The Feminine Man: Why A Boy Behaves Like A Girl

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The Feminine Man: Why A Boy Behaves Like A Girl
The Feminine Man: Why A Boy Behaves Like A Girl

Video: The Feminine Man: Why A Boy Behaves Like A Girl

Video: The Feminine Man: Why A Boy Behaves Like A Girl
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The feminine man: why a boy behaves like a girl

Moms get worried when a boy acts like a girl. And many dads do not represent any greater shame than if suddenly a womanly man grows out of their son. But do not rush to do this, because only Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" explains this "new phenomenon" …

The more talk about sexual minorities, the more parents are worried when their sons begin to show interest in not at all boyish attributes - dresses, jewelry, dolls. Parents' forums are filled with requests for "strange" behavior in children. They have somehow got used to the tomboy girls, but gentle boys who prefer girlish games to war games are a new phenomenon. Such boys simply did not survive a hundred years ago. Delicate, shy. Beautiful eyes - clap-clap, and look at it cry. Well, where is that?

Moms get worried when a boy acts like a girl. And many dads do not represent any greater shame than if suddenly a womanly man grows out of their son.

“What are we parents doing wrong? How to bring him up so that he doesn't grow up gay? " The answers are mostly obscure. Some say: "Will outgrow" - and give examples from their lives. Others - "We urgently need to take the child to a psychologist." But do not rush to do this, because only Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" explains this "new phenomenon" - the skin-visual boy.

And, looking ahead, I want to tell worried parents - this is the most that neither is a boy, a future man. And not at all what some thought. He only seems feminine. And how he grows up depends only on you and me. From parents and the whole community.

But first things first. And let's start with the one with whom the visual-skin boy can only be compared - with the visual skin girl …

Feminine vice versa

To begin with, everything is reversed in these skin-visuals. This has been the custom since ancient times. While all normal women were sitting in a cave, cooking borscht and raising the younger generation, not thinking about their careers and social life, big-eyed skin-visual girls ran around the savannah. They accompanied men on the hunt, they shone as maids of honor at royal courts, as nurses they walked in tarpaulin boots along the roads of war …

And they also irritated the entire female race in every possible way with their seductive behavior. No shame! Because of them, they fought in duels and started wars. The best poems were dedicated to them.

The visual vector endows its owner with a special emotionality. And only in the change of emotions is his sense of life. The larger the amplitude, the brighter the life. But the basic emotion, archetypal, characteristic of ancient man is the fear of death. There is constant tension in the psyche of the owner of the visual vector: he wants to live, but is not able to kill any living being. And without this, humanity would not be able to feed, protect and preserve itself. The skin-visual girl pity every insect. Even in the body, the microbe cannot be defeated normally.

Weak. She is not ready to give birth to a child mentally, and she was physically able to conceive and give birth only recently thanks to the success of modern medicine. Therefore, the maternal instinct does not arise, and she does not need female modesty.

In a word - not a woman! But good! And her sensuality blows away the roof of any man. How else can she survive? A wife made of her is exclusively decorative. He lives only because he loves his defenders. He protects her, feeds her, she loves. Loves with such emotional dedication, if developed, that it engraves in the memory of any man. And only in love her fear disappears.

Feminine man picture
Feminine man picture

It was the sharp eyesight, able to distinguish the subtlest shades of color, and fearfulness that determined the first role of the skin-visual girl - the daytime guard of the pack. And those of them who did not have time to react to the danger in time were “culled out” in a natural way - they were eaten by a predator. To this day, a skin-visual girl, if the development of the properties of the visual vector went wrong or stopped in the archetype, is the first victim of crime. In this case, her only emotion is fear in all its shades: from mortal horror to slight tension in anticipation of danger.

All you need is love

Be that as it may, skin-visual girls in any society are a valuable resource. Therefore, since the cave times, they, along with men, managed to develop a specific role. In addition, since then, thanks to their sensuality, they have managed to become sex symbols that all women are now guided by. What woman today wouldn't want to be the cover girl for a minute?

Thanks to their fear of death, they elevated the life of every living being to the highest value. As a result, cultural restrictions, ethical norms, culture itself and art as a part of it appeared.

And what about the boys are skin-visual? They did not have time to develop their role in society. At first they literally ate them: “Why so weak? Anyway, not a tenant, just an extra mouth. " They were sacrificed. Or they simply died in childhood. In more developed societies, such as, for example, in the army of Alexander the Great, dermal-visual boys performed the female role and only this saved their lives.

Skin-visual boys began to massively survive only in the middle of the twentieth century. And they immediately showed themselves brightly in the hippie movement. "World peace and free love!", "Make love, not war!" It is understandable - this boy is not capable of murder.

A few, thanks to the correct upbringing, became talented actors. The undeveloped hunted at the resorts by playing cards, confusing partners with their "safe" appearance. Someone used their sensuality and attractiveness as a gigolo. And someone chose the path tested by the "older sister" - a skin-visual girl, went to seek protection from strong men. But this does not mean that skin-visual men are homosexual.

A feminine man - gay or not

Just as a skin-visual girl is not a woman in full measure, so a skin-visual boy is not a man in the general sense. He literally "doesn't smell like a male." But this is what becomes an annoying factor - it is not clear what he is. Strange. Like a man, but like a woman - too feminine.

The dermal-visual are devoid of an animal component. She is not capable of giving birth. He is incapable of killing. She - over the millennia, has developed a script for relationships with men. He does not yet have a natural right to a woman and to continue himself in children, since he is not able to "get food" and alimony a woman. His male roles are just being developed. But girls are allowed to be sensitive, and boys don't like that quality. "Where does it fit: just something - in tears." And he needs protection too.

Generally speaking, there is no fundamental difference to a skin-visual boy who will protect him - a woman or a man. Due to the fact that he is not a breadwinner in the usual sense of the word, he is deprived of the right to a woman and therefore is not able, like other men, to passionately desire a woman, sweeping away everything in his path for the sake of possessing a beloved. But he can feel deep emotional attachment, love.

Its natural mate is the urethral woman, able to protect. But where can I get all of them? Just like a skin-visual girl who has not met her urethral leader, a skin-visual boy often agrees to intimacy with the owner of the anal vector, without such a desire. In a man with an anal vector, libido is not differentiated, that is, it is directed at both women and boys, although normally the latter is suppressed and sublimated into socially useful activity. And the skin-visual girl only uses sexuality to preserve his own life, as does the skin-visual girl. He is not gay, he is simply afraid to live without the protection of a strong partner. And if his parents did not teach in childhood other ways of adapting to society, he has few options for independent choice.

Boy acting like a girl picture
Boy acting like a girl picture

What's the Difference? The skin-visual girl has already come a long way of development. If in ancient society her sexuality was the only way to preserve life, today she has reached an unprecedented level of sensuality - in culture. Boys, for the most part, cannot boast of this yet. And parents do not really understand what to do with such children.

Understanding yourself - only on differences

With all this, as already mentioned above, the dermal-visual boy is a full-fledged future man. Even in spite of overly feminine behavior. The inconsistency in our perception arises only for one reason - we do not differentiate people according to their mental properties. It became possible to distinguish people by the peculiarities of their psyche only thanks to the discoveries of Yuri Burlan at the training "System-vector psychology".

For example, women with an anal vector will differ significantly from all others. Especially from women with cutaneous vector. And at the same time, you can easily notice their amazing resemblance to men with the same anal vector. But no one will have a shadow of doubt about where the man is and where the woman is. Unless someone can call a woman with an anal vector "manly".

The skin-visual boy is similar in properties to the skin-visual girl - the modern standard of femininity. For thousands of years we have seen only skin-visual girls, therefore we have not learned to distinguish them from a boy with the same properties. But he is as much a man with respect to a skin-visual woman as a man with an anal vector in relation to a woman with an anal vector.

It is this inability to distinguish people not by form, but by the properties of the psyche that confuses all the cards. Each of us tries to evaluate others through our own properties and inevitably makes mistakes. And what remains for the skin-visual boy? He does not understand himself, and sees that other men are too different. So for the first time a false guess arises: "Maybe I was born in the wrong body?"

Features of raising a gentle child

This boy is already an eye-catcher in infancy. “Oh, what a kid! Handsome is like a girl. " Thanks to this, the skin-visual boy grows up in a dubious environment. Neighbors point to its beauty. Mom often supports this game.

Dad most often perceives this in a negative way: "What are you like a woman!" It's good if it doesn't hit. The kid tries to stop his tears, so as not to anger dad and not be branded as a crybaby and a weakling among his peers, because this can turn him into a victim. So the skin-visual boy does not succeed in developing out of fear into compassion. For many parents, especially fathers with an anal vector, the conclusion suggests itself - to give up to martial arts, let him grow up as a man. And this is the biggest mistake. His sensuality does not develop, there are delays in psychosexual development. It is not for nothing that we wrote in detail about skin-visual boys and girls. In general, to give to sports - think three times. Plushenko will not grow out of everyone, but the sensual sphere can not be developed, focusing only on the development of the body.

Not being fully a man, a skin-visual boy in the company of other boys will feel his difference even more sharply. It is highly likely that he will become a victim of ridicule and bullying. Even if you give it to martial arts.

It is among girls that the skin-visual boy is able to fully develop his natural properties. Only with girls will he be able, for distinction, to feel like a real gentleman, a gallant knight. The ideal option would be a dance or theater studio. There, your "little crybaby" will acquire the skill of socialization without mental trauma and, possibly, choose his future profession. It's also a good idea to teach your kid to play, for example, the guitar. It will protect him from hooligans more reliably than fists and will help in the future - the guitarist is respected everywhere.

Why does a boy want to be a girl

Boys with a visual vector often start trying on their mother's dresses and more.

First, it can be difficult for visual-skinned boys to identify themselves, because this is possible only by differences. And what are the options, if everyone says that you are not like other boys?.. And with girls it is more interesting. They are closer emotionally, more similar interests. And the more around other boys (for example, in the sports section), the more the difference is felt.

But what if mom is happy to support changing clothes? Perhaps my mother wanted a daughter. Yes, and a pugnacious bully, few of the mothers are too happy. Here is a calm and gentle boy - another matter, with him there are much less problems. And handsome - no strength! For the sake of entertainment, she just wants to put on a dress on him, attach a bow on his head.

Secondly, and most importantly, it's scary! Intuitively, a skin-visual boy understands that "girls are not eaten." He sees with examples - being a girl is safer. Girls are not beaten by boys, they are less scolded by parents and teachers. This unconsciously pushes the child to put on his mother's dress or sister's skirt for the first time. And the fear lets go.

I think everyone can imagine that relief when the tension goes away. In the end, the child accepts this "game" as an affordable means to relieve fears. And when a simple change of clothes no longer gives that effect, it begins to seem that it is necessary to "change clothes" radically - to change the gender.

Where is the handsome man to go?

Alas, without defining the innate properties of the psyche, neither he himself, nor those around him, understand that a skin-visual boy is a boy by 100%. Sex reassignment will not bring the much-desired fear relief. In this case, only Yuri Burlan's training "System-vector psychology" can be effective. It is here that you can guarantee complete deliverance from fears by revealing your nature and the correct implementation of your properties.

Every day, skin-visual metrosexuals are conquering large cities more and more. Artists and fashion models. The best stylists are they. Men - sellers of cosmetics have confidently pushed women in this business. They can be seen by consultants at any bank. This is what any woman will trust - he is not a rival to her, and not an applicant for a relationship. There is no internal aggression in him. And emotionally - the feeling that he loves. Whose other recommendations can you fully trust in choosing cosmetics, and any other product?

While there is no understanding in society of how to bring up the sensuality of such boys, they most often have to be content with a low level of development of the visual vector. Nevertheless, the future belongs to them. Without knowledge of systemic vector psychology, it is difficult to imagine how these feminine men will be able to bring culture and humanism to the highest possible level, unattainable for a skin-visual girl.

However, it is already noticeable how they influenced the general idea of male fashion and sexuality. Even the most brutal "real man" who wants to take a worthy place in society, to be a respected person, cannot imagine his life without a daily shower, toilet water and "woman's" worries such as a neat and fashionable haircut.

Due to skin-visual girls, cultural restrictions once arose in society. Thanks to them, we all, regardless of vectors, have learned to build emotional connections, compassion and love. It was thanks to their request that art arose. Well, who else could need beads made of wondrous stones? Only for the sake of his beloved, the most sensual of women, the primitive leader allowed the anal-visual master to engage in such a useless, from the point of view of the tribe's survival, business - jewelry craft.

All these skin-visuals are the opposite! For centuries, other men worked out specific roles while women were at home. And today women are the most actively developing part of society. And as an opposite - a skin-visual boy, who does not yet have his specific role. But he is already actively claiming the right to be won by the skin-visual girl. While childishly demonstrative … But this is a matter of time and a question of development. A skin-visual real man will still show himself.

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