Linden Relations For A Mink Coat. Married By Convenience

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Linden Relations For A Mink Coat. Married By Convenience
Linden Relations For A Mink Coat. Married By Convenience
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Linden relations for a mink coat. Married by convenience

Perhaps a union in which the partners are not tied by anything other than mutual disposition is more honest? When all financial and property issues have already been agreed upon, a considerable part of the claims disappears by itself …

A mercantile age of consumption, equal rights for men and women, success, independence, everyone strives to preserve their achievements only for themselves, to work exclusively for themselves, trying to ensure their personal future. Isn't that why the marriage contract becomes an initiative not only of men, but also of women?

Someone said that marriages are made in heaven, but their legal conditions are successfully formalized on earth - by mutual agreement and with a description of all the details, up to the number of sexual contacts per week …

Are they so wrong? Perhaps a union in which the partners are not tied by anything other than mutual disposition is more honest? When all financial and property issues have already been agreed, a large part of the claims disappears by itself.


Can a marriage of convenience be successful?

Who establishes such a relationship and what are the real goals?

How effective is cold calculation in matters of the heart?

Why in the West you will not surprise anyone with a marriage contract, but in Russia these are isolated cases?

Let's figure it out with the help of system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.


System-vector psychology makes it possible to trace that property and social superiority is the priorities of people with a certain set of mental properties, with a certain vector, namely, skin. People with a skin vector have logical thinking and adhere to a rational approach in everything. There is no benefit or benefit - there is no point in doing it.

Feeling an innate need to limit, they regulated all spheres of life, both public and private. They prefer to adhere to the laws and regulations in all areas of their lives. This approach is complementary to the psyche of the skin person, so his comfort zone is formed.

Famous marriages of convenience are concluded only if both partners are owners of a skin vector. As a rule, such unions are short-lived and last only during a period of unconditional mutual sexual attraction set by nature. We are talking about an average period of three years, although for skin couples it may be less due to the initially low attraction. Superficial attraction arises, but as soon as the factor of novelty so necessary for the skin libido dries up, the attraction goes away.


A marriage between two dermal people is not natural, and in most cases it is initially based on the principle of "benefit - benefit". And even if it is concluded on the wave of the initial attraction-attraction, then after the cherished period has elapsed, it either disintegrates or continues only because of the mutual benefit of the parties. In this case, each will have lovers on the side.

A real melodrama unfolds when both partners are skin-visual. Examples of such relationships are numerous marriages of famous pop and movie stars. A real feeling flares up, violent love passions flare up with confessions on all television screens of the country.

A happy couple here and there flickers in each other's arms at social events and gives interviews. But … alas, such a relationship is initially doomed. Relationships that are not based on a strong natural attraction (such as anality and skin) fall apart. However, let's not get distracted.



The Western mentality is originally skin-like. From Adam Smith to modern megaholders and corporations, the entire world of consumption grew on the fertile soil of the Western skin mentality and flourished in the skin era that began in the second half of the twentieth century.

We live in an era completely saturated with values ​​of benefit and benefit. Having fun with minimal risk is what the world of consumption demands from marriage. And there is no easier way than concluding a marriage contract.

You won't surprise anyone with a marriage contract in the West. Here it is more of a norm than a whim, especially for people with high incomes and an already existing large fortune, part of which they fear to lose in a divorce.

It is quite another matter in Russia with its steppe urethral mentality, which does not tolerate restrictions. What is perceived in the West as reasonable frugality is considered the most disgusting quality in our country - greed. To leave like a man for our man is to go out the door, leaving everything, and never return.

Any mentally urethral person considers it humiliating to negotiate conditions, conclude contracts, and even more abide by the laws. I love, I want - I will get married! And if I stop wanting, I’ll leave and take nothing!



But as in any other society, owners of the skin vector are also born in Russia. And among them there are many of those who go into a relationship of convenience. The situation is aggravated by the general underdevelopment and archetypal nature of the skin measure in our country.

A major mistake in the upbringing of girls with a skin vector, which, moreover, is becoming more common with high employment of parents, is a monetary reward for any success without developing a sense of discipline, organization and dedication.

A skin girl raised in this way begins to perceive her body as an asset, that is, a good way to make money. And even if she does not dare to open prostitution, then she will easily choose the most profitable partners from a material point of view and change them like gloves, earning in case of divorce.

If the visual vector is added to this, then we are dealing altogether with a “killer” combination of the desirability of a skin-visual woman for all men and her archetypal skin manifestations, when she is ready to “cheat anyone for money”.

Slender, fit, with long legs and a thin waist, she feels confident in high heels, has an excellent sense of rhythm and amazing plasticity, dances great, which she also knows how to use.

Seducing another "daddy", such a woman pursues one goal - to sell herself at a higher price, which she often succeeds in. Having untwisted it to the fullest, the young lady finds any reason to end the relationship, or begins to manipulate her partner, extorting new gifts for the possession of such a prize as her.



Representatives of the weaker sex with an undeveloped cutaneous vector can even build sexual relations in their family on the principle of "benefit - benefit".

Sex is a strictly limited pleasure and is given to the husband exclusively for the benefits provided - money, gifts, shopping, travel, etc.

Seducing such a "wife of easy virtue" with a romantic dinner or a passionate confession, counting on the presence of at least some love feelings for her husband, will not work.

Sexual relationships are her bargaining chip, her value, the currency that she will never give up without any benefit or benefit for herself, her beloved. For her, it would be like a property loss, the loss of property is a great stress in the skin vector.

Such speculation on the feelings and needs of a husband with an anal vector can result in resentment, scandals and even an early heart attack.

A marriage of convenience is in most cases an attempt to deceive nature, and domestic prostitution is a manifestation of an undeveloped skin vector.

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