Lyubitz Syndrome. Who Is To Blame For The Crash Of The A-320

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Lyubitz Syndrome. Who Is To Blame For The Crash Of The A-320
Lyubitz Syndrome. Who Is To Blame For The Crash Of The A-320
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Lyubitz syndrome. Who is to blame for the crash of the A-320

The disease of sound breeds monsters

"One day I will do something that will change the system, and everyone will know my name and remember me." These words were once said to his friend Andreas Lubitz. Perhaps planning my last flight in advance.

What then terrified the whole world, the pilot called "a spectacular gesture that everyone will remember." Today there is not a single sane person for whom the March crash of the Airbus A320 in the Alps would not be cold. The "spectacular gesture" that claimed 150 lives shocked the entire civilized world without exaggeration. People discuss the monstrous plane crash on social networks, on the streets, on talk shows, in kitchens …

A common thread running through these discussions is the thought - if the co-pilot is tired of living, then this is his own business. But who gave him the right to ditch an entire flight ?! Why did he kill so many innocent people? Particularly outrageous is the fact that there were a group of schoolchildren and two babies on board. They didn't have time to live at all!

Alas, this line of thought is not common to everyone. Pity, compassion, philanthropy are far from universal characteristics. There are people who think in completely different categories. And the co-pilot of the deceased Airbus A320, it seems, was one of those.

I want silence

I want silence, silence …

Are your nerves burnt?


In June 2012, a terrible thing happened in the city of Dolgoprudny. A 27-year-old mother threw her children, two little defenseless boys, from the balcony of a high-rise building. She did not kill them in a fit of rage, not in a drunken frenzy. Sober and calm, she went up to the 15th floor of her house with the children and threw them down, one by one. The boy, whom she threw off second, yelled and begged his mother not to do this, but that did not change anything. As I write these lines, everything goes numb inside me with horror and unwillingness to believe that this is a real story. At the first interrogation, the child-killer mother calmly explained that she was tired of the children. She's just tired of them.


This woman is not obsessed with some deep misfortune and hardships of life. She is a carrier of the sound vector in a state of neurosis, which means schizophrenia.

However, even without a state of schizophrenia, the sound engineer is capable of terrible deeds. At the same time, outwardly, it may look quite adequate. Meaning is the main thing in the life of a sound person. Being in a constant search for meaning, conducting an eternal dialogue and searching for answers within themselves, the sound people desperately need silence, which allows them to indulge in self-contemplation and inner reflections.

If the sound vector is underdeveloped and has been suppressed for a long time by the environment, which is not conducive to spiritual searches, then its bearer can turn into a monster. A monster that directs its destructive power against those closest to you, interfering with concentration, forcing you to return from a state of sound detachment to the surrounding reality, full of many small irritants.

If the state of suppressed sound is superimposed on a frustrated anal vector, then a person may be capable of horrible and inhuman acts - from domestic violence and "bloodless" trolling on the Internet to real murder. Remember the case of Dmitry Vinogradov, the “Russian breaker,” who shot seven colleagues in the fall of the same 2012. According to one version, he wanted to take revenge on the girl who refused him. According to the other, he was a follower of the Norwegian terrorist Breivik … On the morning before the massacre, he posted a Manifesto on his VKontakte page, in which he called people “human compost” and “genetic waste”. One way or another, he was driven by resentment and hatred, kindled like a flame in the wind on the basis of the anal vector unsatisfied with life. The "wind" in this case was a sick sound vector,prompting thoughts about the meaninglessness of the existence of human society and the insignificance of any single life …

Andreas Lubitz was certainly a sound engineer. He wanted silence, he wanted to rest from the tormenting host of thoughts, from the echoes of nightmares and was looking for the meaning of his life, unsuccessfully visiting a psychiatrist, neurologist, psychotherapist … If only the anal vector was the basis of his character, he might have shot his beloved, and then I would have put a bullet in my forehead. But in his case, everything turned out to be more complicated.

Herostratus of our days?

"… I wanted to make them hell: to burn everything to hell, but Herostratus stole my matches."

From the song of the group "Crematorium"

Andreas Lubitz was the owner of a skin vector. He carefully watched his health, ran in the morning; loved decoration and comfort. He did not reveal himself in relationships with people. Even those who have known him for many years limit themselves only to the laconic characteristics of "friendly" and "not very sociable." At the same time, everyone notes his dedication - from the age of 14 he went to the flying club and his dreams of the sky were no secret to anyone. He achieved what he dreamed of, becoming a co-pilot flying only 630 hours, of which 100 - on the simulator. (For comparison - in the USA, in order for a pilot to be taken into a pilot train, he needs to fly at least 1,500 hours).

Ambitious, thirsty for fame and recognition, dreaming of being the first among the best, vain and painfully proud - these are very characteristic properties of the skin vector.


Some psychologists posthumously attribute "burnout syndrome" to the pilot. As you know, sincere emotions are produced by the visual vector. And if he was once with Lyubitz, then, apparently, he never developed, suppressed by some kind of emotional trauma, which is indirectly evidenced by his vision problems, as well as nightmares that haunted him at night.

Without hesitation, he put the lives of dozens of people on the altar of his crazy idea. How did it come to him? What solidified his decision? What was the last straw? Why did he choose this particular flight? Or maybe it was a spontaneous decision caused by the fact that a convenient moment turned up? Perhaps someday we will find out the answers to these questions. Until that time, will the world still have to shudder at the news of the new "exploits" of modern herostrates? … Quite likely.

Blind life

The blind live by touch, Touching the world with their hands, Not knowing light and shadow

And feeling stones:

They make walls of stone …

I. Brodsky

The CEO of Germanwings, which owned the crashed plane, Karsten Spohr, told the press regarding the incident: "We select our personnel very carefully, taking into account not only the technical knowledge, but also the psychological state of our employees." After the tragedy that happened in the Alps, the airlines intend to "toughen" the practice of selecting and monitoring the health of pilots. But will it work?

Take the previously mentioned Vinogradov - for four years his behavior did not arouse any suspicion among his management and employees. He successfully passed psychological testing and did not give any reason to suspect himself of inadequacy.

Lubitz was also remembered by everyone exclusively as a "pleasant and benevolent" young man. Well, “thanks” to the skin vector - the desire to achieve what you want endows a person with perseverance, secrecy and rigid self-discipline. All this Lubitz demonstrated in the last minutes of the fatal flight. Hearing his colleague desperately trying to break open the door and watching the inevitable descent of the plane, he did not say a word …

Alas, the sound vector is distinguished by its ability to suppress all others. And there are no guarantees that the next "explosion" of a sick sound will not cover innocent people who want to live and wish no one harm. After all, the sound people who have not been able to cope with their vector, which does not find meaning in the earthly existence, are not maniacs, followed by a bloody train of crimes. These are seemingly quite ordinary people, maybe a little more thoughtful and self-absorbed, inside which the clock of a time bomb is ticking, which modern psychiatrists and neurologists are unable to neutralize.


In the modern world, it is difficult to find a pilot without a sound vector, and at the same time, it is the sound engineer who can be depressive and suicidal. In a world of current scarcity, latent depression and suicidal tendencies are the rule rather than the exception. The soundman is able to commit extended suicide.

After the tragedy in the Alps, journalists "unearthed" several more cases of plane crashes, which are associated with the inappropriate behavior of the pilots, which looks like a suicide in the sky … So, almost every flight can become a risky "Russian roulette" for passengers?

There is only one sure way to move from blind selection to mindful screening of employees in companies where other people's lives depend on them. And this method is called system-vector psychology (SVP). Only by understanding the vector set that underlies the personality of a person, it is possible to make a reliable forecast of his behavior in extreme situations, as well as to determine the loads permissible for him, the preferred field of activity and the area of ​​responsibility. SVP is a sieve that can quite reliably "sort" people according to their psychological professional suitability. In the hands of an experienced specialist, this knowledge is really capable of helping, and saving, and preventing …

… In the meantime, systemic-vector psychology remains only an optional knowledge for those whose task is to select employees, according to their "psychological state", the world is doomed to shudder from tragedies that might not have happened.

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