Review Of The Film "Geographer Drank The Globe". Dolgan Threshold - An Exam For A Geographer Who Drank A Globe

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Review Of The Film "Geographer Drank The Globe". Dolgan Threshold - An Exam For A Geographer Who Drank A Globe
Review Of The Film "Geographer Drank The Globe". Dolgan Threshold - An Exam For A Geographer Who Drank A Globe
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Review of the film "Geographer Drank the Globe"

Modern Russian cinema has been replenished with a new film, which is already ranked on a par with the best cinematic works of the Soviet period - "Autumn Marathon" and "Flights in Dreams and in Reality". However, these comparisons correspond only to one line of the film "The Geographer Drank the Globe on Drink" - the relationship of adults with a hint of "an extra person" - and absolutely do not relate to another topic - today's adolescents.

The geographer drank the globe. Modern Russian cinema has been replenished with a new film, which is already ranked on a par with the best cinematic works of the Soviet period - "Autumn Marathon" and "Flights in Dreams and in Reality". However, these comparisons correspond only to one line of the film "The Geographer Drank the Globe on Drink" - the relationship of adults with a hint of "an extra person" - and absolutely do not relate to another topic - today's adolescents.


This is a screen version of the novel of the same name by Alexei Ivanov, one of the best Russian writers of the last two decades. A. Ivanov is recognized as “the brightest writer who appeared in Russian literature of the XXI century”. The book "The Geographer Drank the Globe on Drink" was written in the mid-90s and reflected the position of the intelligentsia in the process of the intensive collapse of the former USSR, the degradation of society and the split of families.

The film "Geographer Drank the Globe on Drink" tells about the ordeal of a person - educated, well-mannered and absolutely unclaimed in the modern Russian skin formation. In order to somehow survive, he agrees to work as a geography teacher and teaches it to tenth graders without much interest and zeal. General erudition, even with a lack of knowledge of the subject, allows him to stay afloat, to receive a small salary of a school teacher, which does not raise, but, on the contrary, even more drops him in the eyes of his own wife. As if he were actually the geographer who drank the globe on drink, so poor and hopeless.

The script of the film is conceived in such a way that everything that happens is carried over from the 90s to the present day. From this, the picture, reflecting the modern Russian society, acquires additional relevance, acuteness and hopelessness, becoming a confirmation of the fact that over 20 years the state has not solved the problems identified in the novel by Alexei Ivanov. First of all, this concerns a certain stratum of the population, which in Soviet times was attributed to the creative and scientific and technical intelligentsia.

The closure of universities, research institutes, enterprises, factories and plants, even such large ones as the Kamsky ship-repair station, where Sluzhkin worked as a methodologist at the library, led to total unemployment: no factory, no library. The best professional and educated part of the country's population turned out to be thrown into the street and to this day drags a miserable, unworthy existence outside of life.

Metamorphoses on the skin landscape

Having lost their right to bite, that is, to rank and place in the flock, in society, they, like the protagonist of the film "The Geographer Drank the Globe", turned into social inadapters, drunken and degrading men and women. Developed anal-visual people, such as Viktor Sluzhkin, have always been in demand in the Soviet Union, being the golden fund in pedagogy, medicine, science, and culture.


A geopolitical catastrophe on the Soviet landscape overturned the state ship, revealing a rotten bottom through which the most calloused archetypal skins like Budkin, a childhood friend of a geography teacher, penetrated to the surface. Such booths have surfaced everywhere, appointing themselves as managers to the new government, mired in crime and corruption, placing their people in the field with a natural benefit for archetypal leather workers. Receiving appointments to leading positions from people like themselves, but from higher authorities, the booths return to their small homeland as "assistants to deputies and owners of small construction firms."

In the film "The Geographer Drank The Globe", two former classmates, "schoolmates", whose paths went their separate ways from school, are presented. One - in everything inferior to a friend, right down to his own wife, anal-visual Sluzhkin. Another - accustomed to taking everything that lies badly, the archetypal leather worker Budkin. He returned from Moscow to his hometown with the appointment "to the position of assistant to a regional deputy to oversee the local culture."

Victor Sergeevich Sluzhkin is a graduate of the Faculty of Biology of the Ural University. Working as a teacher at the department, he married Nadia, one of his students, they have a daughter, Tata. The anal-visual Sluzhkin reminds Nadia of the past, tries to explain to his wife in conflict with him that he loves her and married her for love. Living in the past, keeping the past in memory - these are the properties of people with an anal vector. Sluzhkin has good memories of the past, he retains his old desires to love and be loved. And at the same time, as a spectator, through himself he perceives the relationship that arose between his wife Nadya and Budkin, becoming, in fact, their pimp.

"I trade my husband for his best friend"

On the part of Nadia, there is no love for either Victor or his friend. Nadya, who has only one definition for her husband who has lost his next job - "an unfortunate loser", disputes the version of their marriage, claiming that she did not marry Sluzhkina out of love, but "by flight." It is clear that skin-visual Nadia is not satisfied with an idealist husband and a loser, who is not suitable for anything and with whose salary as a geography teacher “if you don’t eat, drink or smoke, you can save up for a domestic car in 152 years”.

Car, as an attribute of a good life, is Nadina's secret passion. In fact, its emptiness is much deeper. Driven by lack of money and her unemployed husband to despair, she slips into the archetypal behavior of the skin vector, manifested in pettiness, hiding food from Budkin, pulling off her daughter, scandals with Sluzhkin and frankly discussing with him the newly-made “head of the regional culture” as a candidate for “the husband is NOT a rag ".


To Budkin, the archetypal leatherworker, whom, according to Viktor, “the girls spoiled the money” and who “shook out little things with the boys at school,” and now deservedly calls herself a corrupt official, she also has no love. Nadine's visual vector is not developed, in fact, like all women from the film "The Geographer Drank the Globe". Underdeveloped vision combined with the same skin vector leads to victimization and prostitution. And all the female characters in the film are constantly balancing on this edge.

Skin-visual females go to battle

For a man who has lost his social realization, for a “loser,” smells change, and women, feeling this at a deep animal level, lose their sexual attraction to him. The same thing happens with the geographer Viktor Sergeevich. His wife hasn't let him in for a long time. His wife's friends have already entered the warpath, setting traps for Budkin. At first, each, due to her development and needs, fights for a place next to Budkin, and then, finding herself abandoned by him for the sake of a new passion, in turn invites Sluzhkin to her bed, seeing in him an instrument of revenge against the "vile traitor."

The plot develops in a city where there is no work and "a dozen women for one watchman." From Budkin - "a representative of the legislative branch, who has an apartment, a car, money …" - exudes financial prosperity. Its pheromones are captured and read by women on a subconscious level as a sense of security. Smelling the smell of a wealthy man holding a post in the city hall, skin-visual women revolve around him - Nadya, Sasha, Kira Valerievna.

Budkin, according to the nature of his skin vector, is indeed a "cheater". It needs constant renewal, as sensitive as a barometer, reacting to any vibration of the social landscape. Skin-visual women - Nadya, Sasha, Kira, Vetka … are of no value to him. The skin-visual kindergarten teacher Sasha “loves anyone, even with a bare ass in a hut”, only Budkin “will cease to respect himself with a bare ass”, and he needs a woman “to appreciate life's blessings”. It is for this reason that skin-visual women do not suit the deputy's assistant. His natural choice will certainly fall on the anal-visual woman, but this, as they say, will remain behind the scenes.

Degradation stages of men with anal vector

“The hero is unable to swim against the tide, but is already able to preserve humor, love of life and even some moral principles in an aggressive external environment” - this is how the geographer was described in the media. Sluzhkin is not just “unable to swim against the tide”, he does not even strive to change anything in his life - here the rigidity, passivity of the properties of the anal vector is fully manifested.


Men with an anal vector have a powerful natural libido. The lack of social fulfillment negatively affects their relationship as a couple. Finding themselves in a whirlwind of family vicissitudes, they, losing intimate contact with their woman, plunge into the strongest sexual frustrations that lead them to drinking. It is common knowledge that alcohol affects the same areas of the brain as sex, providing a short-term balance of brain biochemistry. The whole village already knows that Sluzhkin's wife does not sleep with him, and his students openly discuss this in the smoking room.

For an anal man, despite the fact that his sexual desire is enormous, due to his natural monogamy, it is difficult to switch to another woman. This fact is very accurately reflected in the behavior of Viktor Sluzhkin from the film "The Geographer Drank the Globe".

Viktor Sluzhkin - anal-visual. Yuri Burlan at the training "System-Vector Psychology" explains that only the visual vector is a great master of speculation with suicide. The visual geographer also imitates "suicide in the bathtub," in fact, falling asleep in it with red wine spilled into the water, just not to be in bed with the German teacher Kira Valerievna.

Viktor Sergeevich has visual love for his wife. To his best friend Budkin, with whom fishing in the cold, and a shish kebab on the shore, and a half-liter under cream cheese in an empty school classroom, he can give all the dearest to him in an anal way. Even his wife Nagy, he is ready to concede in memory of barefoot childhood, rationalizing in a visual way: "They love each other."

It's good that the best friend is one, otherwise he would pass his wife from hand to hand, like a rolling red banner, which, having passed the circle of honor, will still return to its place, as it actually happened at the end of the film.

And one more thing from the properties of the anal vector: the fear of getting a fiasco in bed with another partner makes Sluzhkin in every possible way avoid intimacy with women, for whom he suddenly becomes the "center of the Universe." Even when his student Masha falls in love with Viktor Sergeevich, as he does with her, both of them are fully aware of the possible relationship.

"I don't see you point-blank and don't respect you"

Of the whole class, only one person enjoys Sluzhkin's respect - Masha Bolshakova. He does not see the rest point-blank. What did the Saint Geographer dreaming of love give to the tenth-graders, almost graduates, for six months of work at school? What experience, what cultural values? Empty chatter about a small homeland that makes his students sick?


What did the teacher teach them and by what right he asks those for whom he himself has ceased to be an authority, a person, and with all the passion of visual snobbery declares: “You are not only not yet personal, but you are not even human yet. You are dough, a dull, evil and smelly human mass without any spiritual filling. You not only do not need geography. You don't need anything at all, except mobile phones, porn and drugs … And your jokes are stupid, because your sense of humor is not developed. A sense of humor needs a culture that you don't have."

Sluzhkin's visual snobbery is good only for ranting: "I can't see you and don't respect you." "Do you respect me?" - a favorite theme of an alcoholic anal guy, and if he is also with eyesight, then you can dream in someone else's kitchen: “I want to live like a saint. That I was not a guarantee of happiness to anyone and no one was a guarantee for me. But at the same time, I would love people and people love me. Perfect love with a capital "L" ".

How did Sluzhkin become a geographer who drank a globe on drink?

It is not surprising that the 10 "A" class hates him and at every opportunity they ridicule and do nasty things. A senior pupil Gradusov, with whom Viktor Sergeevich immediately did not have a “teacher-student” relationship, shouts out: “The geographer drank the globe!” The urethral adolescent was mistaken - there are noticeable gaps in the knowledge of geography: the geographer did not drink the globe, but 1/6 of the land.

Lesson topic: Dolgan threshold

Modern adolescents completely deny the participation of adults in their lives, be they parents or teachers at school. The new generation grows up as egocentrics, living and thinking only of themselves. Any attempts to explain with them run into a wall of indifference, hostility, aggression and ridicule. No pedagogical methods or psychological tests and interviews help here.

The increase in the temperament of the modern generation and the inability to find ways to fill the voids that this temperament forms, to get rid of the suffering arising in connection with this, lead to a complete or partial rejection of the surrounding world and adults in it.

Sluzhkin does not particularly strive to find a common language with the teenagers, to establish contact with the 10 "A" entrusted to him, and only under the pressure of the students agrees to go on a hike along the river. Not feeling the interest and feedback from the students, he himself does not prepare for the topics of the lessons, he simply reads the next paragraph from the geography textbook. In fact, Viktor Sergeevich is immersed in his personal experiences, which he, in the presence of children, or even together with them, tries to extinguish with alcohol.


It is noticeable that the class united by Gradusov does not conflict from the inside, and adolescents express their general hostility to Sluzhkin. Let it still be childish, but this flock is arranged. This is especially evident in the story of the campaign, which wins at cards for his classmates of the Degrees. According to the conditions of the teacher, only a small group of children who have written an "excellent" test in geography are sent to him. Already on the train, Gradusov unexpectedly adjoins them. Having met the geography teacher in the vestibule of the carriage, he asks like a student: "May I?" “A free vestibule in a free country,” Sluzhkin sneers, letting Gradusov know that they are on “neutral territory”.

And in this spattered, broken vestibule, on this piece of rattling and leaving from under the feet of the firmament two generations meet face to face, who do not really welcome each other, to say the least - they hate and despise … Suddenly Gradusov turns to Viktor Sergeyevich with surprising words for a teenager: “… I came to help you … otherwise these are all suckers and bastards … Don't believe me? Then I'll get drunk to spite everyone … "But, unlike the geographer, Gradusov" does not get drunk. " Subconsciously, the urethral person feels his rank as a leader and his responsibility to the pack, and only he will be able to keep it in balance during a difficult trip through the Dolgan threshold.

That small, but still the credit of trust that the teacher received from the children at the very beginning of the trip, he immediately lost, getting drunk "in the trash". Adolescents differ from children in that they begin to take responsibility for themselves - this is a natural feature of adolescence. They deny the interference of adults in their world, but, finding themselves on the river in difficult conditions that threaten life, suddenly, like a child, they felt the need for security and safety. And the only adult among them - the teacher of geography - was not able to give them, during the entire trip he filled his own voids with alcohol.

The guys remove him from the leadership, defiantly making him an outsider. The group planning to conquer the deadly Dolgan threshold will naturally self-organize around their urethral classmate. In accordance with his natural rank of the leader, he takes over the command of the pack and together with it, independently, in the absence of Viktor Sergeevich, passes the most difficult part of their route - the Dolgan Rapid.


On this, the film could be completed, from which it is clear that the new generation, no matter how careless, uncultured and irresponsible it may seem, no matter what abyss separates it from adults, is capable of driving a boat that was almost drowned in the dashing 90s their parents. The crossing of the Dolgan Rapids becomes a fitting symbol of this.

You just need to give yourself a chance to hear this generation behind the roar of the waters of a stormy river, turn to face it and try to understand its psychic, first understanding yourself. This is not difficult to do, because there is already a tool for self-knowledge. This is the training "System-vector psychology".

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