Nymphomaniac Or Nun Of The XXI Century. Sex As A Drug Or Mindless Routine

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Nymphomaniac Or Nun Of The XXI Century. Sex As A Drug Or Mindless Routine
Nymphomaniac Or Nun Of The XXI Century. Sex As A Drug Or Mindless Routine
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Nymphomaniac or nun of the XXI century. Sex as a drug or mindless routine

For her, sex is just an act. There is no secret meaning in it, there is no "unearthly pleasure" in it, but it is like a drug that temporarily knocks out of reality. At that moment she is not, she simply is not, but isn't this the best feeling - to finally get rid of herself?

She ran, ran and gasped in search of something unknown, mysterious and … suddenly slipping through her fingers at the moment when it seemed that IT was caught. Woke up in bed with some kind of body, it seems, after all, a male. What difference does it make what kind of body is next to her? In her head, dumb questions did not find an answer, and the dignity between the legs of another nighttime companion made it possible to forget for a moment.

What is the point in all this, when she simply does not understand what she is doing specifically here at this particular moment in time? Is it important who the crazy roulette of accidents brought her to, if it allows her to escape into nothingness, resulting from the friction of human bodies against each other?

Sex is just action. There is no secret meaning in it, there is no "unearthly pleasure" in it, but it is like a drug that temporarily knocks out of reality. At that moment she is not, she simply is not, but isn't this the best feeling - to finally get rid of herself?

And at this time, somewhere on the planet, a girl similar to her lives, but any sexual pleasures are alien to her. Her whole world is in herself, and she doesn't want to let anyone into it. It is even more difficult to expose the soul than to expose the body, but in the bodily there is no point. There is no sense in her as a person … or at least she thinks so.

What does she care about your animal hobbies? On the Internet, you can find such porn that it will not be possible to realize it with all the desire. Leave your animal with you, and she will calmly drink tea and watch the next intellectual film or read an article about the new star discovered by astronomers.

She is a "nun" of the XXI century, for whom the motto "Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll" departs to the tenth plane, when you can just hide with a blanket and immerse yourself in thoughts, an obsessive circle of your thoughts. No material enjoyment can relieve the pain in the soul and the oppressive leprosy of consciousness. No man can understand her the way she does not understand herself. Stop looking for suitors for her, better help her find a way to peace.

External suffering is nothing compared to the internal pain of emptiness and meaninglessness. The desire to find something that is not in this world is much stronger than sexual desires, much stronger than the desire for love. Look back - you live in a world where some of the young people live in their semi-virtual world, lost between browser tabs and online games. In a single network space, they try to hide, find answers to dumb questions, or maybe just forget, as some are forgotten in a drunken or drug intoxication.

Nymphomaniac or nun
Nymphomaniac or nun

Both of our heroines escape from themselves in different ways: one goes into sex, the other hides from the real world into the world of her own thoughts. This is a diagnosis of modern society, its two opposites. Multiple sexual relationships and a complete lack of interest in sex - this is what sexologists of the XXI century note. The reasons for this phenomenon are different.

Why our girls behave this way, let's try to figure it out with the help of Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology. Our heroines have two vectors: skin and sound. The first vector is responsible for libido, the second reflects the prevailing way of perceiving information from the surrounding space.

On the wave of modernity

Holders of the skin vector are naturally endowed with flexibility, both physical and mental. They best adapt to themselves the surrounding space, time, can adapt to any situation in a short period of time, which in the modern world gives them unique advantages. It is in our age of technology, the constant change of events and pictures, such people feel at ease. This is their element, in which no one is able to compete with them, except for the same owners of the skin vector. They compete, strive to bypass their rival, get ahead of him, and prove that they have the right to be leaders.

Restriction and control are their basic qualities. They obey the best, but they are also the best able to manage certain groups of people. This makes them great managers and administrators. Nature created them as earners, always striving to get their well-deserved (and sometimes not) "piece", therefore they are the ones who rotate in business circles, knowing the price of every penny, and perfectly organize the whole process from start to finish. And women in the modern world are no exception. Now they are becoming full-fledged earners, not lagging behind men.

The libido of the owners of the skin vector is the most balanced, which allows them to easily control it. They manage to find a balance in everything so as not to cross the border, which they set. Since it is difficult for such people to sit still, they need a constant change of events and actions, which, if properly implemented, they more than get in society. If leather workers encounter any obstacles to the realization of their abilities and properties for the benefit of society, they may start looking for sexual entertainment, starting with a constant change of positions and ending with an endless change of partners. But if the owner of the skin vector is also endowed with sound, then we get a unique scenario, which will be described below.

Walking towards the stars or falling into the abyss

The sound vector endows its owner with abstract intelligence. The soundman's thoughts are hovering somewhere in distant galaxies, and not on this mortal earth. Everything material is alien to him, as are alien and "human mundane interests, fixated only on the satisfaction of the desires of his body." The owner of the sound vector is interested in much more sublime matters: he seeks to look beyond the line of the unknown, mysterious and possibly even dangerous. Whether it will be the creation of an atomic bomb or a proof of the Poincaré hypothesis is completely irrelevant. The main thing is that it takes humanity beyond new frontiers that once seemed only horizons of hopes and dreams.


These are people who are always asking questions that to others seem to border on the morbid delirium of psychiatric patients: “Why am I here? Who am I? What is the meaning of all that is happening and has not yet happened? " From time immemorial, it was the sound scientists who fought over the solution of these issues, creating religions, composing volumes of philosophical treatises, making scientific breakthroughs and describing the laws of the physical world in mathematical, physical, chemical formulas, trying to reveal the secrets of the human soul through literature, poetry, and music.

These are people of faith, in the broadest sense of the word. They can believe in a higher power, or they can completely deny its existence, bringing denial almost to the level of militant atheism. They can sit for days on end in the laboratory in search of answers to riddles about the origin of man, or bang their heads against the wall, trying to drown out the incessant stream of thoughts in their head.

But if earlier the owners of the sound vector found meaning in music, science, philosophy and religion, now this has become too little for them. They want to know the answer to the question: "Why are we here?", "What's the point?"

The pain of unresolved issues in an era of oversaturation of information hits incredibly hard to the core. As if sharp daggers slowly, one by one, pierce the soul. We have received a great gift - open access to any information from anywhere on the planet, but in the ocean of terabytes of meanings it is too easy to drown and not swim out.

A century ago, for decades, people struggled to obtain information that was hidden from them by distances, borders, enemies and geographical barriers. When they found it, they absorbed it like ambrosia, which contains all the pleasure of being. We are satiated with an abundance of necessary and unnecessary knowledge, we absorb hundreds of times more information than a Renaissance man, but still we cannot find answers to unformulated questions gnawing at us from the inside.

Sex as anesthesia

So the owners of the sound vector, living in our time of changes, are completely lost and cannot fill the void inside. They wash down the pain with alcohol, clog it with intoxicating potions, drown out the music that tears the eardrums. But skin-sound girls, in an attempt to escape from themselves, either hide in four walls, or plunge into an endless sexual marathon. Feeling practically no pleasure from sex, they look for it again and again, just to drown out the stream of thoughts in their head, to relieve the tension from tearing it to pieces of spiritual emptiness.

A balanced skin libido does not need frequent sexual contacts, but in the absence of realization or understanding of her own internal states, a girl may become fixated on sex, as a way to temporarily hide from her thoughts, the pain of sound unfulfilled, which at some point begin to press down. Thus, she does not seek to experience a constant orgasm, but tries to balance her inner state. And since the skin vector requires a constant change of scenery, it easily changes partners. So the sound vector gives the skin a green light to search for anesthetics for mental pain.

In another variant of the development of events, the sound vector can completely drown out the balanced libido of the skin, and the girl completely ceases to be interested in the opposite sex. She does not need courtship, no meeting under the moon, no sexual games - all this will be just tinsel, a beautiful meaningless candy wrapper that she wants to throw into the trash at the first depressive calls.

Nymphomaniac or nun
Nymphomaniac or nun

System-vector psychology helps to understand where the problem lies - in the dissatisfaction of the desires of the sound vector. A girl cannot find answers to the questions that torment her since childhood or adolescence, or she simply does not realize what specifically complicates her life, fetters and does not allow her to feel satisfaction from existence. After all, there is not always a clear formulation of these very questions. Sometimes she is simply covered with severe depressive conditions, the cause of which she does not understand and tries to drown out with available means.

Delight beyond understanding

However, while satisfying the complex aspirations of the sound vector, the skin-sound woman is able not only to abandon the constant and meaningless change of partners, but also to create strong, rich, unimaginable depth of relationship. This connection will be built not only on animal attraction or emotional attachment, but also on a higher level - spiritual. A sound woman is able to create relationships with meanings, weave an amazing thread of mutual understanding with her partner, which will saturate their life not only with spiritual comfort, but also affect their sex life, the sensations in which will be ten times more acute than during routine sex.

But how can we saturate the endless desires of the sound vector, which lie outside the material world? This is where the main difficulty lies for the sound engineer, born of a pure egocentric and hiding from the cruel world inside his skull - a labyrinth of endless thoughts, eternal alienation and loneliness. It seems to him more than others that no one understands him, that he has gone mad along with all the humanity hated by him, refusing to accept him. The soundman hides from society in the hope of understanding himself, in the hope of finding his place - the place of a misunderstood genius.

Passing through myself, I cognize my true "I"

However, the solution to all the problems of a sound engineer lies precisely in the most hated component of his life - in the people around him, in society. Man was not created to live alone, we are a social form of life and are able to consciously become social, to experience a sincere interest in the people around us. It is in these annoying creatures - people - that all the answers are hidden. After all, how can we understand ourselves without understanding others? Without an observer, there is no observed.

Nymphomaniac. Sex is like a drug
Nymphomaniac. Sex is like a drug

When you begin to crawl out of your own little world, the prison of the sole mind and look closely at those around you, identify their desires, their needs, aspirations, and most importantly - understand them, then life in the strangest way begins to acquire completely new, amazing facets that have not been noticed before … The answers lie in us, but not in the depths of our tiny limited consciousness, but in the depths of the consciousness of the whole human species-society.

Each individual sound engineer is not alone in his pain. There are 5% of such questioners. Imagine for a moment how many of these same people are trying to cope with their conditions every day. And what is interesting: only they can penetrate deeply into the secrets of human existence and feel themselves real, and not exhausted from the pain created by imprisonment in their limited little world.

The essence of the human psyche is revealed to the full extent for sound specialists when they are focused not on themselves and their inner world, but on other people. But most importantly, the cherished goal is gradually achieved - the owners of the sound vector through others begin to better understand themselves, and the inner emptiness is gradually receding.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan provides a unique opportunity to penetrate into the psyche of other people and understand themselves, their true desires, for the first time in many years to feel inner comfort and harmony with life, as well as to improve sex life - to find a permanent partner or even just start to be interested to the opposite sex.

At Yuri Burlan's training, you get unique tools for recognizing your environment already at the first introductory online lectures. Want to try it for yourself? Register for a free online training at the link.

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