Suicidal Tendencies: How To Recognize Depression And Suicidal Tendencies

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Suicidal Tendencies: How To Recognize Depression And Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies: How To Recognize Depression And Suicidal Tendencies

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Causes of suicide

How to recognize that a person has decided to commit suicide? How to prevent suicide? In order to gain a deeper understanding of this issue, let's figure out how the psyche of people with suicidal tendencies works.

Why, according to statistics, thousands of people a year around the world regard suicide as a way out? What kind of force is this that pushes them to suicide and leads to the decisive step from the windowsill?

How to recognize that a person has decided to commit suicide? How to prevent suicide?

In order to gain a deeper understanding of this issue, let's figure out how the psyche of people with suicidal tendencies works.

Yuri Burlan at the training "System-vector psychology" explains that suicidal tendencies can occur in people with a sound vector. In a state of depression, suicidal thoughts involuntarily come to their heads. Let us consider in more detail the features of such people and the reasons pushing them to suicide.

Bad God

At the age of 13, the prodigy Sergei Reznichenko became famous on the television game "The smartest". Two years later he entered the university. And at the age of 18, the guy jumped out of the window of a student dormitory, leaving a note on the table: "I am God."

Sergey's friends noticed that in recent days he was depressed. The moment when the young man broke the window and stepped down, no one noticed. Perhaps the tragedy could have been prevented, the adolescents said, if they knew what signs in behavior to pay attention to.

Another subtle point. It's very difficult to focus on someone else's depression. The behavior of a person with a sound vector is often regarded by others as unbearable. They call him arrogant, arrogant, hostile. Sound specialists in this state tend to consider themselves God. Such thoughts are peculiar only to them. Often conflicts with such a person escalate over little things. So it seems to his interlocutors.

For a depressed sound engineer, the situation looks different. Any response from others is perceived as the clang of orchestral cymbals overhead during a migraine. Imagine: the pain does not stop - and suddenly there is a deafening ringing over the ear! The head is splitting from another attack.

An unexpected loud sound, laughter, and even words spoken in raised tones throw him off balance. The supersensitive ear of the sound engineer is sensitive to noise. Perception sharpens as the condition worsens. In severe depression, even the rustle of his own hair on the pillow may seem loud to him.

The phrase "How are you?" will make the depressed sound person grimace as if in physical pain. In the eyes of others, these words mean nothing. It is understood that they do not invite to confrontation, which means that there is no reason for irritation. But this phrase pisses off the sound engineer EXACTLY because it does not mean anything special. Its meaninglessness is reminiscent of a heavy, repressed experience that he experiences in the background. What kind of suffering makes him suffer so? The bottom line can be summed up in one sentence: "Life has no meaning."

Suicide reasons picture
Suicide reasons picture

A genius on the sidelines

In depression, the world seems illusory to the sound engineer. A person with this type of psyche is the only one who unconsciously feels the higher power as eternal and desired, but he often avoids people. And the worse the state of the sound vector, the more it is fenced off from others. To form emotional ties with people, he needs special conditions.

The consciousness of a sound person is aimed at finding an answer to the question of why he came to this mortal earth. Here he is surrounded by people who do not share metaphysical interests. They talk about what cars are in fashion now, discuss worthless work, incessantly exchange their impressions of food - and they are happy! He cannot understand why he does not find satisfaction in any kind of everyday joys. Why can't live "like everyone else."

In an attempt to focus on thoughts, he seeks to isolate himself from people. And he falls into a trap: the more social contacts he cuts off, the more bottomless his depression and loneliness become, the more stupid and petty people around him seem to him. Their real intellectual level does not matter.

From constant concentration on yourself, your own thoughts begin to seem brilliant to the sound engineer, the conclusions of other people - insignificant. The egocentrism inherent in the owner of the sound vector often leads to a state in which even a declaration of love can irritate. And the "simple" conversations of others inflate the impression of colossal intellectual isolation from other people.

The smartest but the most unhappy?

The sound engineer really has the most powerful abstract intelligence by nature. With a favorable development, he becomes an unsurpassed scientist, writer, linguist, programmer. In the listed professions, sound specialists are especially talented.

Previously, in these areas, most of them found implementation. In our time, the situation has changed. With each new generation, the psyche evolves, the intellectual abilities of people increase. The innate desire to comprehend oneself and the world around is expressed by modern sound specialists with unprecedented strength. Only they are capable of realizing the meaning of life. This is their desire, and if they succeed, they receive the highest pleasure available to man.

When the craving for the disclosure of the meaning of life is not realized, the sound specialists experience the greatest suffering. They cannot determine the reasons for their aspirations - their desires are often not realized, since they do not belong to the material world. Then suicide is involuntarily presented to the sound engineer as a way out. People with this type of psyche mistakenly believe that suicide will help them get rid of torment, the main source of which is the body and the need to live among people. This is the main reason for suicide for them - not to die, but to get rid of suffering.

Suicidal tendency picture
Suicidal tendency picture

Sometimes from the outside, such a step looks sudden. A couple of hours ago, you discussed with him whether there is a place in life for a miracle, what the human intellect is capable of, or even yesterday's party, and suddenly you find out that he is no longer alive. Depressed sound people leave silently, without attracting too much attention to themselves.

They will not blackmail them by threatening to suicide themselves. Tantrums are not peculiar to them. By nature, the mimicry of the sound engineer creates a false impression of his dryness and callousness. But under the guise of indifference, feelings often rage, but it is difficult for him to express them.

Love me

Unlike sound people, people with visual vectors defiantly communicate their intention to commit suicide, although in reality they need attention. “When I die, you will understand how I suffered from loneliness. Sorry, but it will be too late! " … Such thoughts give rise to self-pity and can greatly emotionally shake the owner of the visual vector.

If the psyche of people with a visual vector is in an unfavorable state, they require attention to themselves. In a developed and realized state, visual people represent the standard of humanism and compassion. For example, the actress Chulpan Khamatova.

Alerting loved ones about suicide for a visual person is a symptom that he is not coping with his emotional state and other ways to draw out sympathy from others have not worked. Unconsciously, such people arrange everything so that "suicide" remains in the status of an attempt, but sometimes they do not have time to save them.

What the unconscious is silent about

No matter what theories sound specialists come up with to justify involuntary suicidal tendencies, you cannot get to God from the back door. "There is nothing there. Having committed suicide, a person loses not only his body, but also his soul. It completely erases its psychic contribution to the collective unconscious:

Any person is able to receive pleasure from life, no matter how unearthly his desires may be. It is possible to understand why each of us was created and why life was given, to understand the structure of the human psyche at the subtlest level at the training "System-vector psychology". This is what the suffering sound vector longs for. Meanings about oneself, about the structure of the universe. They fill an empty vessel, and suicidal thoughts are replaced by fireworks of desires - to learn more, to act, feel, live. Thousands of listeners of Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" were convinced of this.

The knowledge gained during the training also helps to accurately identify the signs of incipient depression in a person and give him real support in difficult times.

Cognition of the collective mental matrix is ​​the best prevention of depression. You can verify this at the next online training on Systemic Vector Psychology. Register here.

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