The Right To Bite. Men's Battles For The Gene Pool Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

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The Right To Bite. Men's Battles For The Gene Pool Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
The Right To Bite. Men's Battles For The Gene Pool Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Video: The Right To Bite. Men's Battles For The Gene Pool Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Video: The Right To Bite. Men's Battles For The Gene Pool Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
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The right to bite. Men's battles for the gene pool yesterday, today, tomorrow

The fulfillment of a specific role by each individual individual must be reliably guaranteed, otherwise no one will do anything. In the primitive flock, such a guarantor was the distribution of food in accordance with the right to bite, that is, the right of an individual member of the flock to use a part of the collectively mined mammoth.

We have no right to consume happiness without producing it.

B. Shaw

A hundred thousand years ago, there were several types of humanoid creatures on Earth, anthropologists call them hominins of the kind people. In Europe, powerful Neanderthals lived, in Indonesia - small people Homo floresiensis, in Asia, as it turned out quite recently, another previously unknown species of people, the so-called Denisovans, lived.

And only in Africa lived the ancestors of modern man, who 60,000 years ago began to actively settle all over the planet, dramatically mastering and at the same time complicating the landscape to their advantage and benefit. The rest of the participants in the events lost in the struggle for survival.

pravo npoklevku 1
pravo npoklevku 1

What made it possible for a person, still not entirely rational, to defeat other hominins in the struggle for existence? Comparison of anthropometric characteristics is astonishing: Neanderthals were much more powerful than modern humans and clearly better adapted to harsh European winters than aliens from Africa, and the brain of a Neanderthal could well be larger than the brain of our contemporaries.

Obviously, the reason for our advancement into the future should be sought not in the physical parameters of individual individuals, but in other properties that allowed the primitive flock to become a single organism capable of collectively winning the struggle for survival.

System flock

Much will become clearer if we represent the human flock as a system, that is, "a set of interrelated elements, isolated from the environment and interacting with it as a whole" (F. I. Peregudov, F. P. Tarasenko. Introduction to systems analysis). The interconnection of elements within the "flock" system could be carried out only by assigning to each element a strictly defined function, the implementation of which was the key to maintaining the integrity of the entire system.

It is clear that different properties of elements are required to perform different functions. And if outwardly people were and are approximately the same, it is logical to assume that the differences lie in our mental structure.

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan for the first time reveals the matrix of the human mental through eight vectors or sets of innate properties, corresponding desires and providing their abilities. The vector determines the way of thinking, value system and life scenario of a person. At the primitive school level, this is called the species role.

pravo npoklevku 2
pravo npoklevku 2

Now the psyche of a modern person has become many times more complicated. And nevertheless, each of us, to one degree or another, is a breadwinner or protector, educator or warrior. The human flock has increased to 7 billion individuals, but, as before, while we are alive, we, with varying degrees of success, fulfill our species roles in order to advance into the future of the flock and ourselves as an integral part of it. Isolated from society, a person is considered only on a section table.

Hunger management

The fulfillment of the specific role by each individual individual must be reliably guaranteed, otherwise, you yourself know, no one will do anything. In the primitive flock, such a guarantor was the distribution of food in accordance with the right to bite, that is, the right of an individual member of the flock to use a part of the collectively mined mammoth.

In a strictly hierarchical group of people, which, undoubtedly, was also a primitive flock, the right to bite is always directly dependent on the specific role of the individual. The higher the importance for the pack, the larger and fatter the resulting piece. And vice versa. Up to the complete deprivation of the right to peck from the common carcass.

People treasured the right to bite in a flock and tried their best - each to the best of their physical and mental properties - to fulfill their specific roles, otherwise starvation: the mammoth is a large animal, you can't kill it alone. The right to bite gave human males the opportunity to feed a life friend and offspring.

Deprivation of this right meant not just death by starvation, but also took away the right to possess a woman, which was very shameful, incompatible with life, since the possibility of transferring one's gene pool to the future was excluded.

The right to bite: some steak, some stew

The ranking mechanism in modern society is easier to understand if we consider the systemic hierarchy of the primitive flock. The top of the hierarchy is occupied and, accordingly, the leader (urethral vector) has the first right to bite. He distributes the spoils fairly among the members of his pack. It is interesting that the leader, as the quintessence of the force of recoil, does not eat his first piece, but gives to his fighting friend, the only rank female, and only then eats himself.

pravo npoklevku 3
pravo npoklevku 3

The second most juicy morsel is awarded to the chief's olfactory advisor (peak power of reception). He plays a crucial role in the difficult task of universal ranking - according to merit and honor, and so, he is an invisible person. Then the sound astrologer-ideologist absentmindedly picks at the piece, the oral jester-herald, who chews, does not keep silent with his thick lips.

In accordance with their internal table of ranks, skin commanders feast, horsemen and centurions glance enviously at a piece of the legate, and that is haunted by the dominant chair of the leader on the ground.

Cheerfully draws a muscular army from one cauldron. Decently dismantle the neat, equal, better square pieces of anal lore keepers due to them.

He had no right to bite, but an anal-visual man earned cultural delight. He received the cultural right to bite from the hands of the leader's combat girlfriend, a lover of wondrous stones. All art is created and develops to this day by anal visual artists - jewelers, sculptors, architects and other bohemians.

The anal-visual artist pays to his deliverer, the skin-visual woman, who sometimes sings, with endless adoration, throws millions of scarlet roses at her feet. Well, she likes him - compassionate.

Pheromones of Love by Rank

Speaking about ranking in the primitive flock, it is necessary to say about pheromones. It is through them that the ranking and the exercise of the right to bite occurs, which is controlled by the olfactory advisor. The degree of development of the vectors of each individual - information that is elusive by the ordinary human sense of smell - is easily read by a person with a dominant olfactory vector.

The olfactory advisor senses all the members of the pack and each individually with an unmistakable animal instinct, which is why, in his presence, the performance of their species roles and the corresponding ranking mechanics occur most vividly.

pravo npoklevku 4
pravo npoklevku 4

In addition to ranking pheromones, there are attraction pheromones, according to which a man finds his woman, and a woman finds a man. It is interesting that if a man chooses a woman only by pheromones of attraction, then a woman is forced to take into account the rank of a man in the pack. Let's not condemn her for her prudence.

To fulfill her task on the landscape - to give birth and feed offspring - a woman must be confident in the ability of her man to provide not only good ejaculate, but also feeding the offspring. Thus, the higher the rank of a man, the more significant his right to bite, the more chances he has to please a woman. There is something to fight for, if there is such a desire in the psychic, of course.

Children do it too

It may seem that everything described above is a legend of deep antiquity. Well, what pheromones are now, we wash twice a day, and the noses are not the same for a long time, not animal ones, where can we smell a woman's smell. It's good if the perfume is good from not very distinguishable. Don't jump to conclusions. Take a closer look at how children behave in a team, group, class, and you will see that the ranking in the flock has not been canceled.

Boys are fighting - what do they want? Not just fill each other's faces. They defend their rank, their right to bite in the form of social capital - respect, and possibly the envy of their classmates, they want to attract the attention of girls with their valiant daring.

The quiet boy sits on the sidelines. He doesn't like to fight. But he really loves to study. His task on a cool landscape is to help the lagging Vasya, and Vasya will protect him with muscle strength from the guys from the parallel class for this. They will never touch theirs, otherwise who will help on the test is the right guy, dear.

The desire for ranking is manifested in children in any team, even on the playground. Parents who artificially protect their children from communication with their peers cause irreparable harm to the further development of children. From an early age, a child must understand his place in the children's flock, learn to understand who is next to him and how to interact with them. This is an invaluable experience in adult life, where the rules are the same, only the landscape is more complicated.

pravo npoklevku 5
pravo npoklevku 5

Give a million (C)

In our modern skin consumer society, the distribution of bite rights (ranking) is carried out according to the same principle as 60,000 years ago. Only ranking pheromones do not "smell" now. Yes, this is useless, because even the most developed olfactory nose is not able to smell the pheromones of 7 billion more or less adequately ranked elements of the "humanity" system.

I had to make adjustments to the process of distributing the right to bite: a special tool for ranking and managing this ranking appeared - money. The olfactory measure distributes financial flows in accordance with the right to bite each member of the flock. This process from the unconscious has become very visual. The higher the social status (rank) of a person, the more money he has.

Anticipating possible objections, we recall that we are not talking about a utopian society of general prosperity, but about the modern world of "profit and cash". Justice brought from the fields of socialist realism does not work here. Many anal professionals now feel unjustly offended and deprived in comparison to the ubiquitous leatherworkers, accomplices of olfactory financiers.

But such is the paradigm of a consumer society, which is opposite to our mental urethral-muscular essence. In the strongest muscular urethra, we do not see skin values, we do not accept prohibitions and restrictions, skin people fall into the archetype of acquisitiveness and embezzlement. Offended anal people are frustrated with bablorubophobia, as a result of which their relationship with money is extremely unfavorable. There seems to be no way out. But he is.

pravo npoklevku 6
pravo npoklevku 6

Ranking is an initially unconscious process. Its goal is to survive on the landscape of each member of the pack in the only possible way, that is, through the preservation of all. Realizing this process at the trainings "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, we understand that for the survival of the pack, each of us must make our contribution. The higher the development of personality, the more interesting for the flock the realization of a person, the more significant is his contribution to the common pot, and therefore the higher the right to bite.

The only way to increase your rank in the pack is to realize your natural vector predisposition and develop this predestination to give back to society the fruits of your labor. If, in this case, there is still a desire in the mental to improve one's material condition, the right to bite increases by a very specific amount of money. An interesting trend has been noticed. With adequate self-realization, the more money, the further into the background they recede and the more they become.

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