Collection Chaos Is A Sign Of Our Time. How To Navigate The Situation?

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Collection Chaos Is A Sign Of Our Time. How To Navigate The Situation?
Collection Chaos Is A Sign Of Our Time. How To Navigate The Situation?
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Collection chaos is a sign of our time. How to navigate the situation?

It is easy to become a victim of the collector persecution in Russia. It is enough that you have an overdue debt to a certain credit institution that will send you a collection service. And then you run the risk of falling under criminal prosecution. Collection agencies in Russia have emerged following the example of Western countries. Let's see how it works for them.

Quite recently, the word "collector", indicating an employee of the Collection Agency, was not part of our everyday vocabulary. And today it is on everyone's lips. Moreover, this word has acquired a negative connotation.

Collection agencies exist to help banks and other credit institutions collect debts from clients. It would seem that a collector is a common profession, such as a lawyer or an accountant. However, a lawyer sounds proudly, an accountant, "my dear accountant", sounds warm, almost like home. And the collector is something devilishly bad.

The reason for this attitude towards collectors is obvious. Life now and then throws us horrific stories of atrocities perpetrated by the collectors. Collectors are known for their threats against defaulters on loans. They often move from threats to action. The range of their actions extends from petty hooliganism in the form of an inscription defaming the debtor at his entrance to damage to his property and severe beatings. The victims of the collectors are not only the debtors themselves, but also innocent children. There was a case when collectors threw a Molotov cocktail into the debtor's apartment. As a result, a small child received multiple burns and almost died.

It is easy to become a victim of the collector persecution in Russia. It is enough that you have an overdue debt to a certain credit institution that will send you a collection service. And then you run the risk of falling under criminal prosecution.

Collection agencies in Russia have emerged following the example of Western countries. Let's see how it works for them. And in order to understand what the differences are, let us call for help from Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology.

Credit system and collection agencies in the West

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan reveals not only the mental nature of a person, describing it through eight vectors - groups of innate desires and properties, but also the difference in mentality of different peoples, which are formed on the basis of the vector properties of the four lower vectors - cutaneous, anal, urethral and muscular.

Western countries are united by a skin mentality. The carrier of the skin mentality, regardless of his individual set of vectors, is guided by the values ​​of the skin vector. The main distinguishing quality of such a person is that he is aware of his personal responsibility for achieving his material and social status. Strictly observes laws and rules established in society. Expects the exact same behavior from others.

Western society is a society of individualists.

The credit system in the West is an effective, well-oiled mechanism that supports the entire Western civilization. From a young age, every citizen strives to become creditworthy as soon as possible. To do this, he needs to get an education and get a permanent, well-paid job. If everything goes well, then by the age of 30-40 he can already afford to buy an apartment and a new car, although he has not yet managed to make money on them. All this becomes possible thanks to loans.

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However, this pleasure comes at a cost. After all, you have to give back with interest. In addition, a person lives in constant stress, which is associated with the fear of not coping with payments.

The work of collectors in the West is strictly regulated by law. Collection agencies are engaged only in calling debtors, politely offering the latter to pay debts. Through the efforts of the collectors, debtors who are late in payments are blacklisted, from which it is very difficult to get out.

All banks have access to this list, and before approving a loan, they always check the reliability of the borrower. Being blacklisted is the worst thing that can happen to you in the West. Therefore, every citizen tries his best to pay the bills on time. And if he does not cope, then the case can reach the bailiffs, who will take away everything that he had.

Thus, a person runs the risk of being thrown to the very bottom of the social ladder, becoming a loser. It is almost impossible to rise again after you have lost the trust of credit institutions. And without this trust in the West, it is impossible to take place as a full-fledged member of society.

It becomes obvious that in Russia, everything is far from the same as in the West. Our person has different aspirations, priorities and values. This invariably affects the lending system and the work of collection services. Now let's see how this system works for us.

Features of national lending

According to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, we Russians are endowed with a urethral-muscular mentality. This means that we are distinguished by urethral prowess and breadth of soul, qualities that are diametrically opposed to the skin values ​​of the Western mentality. We are ashamed to be economical (petty), ashamed to take money from a good person for their work. The urethral component of our mentality gives us a sense of collectivism, the priority of the general over the particular. The muscular part of the mentality endows us with such qualities as a sense of community, a willingness to come to the aid of a neighbor.

As for responsibility, we are able to take responsibility for another, while it is difficult and unusual for us to bear it for ourselves.

We are a collectivist society.

The flip side of the described qualities is expressed in our inability to draw a clear line between the concepts of self and someone else.

When we are offered to take out a loan at crazy interest rates, we consciously understand that it will have to be repaid. And unconsciously, we have the feeling that a helping hand has been extended to us, as is customary in our mentality. We sign some papers, not really reading what is written there in small print (we are not petty). It is customary for us to trust banks. This trust was formed during the Soviet Union, when all banks were only state-owned and there could be no talk of fraud.

So, we ourselves, without noticing it, fall into a debt trap. And many of us regularly pay our debts, while cursing the "bloody crook". After all, everything that was beautifully presented to us turned out to be much more expensive than we thought. Indeed, in Russia there are a lot of unscrupulous credit organizations aimed not at the long-term perspective, but at instant enrichment. This is our all-Russian misfortune.

To become a responsible entrepreneur or banker, you need to have a developed skin vector. In our mentality, it is difficult for a child with a skin vector to develop. Society does not approve of the manifestations of such skin qualities as frugality, prudence and enterprise. Until recently, even a developed skin dermatologist found it difficult to develop for the same reason. But the undeveloped were able to quickly enrich themselves after the collapse of the country in the 90s. They opened banks that, in essence, had nothing to do with banks. In fact, these were fraudulent schemes aimed at "cutting the dough" and "throwing a sucker".

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It is these "banks" that cooperate with semi-legal debt collection agencies. Unfortunately, very often under the guise of such an agency is an essentially bandit formation that accepts into its ranks archetypal, undeveloped owners of the skin or anal vector, suffering from unrealization and frustrations, or even former criminals and potential sadists. And it cannot be otherwise. After all, who wants to voluntarily repay debts when you realize that you have been deceived? And who wants to work as a "knock-out" of debts?

Will the law protect against the collection chaos?

In all the media there is talk that the state must protect us, both from unscrupulous banks and from bandits in the guise of collectors. It is assumed that the adoption of a number of laws will change the situation.

Seemingly correct intentions. But our law does not work the way it does in the West. It is necessary to understand that the law cannot be lowered from above from the State Duma. The law is what people have in their heads. For Westerners, the law is sacred. Whereas for us, Russians, the law is not written. We have an urethral freeman in our heads, which, as Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology shows, puts the principle of mercy and justice above any law.

It so happened historically that the law never gave the Russian person a sense of security. A resident of Western Europe is used to paying taxes and in return receiving protection for his private property. And here, due to climatic conditions, it was not about protecting property, but about physical survival. There has never been a surplus. At an early stage in the development of our state, the princes levied tribute to the inhabitants, that is, they often took the latter. Hence, not only our complete disregard for the law, but also outright hostility to the entire state apparatus.

Therefore, no laws can change anything. Any attempt to build a Western-style society in Russia is initially doomed to failure. In our country it will always take ugly forms, as we can see it in the example of collection agencies. In the West, there is a modest office that calls up clients; we have a notorious gang of thugs waiting for the debtor at the entrance.

Modern life passes under the sign of the skin vector, when material success comes first. Today everyone wants to consume as much material goods as possible, and Russians are no exception. Credit organizations build their business on this desire, each of which lures clients in its own way. Under the influence of advertising, it is easy to lose common sense and succumb to temptation.

To make it easier to navigate in the modern world of money, let's look into the past and get to the bottom of their essence. So what is money really? System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains this phenomenon, referring to the past, to the beginning of the process of the formation of the human species.

Who invented the money

Our ancient ancestors lived in a pack that rallied around the urethral leader. The leader was the unifying nucleus of the pack, and near him each individual received a sense of security and safety, which means a completely balanced state. But how to get people to get out of a state of comfort and go hunting in the savannah, putting their lives in danger?

For this, there was a special person in the pack, the owner of the olfactory vector. His place in the pack is the chief's advisor. The olfactory person was the only one who understood: in order to survive together, everyone must work for the whole. And it was he who contributed to the fact that everyone makes the necessary contribution to the survival of the flock according to their specific role. The leatherworkers raised the muscular army to hunt, the analniks went into the forest for firewood for the fire. The flock lived as a single organism, where everyone performed their duties.

When the human "flock" has grown to the size of a state, it became more difficult for olfactors to carry out their functions through their personal presence. There was a need for an additional human management tool that would allow stimulating everyone to fulfill their specific role. Finance and loans have become such a tool.

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Credit as an instrument of coercion

The olfactory vector has more favorable conditions for development based on the Western, skin mentality. Therefore, it was in the Western countries that the most effective financial system was formed and perfected as an instrument of olfactory compulsion, forcing people to "break away from the sofa" and run to work.

Every Westerner seeks to fall into the yoke of debt, despite how difficult and even destructive it is for his health. Because of the fear of losing everything, fearing delay in loan payments, a person holds on to a hated job, endures any injustice from his superiors, allowing himself to be used. This invariably affects the psyche. Western society has always had a high level of psychopathology.

How is it that people allow themselves to be manipulated? The answer lies in our unconscious. People obey olfactory control without realizing it. By the way, this is only for their good. The financial system created by the Western sense of smell was a powerful stimulus for the development of technology and the production of consumer goods. In the West, a welfare society was built, with the highest level of provision of citizens, the most advanced medicine, and, as a result, the longest life expectancy. It can be long to enumerate all the benefits that have been achieved through olfactory management tied to credit as a means of forcing every member of society to work.

However, one should not forget that it is impossible to build exactly the same financial system in Russia due to the difference in mentality. One must always take into account the mental characteristics of the society where this system will work. But we will leave this task to our politicians and financiers.

The purpose of this article is to help the common man understand the confusing world of money and make it more understandable in relation to everyday life. And now we come to the most important, final part of this article.

Understanding the nature of money is what will help

In Russia, as in the West, people live in a society where many processes are controlled by money, however, this has its own characteristics. As we already figured out at the beginning of the article, our person treats the law differently and therefore, for example, is not afraid to delay payment on a loan, which he also unconsciously perceives not as a loan that needs to be returned, but as gratuitous assistance. For him, late payment is not the end of the world. And yet, we also want to live no worse than in the West. Is this possible in Russia?

Yes, it is possible. After all, there is a universal law regarding the nature of money. It applies to all people, regardless of mentality. According to this law, money is the control lever created by the olfactory measure. The law is arranged so that we all not only want money, but each of us is able to receive it, according to the volume of our desire. To do this, you just need to fulfill your specific role - to realize yourself in society, in accordance with your innate desires, conditioned by vectors. This is the only, trouble-free working scheme for making money. Both in the West and in Russia.

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What about loans?

In the modern world, the credit system is an integral part of any developed society. The same goes for Russia. Avoiding credit is aiming back to the pampas. Another thing is that you need to know how and when to take out a loan. And most importantly - from whom to take, so as not to become a victim of arbitrariness of the collection.

Yuri Burlan's training in System-Vector Psychology will teach you to distinguish swindlers under a bank sign from a serious credit institution. At the training, among other things, such negative states as wastefulness and inability to handle money are worked out. And also their opposite - inadequate savings, which in the end turns into even more spending.

The knowledge of their vectors obtained during the training helps to find the most effective implementation in society. And the skill to distinguish other people by vectors is to make a good impression on the employer, as well as to painlessly join the new team. Read more about all this in our other articles. Better yet, come to the free online lectures on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here:

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