The Film "Golden Hands: The Story Of Benjamin Carson" - What Is The Secret Of Talent

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The Film "Golden Hands: The Story Of Benjamin Carson" - What Is The Secret Of Talent
The Film "Golden Hands: The Story Of Benjamin Carson" - What Is The Secret Of Talent

Video: The Film "Golden Hands: The Story Of Benjamin Carson" - What Is The Secret Of Talent

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Video: Dr Ben Carson's 8 Secrets of Success with Pr Gary Kent 2023, January

The film "Golden Hands: The Story of Benjamin Carson" - what is the secret of talent

This film is about overcoming: yourself, circumstances, fate. We look back at our childhood and regret missed opportunities, sometimes we blame our parents for this. Now we have invaluable knowledge that makes it possible to raise a happy person, which means that the fate of our children is in our hands …

What do you think: what could a black child, born in the 50s of the last century, in a working-class district of Detroit to an illiterate mother, count on? What fate awaited him? More often unenviable: many stepped on a crooked path, becoming drug dealers and bandits, the rest - ordinary workers. Few managed to escape.

The randomness of birth does not give us the ability to choose where, when and to whom to be born. For many, this becomes a completely "legitimate" reason to fold their hands and go with the flow of life, complaining that they were born "without a silver spoon in their mouth."

The autobiographical story of Benjamin Carson, a famous American neurosurgeon, told in the film Golden Hands, dispels the silver spoon theory, proving that success is 99% labor and only 1% talent.

Dr. Carson performed the world's first successful operation to separate conjoined twins at the back of their heads. The uniqueness of this operation is that for the first time it was possible to save the lives of both babies.

- What, have not figured out how to save the lives of both?

- While working on it.

He didn’t dare pick up a scalpel until he found a solution. How can you choose which of the two children will live?

Systems thinking, received at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology", allows you to track the patterns of life, called "fate", with amazing accuracy.


Ben's life was spent in a poor neighborhood in Detroit. His family was a mother and an older brother, his father abandoned them when Ben was still young. Studying was incredibly difficult for the boy, which is why he was constantly subjected to the evil ridicule of his classmates. One day, unable to bear the humiliation, Beni hit one of them.

The mother's call to school was a turning point. After talking with the director, she clearly understands what the future holds for her sons. Being illiterate, she is forced to clean other people's houses and nurse other people's children. This is not the kind of life she wants for her children.

“I know you can,” she says to her son. “You just don't use your mind.

Classmates thought he was stupid and did not hesitate to talk about it in his face. The trouble is, Ben thought of himself that way.

- My brain is too dumb, Mom …

After school, the boy went home and watched TV, not particularly eager to do homework. If Ben didn’t understand something, he simply preferred not to.

Once the boy told his mother that he wanted to become a doctor, to which she replied:

- You can become in this life whoever you want, only to the extent that you begin to work towards achieving the goal.

The vast majority of children are born normal. The baby's brain at birth is a blank slate. Who is writing the script for his life? To answer this question, it is enough to go to the mirror.

Film "Golden Hands: The Story of Benjamin Carson" photo
Film "Golden Hands: The Story of Benjamin Carson" photo

Yes, it is we, the parents, who are the main scriptwriters of a new little life.

We write it by our actions or inaction, words, deeds, which are often caused by our own mental trauma, somewhere ignorance or inability to do the right thing, and somewhere, honestly, just laziness.


Ben's mom's life was not easy: she was very upset when her husband left for another woman. A hard life forced her to throw all her strength into making money. She could not help her sons with their lessons, skillfully hiding from them what she herself cannot read.

She tries not to show her children her despair and fears, keeps them inside, but they periodically declare themselves, pouring out into bad states. At such moments, she thinks about suicide. Once, unable to bear it, she decides to go to a psychiatrist, in a frank conversation with whom she confesses:

“Nobody knows this,” she cries. “I'm so dumb that I can't even read. I'm afraid my boys will end up the same. Nothing will come of them.

A woman goes to the clinic for examination, asking a friend to look after her sons for this time.

She gives them a task - while she is away, they must learn the multiplication table. This caused a real horror among the boys:

- Learn the multiplication table in two weeks ?! It's impossible! You are the most mischievous mom in the world!

“The hard work of the mind has not hurt anyone yet,” they heard in response.

Without realizing it, my mother gets to the point.

Mathematics is physical education for the brain, it promotes the formation of new neural connections, increasing its tortuosity. The brain is trained by concentration, and this work is the most energy-intensive.

Man is by nature lazy, so it takes effort and time to learn to enjoy mental work.

The child is easily involved in anything. Did you know? But since his consciousness is still small, he needs help, to set the correct direction of development. As soon as the child feels the taste of the lesson, he will want more and more.

The problem is that in order to direct a child in the right direction of development, you need to know what mental abilities are given to him from birth.

And here it is very important to be in time, because development is possible only before puberty, that is, up to 14-15 years. Then the child will use what he managed to develop.

The better the child develops his innate abilities, the more accurately he will be able to choose the field of activity that will give maximum realization and satisfaction from life.

Ben and the world of books

It took Benny a lot of work to learn the multiplication table, but what joy and pride the boy experienced when he received his first well-deserved five! And how important at such a moment is the support of the mother, her sincere admiration, her confidence in him.

- I knew you could do it! I knew that you can! she says to her son.

Soon the woman got a job with the professor and was amazed at the number of books - they were filled with huge, from floor to ceiling, shelves, they lay on tables and bedside tables, in a word, wherever possible.

- Have you read all these books? - She asks the professor incredulously.

“Most of them,” he replies.

This episode played a very important role in the boy's life. The woman made the right conclusion.

Film "Golden Hands" photo
Film "Golden Hands" photo

Arriving home, she, as usual, found her sons watching TV. Acting decisively, she turns it off with the words:

- Boys, you watch too much TV!

- Not so many, not more than others!

- I don’t need to talk about others, this world is full of different others. Starting today, you will watch two pre-selected programs per week.

- In Week?! Mom, are you crazy? And what will we do in our free time?

- It's good that you asked. You go to the library and pick up two books, and at the end of the week you will give me a report on what you have read.

- Two books in a week ?! I can not believe it! I won't even read one! We can't live without TV!

- Start now. Why waste time on TV? If you were to spend time developing your God-given talents, it wouldn't take much time and people would see you on TV!

It was useless to resist: this is how Ben and his brother first entered the world of books - the library.

“There’s a whole sea of ​​books here,” marvels at how recently his mother, Ben.

Mom had to act rather harshly to force the boys to read, but remember that she herself was illiterate. A harsh method, but she knew no other. And this also turned out to be the right decision.

Efforts do not pass without leaving a trace, and soon Ben begins to make tremendous academic success, which perplexes everyone - both classmates and teachers.

The boy's circle of interests is slowly but surely expanding. So he found an unusual stone on the road, and he wanted to know about it. He goes to the library and takes a book about stones, and then in the lesson the only one from the whole class correctly answers the teacher's question, which dumbfounds both classmates and the teacher.

The boy's anal vector pushes him to gain knowledge. His natural desire is the accumulation of knowledge, and for this he was given a phenomenal memory.

Letters add up to words - words to meanings, and meanings to images. The more vocabulary, that is, meanings, the better the child will be.


Ben grows up, and when he encounters something unknown, he has a desire to find out. So, for example, easily answering many questions of his favorite game show, he suddenly realizes that he does not understand anything about painting - then Ben goes to an art gallery and begins to study paintings by famous artists.

Another time he discovers that he does not understand classical music at all, and the music of great musicians begins to sound in the house, which will accompany him throughout his life. With her, he will concentrate at moments of thought or carry out the most complex operations.

All these are patterns of development. The more the child knows and learns, the more and more he wants. Because he has already felt this taste - the taste of new knowledge, pleasure from the work of the brain.

Ben's passion for classical music contributed to the good development of his sound vector. And the developed sound vector determined his further destiny.

Ben becomes a student at Yale University, choosing the direction of neurosurgery. He, as a sound person, is fascinated by the work of the brain. This is his innate desire - to know the hidden.

Studying again is not easy for him, but his mother does not leave him even here. She is always ready to support and cheer up her son. When he happily informs her of his enrollment, she says:

- I always said that you can do everything that others can, only you can do it better.

Film "Golden Hands: The Story of Benjamin Carson" - What is the Secret of Talent Photo
Film "Golden Hands: The Story of Benjamin Carson" - What is the Secret of Talent Photo


These words of Ben were decisive - he was accepted. He successfully completed his residency and stayed to work in the clinic, saving the lives of young patients.

He has come a long and difficult path from a poor boy to a world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon - someone who takes responsibility for other people's lives on himself, someone who puts the life of another person above his needs.

Success is a reward for persistent

For several months Benjamin has been looking for a way to save both Siamese twins. Although it may well follow the already beaten path - to save one of the children. He cannot do that, nor can he take the risk and proceed to the operation without finding a solution. Over and over, Ben stubbornly focuses on finding the answer.

“I’m like a tap without water,” Ben complains. “It’s like something is blocking the water.

When a person wants something and understands that only he can do it and there is no one to transfer it to, then he gets it. Because only in this case a person assumes all responsibility, realizing that it depends on him - to be or not to be. Then, on the exhalation of crazy tension, the only correct decision comes.

So it was with Beni's mother, when she was desperately looking for an answer to the question - how to change the lives of her sons? This happened with Benjamin - he found a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation.

And now he is like a conductor, skillfully managing his orchestra of 50 people - that is how many doctors needed for a successful operation, which lasted 22 hours, in which the count sometimes went by seconds.

Benjamin Carson is a professional of the highest level, a talented doctor, a gentle father and a caring husband - would he be like this if not for his mother?

We, parents, always want our children to live a brighter and more interesting life, to make fewer mistakes, to achieve more than we do. We look back at our childhood and regret missed opportunities, sometimes we blame our parents for this. Now we have invaluable knowledge that makes it possible to raise a happy person, which means that the fate of our children is in our hands.

This film is about overcoming: yourself, circumstances, fate. After all, only overcoming resistance can you achieve what you want. This is the main secret of talent.

Film "Golden Hands" secret of talent photo
Film "Golden Hands" secret of talent photo


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