Thoughts About The Death Of Her Husband. Black Widow Complex

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Thoughts About The Death Of Her Husband. Black Widow Complex
Thoughts About The Death Of Her Husband. Black Widow Complex
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Thoughts about the death of her husband. Black widow complex

Obsessive unpleasant thoughts are accompanied by the feeling that we know in advance that something bad is about to happen. For example, recurring thoughts that something can happen to your beloved husband and he will die. Moreover, such strange thoughts will be accompanied by a mass of emotions: from fear to anticipation of something intriguing …

There are many topics that not every woman dares to tell her friends. The sensitivity of some of them shocks and paralyzes us, but it is extremely difficult to share such things with anyone. This is especially true of your own inner experiences, thoughts - obsessive and not so.

It is alarming when unpleasant thoughts are spinning in my head. There is a feeling that we know in advance that something bad is about to happen. I would like everything to end as soon as possible, if only not to suffer from the agonizing expectation of trouble.

The problem is that we ourselves do not understand where these or those thoughts, images come from in our head, how they are conditioned.

Take, for example, the recurring thought that something might happen to your beloved husband and he dies. At the same time, such strange thoughts will be accompanied by a mass of emotions: from fear to anticipation of something intriguing … It is clear that any normal woman will drive these thoughts away from herself. But thoughts will not ask whether they can appear in your head or not.

Over time, worries about the fact that something might happen to her spouse become overgrown with details: an accident takes the life of the head of the family … a young woman … I must say, a beauty … and then such a misfortune … now we need to prepare for the funeral … The newly-made widow is heartbroken and … just bewitches with its helplessness …


The picture is already tragic, but even more interesting details emerge in my head: it turns out that our widow is not only good-looking, but also tastefully dressed. The most beautiful, elegant, captivating … Funeral wardrobe, perhaps even makeup is thought out to the smallest detail. Which of the guests will come to the commemoration, what to cook and how the table will be served - not a single detail is left in my thoughts. At the same time, vivid images of the one whose speech will console the sad beauty appear, that she will respond to sympathetic relatives and friends, how she will behave in public. Everyone feels sorry for the poor thing, and there is no one more miserable and at the same time beautiful than our heroine …

Yes, not every woman can boast of such a rich imagination, and some of these revelations will even grab their hearts. How to understand the reason for such "ts" from your own imagination? Why do you need to unwind the situation to such trifles? And where does this strange feeling of incomprehensible pleasure, mixed with anxiety, come from?

Every action is conditioned by thought

Our thoughts, as a rule, follow the same paths, depending on our states, that is, the formed way of thinking practically does not change over time. The same thought-forms, composed of individual mental characteristics and upbringing, guide our life while we are in blissful ignorance. The way a person thinks is the key to a successful or, conversely, unsuccessful life.

The categories with which we think remain invisible to us, but directly manifest themselves in life, being realized in our actions. We kind of write our own life scenario, not realizing that everything that happens is dictated by our own unconscious aspirations - thoughts. Our thoughts depend on how correctly we have developed and are realized in life. The special direction of his thoughts depends on what mental properties a person has.

Daydreaming is the lot of the most impressionable

It's easy to wind yourself up. This is especially easy for people with imaginative thinking. The ability to translate thoughts into colorful images-pictures in your head gives you an amazingly beautiful experience. Though not always pleasant, but emotionally juicy.

System-vector psychology distinguishes people with imaginative thinking as carriers of the visual vector. The mental structure of a person with a visual vector assumes the highest emotional amplitude, which fluctuates between a feeling of fear and love. Feelings, emotions, images - this is the visual world, which has expressed itself in a culture, the peak of which is the limitation of hostility between people.

The owners of the visual vector are in dire need of experiences in order to nourish their enormous emotional amplitude in comparison with others. With poor development or lack of fulfillment, the visual vector is filled by rocking itself in the emotion of fear. Fear is the strongest emotion against which love stands. In bad states, the viewer is afraid for himself, this is expressed by various fears, phobias, belief in otherworldly forces … In a good state, this is fear for other people, manifested by sympathy, empathy, love, expressed by the sacrifice that only these people are capable of.

The visual vector allows a person to believe in little green men, fearing for himself, on the one hand, and to give himself to others without a trace, receiving fulfillment from love, on the other hand.

However, in order to watch such horror stories in your head, it is not enough to have a visual vector. The basis for it in this case will be the skin vector, which gives an amazing combination, defined in the training "System-vector psychology" as a skin-visual woman.


Woman giving birth

The skin vector endows a person with such mental characteristics as flexibility, ambition, the ability to adapt, leadership qualities, the desire to go forward. In combination with the visual vector in the face of a female, we get a special personality. She stands out for the fact that initially her mental structure is different from other women at its core: she has no desire to create and maintain a home, raising children. Family is a priority for all women, except for her, a nulliparous visual beauty.

Physically, each person is arranged in the way it is determined by his internal mental characteristics. For example, if the psychic has the properties to accumulate the experience of previous states, then physically such a person will be very assiduous and calm, with a slow metabolism and the ability to perceive information in a special way.

A woman with a skin-visual ligament of vectors is fundamentally different from other women mentally. And bodily it is expressed in a special way. Shameless beauty, conqueror of men's hearts and a thorn in the heart of married women. A naturally graceful flirting lady who creates emotional connections with everyone. Arousing either submissive delight or envy, flirtatious cotton-eyed girl. Few can resist the onslaught of her seductive pheromones.

With dysfunctional development, we see her in the form of a Barbie doll, calculating in a skin-like way and requiring attention only to herself - in a visual way. At the peak of development, we see sacrificial, full of love, such as Audrey Hepburn, expressing herself by caring for people in need. There will be plenty of fans at her feet in any case.

Skin-visual women are always a role model. They are the creators of culture - the way of human existence for the last 50 thousand years. Through the uplifting of feelings of compassion and empathy, the creation of emotional bonds, she led other people with her into a world of cultural limitation of hostility between people.

To some extent, in the course of human development, she acted on a par with men, having, like them, a species role. When all the women were sitting in the caves and giving birth to children, the dermal-visual went hunting together with the men.

Visual vector is the ability to notice the smallest details in the environment, many shades of colors that are not available to other eyes. The dermal vector confers the ability to physical agility and endurance. It was such a woman who could notice the approaching danger and, frightened (with all her inherent emotional amplitude), warn of the danger with her smell - the pheromones of fear.

This is the most "smelling" of all women, by nature nulliparous, as the body is adapted to life outside a peaceful cave, but seducing with its scent and creating an emotional connection with each partner.

Constraining culture through empathy in a developed visual vector, this is the leader's muse, leading the whole flock along with him. It does not belong to any man - there is no such desire, but it is able to attract almost anyone with its pheromones. Is it possible to imagine such a pretentious woman as an example of an exemplary wife? For this role, nature has created a completely different type of women - real natural mothers and housewives with an anal vector.


Modern skin-visual woman

Today we do not need to hunt and take a skin-visual guard with us, but the properties that have been developed for millennia in the psychic live by us and require their realization.

The most real careerists today are precisely skin women, and with a visual vector, even more so: they do not have a question about family and children. They strive to prove themselves "on the hunt", realizing their innate properties.

However, no one canceled marriages. Of course, today, skin-visual beauties are getting married, learning to farm, raise children. And the desire for realization outside the home does not go anywhere, it is a mental device that cannot be altered by simply forgetting about it.

Not a single person can live a happy life without realizing himself, his properties. When we do not understand what drives us, what desires, we cannot always correctly express ourselves by action. Then various substitutions appear, from which we receive filling with short-term pleasure.

Women with optic cutaneous ligaments of vectors cannot stay at home. This is their nature. If they do not find themselves in a career where they must express their emotions and ambitions, then this is transferred to the house.

It so often happens that they are constantly "sick", demanding attention and care. Then, instead of a career as a talented actress, you get good home concerts. By the way, they actually have the weakest immunity. For a long time, boys with the visual cutaneous ligament of vectors did not survive for this very reason, and then they were replaced by more tenacious visual girls who became daytime guards of the pack.

The roots of emotional squabbles with disturbing thoughts and forebodings lie in the unrealized visual vector.

A real man and a career woman

When such a woman gets married, she can build a relationship with any man. With everyone, the relationship will be built in its own way.

If a man with an anal vector becomes the chosen one, then the family will turn out to be good, especially in the case when the man also has a visual vector. Then it will be a marriage of two intelligent people, most often people of art.

For an anal man, the priority in life is family, children, comfort. This is the keeper of the home. All its properties are aimed at fulfilling its specific role - to preserve the house and pass on the experience to future generations. This is a leisurely man who does not pursue earnings, but prefers a calm, serene atmosphere of home warmth.

Each person looks at other people through the prism of their device. Through himself, the anal man ascribes to his woman properties that she does not have by nature: the desire for home improvement and raising children. With his unresolved psychological problems, such a man can be very aggressive in the family, taking out the accumulated frustrations on close people.


In this case, the beauty, already not particularly adapted to a quiet family life, falls into the grip of a tyrant. This manifests itself in either verbal sadism or physical. Considering that partners are selected in approximately the same psychological states, we see that a woman, as a rule, behaves appropriately. She pays a lot of attention not to everyday life and children, but to her person, inducing beauty, satisfying the lack of emotions by going to restaurants with her friends, which further unbalances her spouse.

Black widow complex - accidents are not accidental

Subconsciously trying to get rid of the pressure of family life, the unfortunate wife uses her innate properties, wanting to find the necessary freedom. Horror stories, such as a clear desire for the death of a spouse, the consciousness does not miss, but a vivid imaginative intellect draws colorful dreams of the death of her husband, where the main character is undoubtedly herself. Instead of realizing love for others, she draws attention to herself by wearing a mask of sorrow.

Subconsciously, work is going on for the result.

So it turns out that the wife "accidentally" constantly jerks her husband for no reason. Flickers in front of him, driving him into stress (and he can't stand the rush!). Unconsciously humiliates, showing his independence from family and husband. Well, what normal man can stand it if his wife is constantly flirting and building emotional ties with the opposite sex? Moreover, and innocently blinking his eyes, explains that "Vasya is just a friend, and nothing else!" Constant theatrical performances of tantrums and scandals with reproaches will bring anyone. Only now an anal man will most likely be brought to a heart attack, and not to a divorce, if he, of course, does not beat her before …

By the way, it is men with the anal vector who have heart problems. Constant stress hits the weak spot, and the monogamy and rigidity of the psyche do not allow him to take a step towards breaking up the relationship.

Thoughts on the death of her husband: a curse or a signal for help?

The black widow complex in the terminology of Systemic Vector Psychology is a life scenario in which a woman with a cutaneous-visual ligament of vectors buries her husbands one after another. At the same time, outwardly, everything looks very decent: beautiful, prominent, young, but unlucky in family life …

"They probably cursed," - many will think, especially the owners of the visual vector. However, having understood the reasons, we see that it was she who "cursed" herself, not realizing herself in the external world.

When a skin-visual woman gets into a marriage relationship, she is often strangled by it. She lacks the freedom she lives, not owned by anyone, but owned by everyone. Lacking the instinct to raise children and the desire to wear a colorful robe, disappearing in the kitchen, she is eager to realize her properties with all her might. Choking relationships with a real, but adamant man and failure in a profession that meets her natural qualities give rise to a complex of special behavior in her.


The subconscious always gives us hints, but when we do not understand what it is for, we get scared, hide from them and let everything go by itself. The strange images of a beautiful funeral are nothing more than a signal that the wrong path of realization has been chosen. Realizing these simple things, you can make your own decisions to build a happy life.

Remember the proverb: sow an action - reap a habit, sow a habit - reap character, sow character - reap destiny. Only today it is already quite clear that before sowing an action, you need to sow the right thought. Consciously it helps to do the training "System-vector psychology". By tracking our fortunes, we become blacksmiths not only of our own happiness.

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