Is There A Meaning In Life?

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Is There A Meaning In Life?
Is There A Meaning In Life?
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Is there a meaning in life?

Dozens of books lie in jumbled piles in the corners of the room. Bible, Koran, Tripitaka … Nietzsche, Darwin, Kant, Hobbes, Plato, Hegel, Bruno, Blavatskaya, Roerich and other authors. Their ideas, before which were worshiped by thousands and millions of people, briefly captured me. It seemed that this is it! A little more, and I will get to the bottom of the truth, a little more, and I will understand what my purpose is, what I live for! But no … All my hopes were shattered into small particles, from which the picture of the world should have formed. And the resulting emptiness devours me from the inside …

Hundreds of people rush in front of me, thousands of faceless shadows are running somewhere, in a hurry, in a hurry. Someone touched my shoulder, someone stepped on my foot, and I didn't even understand what had just happened. It was somewhere out there, outside, with the body, but not with me. I am immersed in my thoughts, as if in a bottomless pool, unable to get out of it and look at the real world.

What am I living for? All the people around me are busy with something, worry about something, strive for something, yearn for something. They believe that they understand everything, see everything and know everything. Lucky ones! They have a meaning in life: for some it is family and home, for others - career and money, for others - love. And I don't see the point in my life. And their aspirations are stupid and pointless. Everything is empty! Where is the goal for the achievement of which my heart will beat, charged with the heat of the desire to move in spite of everything?

Addict of meanings

Dozens of books lie in jumbled piles in the corners of the room. Bible, Koran, Tripitaka … Nietzsche, Darwin, Kant, Hobbes, Plato, Hegel, Bruno, Blavatskaya, Roerich and other authors. Their ideas, before which were worshiped by thousands and millions of people, briefly captured me. It seemed that this is it! A little more, and I will get to the bottom of the truth, a little more, and I will understand what my purpose is, what I live for! But no … All my hopes were shattered into small particles, from which the picture of the world should have formed. And the resulting emptiness devours me from the inside.

I am lying on the bed, lying on the floor next to the book on Agni Yoga I have just read, the familiar, but still favorite Pink Floyd melodies can be heard from the corner, the smoke from a smoked cigarette smoothly intertwines in an intricate dance. The flammable liquid, at least temporarily drowning out the inner pain from these feverishly dancing thoughts, left drops on the bottom of the bottle.

Every new esoteric book is already becoming unbearably disgusting. Do these stupid authors think they have solved the mysteries of the universe? They didn't guess a damn thing! Love, family, work, money - do people really think that there can be even the slightest sense in this? All the same, we will all rot in our graves, mediocrely living the years allotted by someone who is not clear. A cry, a heartbreaking cry of indignation, escapes from the depths of my tormented soul.

God (or who is there), why do I need all this? Friends have long put me on the list of inadequate people and people who know where to get crap. The family sent me dozens of times to these psychologists and psychotherapists who didn’t understand a damn thing, who wanted to cram as much chemistry into me as possible, so that I would die as soon as possible and did not torment them with questions that perplex them. Significant other? What is it all about? This creature running around me and suffering from a lack of my attention has already gathered its things for a long time and fled back to its parents.

Predatory void

It hurts, it hurts a lot from not understanding what is spinning somewhere outside of us. But how to understand what it is when we do not understand ourselves? Emptiness quietly swallows us … It is like a black hole, indiscriminately devouring stars and systems, does not feel the slightest regret. She follows us on our heels, breathes in the back, guards us for years, is in no hurry to attack. She enjoys playing cat and mouse with us, giving hope for a moment that she is retreating.

Here is the meaning hidden behind thousands of doors! This is our enlightenment, our destiny! But the brighter the light of hope, the more unexpected and louder the breath of the invisible predator of emptiness. It is no longer somewhere out there, this breathing is getting closer and closer to us, enjoying our disappointment, our wild horror of losing another fleeting meaning.

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Thousands of life paths leading nowhere, to one and only outcome - death. What sense can we talk about here? If he was, would we really suffer so much? People think they have something to live for. But is it really so? Are we created in order to endure as much suffering as possible without understanding why and for what? Neither the wisest people, nor our "omnipotent I" answered these questions. And it seems that we, who are always looking for a “home” where we will be free from ourselves and our thoughts, will never find the desired answers and reassurance.

Sounding meanings

Who are we looking for answers to endless questions? Who is looking for a way and beating against the wall of their own body in the desire to soar into heaven? According to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, such people are unhappily happy owners of the sound vector.

In total, there are eight vectors that determine the innate desires and properties of a person. Vectors find their expression in our thoughts and actions. They are subdivided into lower (muscular, cutaneous, anal, and urethral) and upper vectors (visual, sound, oral and olfactory). In a person, at least one lower vector is always present, which forms his libido. The upper vectors are responsible for the way a person receives information from the outside world.

The birth of a sage

To understand who we are, people who are out of this world, asking thousands of questions from century to century, it is worth turning your gaze to the past. Once upon a time in the ruthless savanna, our ancestors were forced to fight for their survival. Each member of the pack had its own specific role, fulfilling which, he brought benefit to the whole pack. In order for a person to fulfill his intended role, nature has endowed him with the necessary aspirations and abilities.

So, the daytime guards of the flock - the owners of the skin-visual ligament of vectors, noticed any danger with their keen eyes. But at night they became helpless, because in the pitch darkness it was impossible to see the approaching predator. And here already the owner of the sound vector, who perfectly distinguishes any rustle, entered his post.

He seemed strange to his fellow tribesmen: he did not sleep at night, but during the day he walked like a somnambulist, all the time immersed in himself. "AND? What? You talking to me?" - with these questions the sound man for a short time left his thoughts and again plunged into them. His most sensitive area - the ear - was keen to perceive any sounds. Harsh screams and noise gave him great discomfort.

He did not understand the people scurrying around with their everyday desires and aspirations. Therefore, he tried to stay away from others, preferring a quiet night to daytime noise. This loner loved to look into the endless, mysterious starry sky, listen attentively to the night savannah.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that only the sound engineer is inclined not to sleep at night. This natural feature was given to him so that he would guard the night peace of the pack. He sat alone in the dark, completely concentrating on the sounds of the night, listening to the world around him. His ear subtly perceived any rustle, and he could hear the crunch of a branch under the paw of a predator and warn the flock of danger in time.

Listening outward is very energy-intensive, and in this tension the sound engineer feels the concentration of the mind. The outward focusing of attention helps the formation of thought forms. He begins to ask questions that were previously foreign to ancient man.

He was the first to separate himself from other people with the word "I". "I. And who am I?" - this is the fateful question for all mankind. “Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life? What is my purpose? Why do I live? " - these questions began to overcome the owner of the sound vector.

Over time, with each new and new generation, the owners of the sound vector continued to search for meaning. It was they who became the creators of philosophical and religious schools and movements, scientific theories.

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According to Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, sound scientists have a powerful abstract intellect, in their potential they are geniuses capable of understanding the most "unearthly" matters and phenomena. It is the owners of the sound vector, suffering from thousands of questions in their heads, who are looking for answers to them in various spheres of life. Their inner gaze is aimed at comprehending the truth, the design of everything that exists, so they become philosophers, physicists, astronomers.

They also subtly perceive vibrations and sounds and become wonderful musicians, composers and conductors. Since the sound ear is specifically aimed at the perception of vibrations, it also sensitively picks up the meanings of words: sound people become poets, writers, translators. And it is they who have admired us for centuries with their insight. These are people who are potentially able to subtly feel the psyche of other people, to catch the motives of their actions and deeds.

My king is my ego

However, they are also the first people on earth to fully cognize selfishness. Their sense of their own greatness and importance sometimes surprises everyone around them. Not having developed their abilities to the proper extent, they pretend to be the navel of the earth and long for everyone to bow before their intellect and see them as geniuses of all times and peoples. Such sound people fixate on themselves, plunge into their inner hell, no longer notice people and the world around them. The real world turns into a world of illusions, in which there is only the body of the sound engineer and the mind, as if forcibly locked in it.

But the illusory world too often reminds of itself with eerie, harsh sounds that hit the sound engineer on his sensor, interfere with concentration, distract and annoy. They double his inner suffering created by the frantic dance of numerous thought forms. Therefore, he listens to loud music on headphones, trying to hide himself from these nasty sounds of a meaningless world.

If earlier the owners of the sound vector were able to satisfy their often internally unconscious desires for knowledge of the truth in music, poetry, the study of languages, in the exact sciences, now this can no longer fill this desire, which is growing with each generation. Rushing, as if cornered animals, sound specialists in their search rush into all kinds of religions, sects, esoteric schools, drug den, terrorist groups that give them a false, incorrect perception of the world.

Many many, or I'm not the only one

But the world that exists around us and in ourselves does not consist of faceless shadows and our great “I”. Those who feel great, according to the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan, account for 5% of the world's population. And almost everyone considers himself unique and unique, everyone seeks to find meaning in life and suffers from the fact that he cannot find answers to his questions.

Having reached the extreme stage of detachment from the world, having hated it, the owners of the sound vector are even capable of voluntarily leaving life themselves and taking the life of others.

And only going outside can change the perception of reality by sound people and helps to comprehend life. It is by turning your inner gaze on the people around you that you can find answers to your inner questions. We ourselves have no answers, only illusions, and reality exists outside of our perception of our inner world. Just as once great writers tried to penetrate into the most distant corners of human souls, so now we need to turn our attention to others. Begin to see other people as their essence: their desires, hopes, joy and pain.

Only by getting out of our own whirlpool of oppressive thoughts, only by understanding other people can we escape from the emptiness chasing us. You can finally stop storming bookstores and libraries in search of new books with non-existent answers, you can throw out your "subscription" to visit alcoholic establishments and hidden marijuana from under the mattress.

Now we live in a unique, but very difficult time, when people with abstract intelligence are especially in need of understanding themselves through understanding other people, no matter how unrealistic it may seem. And it is the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan that provides precise tools for understanding oneself and others. First of all, it reveals to a person his inner world, the unconscious, hidden from him, his true desires and shows how to fill them.

With the development of systemic thinking, the sound engineer begins to understand the reasons for what is happening, revealing for himself the very meanings that he was looking for. You can find out about the results of people who have completed the training and found answers to their questions, got rid of depression and other negative conditions here.

Already at free online lectures on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan, you can take the first steps in understanding yourself and the world around you, find the first answers to painful questions, begin to gradually get out of your personal hell and feel the meaning of life. Register:

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