Malvina At The Pole - From A Girl To A Stupid Doll

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Malvina At The Pole - From A Girl To A Stupid Doll
Malvina At The Pole - From A Girl To A Stupid Doll

Video: Malvina At The Pole - From A Girl To A Stupid Doll

Video: Malvina At The Pole - From A Girl To A Stupid Doll
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Malvina at the pole - from a girl to a stupid doll

Sending girls to model schools is fashionable, prestigious and promising. This is a loophole to that very glamorous and glossy world of wealth and celebration of life!

Somewhere out there, in the world of gloss and glamor, where celebrities and show business stars live, there is a super-fashionable phenomenon: the modeling business. There, models skillfully walk the catwalk, flaunt on the covers of magazines, conclude contracts with international modeling agencies and achieve world fame.

The model is not your elementary school teacher, not a nurse, not a saleswoman. Even Her Majesty's Profession of Actress gave way to the popularity pedestal for her - a long-legged, thin, silent beauty.


What parent does not want his daughter to be happy and good fortune? And most importantly, for the child to please him with his successes, so that he, the parent, has something to be proud of?

Yes, everyone wants it! Therefore, sending girls to model schools is fashionable, prestigious and promising. This is a loophole to that very glamorous and glossy world of wealth and celebration of life!

And we are happy to send our young daughters to the place where they will be taught all the subtleties of the art of walking on the catwalk, plasticity and aesthetics.

And they will make our kid in the model school a TOP model. Such as Natalia Vodianova. The main thing is to send her there early so that she will learn all the modeling art almost with her mother's milk.

Attention! All this is the most monstrous stereotype of our time.

There is no special art of walking on the catwalk! It is impossible to teach plasticity and the ability to pose in front of cameras - these are the innate qualities of girls with a skin-visual ligament of vectors.

But even if the girl is skin-visual … If only her parents knew what a mistake they are making, fixating their daughter's attention on her appearance and her body! If only they understood what mechanisms are triggered! How they hinder the development of her mental properties and intelligence! A stupid doll, a selfish fashionista, a hysterical woman, a dummy, a toy for the rich - that's what this girl will grow up to be.


Attention!!! NATALIA VODYANOVA WILL NOT BE! Paradoxically, your daughter will NEVER be truly successful in modeling if you send her to a modeling school.


Let's start with the fact that visual children have a huge emotional amplitude, which means they have the ability to sharply feel, experience emotions. This explains the changeable emotional state of the skin-visual child. Here our girl laughs and rejoices, and after 10 minutes she cries uncontrollably, falls into hysterics. And often for no apparent reason.

In System-Vector Psychology, this phenomenon is called visual emotional swings.

By contributing to the development of the visual vector in a child, we help him to balance emotions, to guide them. At the same time, we bring up a sensual person, kind, able to love and sympathize. This can be done only by shifting her attention from herself to others - through the ability to compassion.

By sending our daughter to a model school, we contribute to the opposite: our skin-visual beauty focuses on herself. "That's how beautiful YOU are!" "How it suits YOU!" "All attention is for YOU!"

Thus, we gradually create a visual personality with undeveloped mental properties. Instead of giving love and compassion to people, she will demand love and attention for herself (through tantrums, emotional blackmail and defiant behavior). She will swing her emotions not with love and light feelings, but with fear and hysteria.

Born to Tease

The appearance and physique of a skin-visual woman fully corresponds to her archetypal species role: to seduce. In her unconscious - a scenario worked out for thousands of years …

A skin-visual girl can be recognized not only by her doll appearance. She prefers games with boys, with them she is more interested.

At 6 years of age, children experience atavistic puberty. At this age, a skin-visual girl shows her first intimate interest in boys, easily taking off her panties. And from the boy too: “Vasya, you’re wounded,” she says, for example, during a game of war. - Take off your panties, I'll give you an injection.

Exhibitionism affects only people with the optic cutaneous ligament of vectors. The obsessive desire to be naked is a consequence of mental underdevelopment. Children's exhibitionism is a normal stage in the development of the visual skin girl. Over time, if her psychic properties develop, the desire to demonstrate nudity disappears.

Classes in a model school fix the girl's attention on her body and appearance. This can firmly anchor exhibitionism in her life scenario.

In adulthood, exhibitionism can manifest itself in love for erotic photo shoots, scandalous behavior, vulgar dressing, nudism and even participation in pornography.


The underdevelopment of mental properties and the archetypal program can play a more cruel joke - to make our skin-visual beauty a call girl. Yes, not some ordinary prostitute, but a VIP-prostitute. It's no secret that the modeling business in the CIS is associated with the so-called VIP prostitution.

A completely different thing happens if we cultivate visual sensibility, a kind of exhibitionism with the soul, not the body: an open woman who bribes everyone with her sincerity.


A neurosis in the visual vector is the worst thing that can happen to a visual person. This is a complete loss of the ability to experience any emotion.

No matter how successful the life of such a person is, he cannot feel absolutely ANYTHING. Neither a beloved spouse, nor wonderful children, nor complete abundance, nor the beauty of nature, nor creativity - nothing will bring him happiness and a sense of life. Callousness.

Neurosis in the visual vector is an irreversible process. He is not treated with medication or psychoanalysis. That is why the mental properties of the child, their development and subsequent implementation, must be treated very responsibly and carefully.


The modeling environment - that of pretty-looking girls - isn't really all that attractive. Rather, she is hostile. Model relationships are driven by envy and competition. Tripping a colleague when the opportunity arises is an easy way to clear your own career path.

This suggests that the models are mostly girls with undeveloped visual vectors. Instead of sensuality and sensitivity, they have a psychic hole, emptiness. There is no intelligence, beauty of the inner world, kindness and depth. There are only ambitions and demands. A rich husband or at least a lover is the ultimate goal of a beautiful dummy.


But as soon as a developed skin-visual girl gets into this environment, she immediately takes off and becomes a TOP model.

Millions of people are discussing the amazing story of Natalia Vodianova, a girl from a poor family who, in a short line, gained world fame and popularity, solid status and high position in society.

No one can understand - what is the secret of this girl?

What's so special about her? Appearance? No, there are many beautiful models. Moreover, they are all beautiful.

Is her takeoff really a fluke?

No, there are no accidents. Natalia Vodianova's career is natural. We will find the answer when we look into Natalia's childhood and follow the conditions in which the girl developed.

Natasha's childhood was difficult. Her mother was raising three daughters alone, one of whom was disabled. Natalia was the oldest, so she was responsible for the younger sisters. The mother worked, and the eldest daughter took care of her sick helpless sister.

From the age of 11, Natalya had to earn money - selling vegetables, helping her mother earn money to feed her family.

Sincerely compassionate for her sick sister, pitying her mother, worrying not for herself, but for loved ones with all her childish heart, little Natasha managed to develop the mental properties of the visual vector. Her wonderful inner world, kindness, sensuality and sensitivity determined her destiny.

This is the very elusive and inexplicable that seeps out of the unconscious and sparkles in the appearance of the TOP model.

In confirmation of this, we cite the fact that model Natalia Vodianova is enthusiastically engaged in charity work. She is not indifferent to the fate of children.


To help disabled children Vodianova even founded a charitable foundation. “Perhaps this is how I can change their future,” says Natalya. “I raised two sisters, one of whom is disabled. And I know what it is like to have a sick child in our state, and with what suffering it is connected. But I will try to do my best to help not only disabled children, but also homeless and talented kids."

Stars are not created in model schools, but in families, with the right upbringing.

To develop the visual vector in a child, you need to teach him kindness, the ability to compassion and love. To do this, you need to read him tales and stories suitable for this purpose, take him to the theater, turn on films that cause the necessary emotions.

Later, you can do good deeds with your child, helping helpless people who need it - the elderly, the disabled or orphans.

By developing the mental properties of our child, we not only provide him with the best destiny and career, we grow a Good Person and a full-fledged member of society.

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