Suicide Bombers, Who Are They?

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Suicide Bombers, Who Are They?
Suicide Bombers, Who Are They?
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Suicide bombers, who are they?

Mass terrorist attacks always mean numerous victims, blood, death, fear and grief. Those sitting at the TV do not believe what is happening. Who is doing this and why? These suicide bombers, who are they all crazy? Why do you need to kill innocent people, women, children ?! WHAT drives these people?

Mass terrorist attacks always mean numerous victims, blood, death, fear and grief. The survivors will need long-term work with psychologists to forget this horror. Those sitting at the TV do not believe what is happening. Who is doing this and why? These suicide bombers, who are they all crazy? Why do you need to kill innocent people, women, children ?! WHAT drives these people?

Yuri Burlan at the training "System-vector psychology" tells that all ideas arise in the sound vector. Ideas are not everyday, but always on a large scale, such as anarchism, socialism, communism, Nazism … All this was invented by the sound specialists.

In a sense, the generation of ideas is an indirect way to find the meaning of life, which all people with a sound vector are so concerned about, consciously or unconsciously. Ideas that unite and can captivate the masses. After all, the task of sound is not only to "wake up" itself, but also to "wake up" everyone else.

These ideological ranks include the building of a bright communist society, and space flights, and the creation of an atomic bomb as a weapon of mass destruction, and much more. In sound, even the value of human life is not in the foreground, both ours and others. The main thing for sound engineers is the idea … That is why it turns out that most of the sound ideas brought to life are accompanied by mass deaths. And non-embodied ideas have the same potential.


How many lives the idea of ​​Nazism cost humanity, and how many innocents were killed while building a bright communist future! What is the invention of the atomic bomb worth!

Religious ideas are included in a separate article. Even the recognized religions of the world suffer from sound imperfections. Take the Crusades for example …

And if we talk about sectarian organizations, then their leader is always an undeveloped sound engineer. A person is unhealthy and unhealthy ideas, he creates a sect, declares himself a "messiah."

Who comes to such a sect? Sight and sound are always there, like a matrix and a patrician, and the sect is no exception. Other sound specialists rarely linger here, unless they are completely undeveloped. The bulk of the "parishioners" of the sect are light-hearted spectators.

Roughly the same scenario can be traced in the creation of terrorist groups. Formally, most of them are formed on the basis of religious "disagreements", occasionally nationalist motives are mixed in, in which one can hear statements in the spirit of "blood feud" against the offending people.

But whatever rationalization of their ideas and actions the terrorists may bring, the idea of ​​killing hundreds and thousands of innocent people can only be among unhealthy sound people.

How many peaceful Muslims live around the world who will never create problems or threats to anyone. And only unhealthy sound people unite in extremist groups and attract a lot of other people into their ranks, first of all, spectators who are easily inspired by any idea. Muscular "warriors" are also attracted, for whom it is enough just to show how to reload the rifle and where to shoot … and simply corrupt skinheads tempted by easy money.

An unhealthy sound engineer is able to induce small groups of people (although sometimes large, like Hitler, for example, but this is a special case), this is usually what sects hold on to.

A pure sound engineer is not at all concerned with material values. He is not interested in women, sex, money and social status. Not finding an answer to the unconscious question "What is the meaning of life", he is ready to part with life without regret. Life in the body does not bother him at all. An unhealthy sound engineer, due to his inability to live and enjoy his essence, hates life. Most of all, such people dream that the whole world will finally explode, at the same time taking them into oblivion.

A soundman in a persistent depression, eternally immersed in himself and not wanting to make contact with the outside world, feels unconscious joy from the news that a threat is impending on the world: financial pyramids are collapsing, volcanoes erupt, the government is changing somewhere, a terrible world is approaching virus. All these events evoke in this person an animation incomprehensible to others and even a hidden smile.


And the more victims, the more his revival. Floods, earthquakes, explosions in the subway - everything, of course, is terrible. No, he doesn't want victims, he's not a crazy terrorist! It's just that his subconscious suffers so much that if he himself cannot settle scores with his worthless, as he feels, life, then in any case he would not mind if the whole of humanity fell into tartarars! It disappeared entirely as a species, and with that would have stopped his torment from this life in the body.

Terrorist ideas are the product of a sick, suffering sound vector. Unhealthy sound people induce masses with their idea. These ideas are carried out by the spectators induced by such a sound specialist or his group.

Terrorism is, perhaps, the most terrible scenario that the life of a sound engineer can follow, because it entails the death of many, many people.

Understanding the problem and separating the “healthy” from the “sick” can greatly help in the further fight against terrorism and sects where people are used, humiliated and destroyed.

The knowledge that is given at the training "System-vector psychology" allows us to educate a healthy generation of sound professionals.

Healthy sound ideas move the world forward. In search of the meaning of life, the basic law of the universe, discoveries are made in physics, programming, psychiatry. Divine music, abstract art is created. The world is presented with ideas of new social transformations that can turn the world upside down, giving way to inevitably impending progress, a future where terrorism has no place.

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