Pornography. Do You Watch THIS?

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Pornography. Do You Watch THIS?
Pornography. Do You Watch THIS?
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Pornography. Do you watch THIS?

Seeing sex today is even easier than drinking a cup of coffee. You just need to connect to the World Wide Web and google the cherished word. These materials are available to anyone in any quantity, of any quality, for any taste. The Arabs fought. The Chinese fought. We are fighting. What's the point?

Seeing sex today is even easier than drinking a cup of coffee. You don't even have to go to the kitchen and wait for the water in the kettle to boil. You just need to connect to the World Wide Web and google the cherished word.

These materials are available to anyone in any quantity, of any quality, for any taste. From the lightest erotica without showing the genitals to a tough orgy with a certain number of participants.

The Arabs fought. The Chinese fought. We are fighting. What's the point?

Imagine for a moment 1991, when the Internet had just become available to the general public. People connect to read Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace or to discuss Nietzsche's work in the newly created chat room. Music portals are filled with classical music … How far would it have gone in 20 years? How many people would use it? 10 million? 20?

The answer is obvious. The porn industry is the engine of the Internet. It is precisely films with non-childish content that today you can safely erect a monument "For the contribution …". But her influence on our life is not limited to this.

Of course, the world has changed and will never be the same. Both the relationship between men and women and the availability of sexual relations have changed. The consumer society today dictates its terms, not depriving its attention and the sphere of intimacy. Sex today is the same product as any other, and it's not even that you can pay for it.


Pornografiya. What do we exchange sex and pleasure for

Sex has become consumerist even in perfectly normal relationships. After all, we all want to get more pleasure, more satisfaction …

Pornography has played an important role in these changes. She imposes her sexual stereotypes, changes sexual behavior in society. Sex loses intimacy, ceases to be something only for two. A person does not create an emotional connection with his sexual partner, because he simply does not need it. That is, he seems to believe that there is no need for it, although in fact it is not.

As anyone who has ever watched porn, wanted to see something new, exciting for himself, so with each new partner, a person wants to feel some unforgettable new emotions for him, to get a stronger pleasure. And he doesn't. As a consequence, enormous sexual frustration is growing in society. That is, sex as it were, there is an orgasm, but there is no satisfaction. And all because we are looking for it where it cannot be.

The worldwide turnover of porn products today stands at $ 97 billion a year, and in countries such as Hungary, the porn industry accounts for a large portion of the national GDP.

Porn actors and actresses also become famous, then appear in commercials, they are invited to talk shows. Like actors in any other genre, they are always skin-visual men and women. Certainly not developed in skin and vision.

These are always skin girls and boys, beaten in childhood, who perceive their body as an asset, are ready to "give" for a piece of bread. Spectators, in principle, like to draw attention to themselves, and if they cannot do it with taste, then they amaze with their complete bad taste. The skin-visual porn actor not only feels the need to be looked at, but also enjoys it.

The first consumers of pornography today are men with an anal vector. They suffer the most from it, although they do not fully realize its influence.

Anal persons by nature have a strong undifferentiated libido, moreover, monogamous. The novelty factor is stressful for them, changing a partner is painful. Partners, as is often the case, leave over time, so anal sex may have problems building new relationships.

If only for this reason, they are the best and most faithful husbands, they will never look at another woman. But there is also another side of the coin. Slow by nature, they often cannot find the right approach to girls and, as a result, have no real sexual experience.

They find a way out in masturbation by watching videos of a certain nature. In this case, pornography has a destructive effect and further increases the fears of the anal man: firstly, looking at the ostentatious "equipment" of the actors, he begins to doubt the effectiveness of his size, and secondly, he begins to fear even more the failure of the first time, and, in Thirdly, he is afraid that he will not be able to do as it is done in the cinema. The result is obvious: the anal person watches porn even more and more and more closes in on his own "contrived" complexes.


Big lovers of watching pornography and people with visual vector. Depending on the state, they can be both exhibitionists and voyeurs and receive pleasure ─ both emotional and physical ─ from the contemplation of someone else's sexual intercourse even without masturbation. Undoubtedly, pornography today has become an inseparable part of public life; it is difficult to imagine the modern world without it. Still, pornography is a substitute. Somewhere it acts as the salvation of a drowning man: the unrealized power of libido can be as unbearably painful as it is dangerous. But it is always a substitution of real relationships, real experiences.

The reasons for the consumption of pornographic products are different, they are touched upon here only in passing, they often lie on the verge of frustration and great internal pain from dissatisfaction.

The seeming filling gives the release of orgasm for a moment, yet the subsequent time, latently or clearly, gnaws at the thought of the impossibility of creating a real relationship, someone to really cherish and love, to be needed and loved. Sometimes people don't even realize it. But this does not cancel their ever-growing internal conflict, because sexual desire is much deeper and more voluminous than mechanical actions.

To understand your inner experiences, to create a truly satisfying relationship, to reveal in them all the possibilities of deep mutual pleasure, you need, first of all, to understand yourself and be able to understand your partner's desires. At the training of Yuri Burlan it became possible for everyone who wants to make their dreams come true and live their life brightly.


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