Science And Technology. Back To The USSR?

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Science And Technology. Back To The USSR?
Science And Technology. Back To The USSR?
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Science and technology. Back to the USSR?

Today, pinning great hopes on innovative activities, on the possibility of developing our own technologies, we are investing huge amounts of money in these areas, completely not realizing that in Russia there is no foundation for the developed properties of the skin vector, on which it is possible to implement these areas.

The interaction between science and technology in the Russian state has always been unusual. Before Peter's reforms in Russia there was no science as such, and technology was in its infancy - at the level of craft. With the arrival of Peter I, rapid growth began in these areas. He laid the foundation for the creation of such great minds as Lomonosov and Mendeleev in the future scientific schools. This is how the birth of science began in our country. With technology, everything was a little more complicated: despite the presence of their own scientists, there were practically no engineers, they were "discharged" from Holland and Germany. The priority of "export" engineers remained until the formation of the Soviet Union.

The only time in the history of the Russian state, when its engineers began to appear in the country on a large scale, happened during the early USSR, from the 20s of the XX century. Russia in the first years after October 1917: the old, autocratic state was destroyed, the statehood of the young Soviet power was just being formed; the economy is predominantly agricultural in nature. And only thanks to the ingenious domestic and foreign policy of the Soviet government, Russia rises from its knees, a new system of values ​​is formed, corresponding to the urethral mentality of the Russian people.

A vivid example of these values ​​can be seen in an old Soviet song, where there are such lines: "There is such a tradition in the Komsomol family … Think about your homeland first, and then about yourself!" The generation of homeless children and orphanages, thanks to the implementation of the basic principles of the urethral mentality: the bestowal of everyone for the good of all and social shame - the fear of being deprived of the right to bite - grows into the most talented engineers and rationalizers!

The USSR is a social formation based on the urethral mentality, in which practically all spheres of human activity were regulated by the principle of social shame - a regulator much more effective than even the law. Through the efforts of all the people in the country, industrialization, the cultural revolution, which began with the elimination of the illiteracy of a huge mass of peasants and workers, developed at an incredibly fast pace. Science was no exception. In a certain period, the Soviet Union established interaction between research institutes (SRI) and production. Such cooperation was due precisely to the urethral mentality, where each element of the system worked for the good of the whole, like cells in one organism.

Everyone had one goal - the benefit of the entire Soviet society, so the scientists understood well what was required of them, their goal was to improve technological production processes, improve quality and reduce the cost of products. In turn, people from production, directly involved in practical tasks, saw weaknesses, elements that could be improved. This is how the demand for developments in the scientific field was born.

All scientific and technological progress (STP) to this day is based on the skin's desire to rationalize, improve one's life and the life of society as a whole. But the huge volumes of information that mankind has accumulated by the beginning of scientific and technological progress and in its process, require from a scientist not only skin ingenuity and agility, but also an anal desire to accumulate knowledge.

In this regard, the Soviet Union was no exception, and scientists in their mass were represented by people with these two lower vectors, regardless of the "top". Naturally, this majority was divided into two parts with different support vectors. Scientists-innovators based on the skin vector set applied tasks and created scientific developments for their implementation, while anal professors systematized these very developments and passed them on to the next generations.

Dark past

With the collapse of the USSR, the former, socialist, state administration also disappeared, a single goal was lost, everyone stood for himself. Many enterprises could not play by the rules of the "wild market" and simply went bankrupt, or even disappeared from the list of enterprises in the country.

Those that survived and managed to adapt to the new landscape conditions were forced to submit to the new conditions. They were faced with completely different goals and objectives: to sell as many products as possible, find new sales markets, and maximize profits. The quality of products (in accordance with GOSTs) and its availability for people have ceased to be priority values ​​and faded into the background. In this regard, the industry's need for a scientific base has weakened, and in some cases has completely disappeared.

Science has found itself in approximately the same situation, if not in a more complicated one. The purpose of conducting scientific research was lost, their results were of no use to anyone. Not very successful skin innovators instantly retrained into "businessmen". Due to the lack of implementation in post-Soviet Russia for a developed person with a skin vector, a brain drain began: many specialists had no choice but to go abroad. And this is understandable: doing business for your own benefit is still too small, does not bring satisfaction after you have worked for the good of an entire superpower.

nayki tehnika2
nayki tehnika2

And professors with an anal vector had no choice but to endure and complain about perestroika, where to flee from their homes? For many of them, it was a blow, often fatal. Those who survived had to continue their usual activities, but under different conditions, with different tasks and goals. Without a skin grip it is quite difficult for such a person to work in market conditions - conditions of skin competition. Science has become in itself, science for the sake of science. If it were not for state funding of this area, by today, science in Russia, most likely, would not have existed. So the links between science and industry were lost.

This situation could not last long, the low quality of domestic products, the inadequacy of modern requirements, as well as the bulk of the more competitive imported goods pouring into the country, dealt a second blow to the domestic industry. The issue of quality and accessibility again became relevant, but the links with science had already been broken, science by this point had already ceased to have an applied character.

The present

At this stage, the construction of new links between science and industry began. But science is no longer the same, many scientists of the old school are still engaged in the directions that were chosen by them 20 years ago, and in no way can they admit to themselves that this is no longer needed by anyone, that the direction is morally outdated. Being in the care of the state, they can afford it only by inventing once again the relevance and novelty of their research. The desire for conservatism does not allow people with an anal vector to switch to what is really necessary and applied.

We can state that the main internal problem of the scientific sphere today is the absence of developed representatives of the skin vector in it. Scientists with an anal vector, as once in a primitive cave, sit in mutual responsibility in their places and hold on to each other, forming a stone wall that protects the scientific sphere from the outside world, from the rapid development of all other spheres of human life. And archetypal skin aggravates the situation even more, plundering those developments that already exist.

The system of values ​​that has formed in modern Russia educates a person with a skin vector, at best, a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and not a professional designer and engineer. A skin sound engineer is able to become a genius scientist, due to the sound desire to understand how this world works, but in order to realize his discoveries, to bring them to life, to develop and advance this direction, simple technologists and engineers with a skin vector are required. And our country, alas, is deprived of the latter, primarily due to the underdevelopment and archetypal nature of the skin vector.

There are situations when innovators we know who went into business during perestroika act as intermediaries between fundamental science and investors willing to invest a lot of money in research. At the same time, however, it is clear that the investor does not need to study the "spherical model in a vacuum", he is interested in a specific applied result in a specific area.

nayki tehnika3
nayki tehnika3

It is very rare to find a new generation of skin researchers. Such people understand what they are doing, understand the purpose of their work - to minimize the cost of a product or service, strive to achieve a qualitatively new level of performance and productivity, that is, to innovate. But this is an exception to the rule.

Is there a way out of the situation in which Russian science and technology finds itself today? As always, we thoughtlessly look at the developed skin West and try to apply their development models to ourselves. Putting great hopes on innovative activities, on the possibility of developing our own technologies, we invest huge amounts of money in these areas, completely not realizing that in Russia there is no foundation for the developed properties of the skin vector, on which it is possible to implement these areas.

What to do? The answer is simple. Science as such is impossible without a developed cutaneous measure. It is possible to develop, bring the skin vector to the level of realization in a group only with the help of a conscious change in the value system of the whole society. Realization outside, for the good of the flock, should become respected, status, rank, and realization inside, for the sake of itself, on the contrary, should cause social shame and a feeling of one's baseness.

How can we change our value system in today's environment? The ideas of a bright communist future will not work today, and this is useless, people want to clearly feel what they are going to. This is possible only through the awareness of oneself and others on the differences of the psyche, properties, natural roles in society. This becomes the only tool that can give an inner impetus to the necessary changes.

To be continued…

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