Why Does Everyone Love The New Year, But I Don't?

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Why Does Everyone Love The New Year, But I Don't?
Why Does Everyone Love The New Year, But I Don't?
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Why does everyone love the New Year, but I don't?

Why on this day it is imperative to celebrate it somehow, to make wishes? What does it give and to whom? And it is still completely incomprehensible why the highest degree of joy for people is the opportunity to gorge themselves to capacity, to drink until they pass out …

Outside the window is December, which means that every day the New Year's tinsel increases exponentially, and sadness and emptiness grow in the soul at the same speed. Indifference to the New Year turns into a clear dislike for it and comes to a brain-tearing hatred for everything connected with this day and for those who invented it. Why do most people love this day, wait for it, prepare carefully? What motivates people when they spend so much time, effort and money to prepare for this "stupid" holiday. Looking at the crowds of people in stores, sweeping away an insane amount of food, alcohol, tinsel, gifts for the New Year, one wants to run away somewhere far away, where no one even knows about the existence of this holiday.

After all, why all this? What to celebrate? The fact that one number in someone invented chronology was replaced by another? Why is it necessary to celebrate this day in a special way, to make wishes? What does it give and to whom? And it is still completely incomprehensible why the highest degree of joy for people is the opportunity to eat up to capacity, get drunk until they pass out, gather in crowds, laugh at silly jokes, watch silly New Year's programs with primitive music? Do they really enjoy it so much that they are ready to prepare so much for the celebration?

And these stupid signs like "how you will celebrate the New Year, you will spend it", observance of idiotic rules about the composition of the menu or the color of clothes, depending on which year in the zodiac comes, the tradition of drinking champagne (even if you hate it) with a burnt piece of paper on which a cherished wish is written! But even worse are the deafening fireworks and the joyfully screaming drunken crowds of people!

It doesn't matter whether you take part in this or remain an outside observer - every year during the massive New Year's celebrations, a clear thought rises from the depths of your soul into your consciousness that you are not like everyone else, a stranger at this holiday. This thought gives rise to a strong internal contradiction: on the one hand, at such moments you consider all people to be a stupid animal herd, for which an abundance of tasty dishes and other simple entertainments is enough, on the other hand, the awareness of your own difference from others exacerbates the feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

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Revealing the causes of New Year's depression

This attitude to the New Year and to all the festive holidays in general is no coincidence and is quite explicable with the help of the knowledge that we get at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan. Although we all look the same, but our psyche, according to "System-vector psychology", has colossal differences and is divided into 8 types - vectors. The so-called sound vector stands apart among them. Its most important difference from the other seven is that not a single innate desire for the sound vector has the slightest relation to the material world.

A modern person usually has several vectors, but the sound vector is dominant, therefore, even with other vectors, it is he who mainly determines the behavior and thoughts of a person. Sound people often seem strange, out of this world precisely because their nature in relation to this world is like a parallel line - nothing intersects with it. The most important desire for the sound vector is the knowledge of the meaning of life. This can be realized or not, it can be expressed in different ways: some are looking for meanings in exact sciences, languages, others simply deny the existence of the meaning of life and go headlong into gambling addiction or drugs.

The common and most important thing for all people with a sound vector is one thing: even if they are given all the riches of the world, love the size of the Universe, the highest recognition and glory - this is not enough for them, one might say, for them it is simply nothing. Since only sound people always feel the illusion of our world and the finiteness of life in this body. Of course, from early childhood they feel how different from other people.

Lifetime moments like holidays highlight the irresistible contrast between people with a sound vector and the rest of the people. While everyone else is happily preparing for the holiday, sound people are more and more immersed in themselves, they are increasingly tormented by questions about the meaning of life. At the same time, since we live in a society where there are generally accepted traditions and norms, it is at the same time difficult for sound specialists how to adapt to others and pretend that they enjoy what they absolutely do not care about, and to be constantly misunderstood, black sheep strange in the eyes of others.

If you learn to think systematically, then, of course, this does not mean that you will love the New Year. But you will receive so much happiness and pleasure from communicating with people whom you will begin to understand, from incredible meanings and understandings and answers to all your questions, that your every day will be filled with the feeling of a holiday. You can learn more at the free online lectures of the training “System-vector psychology” by Yuri Burlan.

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