Pokemonomania - On The Verge Of A New Reality

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Pokemonomania - On The Verge Of A New Reality
Pokemonomania - On The Verge Of A New Reality

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Pokemonomania - on the verge of a new reality

Who is involved in catching Pokemon? And why do people forget about everything, going into a parallel reality?

Pokemon is a small fairy-tale animal with supernatural powers, the hero of popular computer games and cartoons. His homeland is Japan. Already grown are those who in the 90s were passionate about playing Pokemon. And in July 2016, there was a new surge in their popularity.

In the shortest possible time, the Pokemon Go game, created specifically for gadgets, in which Pokemon can be caught in augmented reality, right on real objects - in museums, libraries, parks, became widespread around the world. I pointed my smartphone at a tree - and there is a Pokemon. Throwing the ball by swiping your finger across the touch screen, hits - it is believed that you caught the Pokemon.

Now quite adults 20-30 years old are also flirting with Pokemon, those who, apparently, did not finish playing in the 90s. Well, modern teenagers, as without it. Each new unusual game attracts attention.

But with Pokemon, it comes to curiosities, when augmented reality begins to overshadow the most that neither is real reality. Adults in the workplace forget about their job duties, carried away by catching Pokemon. So, the President of Israel found a Pokemon in his office, and American police officers during working hours stood on PokéStops - in special places, portals where you can get inventory for the game. In the United States, criminals used the game Pokemon Go as bait to catch their victims, and a girl from Wyoming came across a drowned man near a river in search of monsters.

We will not touch on the question of who makes money on such a high popularity of this game and who benefits from it. Let's look at the psychological reasons behind the incredibly fast expansion of augmented reality games around the world. If there was such a warm response to the proposal of the Japanese company Nintendo, which released a new application, then such are the deep desires of people. So who's in the business of catching Pokemon? And why do people forget about everything, going into a parallel reality? Let's try to figure it out with the help of Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology.

Out into the world

According to Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology, the main creators and consumers of virtual games are people with visual and sound vectors. To contemplate pictures is a pleasure for a visual person, stimulation of his unusually sensitive visual analyzer. Virtual reality is a wide field of activity and a source of pleasure for the viewer. Here he finds a partial realization for his rich imagination. Beautiful fairy worlds, flawless heroes - the embodiment of his secret dreams.

Pokemon catchers often walk in groups, discuss the course of the game, communicate, make new contacts, laugh. Catching Pokémon is fun. It is unification, creation of emotional and intellectual connections. And this is also attractive for the owners of the visual vector, for whom emotions are bread, a daily necessity.

Become master of the world

A person with a sound vector loves silence and loneliness. So he concentrates his thought better, enjoying the realization of his purpose - to think, create thought forms, develop neural connections in the brain.

For a sound person, such games are a way to embody the idea of ​​another world, where everything is possible, where there are no physical limitations, especially the body, which interferes and limits the sound person most of all. Here he can completely go into the abstract world to which he is so striving. He so needs to penetrate into that metaphysical reality, where there are answers to all his unconscious questions about the meaning of life. Why am I here? Why is this world like this? It is so important for him to feel himself omnipotent, capable of creating another reality in which everything is subject to him. Sound scientists are egocentric, often obsessed with the idea of ​​a superman.

Pokemonomania - on the verge of a new reality
Pokemonomania - on the verge of a new reality

In this sense, all these interactive technological innovations, such as Google glasses, the game Pokemon Go, are the answer to the hottest requests of people with visual and sound vectors. You are no longer just one-on-one with a computer, where something is happening on the screen. You interact with reality and can influence it. The line between the real and the virtual world is increasingly blurring.

Illusions of the virtual world

However, no matter how close the world of the Pokemon Go game is to the real one, it is still virtual, and therefore the achievements that fans of such games come to are illusory. This is evidenced by the fact that the initial frenzied surge in the popularity of such toys is very quickly replaced by a complete loss of interest and oblivion. As, for example, happened with the game "Night Watch", which until recently captured the minds and feelings of fans of virtual puzzles.

And then there is emptiness and desire, even greater than before. How will the creators of technological innovations once again please us? How else to drown out the lack, which is difficult to define?

A number of institutions and public organizations came out with ardent condemnation of the new game, which distracts a person from real life, makes one completely forget not only about the rules of decency and elementary personal safety, but also about the most important values ​​- individual and social.

So, the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia turned to the players with a request not to catch Pokemon and respect the sanctity of the place. The US National Park Service made a call to focus on contemplating the real beauties of nature. And the Cossacks of St. Petersburg generally defined catching Pokemon as a satanic occupation. Someone calls the game a drug, someone - demonic temptation.

There is a grain of truth in this. However, only systematically, we can see that such social phenomena are not the machinations of the world Evil, but only a timid attempt to fill the desire, which humanity is not yet able to realize. The desire to touch a new reality, which can be created not with the help of gadgets, but with the help of your own consciousness, in a natural way.

What is New Reality?

According to Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology, a new reality is created in connections between people. The emotional uplift and unification that Pokemon Go players feel with a visual vector and which passes, leaving emptiness and a feeling of loneliness, as soon as the game becomes boring, can be extended indefinitely. Only for this you need to learn how to properly realize your natural sensory potential.

After all, there are a lot of people around us, which is a wide field for creating emotional connections, manifesting feelings of empathy, sympathy, love. It is for this that the visual man was created. And it is from this that he gets the greatest pleasure.

It fills his life with meaning. Everything else is just surrogates, substitutes for real life. Just contemplating a picture is a very low level of filling the visual vector, a small, scanty pleasure in comparison with the possible. To understand this, you just have to try it.

A person with a sound vector has the greatest need to create a new reality, because material connections are alien to him, they are not of interest to him. He wants to feel that thin canvas of being, which is the basis of everything created and which cannot be touched, felt with ordinary senses. But what is it? How to determine this?

Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology helps to do this. It gives knowledge about the eight-dimensional matrix of the psychic, reveals the secrets hidden in the depths of the human psyche. This is what the sound person is unconsciously looking for. The discovery that it is possible to truly know oneself and another person instantly fills his life with global and endless meaning. Everything secret suddenly takes on real features, everything mysterious in people's behavior, in the world around them, becomes understandable and even predictable.

And no toy, no new gadget can replace him with the feeling that at last an adventure has appeared in his life that never ends. Because there are 7 billion of us on the planet, and we are all different, but created according to the same laws. There is a lot to explore here. Life is not enough to pass all this through yourself.

The sound engineer, who seeks expansion of consciousness through virtual worlds, unexpectedly finds it in cognition and inclusion of his neighbor into himself. That is, he begins to understand the other as himself. He begins to create those connections between people, their souls, which no one has created before him. He begins to weave the canvas of the world that he wanted to reveal for himself. He becomes the creator of a new reality.

Pokemonomania - on the verge of a new reality
Pokemonomania - on the verge of a new reality

Once upon a time, in the days of early humanity, a person with an oral vector contributed to the creation of common neural connections, and thanks to him, all people began to define reality in the same way. This is a tree and this is the sky. And now a person with a sound vector creates his own sound connection, the connection between souls. And the language of system-vector psychology can become a universal language for creating such a connection.

Putting on system glasses (having acquired systemic thinking), we see the world in its correct, clear, like the structure of a crystal, relationships. Try it and you will never want to take them off. This, by the way, is said by those who completed Yuri Burlan's trainings and got rid of gambling addiction forever.

Start collecting puzzles of the new reality in Yuri Burlan's free introductory lessons on systemic vector psychology. Register here.

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