When You Don't Know Why The Baby Is Screaming

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When You Don't Know Why The Baby Is Screaming
When You Don't Know Why The Baby Is Screaming

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When you don't know why the baby is screaming

Feeling protected and safe is a subconscious feeling. The child receives it only from the mother. Feeling safe, the child is in a balanced state. A calm mother is a calm me. System-vector psychology explains this mechanism clearly and clearly. Observable, vital …

Mom tries to calm down a one-year-old girl. She screams. Mom and so and so - in a stroller, on her hands, a pacifier, some water … the child yells. Mom throws her into the stroller, shouting "What else can I do to make you shut up ?!" Sits on a bench and covers his face with his hands. The child walks in. She takes her in her arms, hugs her. The girl sobs, pushes and hits her mother with her hands. Mom slaps her on the bottom. Wipes away her tears and herself. Sobbing and pressing. They both calm down and calm down.

In one minute, a sea of ​​pain. For both of them.

It all starts with mom …

With the birth of a child, life turned upside down. He filled the whole world, all thoughts and time. He became the most important thing in the world, pushing into the background everything that came before him.

Things are different now. And it's not even about household chores or fatigue. It's groundhog day … diaper, feeding, walking, bathing … toys, complementary foods, teeth, colic, sling …

Rest is a dream, and proper sleep is practically a good weekend.

A shower is a luxury, and a bath is a trip to the SPA, to a masseur and a psychotherapist in one person.

Dinner is when you eat. A romantic dinner is when you eat with both hands. I'm going. And not the remains of complementary foods.

A toothless smile in the morning gives you amazing warmth, the smell of the fluffy crown makes you close your eyes and breathe in deeply, the warmth of small arms wrapped around your neck heals all mental wounds. But sometimes … you just want to get out of the house and leave. One. Forever and ever. Going nowhere.

Why is the child screaming picture
Why is the child screaming picture

So it pulls to give free rein to feelings, burst into tears and not hear anything, not understand, not be strong. Don't be … a mom.

Scary thoughts. Awful feeling. Strange experiences.

But they are. Pop up in my head from time to time. Do not give rest. Drive you crazy.

So it hurts. Therefore stress. I am a bad mother, I don’t want to be with the child all the time, I don’t love him the way I should love … sometimes I feel bad next to him and I don’t know what to do.

What's wrong with me?!

… And continues in the child

She is a year old. Her whole world is her mother. No, MOM. It is a source of warmth, food, sleep, entertainment, but most importantly, it is a source of a sense of security and safety.

Only next to mom is calm. Okay. Just good. Inside. It's just the way it should be.

But sometimes there is something wrong with mom. She's nervous. Crying. Shouts. And it's not how it should be. Everything is not good and not calm.

And I cry. And I feel bad. I don't know why, but it's bad. I cry and really want it to be the same as before - good. Let it be as before. Let there be mom.

A calm mother is a calm me.

System-vector psychology explains this mechanism clearly and clearly. Observable, vital.

Feeling protected and safe is a subconscious feeling. The child receives it only from the mother. Feeling safe, the child is in a balanced state. He grows and develops, actively learns the world, is not afraid to express himself and try new things. Psychological and physical development is active and continuous.

But as soon as the child lacks protection and safety, his condition worsens. He is scared, not even, just uncomfortable, unpleasant, restless. He does not know why, he cannot explain or show. He only feels it at an unconscious level.

What's going on? The kid is naughty, crying, screaming, fighting, throwing toys, things. He wants nothing, he is not interested in anything, he does not need anything. He desperately wants to regain that inner state in which he feels good. And only his mother can give him this state. But not just a mom who shakes and shoves a pacifier, but a mom who is in a balanced psychological state.

More than any toys and entertainment, than the most exquisite dishes, the most beautiful clothes, big houses, comfortable cars, good nannies or clever governess, a child needs a mother. Calm and happy.

This is written in the psyche, built into the subconscious, it is a law of nature, which is designed to ensure the survival of the species. Survival and development.

What else can I do to make you shut up the picture
What else can I do to make you shut up the picture

How do I get my balance back?

Understand yourself, understand what the deficit is and how to compensate for it. This requires knowledge. Information that works. Thinking that ALREADY has time-proven results. Such, which is formed at the training "System-vector psychology".

So, what happened to a woman after giving birth and why is it so difficult for her? Lifestyle changes, loss of opportunities for fulfillment, lack of sleep, sound stress, inability to retire, constant stress - all this is stress. Especially with the first child, because it is with the first child that it seems that this is all forever.

Especially difficult for mothers with a sound vector. He is dominant. This is a huge layer of the mental that requires constant implementation. Sound desires are the need for deep concentration, the tension of the abstract intellect in order to create thought forms. A product of intellectual work demanded by other people.

Humanly speaking, the sound mother needs an hour to be alone. Because she can think of something only through concentration. Write an article, a blog post, test a program, come up with a song, write a verse, or whatever, where you can apply the psychological properties of the sound vector given to it by nature.

Without this, she will feel bad. Unfulfilled desires give rise to emptiness. They grow, causing suffering on a subconscious level. Internal balance is disturbed, stress resistance decreases, a feeling of discomfort and psychological stress appears.

In this state, the mother cannot give the child a full sense of protection and security. The circle is closed. Mom feels bad - the child receives less money - his condition worsens - he creates more stress for the mother.

By understanding this mechanism and observing it in reality, it is much easier to find a way out of the situation.

At the training, at the lesson on the sound vector, every word for such women responds. There is a complete recognition of their own desires, characteristics and needs. Already in the process of training, the properties of the sound vector are filled - the desire for self-knowledge is satisfied.

In general, any mother who begins to understand herself and her child systematically feels a surge of strength and well-being. Awareness of oneself, one's own characteristics allows one to get rid of chronic psychotraumas, and understanding others helps to build completely different relationships. It fills life with positive emotions and mutual understanding.

And what happens when the mother's internal state is normalized? The child is changing. Without exaggeration. He gets a full-fledged feeling of security and safety and … he sleeps well, eats well, gets sick less, develops quickly, learns to play himself, he develops an interest in the world, in other children, in games and so on. Without feeling internal tension, anxiety, the child does not continuously demand his mother. It becomes much easier and easier for her with such a baby. Hear what the mother of four has to say about this:

This is not esotericism or fiction - this is the effect of understanding human psychology. And there are a lot of such results, all of them are freely available on the reviews page. Firsthand, from blossoming mothers.

Motherhood is joy, it is pleasure. Being a mother is real female happiness, given to us by nature. And nature does not create anything for suffering. One has only to understand oneself and those mechanisms that work at a subconscious level.

And today all this has already been studied and is available to everyone who wants to undergo the training "System-vector psychology".

Possessing the "secret" ability of system moms to treat a child's broken knee with a smile and hugs, you will definitely want to give birth to another baby, because this is a real pleasure.

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