On The Benefits Of Training, Or The Obvious-incredible

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On The Benefits Of Training, Or The Obvious-incredible
On The Benefits Of Training, Or The Obvious-incredible
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On the benefits of training, or the obvious-incredible

What would you say if there was an opportunity to AVOID unpleasant surprises and ALWAYS know what to expect from life? At first glance, understand any person 100%. Learn his thoughts, desires, even those in which he does not admit to himself.

“Ah-ah-ah, again psychological courses, seminars, lectures,” someone will think, looking at Yuri Burlan's website “System-Vector Psychology”. - What can they tell me new? I am an experienced psychologist! I'm just not a stupid person, with a lot of life experience!"

training "System-vector psychology"
training "System-vector psychology"

However, is the situation described below so rare? A psychologist, coming home, learns from his wife that his daughter is pregnant already at the 10th week, and she is 15. He is in shock. How could this happen? Nothing foreshadowed such a turn of events. Relations with my wife are also so-so, they live out of habit, there is no previous passion and understanding. And his specialization does not help - help in solving family and personal problems, although, judging by the diploma and thesis topic, he knows how to do it. Only life is at odds with theory …

“Anything happens in life,” a wise person will say, “you can't predict everything.” And it is true, life is full of surprises and sometimes it will throw something like that …

What would you say if there was an opportunity to AVOID unpleasant surprises and ALWAYS know what to expect from life? At first glance, understand any person 100%.

Learn his thoughts, desires, even those in which he does not admit to himself. Just a glance, determine who is in front of you: a maniac, a sadist, a sweet person - he will not offend a fly, a creative person, a pedophile, a thief or a potential partner with whom you will be happy.

The training "System-vector psychology" allows parents to learn how to behave with their beloved child so that the scenario "Small children do not let them sleep, big ones do not let them live" will not come true.

Understand your children? "Oh-oh-oh-oh, - you will exclaim now, - I WANT to know IT !!!"

benefit / children
benefit / children

Welcome to three free psychology lectures every month here.

Start your acquaintance with the training "System Vector Psychology" - this is a modern understanding of human nature.

After completing a full course of psychological training, you will acquire knowledge about the psyche, which will help not only to see other people "through and through", but also to get to know yourself - the main character of your life. Our courses in psychology will help you to harmoniously fit into the surrounding reality and see the world around as it really is.

The result of the knowledge gained will be a new thinking, a new perception of what is happening, which will not go anywhere and will radically change your inner state for the better. The veil of depressions, fears and phobias, resentments and rationalizations, behind which our real possibilities are hidden, will scatter like morning fog.

After the training "System-vector psychology", depression is the first to leave in English, without saying goodbye. Attention! Here you should warn about the high probability of euphoria after the first success. This will pass, the terms range from a week to a year, be prepared for changes. But the depression won't come back.

Then, somehow imperceptibly, but quite obviously, fears and phobias disappear. Fear of people and darkness, heights and planes.

Grievances go away a little later, turning our gaze 180 degrees from the past to the future, to a qualitatively new life.

How beautiful this world is, look! You will be able to realize this already now, having passed our psychological training.

parents children
parents children

But that's not all!

Everyone knows such a thing as psychosomatics.

A number of diseases: hypertension, angina pectoris and heart attack, gastritis, colitis and stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma, neurodermatitis, eczema and psoriasis - the list of psychosomatic diseases goes on.

So here:

The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan allows you to get rid of such diseases. Although we do not provide treatment. Recovery in this case is a side effect of awareness and harmonization of psychological states hidden from consciousness. Doctors, having attended our courses in psychology and combining the knowledge gained with traditional medicine, can more accurately determine what is the cause of the disease and whether treatment is generally needed.

Psychological training will help young (and not so) people to find their place in life, to orient themselves correctly in choosing a profession. Someone should understand that they should not follow the spirit of the times or the instructions of their wife and go to the next training for success, wasting time. You will no longer fool yourself with empty rationalizations. Understand, for example, that not everyone can be a leader. You will be able to make your own right choice, and not suffer in the discomfort "in someone else's place."

But that's not all!

After listening to the full course of training in psychology, you will NEVER make mistakes in choosing a life partner. At first glance, you will understand a person's sexual preferences, his views on the relationship between a man and a woman, on family and marriage.

It will become obvious to women if this man is prone to violence.

Or is it a mama's boy: he and mom are one whole, and you will be the third extra.

Men will be interested to know what a “widow's complex” is, what happens to all the husbands of this “fatal” woman.

And you will learn many, many interesting things about yourself, about people and the surrounding reality in general. Put together a mosaic incredible in its volume, depth, simplicity and complexity, of which our world and the person in it consists.

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