Yo-mine, Or Why Do They Swear?

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Yo-mine, Or Why Do They Swear?
Yo-mine, Or Why Do They Swear?

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Yo-mine, or Why do they swear?

Why is mate bad? Today, in order to “be in trend,” popular singers, rappers, speakers of all stripes, and even personal growth coaches use obscenities. Why do we swear? Not for self-interest, but only for a bunch of words or giving the necessary weight to your sayings …

“Yo-mine! Well this is … (obscene language)”- rushes from the speakers of phones, from TV screens and from the Internet. Today, in order to “be in trend,” popular singers, rappers, speakers of all stripes, and even personal growth coaches use obscenities. And we, quite normal and cultured people, sometimes insert a strong word into our speech. Why do we swear? Not for self-interest, but only for a bunch of words or giving the necessary weight to your sayings.

At least we think so.

Why is mate bad?

Consider the following points in this article:

  1. Mat is about intimate.
  2. Mat - as a release of internal tension.
  3. Why do we need restrictions.

And now for more details.

Why is mate prohibited?

Any obscene word is about sexual. About the act of intercourse that occurs between a man and a woman. This act is strictly intimate, and no one else is allowed into it (in this we differ from animals), therefore obscene words are not intended for widespread use.

A man is ready to do anything to get a woman. The psyche of a man can generally be described with the words: "I want a woman." Restrictions, taboos form in a man not just “I want a woman”, but “I want THIS woman”. This is what makes the act of intercourse intimate and desirable for both. When intimacy is violated, pleasure leaves sex, great pleasure from love for each other leaves. There remains only a purely physiological animal mating, we become sexually impoverished.

If we use foul language - we violate the natural modesty that protects the monogamy of relationships - then we devalue sexuality. Losing shame where it should be naturally, we find shame where it should not be. With external looseness, we lose the ability to trust each other. A woman wants sex less and less, she squeezes more, cannot relax. Needless to say, this is a tragedy for any pairing relationship, where people can potentially receive tremendous physical and psychological pleasure from the act of intimacy?

Why do people swear?

All people have one common desire - we all want to be happy. Be it a well-educated successful programmer or manager, or an unsuccessfully raised guy from a disadvantaged area, who was beaten by his father all his childhood, and his mother was an alcoholic. We all want happiness, and when we don't get it, dissatisfaction with life accumulates in us - in other words, frustrations.

And here there are two ways: either I “want” and diligently do something to get it, or I “want” but cannot do something to get it - for reasons, for example, childhood psychotraumas, false attitudes or social psychopathologies. Then a person accumulates a lot of dissatisfaction within himself, because he wants and does not receive. He experiences intense tension, suffering and seeks to quickly remove this burden of negativity from himself.

Why do people swear? Because a person throws out the accumulated frustrations out - in the form of insults, hostility and aggressive behavior. The inner shortages of a person are so great that he cannot contain the tension. A person throws out swearing at the people around him, obscenities, which, of course, increases the degree of hostility and aggression in society.

It would seem that this is the solution: he swore, joked, and felt better, the tension subsided. And you don't have to do anything. But the problem of one's own solvency and fulfillment in society, as well as social problems, remain unresolved.

Why you can't use foul language picture
Why you can't use foul language picture

Why do we need restrictions, or What made a man out of a monkey

The system works only in tension. At the training "System-vector psychology" Yuri Burlan shows that a person became a person, developing under conditions of severe restrictions - the law, and then culture. This binary limitation distinguishes us from animals and still serves the same purpose - the preservation of the human species. Otherwise we would have already killed each other for the sake of obtaining earthly benefits for ourselves.

You can't steal money - you need to come up with a way to earn honestly. You cannot compete unfairly - you need to come up with a new business idea or a new product. You cannot get sexual satisfaction at the snap of your fingers - a man needs to take care of a woman and generally represent something to begin with.

Prohibitions create tension that a person needs to give birth to a thought, and therefore to take place in society, because thoughts precede any of our actions. There is no prohibition - the necessary thought is not born, and we are not able to adequately compete and take place in the modern world.

Mat removes cultural prohibitions.

  • Why do we love Comedy Club and other humorous programs so much? Because there, through obscenities and ridicule, the general tension is removed.

They ridiculed corruption - and there is no need to think about how to eradicate it. They ridiculed our domestic nepotism - and there is no need to think about how to make famous directors stop filming their wives, children and grandchildren. They ridiculed patriotism - and you don't have to serve in the army. Detente, psychological relief sets in, and problems accumulate until at some point they sweep us away with an avalanche.

And what about the pair relationship?

Swearing and ridiculing a relationship with a woman devalues ​​sexuality. This means that it also devalues ​​all the feats, all the actions of a man for the sake of a woman - his desire for a career, for earnings, for authority in society. When a man speaks obscenely, he deprives himself of the "fuel" that would help him achieve his own realization in society.

Why do children use foul language?

They have not yet developed their own cultural layer, have not completely “come under the ban”, which is so necessary for a person to realize. The pressure to become is enormous. Therefore, teenagers easily adopt the modern fashion for mat, because it is very difficult to impose restrictions on themselves - it is much easier to relieve stress every time from any problem.

A person becomes a person only by developing under the yoke of law and culture. But it is very difficult to constantly be in tension and find acceptable ways to satisfy your own desires. It is much easier to take off this burden and breathe freely for at least a minute. This opportunity, in quotes, is provided to us by mate.

Today, swearing, a disdainful attitude towards women is broadcast on the Internet, the cult of quick and affordable sex is preached. Why should a man strain and do something to win a woman if it is already available, if intercourse has ceased to be of value? Why endure the oppression of law and culture if you can get everything quickly and without straining?

Do you understand what kind of damage mate bears to teenagers?

Say a word about mate

To summarize, answering the question why swearing should be prohibited and why swearing is bad:

  1. Any introduction of obscenities into society destroys sexuality, deprives us of the pleasure of sex and life in general.
  2. At the level of society, obscenities provoke people to openly express hostility and aggressive behavior. As the ties in a couple are destroyed - in the same way, from the mat, the threads connecting us in society are destroyed. This leads to the disintegration of society.

Having understood these patterns systematically, you can independently answer the question - should I use foul language in society and in pair relationships? Will I get more harm or benefit from this?

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