Alla Pugacheva. Not A Day Without A Handsome Man Nearby

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Alla Pugacheva. Not A Day Without A Handsome Man Nearby
Alla Pugacheva. Not A Day Without A Handsome Man Nearby
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Alla Pugacheva. Not a day without a handsome man nearby

Alla Borisovna loves to “learn something”. Like any urethral person. And she is not only urethral - but also muscular, and orally sound-visual! So he is teaching the full growth of his vector set! And she's doing great.

Alla Borisovna loves to “learn something”. Like any urethral person. And she is not only urethral - but also muscular, and orally sound-visual! So he is teaching the full growth of his vector set! And she's doing great.

So, for example, while still a teenager, she dressed up her younger brother as a girl and sent her for a walk with her "gentleman", and at that time she ran to the local guys, said that some "God forgive me" was beating off her boyfriend. Zhenya Pugachev was saved from the beatings only by the disclosure of the "image" …

You can't keep a bird like Alla in a cage, “It seemed to me that my family was what was holding me back, I was torn from it, and escaped - to nowhere,” the singer shares.

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

Alla Borisovna is a tough, dashing aunt. Analniks say about such "awl in one place." The prima donna herself comments on it this way: "I never managed to just sit on the couch, stagger somewhere, without projecting anything for the future."

Indeed, the urethral vector is the future. Such people show their concern for the day of tomorrow by mercy - giving back to shortages. They are also very concerned about the feedback ("praise the leader!") - they will not give their love to the ungrateful and unworthy, although by nature they are very tolerant, cheerful, people love more than their lives.

The specific role of the urethral man is the leader. The urethral woman is not a leader in the usual sense, and yet, the urethral leader can replace the male at short distances and has the first place in society. Because not for myself - for the people.

“I managed to govern the people from the stage so that they did not turn from the public into a crowd” - this is the influence that leaders and chieftains have on the people - they rally them, lead them to tomorrow safe and sound. Whether from the stage, by songs, or by decrees and power, it does not matter. “The meaning of life is to make someone happy at least a little bit” - the credo of the urethral singer.

In this state of affairs, there are also dissatisfied - ambitious leatherworkers who themselves would not mind taking the chair of the first person. Only they are in no hurry to give away from themselves … so leaders, leaders of secondary roles turn out to be noble ones, but the leaders are not good. Only such people can dislike the real urethral king-father - skin impostors. All of them did not like the urethral, ​​because he has everything over the edge, without measure, without restrictions …

There are also mud muds, but about them some other time …

Attitude to sweets

Alla Borisovna is a prominent woman, urethral people are generally prominent, but here she is the first woman of the Russian scene. Therefore, she has someone to choose from - and she chooses … And her choice is natural - give her boys sweeter! Most of the men in her life are with a skin-visual scenario. The latter is generally handsome! Max Galkin. Analo-musculocutaneous oral with sound and vision. This couple has a complete mutual understanding, because they have the same "top", and the bottom vectors are very suitable for each other.

Pugacheva and Galkin
Pugacheva and Galkin

However, Alla's love list contains an exception - an affair with the urethral sound engineer Igor Talkov. Short, passionate - like a flash … and fled. As befits two urethralists.

From love to love …

And Kirkorov, the ex-husband of Pugacheva! Such a handsome man! A grown man - and how he dances! Anal dermal optic! A urethral woman with her pheromones blows the head off to any man - just look at Philip Bedrosovich! At one of the concerts, performing the song "I love you so much," he went straight to Alla Borisovna and, not paying attention to Max Galkin, who was sitting next to him, sang, looking straight into the eyes of the prima donna.

Passion, apparently, has accumulated quite a bit, so much so that the moment he got down on one knee, his pants parted - exactly between his legs. Alla Borisovna laughed heartily!

Well, Max did not lag behind.

It is a pleasure to look at Maxim and Alla, a couple that have long been familiar, especially against the background of widespread divorces and scandals. According to the official version, it all started from the moment when Maxim invited the Prima Donna to dance. "I had a terrible sexual attraction, when after four days Max called, I unexpectedly asked myself: why did not you call me?"

Five husbands

Alla Borisovna has a special relationship with skin-visual boys. Urethral people are polygamous by nature, it does not happen that they fall in love once - and for life. This state of affairs does not suit people with an anal vector, for whom constancy is a guarantee of peace of mind.

Our nature gives us time to develop relationships - up to three years old - to conceive a child and "put on his feet." During this period, the relationship between a man and a woman is based on passion - mutual sexual attraction. If this period is not used to build relationships on a higher level - emotional closeness, spiritual, if you like, connection - then after it expires, people wake up one morning completely alien to each other.

Alla Pugacheva had five husbands so far. Let's look at the annals of the days gone by.

Alla Pugacheva Maxim Galkin
Alla Pugacheva Maxim Galkin

Mykolas Orbakas is the father of Christina Orbakaite and the first husband of the Prima Donna. Artist, anally cutaneous sound visual. The relationship lasted three years.

Alexander Stefanovich - director, screenwriter. Alla Borisovna's second husband. Anal-cutaneous sound-visual. Formally, they spent four years together, the relationship came to an end when the singer's romance with her producer became obvious, whom, ironically, Stefanovich himself recommended to Pugacheva. Alexander Borisovich admits that the famous "Stefanovich's five principles" only helped Alla Borisovna to make the right emphasis, to place the accents correctly. "Alla was not the best singer, but she was the best artist!"

Evgeny Boldin. Producer. For a long time he lived with Alla Borisovna in a civil marriage. According to him, Pugacheva was her own producer, he was also involved in providing and organizing concerts, covered his beloved from the authorities when her "antics" were contrary to behavioral standards. Anal-cutaneous sound-visual. They lived together for about thirteen years, during this time Alla Borisovna had several novels, for example, with Vladimir Kuzmin, from whom a poodle named "Kuzya" remained in memory. At the end of their life together, Evgeny Borisovich sometimes asked Alla: “Who am I to you? Husband? Brother? Friend?"

Alla Borisovna and Maxim Galkin have been together for more than ten years. Their relationship can be safely called human. The "Bugger" herself even says "This is my last love." Well, very likely, in the end, this couple has something to hold on to - this is no longer a passion, not an attraction and not because “Oh! The baby turned out”. We can only be glad for them!

Honey, what's the matter with you?

Eight vectors, psychotypes, can be conditionally divided into two groups - "lower" and "upper". The lower vectors - cutaneous, muscular, urethral and anal are responsible for libido, it's like an engine in a car. The upper ones - visual, sound, oral and olfactory give direction for movement, development.

Alla Borisovna has three upper vectors, this gives the whole gamut of states that her relatives talk about - from a complete "out" in sound states, when the world feels illusory, gray, to almost manic states - when she shouts out her songs from the stage, connecting all the power of your essence - outward. And this acting game, these inimitable "three-minute performances"! It is difficult to be with such a person, it is difficult to perceive his changes, when everything can change in an instant.


Philip Bedrosovich has only the visual vector from above. And, to give credit, well developed - very sensual. It is visual people who spend hours spinning in front of the mirror, trying on one dress or suit, then another. Love, an emotional connection are the main values ​​of the visual vector, the breaking of these ties is very difficult to experience. It was hard for Philip to say goodbye to Alla - this can be judged by the fact that he threw several scandals and tried to blackmail Alla Borisovna emotionally - he said that he would commit suicide. A developed visual person falls into hysterics only under conditions of very severe stress, which we have observed for several years from TV screens.

Philip absolutely could not perceive Alla as she is - there are no such properties. It is impossible to understand through the visual vector what a sound person is, his states. It is impossible to comprehend the polygamous urethral through the anal and cutaneous vectors. Attempts of the spectator to emotionally stir up the depressing sound person are doomed to failure - this is impossible, because the sound vector does not need emotions, but only the visual one. And the unsatisfied sound desire "paralyzes" all other vectors - this vector is so "heavyweight".

And with Max - an idyll. Good understanding, attraction, love … and the age difference is not a hindrance.

Behind the scenes.

"What a blessing that this is over!" - these words are captured on film after one of the concerts of the urethral singer. What Alla Borisovna is doing requires a lot of internal stress from her - this is daunting. It is impossible not to appreciate this - she tries for the viewer. Today, the prima donna does not give concerts, she gives her ebullient energy to young, talented guys. According to the stories of one of them, once, leaving the stage, Alla took his hand and put it on her neck, “This is how an artist should be going backstage” - the skin was damp and hot. This is what she is all about, a woman who sings - walk, walk like that! Love, love so! Sing, so sing that the whole great country admired!

You can understand in more detail the properties of different vectors and why in our country they treat the owners of the urethral vector with special love and admiration at the training on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Registration for free online lectures at the link:

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