Family Cinema. "The Matrix Of Time" Is A Must-see Movie With Children

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Family Cinema. "The Matrix Of Time" Is A Must-see Movie With Children
Family Cinema. "The Matrix Of Time" Is A Must-see Movie With Children

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Family cinema. "The Matrix of Time" is a must-see movie with children

Four inseparable friends Samantha, Lindsay, Elodie and Ellie are high school students. They will finish school very soon. What will they remember about this time? But is their life really that good? Let's take a look at what happens to the film's heroine Samantha Kingston and why her life takes on meaning.

The teenager is still our child. But already another … Tries to be independent, rebel, does not obey. Looking for his own way.

How important it is at this moment not to lose touch with him, to help, support, so as not to go astray. What can be done for this? Watch the movie "The Matrix of Time" with him. It is about them - about teenagers, about the difficulties of adolescence, about the meaning of life. It will help you to correctly prioritize, avoid major mistakes in life.

It is more interesting to watch this film through the prism of systemic knowledge provided by Yuri Burlan's training "System-vector psychology". Let's take a look at what happens to the film's heroine Samantha Kingston and why her life takes on meaning.

Party girls, beauties, bad girls

Four inseparable friends Samantha, Lindsay, Elodie and Ellie are high school students. They will finish school very soon. What will they remember about this time? That "kissed the coolest guys and lit up at parties." That the whole school was afraid of their sharp tongues. Reckless, beautiful, spoiled daughters of rich parents.

But is their life really that good?

The day that never ends

Saturday 13 February starts as usual. In the morning, Samantha is awakened by a text message from her boyfriend Rob with congratulations on Valentine's Day. The girl is happy. She is proud that Rob is cool, many girls dry on him, but he chose her. Hurrying to school, she does not greet her parents, scolds her younger sister for “always rummaging through her things”.

At school, on the occasion of the holiday, everyone is presented with roses with valentines. Girls think who will get more. This is a reason to brag about your own success, but also a reason to mock less fortunate classmates.

Movie "Time Matrix" picture
Movie "Time Matrix" picture

Samantha is rude to Kent, the guy who is in love with her. Then, together with her girlfriends, he participates in the persecution of Juliet, an unsociable girl who paints strange pictures.

In the evening, they are expected at a party at Kent's, after which Samantha plans to sleep with Rob for the first time (it's good that not the first person she meets, she still likes Rob). At the party, they drink, dance, kiss with guys. But the general fun is interrupted by Juliet, who comes uninvited and literally pounces on her friends, calling them obscene words. Lindsay shouts in response: "You're a freak, go back to the madhouse, get out …" Juliet runs away.

Four girlfriends, out of sorts, leave Kent's house. The evening is ruined, but not for long. Within a few minutes, returning home, they are having fun fooling around to the music in the car. Suddenly, some kind of obstacle on the road (as it turns out later, it was Juliet who threw herself under the wheels) forces Lindsay to twist the steering wheel abruptly. The car turns over. This is the last thing that Samantha remembers that day.

Such is the day of Samantha, and, probably, her life would have continued, if not for this car accident in which the girl dies. It seems to be dying … In fact, her life is locked in a fantastic loop: every time she wakes up on the same day - February 13, Valentine's Day, in order to live it again and again.

What for? What is the point of repeating the same day? What does a girl need to understand to get out of this hell of a repetitive situation?

If life had a rehearsal

“Perhaps tomorrow will come for you. Perhaps you have 1000, 3000, 10000 days ahead of you. But for some of us there is only today, and it is very important to live it right here and now."

We go through life unconsciously, somehow reacting to situations that happen to us. How we were taught or not taught. We do not have the opportunity to write a rough draft of our life so that later we can live it correctly. Samantha gets the opportunity. She was given only one day to live it in different ways and understand which option is correct.

When this happens for the first time, the girl is at a loss: maybe yesterday and her death were just a bad dream? She tensely watches what is happening, expecting the glamor to dissipate, but this does not happen. She tries to resist the course of events already known to her, but the ending is still repeated. When she realizes that every morning will be the same, she begins to try different scenarios for the development of events.

So she didn't go to the party. She did not die in a car accident that evening, but learned that Juliet had committed suicide by throwing herself under a car. She changes her behavior, finally starting to pay attention to the people around her. Here she gently strokes her sister's hand, tells her mother that she is beautiful, smiles at Kent, seeing how worried he is from her glance.

She seems to be doing everything right, but nothing changes. Every time the same day comes, and she again has to make a choice how to live it. Then she decides to do what she wants and say whatever she wants, regardless of other people. She is rude to her parents, quarrels with her friends, throws roses in the trash can, brazenly seduces the teacher, sleeps with a drunk Rob, and then cries bitterly in Kent's room over what she has done.

Family movie "Time Matrix" picture
Family movie "Time Matrix" picture

Another person is the universe

Every day Samantha lives turns out to be an attempt to interact differently with those who surround her in life. She begins to recognize them deeper and deeper. Before, she had not noticed anyone but herself. Now she understands that each person has their own destiny, their own story, which makes her sympathetic.

"If I am destined to live the same day over and over again, then let it be filled with meaning not only for me."

She walks and talks heart to heart with her sister, interested in her problems. Then he spends the day with his family. Once Samantha, having quarreled with her mother, drew a line on the floor with red varnish and said that she never went behind her. She never thought Mom would do it. Now she asks her mother: "Am I a good person?" And the mother replies: “You had a good heart (as a child). It hasn't gone anywhere. Only you have to obey him."

The girl says kind words to all her friends about what she likes about them. She now understands why Lindsay is so cocky and unapproachable: the girl still experiences the trauma associated with the divorce of her parents, but does not show anyone how painful she is. “With us you don't always have to look strong,” she says to her friend and hugs her tightly.

A casual conversation in the toilet with classmate Anna Kartula, another object of her friends' bullying, reveals a different universe for her. She sympathizes with her: “This is a common thing in school. There are those who laugh and those who are laughing at. " She sees that the girl is no worse than her, although she is different. Samantha invites her to change shoes, because Anna obviously liked them.

Samantha breaks off relations with Rob - an empty, narcissistic and boastful boy. And she begins to see all the spiritual beauty and modesty of Kent, who loved her from the third grade. The girl also confesses her love to him.

Her most important conversation is with Juliet, whom she tries to warn that evening from a rash step, from suicide. "I understand you. You don't have to change. You normal. You don't want to die, you want to end the pain. " The first time it fails, Juliet dies. The second time, Samantha, having pushed the girl out from under the wheels, dies herself. This time finally, coming out of the time loop.

“Sam, you saved me,” says Juliet, bending over the deceased. “No, you saved me,” Samantha replies.

What is the sense of life

Samantha was in a difficult teenage age, when not everything went well. There was no contact with the parents. She was not quite rightly influenced by the overly independent Lindsay.

Of course, the price of saving her soul is too high - to perish to understand why you live. "Did you think they would talk about you when you die?" - she asks her friends after her death. A fantastic situation makes her think about it and reconsider her views on life.

The heroine of the film Samantha Kingston picture
The heroine of the film Samantha Kingston picture

“Now I see only the best. I see what I want to remember forever, and what they will remember me for."

It's good that Samantha had the opportunity to understand that the meaning of life lies in other people. Of all the options, choose the most correct one. Make the best choice in your life.

Unfortunately, we do not have such a fantastic opportunity. As well as the opportunity to learn from mistakes all your life. We have only one life and without the right to rehearsal. That is why it is important to understand what exactly gives our life meaning, so that it does not “excruciatingly hurt for the years spent aimlessly”.

As Yuri Burlan says at the training "System-Vector Psychology", only the ability to get along with other people makes us successful and happy in life. Only love, understanding, the benefit that we bring to other people makes our life full of meaning. Only then there is a feeling that life has not been lived in vain.

Realization of this comes at the training, where we learn to understand other people and appreciate the connection with them. And the sooner a person learns about this, the happier his life will be.

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