The National Character Of The Russian Person. Hot Blood Of Cold Steppes

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The National Character Of The Russian Person. Hot Blood Of Cold Steppes
The National Character Of The Russian Person. Hot Blood Of Cold Steppes
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The national character of the Russian person. Hot blood of cold steppes

“You cannot understand Russia with your mind, you cannot measure it with a common yardstick: it’s special to become - you can only believe in Russia” (Fedor Tyutchev).

If the saint's host shouts:

"Throw you Rus, live in paradise!"

I will say: “No need for paradise, Give me my homeland."

Sergey Yesenin

Who are these strange Russians and what strange laws do they live by?

What is the peculiarity of the Russian character and why does not even such a mentality exist anywhere in the world?

Why is the behavior of a Russian person abroad so recognizable and for whatever reason we are either adored or hated, but never simply remain indifferent?

All attempts of the government to build a legal society in our state, living strictly according to the laws and consciously observing them, failed with a deafening crash. Any imposed values ​​of the Western model are rejected by our people as a foreign body.

What is the reason? After all, all Western Europe and America has been and has been prospering on these principles for many years.

At the same time, the revolutionary ideas of Lenin and Trotsky, which have no analogues anywhere in the world and are not supported by any other countries, were received with a bang and overturned the state system in just two decades, creating a society that was fundamentally different in its mechanisms of existence.

What was it? A utopian idea that has taken root in an atypical thinking society?


You can't understand Russia with your mind

A common yardstick cannot be measured:

She has a special become -

You can only believe in Russia.

Fedor Tyutchev

Faith in the life of a Russian person has always occupied a special place, but at the same time we have always been tolerant of other religions. Many nationalities have always coexisted in Russia, and each had its own religion.

The Russian character has always been a mystery to any foreigner. Completely illogical actions - this strange tendency to reckless recklessness, ostentatious, inexplicable generosity, reaching waste, love of luxurious, expensive things, even for one day, even without a penny in your pocket, as if this is his last day, and then take it and to give everything to someone, but even to the first comer - no, it is impossible to understand.

Terrible, brutal crime, total corruption and thieves' laws, which are observed better than the criminal code - are these also peculiarities of a national character or a dead end in which the whole country has entered?

Can our people abroad become so “own” as to feel happy?

What is the reason for the Russian character - heredity, climate, social system or landscape conditions?

Read on for the exhaustive and most unexpected answers …

National character. Hot blood of cold steppes

The Russian character is a psychological portrait of an entire people, the mentality of the state, and not even Russia alone. In part, he is present in every Russian person, these are the features that unite us, make us similar, create the basis on which we understand each other a little better than people with a different mentality.

The formation of the national character took place over many centuries, the foundation for this was the special geopolitics of one of the great leaders of the past - Genghis Khan.

The unique combination of endless steppes and impenetrable forests created the preconditions for the emergence of the urethral-muscular mentality, which forms the basis of the Russian character.

It was on the basis of the urethral-muscular mentality that the emergence and development of such a unique social phenomenon as an elite culture, represented in Russia by a whole class of the so-called refined intelligentsia, became possible.


This mentality makes us inexplicably generous and hospitable, tolerant and merciful, and at the same time loving risk and luxury, striving for fame and protesting against any restrictions, laws or regulations.

The influence of the same national character reveals the inexplicable secret of the burning enthusiasm of the workers who built the BAM, raised virgin lands or went to distant Siberian villages to eliminate the illiteracy of the peasants.

Forests and steppes of mother Russia

The urethral-muscular mentality is unique and is not observed in any other country in the world, except for the space of the former USSR. It is based on the properties of two vectors, the development of which is due to the peculiarities of the landscape on which the emergence of the existing society took place.

Endless steppes with a harsh climate are the urethral vector. Dense forests are muscular.

The specific role of the representative of the urethral vector is the leader, the head of the tribe, his task is to preserve the living matter of the flock, to advance it into the future or to develop new lands.

Unpredictable strategic thinking, complete absence of fear and high endurance are the properties that ensure the implementation of his specific role.

The highest rank, the first right to bite given by nature, cannot be disputed or questioned. Anyone who encroaches on his primacy will instantly know what urethral lion's anger is. There can be only one leader in the pack, when the second appears, everything is decided by a deadly fight, the outcome of which is either the death of one of them, or exile. The defeated one, at best, leaves to look for his flock.

The word of the leader is law for everyone. He himself does not obey anyone and does not recognize any restrictions, having an innate sense of mercy and justice. Merciless to strangers and the most tolerant to his own, he forgives everything except crimes against the pack, for which he punishes right there - cruelly and mercilessly.

The interests of the pack are of the highest value for him, personal interests are always deeply secondary. His pleasure is in giving, in the realization of his animal altruism. That is why the communist ideas of building an ideal society, where everyone works for the good of the country, getting as much as they need for life, turned out to be so close to the hearts of the Russian people.


The most generous and unselfish, he will give the last shirt to the one who needs it most. In this way, he satisfies his needs for bestowal, gets his pleasure. A fur coat from a master's shoulder, expensivets and fabulous tips - all this is a manifestation of urethral generosity, a kind of evidence of his highest rank, his status.

Hence the love of fame and luxury - the leader should have everything that is most expensive, luxurious and unique, but at the same time he is not at all going to keep, cherish or save all this. These are trifles, albeit royal, but in comparison with his goals and values, all these are trifles that he can give to anyone he meets whenever he wants.

Risk is a noble cause!

This expression is typical only for Russians. A leader cannot have fear. He is always the first to rush into the fray, the first to attack, conquers new unexplored horizons, performs actions that no one else is capable of. For this he was born, the whole flock follows him, he does not and cannot have another way. Only for the flags, only forward, contrary to common sense, logic or experience. Restrictions, rules, laws are for others, he has a goal, and nothing else matters. And this goal is to keep the flock, even at the cost of your own life, the goal is still more important.

Only a representative of the urethral vector is able to make a decision to ram or rush to the embrasure, as the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War did, defending the Motherland, their people, even at the cost of their own lives.

Russian man is a simple man

The impenetrable taiga and other woodlands of Russia are the closest and closest place for representatives of the muscular vector: only they are guided unmistakably and feel quite comfortable among the dense forests.

The properties of the muscle vector are basic for all living beings, so they simply dissolve in the desires of other vectors, strengthening them.

The perception of oneself, characteristic of the muscle vector, as only an inseparable part of the common collective "we" and a wary attitude towards strangers is strikingly mixed with urethral generosity, tolerance and hospitality, turning into so-called xenophobia on the contrary. This was manifested by our inexplicable love for foreigners, for whom we always laid a magnificent table, organized holidays, gave gifts, gave the most beautiful girls as wives.


It is thanks to this property that in our vast country the most diverse nationalities coexisted peacefully with their culture, traditions and religions.

A muscular person will never take more than he needs for life, he simply does not have such a need and such a desire, and in combination with urethral altruism, he would rather give his own than take too much. Taking pleasure in physical labor, it was the muscular people who were ready to work for the good of the Motherland almost free of charge all their lives.

We have always lived like this - at the call of the soul

There are obvious reasons why the sound idea of ​​Lenin and Trotsky, promoted by the urethral commissars and resonating in the inner world of every Russian, in such a short time brought such significant results and radically changed the face of the country.

Close to the urethral mentality, such values ​​of the anal vector as honesty, decency, friendship, respect for elders, for the traditions of the past, became widespread and generally accepted, especially in the anal phase of human development, which ended with the end of the Great Patriotic War.

With the transition to the skin phase of development, the Russian, who had recently considered himself Soviet, found himself in a contradictory situation.

On the one hand, the urethral mentality has been and remains, but at the same time the new values ​​of modern society are sharply opposed to such a mentality.

The basis of all the properties of the cutaneous vector are limitations that absolutely cannot be perceived in the urethral mentality. Any laws, rules, regulations that are mandatory mechanisms for the regulation of the skin society are rejected by the Russian character, which is based on an unlimited urethral mentality.

The skin phase of human development, like any other, is inevitable for everyone, including Russians. It would be wrong to judge that it is good or bad. It continues, and Russia also lives in a world of consumption, high technology and law. Somewhere clumsily, somewhere in our own way, but we are still learning to adapt the landscape in such strange conditions for us. This is development, movement forward, evolution of a kind, overcoming obstacles.

It is impossible to fence off the endless steppe, it is simply impossible. Making the leader obey is even more impossible. He would rather die in a mortal fight, but he would not bow his head, especially in front of some kind of leatherman, who by nature has a rank significantly lower than the leader. This behavior is contrary to the whole urethral nature. He wanted to spit on some kind of skin laws. The law is his word! It is set by nature, this is how he feels himself and simply cannot live differently.

His urethral laws are the most correct, since they are based on real mercy and justice without a shadow of personal benefit, only for the good of the flock, for the same reason they completely contradict logical and rational skin values ​​and cannot be understood.


Representatives of the urethral vector, who did not receive sufficient development of properties before the end of puberty, and often, on the contrary, beaten at home and driven into school frames, run away from home in search of their flock, which they find on the street, among the street children. Perceiving the world as hostile, as it was all childhood, they learn to defend themselves against it and defend their flock, living by their own laws and turning into a crime boss.

The laws of thieves, for all their cruelty, are fair, but they are fair for a primitive society, for an animal pack and are, in fact, a manifestation of the archetypal program of the urethral vector.

Adequately developing urethral vector, in which feelings of mercy, justice and responsibility for others are nurtured, perceives the whole society in its flock and is able, like no one else, to bring socially useful benefits to it.

Representatives of the Western skin mentality, being next to the Russians, subconsciously feel their lower rank due to the urethral mentality we have. It manifests itself in any case, even if we are talking about a person with a skin vector who, it would seem, has every chance to harmoniously fit into a developed consumer society. Western people get a lot of stress from how Russians spend money, because for him saving is a priority, rational logical thinking in everything, which does not fit urethral habits. Many Western women are captivated by a passionate, generous Russian nature, but at the same time, inexplicable behavior and illogical life decisions are alarming, and men are humiliated by the position of a lower rank next to the leader, even if all these moments do not have a vivid manifestation in behavior.

The misunderstanding of the behavior of Russians abroad is due to the peculiarities of the national character, which simply cannot be understood in the skin society due to the considerable remoteness of innate properties. Only the awareness of one's own nature and the qualities of another person makes it possible to harmoniously communicate with a representative of any vector or mentality, since there are no good or bad vectors, it all depends on the level of development and the degree of realization of the properties of each particular person.

A society with a urethral mentality - it is from here that the next phase of human development will take its origin, which will be based on spiritual altruism. What awaits us, read the next article.

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