About The Widow's Complex

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About The Widow's Complex
About The Widow's Complex
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About the widow's complex

He consoles her, she imperceptibly touches his hand, hugs him, kisses begin … Love, death, drama, sex with her best friend … a dead, just buried husband … This night she gets the brightest orgasms in her life … "Widow's scenario "- her favorite script!

“Oh my God, who did you leave me for? Why didn't I die with you? How am I going to live without you now, love? " - a beautiful, sobbing woman in an elegant black dress quickly follows the coffin. There are many people around her: friends of her husband who passed away so early, colleagues at work, relatives, neighbors. All here. Everyone brings condolences to her, but she is inconsolable: "Bury me with him!"

This rather young woman is burying not the first, but the second husband. She knows exactly what napkins to order and what dishes to put on the table, what tablecloths and lamps should be. She chooses her outfit carefully. The lace on the leg peeks out only slightly, the high-heeled shoes look very elegant, the hat with the veil sets off the delicate pallor of her face. She is a skin-visual woman.


In fact, she is not made for marriage, but she often falls in love. Falls in love with everyone - with actors, girlfriends, locksmiths and bosses. Falling in love quickly depletes, which makes her look for emotions elsewhere. And everything repeats again …

Andrey's husband was very caring and attentive. He made good money, brought his salary home, put it on her table. He did everything as she wanted … And she wanted to walk, have fun and so that there were no problems, but only travel, outfits, new people. He rarely and reluctantly let her go, believing that a woman should be at home, cook dinner for her husband, create home comfort and this is her happiness. He himself, like any anal sound specialist, preferred to stay at home.

Increasingly, strange pictures came to her mind about the breaking of the chains of her golden cage. Pictures appeared by themselves, sometimes just because there was nothing to do. Thoughts that “if my husband weren’t there, I would then sell our apartment … and invite that nice guy from a boutique on Nevsky to rush to Barcelona”.


Or that “the new postman did not compliment me in vain. Now, if not for Andrei, then there would be no one in the house. Only me and this letter-bearer … With what lust he looked at me … Of course! I just got out of the shower, and I was wearing a thin robe. I only managed to say: "Careful, young man, I'm not dressed!"

Thoughts spun more and more. In a dream, she saw Andrei being buried, and woke up in a cold sweat, looked at him asleep, tossed and turned, could not sleep. Everyday life with him was monotonous: what can you expect from a person who works at home and spends twelve hours a day at the computer?

Dreams where she cries over his corpse in a beautiful mourning dress, and all their friends are around: Aunt Masha from the second apartment, and her pimply son, and Andrey's boss. A huge crowd gathered to see what this woman was grieving so loudly. The crowd swirls around her, and Andrey's boss, by the way, bought the cheapest wreath! Here is a freak, he could not buy something more decent, and then he saved!

She escorts people to the hall where the commemoration is held. She walks confidently, her black satin bonnet, specially made to order, gleams so beautifully in the sun. “Why did you leave so early, Andrei? We have gone through so much together!..”There are many people around. Everything looks like a theatrical stage, and the whole audience, all relatives, friends, neighbors look with admiration at this touching love drama. She throws herself on the coffin and sobs. She is the main actress.


She unconsciously brings him to a heart attack

Typically, this scenario occurs when a skin-visual woman lives with an unloved anal husband. Behind him like a stone wall, but also a little like a fortress. This can be called a "suffocatingly happy marriage", that is how she feels it.

He says: “What else do you want? You are fooling around, you are mad about fat. " And she needs love, and every time it is different! She needs to go to the savannah, but he won't let her into the savannah.

The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan explains "the psychology of a widow" - why a skin-visual woman is so closely married.

This woman is beyond his rank. The anal wanted her, but did not know that it was so dangerous to conquer and get her. This is a marriage with constant criticism, jealousy. Living with her locked up is a real test for his heart muscle. She will flicker, knock his heart rate: “Oh! Look!”,“Oh! Listen!". She will toss and turn in bed: uh, turned over, uh, turned over again. She jerks and jerks him, fusses, hurries. Cuts off, does not allow him to finish anything. His heart can not stand it, everything ends with a heart attack.

Her husband's funeral is a drama, tragedy, tears, the whole world moves around her. This scene is her highest form of realization at this moment. Liberation! Tears of freedom and inner happiness! Such drama! And all this comes from her subconscious …

When everyone is already drunk and full, she continues to cry inconsolably. The guests leave, leaving only a few of her husband's closest friends. She says: “Leave me alone! Leave me alone! " Everyone disperses. With tears in her eyes, she approaches her deceased husband's best friend Vitaly and quietly whispers in his ear: “Could you stay? I'm afraid to sleep alone without Andrey. I really need support now, the shoulder of a real man … "Vitaly sees off people, explaining that" she cannot be left alone - she will do something with herself. " Everyone leaves.

He consoles her, she imperceptibly touches his hand, hugs him, kisses begin … Love, death, drama, sex with her best friend … a dead, just buried husband …

This night she gets the brightest orgasms in her life … "The Widow's Scenario" is her favorite scenario!

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