How To Learn To Live In The Moment?

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How To Learn To Live In The Moment?
How To Learn To Live In The Moment?

How to learn to live in the moment?

"Live in the present moment and you will be happy!" is a very popular motto nowadays. For the sake of being in the moment, stopping the running of thoughts, we sit down to meditate, "score" on all matters or leave for permanent residence in Goa, replenishing the ranks of downshifters. It gets tiring when thoughts, like fleas, jump from regrets about the past to an anxious future. Fatigue from the heap of planned tasks accumulates. There is no time to smile at a child, to be in silence, to feel the breath of the spring breeze, in a word, to truly live the moment here and now.

Is there any reason for grief from such a life? Yes, but not all. For whom it is important to live in the moment and why it is not possible to be in it in any way, let's try to figure it out with the help of Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology.

After us - even a flood

System-vector psychology distinguishes eight vectors in the mental of humanity - eight groups of desires and properties for their realization, laid down by nature. Each vector sets a person's own system of values, adds a type of thinking, determines a life scenario. A modern person has 3-5 vectors on average, and such a person is called a polymorph.

Two vectors - anal and urethral - make up the quarter of time, its inner and outer parts. Accordingly, the owner of the anal vector is a person whose thoughts are turned to the past, and the representative of the urethral vector in the present lives in the future. And this is normal, because their preferences are given to them in order to fulfill their purpose: to the anal person - to collect past experience and pass it on to descendants, and to the urethral person - to lead society into the future.

But the owner of the skin vector just aspires to live in the present, not remembering the past, because his memory is "short", and not thinking about the future, because by nature it is not his concern. "After us, even a flood!" is the motto of a person with a skin vector. But it is for him that he is in a state of stress and it is typical to overload himself with many unnecessary things, to fuss and flicker, not having time to enjoy the present moment. And also supercontrol in the skin vector sometimes does not allow its owner to get real pleasure from life.

Why are we in control?

You may have noticed that even those who do not want to do this at all are fussing now. Nothing can be done - these are the times. According to the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, in the yard there is a skin era, characterized by a fast rhythm, constant changes, and standardization. Its sign is also that we rely less and less on the instincts of the body, breaking away from animal states and trying to regulate everything with the mind. These are the desires of the skin vector - to limit everything, calculate, build graphs, create and fulfill prescriptions.

Everything would be fine if our actions were always justified by their necessity for survival. But overcontrol forces us to make excessive movements. For example, in the pursuit of standardization, we have already taken up our own body. We already know exactly how much and when we eat and drink, how much to weigh, and even what our pressure and pulse should be. We are working hard on health, trying to adjust it to the norms that "scientists recommend" (and people with a skin vector - especially zealously), in pursuit of them destroying, ultimately, their own immunity and health.

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Super control is manifested in the desire to foresee everything. The specific role of a person with a skin vector in the ancient human flock was to hunt for mammoths and store food for a rainy day. What if war, cold, hunger? Until now, the role of a getter, creator and custodian of stocks of material values ​​is relevant for the skin person. However, in a state of stress, he begins to do this excessively. He tries to "spread straws" everywhere in advance, to have solutions for all occasions.

It turns out that problems are not solved as they appear, but only to prevent a dangerous future that may not come. Therefore, what is under the nose is often overlooked. Constant fidgeting and bustle take up a lot of time and effort. A person seems to be busy all the time, but he does not receive either pleasure or real results from his activities.

Reluctant sufferers

According to Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology, each vector has its own desires and values. In the cutaneous phase of development, whose values ​​are determined by the cutaneous vector, representatives of other vectors may feel that it is difficult for them to be in the moment, it is impossible to feel the taste of life. Everyone is involved in a constant race for novelty and consumption - attributes of the era. Healthy representatives of the skin vector like it, they "get high" from the realization of their innate desires.

But, for example, a person with an anal vector wants to live in his unhurried rhythm of life, and he is constantly urged on. The representative of the visual vector wants to talk heart to heart, but he does not have time for this. The owner of the sound vector hardly finds opportunities for concentration of thought in this noisy and always in a hurry somewhere. That is, their deepest desires are not realized, so it seems to them that they are not living their own lives, that life is passing by.

And in one person, shortages, a feeling of dissatisfaction with life can accumulate, if he is a polymorph and all these vectors, along with the flickering skin, are in him. What to do? Is it possible to be happy at all in this case?

What does it mean to be in the moment and to be happy?

A person is in the moment when he is completely absorbed in what is happening to him, when he likes what he is doing. In this case, he feels happy. As Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology says, this becomes possible when a person realizes all his desires, which are inherent in him by nature.

You can untie the Gordian knot of contradictions by understanding your inner properties. One can get rid of overcontrol in the skin vector by relieving stress, which often results from insufficient implementation of vector properties.

For example, in the case when a person with a skin vector chooses the wrong profession. By nature, he is mobile, loving changes and everything new, and he chose a sedentary and monotonous job. Having hardly sat out the day at the workplace, he will get pleasure from life with vigorous activity in his free time, making many unnecessary movements - simply because he is stagnant and wants to move.

The direction of the implementation of properties also matters. It's one thing when a person with a skin vector makes all kinds of supplies, saves time and resources only for himself. In this case, the pleasure will be short-term, since the personal volume is always limited, which means that the pleasure from filling oneself is fleeting and always finite.

Another thing is when a skin person applies his properties for the benefit of society - this process never ends, and the pleasure from it is endless. Working as a businessman, economist, manager, lawyer, engineer, inventor (these are all “skin” professions), he not only realizes, but also receives material wealth and success that are so significant for him. Living life in line with his desires, he will always be in the moment, he will always be happy.

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Likewise, representatives of other vectors, knowing about their innate needs, will be able to correctly build priorities in their lives, highlight the main thing and fully realize the potential inherent in them. And then you don't need meditation and escape from the hustle and bustle to live in the moment.

It is often not entirely obvious to a person what he really wants. Sometimes he does not understand what his desire is, and what is imposed from the outside - by relatives, friends, society. The ability to recognize desires, to realize them in the right direction is a great art, which can be learned at the training on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Start knowing yourself with free online lectures. Register here:

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