture

Those born with an anal vector are naturally slow, thorough. Whatever they do, it is important for them to finish what they started. It may not always be obvious if there are other vectors, but the anal vector will manifest itself in this way.

Therefore, in no case should you rush the anal baby, no matter how rushed you are.

For example, he may eat slowly. Even if he has already (seemingly) eaten, you need to wait until he finishes the process himself and releases his chest or gets up from the table.

Potty training is a particularly important topic for such a child. In no case should you pull off or rush the baby during this process. Let him do everything thoroughly, because the anal vector is a perfectionist in everything and must put an end to any action and only then proceed to the next one. Even if it seems to you that physiologically he has already done everything, you do not need to drive him out of the pot. The psychological completion of the act of cleansing the intestines carries a huge meaning in the formation of the psyche of such a child, and hence all of his mental reactions in the future. Therefore, the child must get up from the pot himself.

Do not rush, give him the time he needs - this applies to all his actions. Let him finish, psychologically. When the child finishes, he himself loses interest in the action, you will notice this.

In addition to seizures, a child under stress may experience constipation, other problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and stuttering. All this is the psychosomatics of the anal vector.

Clinical case

At the appointment, a mother with a clearly observed stressful skin vector and her 6-year-old son with an anal vector diagnosed with epilepsy. I add to this the psychiatrist's diagnosis: “Mental retardation. Delayed speech."

Mom is irritated and cannot sit still. Speaks quickly and sharply, briefly. No sooner had they entered the office than I heard: “Stand still! Take off your shoes faster! Well, walk faster! " In the process, the mother constantly jerks the baby: “Sit up straight. Don't take it. You can't do that. You were asked - answer quickly! " …

I was not mistaken: upon questioning, it turned out that they have the same interaction with each other at home. "It's too slow!" - argues the mother. This child is constantly pulled, he is tense all the time. He is not allowed to live in his natural rhythm of the anal vector. A nervous, torn falsetto of the mother additionally seriously traumatizes the psyche, if the child also has a sound vector.

It is clear that mom herself is under stress and cannot control herself. That is why the passing of the training on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan becomes a necessity for a mother. Only by understanding the difference between the psyche, her own and the child, she will not only be able to relax herself, but will also be able to stop pulling the child. This has a double effect. Thanks to the improvement in the mother's condition, the child's lost sense of security and safety is restored, which immediately has a beneficial effect on the child's condition. Correct interaction with the child, according to his psychological properties, also greatly facilitates the child's condition. As a result of these changes, children often have many problems, including removing various diagnoses after the mother undergoes training.

The causes of epilepsy in children. The role of the sound vector

As a tendency in epileptics, there is an anal-sound bunch of vectors. If the baby has a sound vector, then we are not just a slow quiet one. The anal-sound child is twice introvert, he is by nature that way. To start or finish any action, he needs additional time to "emerge" from his inner concentration. The sound person is initially mentally turned inward and learns to go out, to contact other people gradually. It is impossible to rush the anal-sound baby, especially with a cry. This is fraught with serious mental disorders.

A child with a sound vector should be brought up in a quiet environment. The family should not have screams, quarrels, scandals, loudly working household appliances, constantly turned on TV, and so on. Otherwise, his most sensitive sensor - the ear - will suffer and, as a result, will not want to listen to the outside world. And the sound child must be brought up so that he begins to enjoy the sounds of the space around him - only in this case he will learn to extrovert. It is necessary to talk with him in a quiet voice, in no case should you use words that are offensive to him in speech, even if he is still "small and does not understand anything."

According to my observations, in the presence of a stressful anal vector in conjunction with a sound vector in a child who is exposed to noise, the set of causes of epilepsy in children doubles, the symptoms of epilepsy are aggravated, and treatment may be less effective. The course of the disease becomes more malignant.

An anal sonic patient with epilepsy, not only is "squeezed" in the stress of the anal vector from constant twitching, but also traumatized by offensive meanings ("brake", "moron") and excessive noise load on his supersensitive ear. The mechanism of the development of seizures as a reaction of muscle contraction-unclenching in the presence of a sound vector is supplemented by the duration of this contraction and the difficulty of getting out after an epileptic seizure. After an attack, when the patient seems to have to "come to his senses", the anal sonicator does it even longer, even slower than a child with an anal vector without a sound vector, because of the special immersion "inward".

From my patients I see that children with anal-sound vector ligament diagnosed with epilepsy are more likely to lag behind in mental and speech development and can acquire autistic behavioral traits, which is due to a severe condition in the sound vector. In this case, the anal vector will be even more rigid and viscous, which in turn aggravates the course of epilepsy.

The causes of epilepsy in children. The role of a sense of security and safety in the family

Up to 6-7 years old, the child has a close psychological connection with the mother, therefore, all her negative states unconsciously take over. Against the background of poor conditions of the mother, the child can develop not only behavioral deviations, but also neurotic and psychosomatic diseases.

In the aggregate of the causes of epilepsy in children, the loss of a sense of security and safety from the mother is of particular importance. The fact is that when a child unconsciously adopts good psychological states from his mother, he can develop harmoniously. And if the feeling of security is lost? Then its development is inhibited, in severe cases, symptoms of epilepsy may occur in children with an anal vector or with an anal-sound ligament of vectors.

Pediatric epilepsy picture
Pediatric epilepsy picture

Correction and treatment of epilepsy in children

Parents need to know what to do to improve their child's condition. In some cases, treatment by a neurologist, epileptologist, whatever it is modern, does not even give a temporary improvement (nevertheless, drug treatment and supervision by a specialist is necessary!). There are more and more attacks, and the little patient suffers more and more, and the parents with him. This is because the psychosomatic cause of epilepsy in children has not been eliminated.

Medication can lead to good remission. But at the same time, no one thinks about the correct development of the baby's vectors. Yes, there may be no seizures. But on the other hand, the anal and anal-sound baby may have speech development delays, learning disabilities and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Even if he can go to mainstream school, he will not develop the way he could if the psychological problem had been eliminated earlier.

As a psychiatrist, I come across such patients aged 4-5 years, sometimes 6-7 years and older. We remember that the younger the child is, the more likely it is to fix the problem.

Over the years, parents are often humbled. They say - here, he was born, well, what can you do. We, they say, have already done everything we could. They turn to me for a prescription of diapers or to get into a specialized kindergarten, prescribe medications to somehow improve the mental development of the child. But even the medical treatment of such a baby by a psychiatrist does not guarantee positive changes in the treatment of childhood epilepsy, when nothing is done to eliminate the true cause of childhood epilepsy.

While parents do not know the peculiarities of the child's psyche, they can do little to help him. Parents should know what kind of child they have, who he is in terms of vectors, in order to develop it correctly - this is already the rule of the modern world.

I am very sorry when the child's parents apply already at the age of 7 when they are assigned to a school for children with mental disabilities. Such children are invalids for life, and this is definitely not the life that his mom and dad wanted him!

If the child does not have a gross organic pathology, that is, brain damage acquired during childbirth, congenital, traumatic or infectious genesis, then you can try to fix it! And even if the child has an organic cause of childhood epilepsy, training by parents, especially mothers, will help reduce the frequency of seizures and improve the child's development.

To learn more, sign up for a free online training on System Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan.

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