What Is The Meaning Of Human Life On Earth?

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What Is The Meaning Of Human Life On Earth?
What Is The Meaning Of Human Life On Earth?

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What is the sense of life?

A sense of lack of meaning makes life empty. “Why is this all? Why do I live? " - this thought haunts. Is it really so to live with a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness of life?

I like to reflect on life. Any of my thoughts invariably return to the same question: who am I, what for and what for? What is the sense of life? How many philosophical works have been read, medicine, literature, and art history have been studied. So many searches - and all in vain. There were ideas that fascinated me - some for a couple of days, others - for several years, but the question about the meaning of human life and purpose on earth remained unanswered. He was like a blank wall against which you rest and it is impossible to go further, not to move it, not to go around. This is a question that itches in the soul, like an unhealed wound. A sense of lack of meaning makes life empty. “Why is this all? Why do I live? " - this thought haunts.

Is it really so to live with a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness of life?

Who I am and why I live

Nature is arranged in such a way that any our desire is provided with properties for its realization. We just don't always know where, how to look. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan helps to understand where this persistent question comes from in us, and to come close to the answer what is the meaning of life.

It is easy to see that not everyone thinks about the eternal questions about the meaning of life. Most people are simply not up to it - they do not have such desires.

There are 8 vectors (constituent parts of the psyche) in total, and each of them has its own desires. Seven vectors feel the fullness of life in the realization of their material desires and therefore do not ask questions about the meaning of being. And only the sound vector is endowed with a tremendous power of desire, which goes beyond the material world, goes beyond one human life. A person with a sound vector is not interested in just living like everyone else, it is important for him to know how everything works. He needs to learn the secrets and blind alleys of the human soul, the mysteries of the Universe, the structure of the universe, space, black holes, parallel Universes. He needs to reveal the laws of physics and metaphysics and express the visible and invisible world in the exact rhythm of poetry. It is the sound scientists who become philosophers and poets, because they like so much to talk about lofty matters, which, except for sound people, are of no interest to anyone.

There are few sound specialists, only about 5% of humanity. A craving for solitude and focusing on the most important issues is what distinguishes the sound engineer.

What is the meaning of life photo
What is the meaning of life photo

Only the sound engineer is worried about the problem of the meaning of life - this is his deep inner request, which he does not always understand and pronounce in words, but which leads him through life, forcing him to choose a profession or hobby, which are somehow connected with the laws of the world order and the secrets of the human soul. He is present with an indistinct sense of dissatisfaction with life, a feeling that he was born for something more. And it is he who is able to find this meaning!

The purpose and meaning of human life: eternal search

The internal search for the meaning of life for the sound engineer is ongoing. He is drawn to read philosophical treatises, in them he finds a response and confirmation of his own thoughts. However, very soon he realizes that neither philosophy, nor science, nor esotericism give an answer to the question of what is the meaning of life. The soundman is not satisfied with general phrases like: the meaning of life for every person is in life itself. He is convinced that all these people before him also searched by touch in the dark and made little progress in this matter.

The sound engineer has an abstract intellect, he is a theorist who can build whole philosophical systems, speculative constructions that easily add up in an ideal world, in a vacuum at a temperature of absolute zero, but it is difficult for him to translate his ideas into real life. He talks about what is the meaning of human life, but at the same time it is difficult for him to turn it into a sensory experience. Inside it, there is a feeling of emptiness and the absence of this meaning. And how to feel it - that very meaning, that spark that revives me?

The problem of the meaning of life is revealed in philosophy speculatively. And a person, in fact, with all the fibers of his soul longs not to read about the meaning of life, but to experience this meaning sensually every day, every second. He wants to understand why he came to this world and live according to this “why”.

What is the meaning of human life on earth?

Why is it so difficult for an audio engineer to find meaning? Because he's not looking there. He looks inward. Moreover, the less he sees sense around him, the more he focuses on himself, moves away from the outside world. And this is what aggravates his depressive states, the feeling that "there is no sense."

Man is not born to live alone. Each of us carries properties that are not given in order to use them exclusively for ourselves. They are for development, for our common survival. We are called upon to fulfill our vector tasks. When we do this, we find our meaning, we enjoy life.

What is the meaning of human life on earth picture
What is the meaning of human life on earth picture

Whatever our desires, everyone finds meaning in what is greater than him. A developed person with a skin vector seeks to obtain and save material resources for society, creating, for example, new technologies. For him, this is tantamount to the meaning of life. A person with an anal vector is capable of accumulating and transmitting information to future generations. In high professionalism, in children, he sees the meaning of his life. For a person with a visual vector, the main thing is the sensual side of life: love, beauty, emotions. Such people create and develop culture and art.

And what is more for a sound engineer than his separate self, on which he is so focused? What can he give people that no one else can do for him? - Disclosure of the psyche. - What does it mean?

The powerful intellect of the sound engineer is given to him for mental work, and the desire to get to the bottom of everything - for the knowledge of his I. But how can you know something without having a comparison? We fulfill our sound task, studying, revealing the psyche of other people, how it works, and then - by comparison - we get to know ourselves!

The result of such a focus on what is hidden - on those desires that determine our every movement and life in general, our entire evolution - is the realization of a single psyche. When we become able to realize what drives a person, our perception of reality changes, and this changes everything. How it is, what it is - you can more accurately understand and understand this already at the free online training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

The participants of the training talk about how they managed to get rid of the feeling of emptiness and lack of meaning and how relations with the world and with loved ones developed in a new way:

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