Amok In The Head: Why Schoolchildren Shoot

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Amok In The Head: Why Schoolchildren Shoot
Amok In The Head: Why Schoolchildren Shoot
Video: Amok In The Head: Why Schoolchildren Shoot
Video: 18 year old, accomplice being held on nearly 30 charges in deadly school shooting 2023, February

Amok in the head: Why schoolchildren shoot

What is the first thing that comes to mind of a Bavarian who, five days before the well-known event, survived the shock of yet another, although not so massive, but from this no less bloody crime? An extremist seventeen-year-old Afghan refugee from a foster family hacked several train passengers with an ax in Würzburg …

"Amok". The book with this name was found by the German police in the apartment of Ali David Somboli, who, with the light hand of journalists, received the nickname "Munich shooter" after his crime and subsequent suicide.

I'm German

"I'm German! I was born here,”shouted eighteen-year-old Ali as he walked along the roof of the multi-storey car park of the Olympia shopping center in Munich. Some layman doubted this out loud, filming his movements on a mobile phone from his own balcony. Ali responded to the rudeness with words of hatred and shots. In a few minutes he will go down in history as a lone terrorist who shot, according to German media, 10 and injured 27 people.

Has not been seen in connections with extremist circles

What is the first thing that comes to mind of a Bavarian who, five days before the well-known event, survived the shock of yet another, although not so massive, but from this no less bloody crime? An extremist seventeen-year-old Afghan refugee from a foster family hacked several train passengers with an ax in Würzburg.

During the year of living in Germany, he clearly did not decide on the choice of European values ​​and hardly dreamed of ever publicly calling himself a German. So far, all his thoughts were with Allah, who is great, and not at all in the desire for integration in a new society.

Having become an adherent of radical Islam, the murderer from Würzburg isolated himself in the most usual way: through religion, language, culture and a deep enmity towards those who were looking for security and safety 12 months ago.

Ali David Somboli was his complete opposite. He was born and raised in Germany and, despite his Iranian background, strove to adapt to the country that hosted his refugee parents from Central Asia in the 90s. Did not work out.

What external factors prevented this? Ali laid them out in his latest video interview from the roof of a multi-storey parking lot, done by a random person. “You harassed me for seven years. I'm over it. Now I have to buy myself a weapon to shoot you."

Does this statement answer all the questions? Not.

To accurately show the reasons that pushed Ali to mass murder, let us turn to the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, especially since the mental state of such criminals has a very clear definition. Taking into account all the increasing cases of massacres, it is simply necessary to understand this phenomenon.

The roots of Ali's current state must be sought already in childhood. In the primary school, the boy did not study well, for which he was transferred to another school. But even there, things were no better. New Turkish and Arab classmates from the Giesing area ridiculed the quiet, lagging student by mobbing him.

Giesing is one of Munich's thriving areas of crime and low levels of education, which has long turned into a kind of enclave for foreigners of different nationalities, inhabited by unemployed immigrants.

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Apartments in this area are notable for enviable cheapness, therefore, most of the immigrant population that is not adapted in German society, living on social benefits, odd jobs, is concentrated here, not always knowing which way the door opens to the German employment office.

Ali's father, with an anal-cutaneous ligament of vectors, managed to become a small entrepreneur by creating a small taxi company, and his mother got a job at the Karstadt retail chain.

The parents did not like that their child was not able to bring home good grades. The anal father always sees in his son that "apple that falls near the apple tree" and is sure that the offspring will follow in his footsteps. Somboli Sr. was preparing to hand over his small business to Ali.

The father did not realize that the interests of his son, like any person with a sound vector, are not related to material goods. Business, relationships with girls - all this was of secondary importance. The strongest sound desire is to stay in silence and loneliness, to get away from the roar of this world, from the screams and insults of adults and peers. All these sounds irritate the naturally sensitive auditory sensor, interfere with concentration on the work of thought.

The only way to hide from hated people and a meaningless life is to withdraw into yourself. Sooner or later, a sound engineer living in an unfavorable environment is fenced off from the outside world, ceases to distinguish between meanings, and his ability to learn is lost. Repeated practice of such "immersion" leads to the final loss of touch with reality. The easiest way to get away from reality is the Internet and computer games.

Play as a rehearsal for murder

Naturally, Somboli's father could not put up with the fact that his son sat at the computer all day, preferring shooting games to lessons. The boy's parents did not think about what caused their son's passion for computer games.

Hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents with a sound vector, like Ali, for years "hang" in the virtual space, concentrating on stupid and primitive "battles" - skirmishes with opponents in a virtual battle, where there are no restrictions, there are no feelings, where you are a full-fledged arbiter of destinies. This is how the separation from the real world gradually takes place, and for the sound engineer, who already perceives the world as more or less illusory, this has especially tragic consequences.

According to the design of Nature, the sound engineer is the one to whom the secrets of the Universe are revealed. According to the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, only people with a sound vector are in search of the meaning of life and are able to form ideas of development for all mankind, their main task is to reveal the psyche, the human self.

Instead of hard work of the mind and focus on the main thing, the sound engineer-gamer is busy with actions that do not bring any result, except for a short-term scanty satisfaction in the feelings of his greatness and superiority over everyone.

Ali rarely left his room and spent all his time at the computer. In online games, he chose the nicknames "Psycho" and "Godlike". When there is a violation of the child's natural development, the sound engineer has a false sense of his own genius, superiority over others, based on egocentrism.

This causes negative pressure from peers who feel arrogant towards themselves. If the sound engineer is not able to adapt to the school flock, she will not forgive him for arrogance and will strive to make him an outcast, which is what happened with Ali David Somboli.

His only occupation was his passion for shooting games, on which he worked out the tactics of a future crime. The accumulated resentment and hatred of his classmates erased the line between the reality of being and the imaginary world, only increased the already gaping emptiness of his psyche.

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First, the sound engineer "transports himself" into an artificially created world, merging with some virtual hero, who is sure to become a winner. Then a long stay in the image and ghostly, erases the picture of reality in his head, replacing it with an illusory video sequence.

As a result, people around them become as surreal as in online games. In the phantasmagoric imagination of the sound engineer, they lose their living human essence, becoming mobs, moving hostile creatures for which there is and cannot be any compassion. In Ali's fantasies, the hated classmates turned into gamers' targets to be destroyed.

And all the same: "I'm German!"

Not all of Ali's fellow practitioners could boast that they were born in Germany, many got there just a few years ago and had only a residence permit. He had a trump card: "I was born here." How similar it is to the behavior of a person with an anal vector, striving to cleanse, whitewash himself, "separate the wheat from the chaff", become better, and not remain what he is offered to be, according to external, ethnic characteristics.

Initially, a person with an anal vector is loyal to his homeland and the society in which he lives. The Iranian youth, born in Germany, perceived the country and its inhabitants as his own people and expected the same attitude from them to him. However, this did not happen; for most of his fellow citizens, he continued to be a foreigner.

He could not accept this state of affairs, when society blocked his attempts to socialize. The imposition of depressive states in a sick sound on heavy grievances in the anal vector led to severe frustrations with which he could not cope on his own. Against this background, the anal sound specialist, for whom purity in everything is of fundamental importance, including the purity of blood, can develop the idea of ​​the purity of the race. And so it happened, Ali considered himself an Aryan, so he aimed at teenagers and people of non-European appearance.

More often than not, resentment against society is rooted in resentment against the mother who failed to protect the child traumatized by the abuse. "The supersensitive auditory sensor of the sound engineer does not endure any shouting, or abuse, or humiliation, reacting to them by detachment from the world around, escape from reality, immersion in oneself, on the other side of the eardrum," explains Yuri Burlan …

Carrying a plan

Emigrant mothers, due to their social status and low degree of development, often themselves do not have the necessary sense of security and safety. Naturally, they are not able to convey this basic feeling, necessary for normal development, and their children. Then the child begins to look for support on the Internet, outside the home and family, where there is a danger of falling into well-organized networks of Islamists, religious fanatics and other asocial groups.

People with anal-sound vectors have a hard time getting along with others. They are not naturally organizers. They have been hatching their plan of "fair revenge" for years in their heads and, not trusting anyone, act independently.

Therefore, they are called lone killers. They prepare a future crime with their usual thoroughness and pedantry. Perfectionists in everything, they pay attention to every detail of the impending act of retaliation to the world. Based on the well-known anal proverb, “measure seven times, cut once,” it becomes clear why anal sound professionals rarely fail.

The entire synthesis of psychological disturbances that anal sound people carry explains why they act alone, practicing extended suicide.

Moral Degeneration Syndrome

System-vector psychology explains why, by initiating a plan of revenge, the anal sound specialist seeks to realize his misanthropic idea as large as possible. It arises in the depths of his unconscious with aversion to everything material, including his own body, which he feels as the cause of the suffering of the soul, since by its natural urges it distracts the sound engineer from his main task - concentration.

The sound desire is not connected with the material, in all the joys of this world there is no value for him, unlike other people, the sound engineer needs much more - understanding himself, the meaning of life. But this requires its own conditions - silence, concentration, normal development in childhood. And the world around us brings nothing but pain. The body is perceived by the sound engineer as a part of the material world, he associates his I exclusively with the soul, so the body is not a pity, on the contrary, you want to throw off this "ballast".

This gives rise to the inability to value one's own life or someone else's, the desire to get rid of one's own physical bag and carry away as many of their own kind as possible, ideally to destroy the hated world. Yuri Burlan's systemic vector psychology defines this behavior as a syndrome of moral and ethical degeneration (MND) or secondary autism.

The syndrome of moral and ethical degeneration is a deviation, a mental pathology caused by poor conditions of the anal and sound vectors. If the family does not have a favorable soil for the development of their properties, then psychological shifts are inevitable, expressed by depressive states in the sound vector and multilevel resentment in the anal vector.

The causes of MND syndrome should be sought in adolescence and immediately after it, when the loss of the ability to empathize with people and an adequate perception of the world becomes apparent. The absence of any moral and ethical restrictions makes the lone anal-sound criminal extremely dangerous.

It is impossible to single out a person with MND syndrome among the crowd without having knowledge of system-vector psychology. This was repeated more than once in the case of Vinogradov, Breivik and others. Outwardly decent and calm, these people live next to us, carefully thinking over their misanthropic plans.

The Munich tragedy was organized by a lone killer, the reasons for his behavior are not much different from the reasons for the behavior of those who participated in the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Orange hazard level

When an anal sound specialist has a global resentment towards people, then, in modern terms, an "orange level of danger" is set for those around him.

Ali David Somboli, rejected by his classmates and fellow practitioners who mobbed him, projected his resentment onto the rest of the youth groups (a typical transfer-generalization of the first experience for a person with an anal vector).

Using someone else's hacked Facebook account and the nickname of a pretty teenage girl, he decided to lure the largest number of teenagers for a free treat at McDonald's. And it’s not so much an imitation of Breivik, who organized a massacre in a youth camp on the Norwegian island of Utøya five years ago, day after day, but the fact that the mental states of both murderers were almost identical. It is not surprising that Breivik, judging by the statements of representatives of the German police, was Ali's idol.

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There is a person - there is a problem

The skin mentality of Western society strictly regulates whom and how much it must absorb in order to preserve its existence without going beyond the given framework. A foreigner tries to join him in order to become a real German, French, Belgian, and when he receives a refusal, restriction, rejection, the unrealized properties of the anal vector and the desire to take revenge for an unfair attitude to himself take over.

But that is not all. The most dangerous thing is the grave conditions of an unfilled, injured sound vector, which literally makes a walking bomb out of a person. It is known that the whole world lives on acceleration, and the ways in which the voids were filled with the sound of the past generations do not work today. The psyche of modern people with a sound vector has become much more complicated in comparison with previous generations. It requires adequate development in childhood, and then fulfillment - the disclosure of the mental, the meaning of life. Whether they get it depends on each of us.

From the cannon to the sparrows

The problem, which was finally noticed by the international community and those responsible for security in different countries, has long been known and repeatedly voiced by Yuri Burlan at his lectures on system-vector psychology. It consists in the fact that in addition to organized terrorism, a new, latent threat is gaining strength in the world, which is carried by anal sound specialists in a state of moral and ethical degeneration - these are lone criminals such as Breivik, Vinogradov, Somboli and others.

Their actions are discussed by venerable psychiatrists, but this in no way brings them closer to revealing the psyche of a person with such a complex configuration of properties as an anal sound specialist.

After the Munich tragedy, questions are raised about restrictions on the sale of weapons, a ban on computer shooting games, which erase from the sound engineer the idea of ​​the real world, replacing it with an illusory one.

However, these measures are unlikely to reduce the number of single criminals, if you do not understand the causal relationships that push young people to terror and subsequent suicide.

In one of his last interviews, Carl Gustav Jung left his message to the world as a testament, saying that all the problems are in our heads. Until we learn to understand the other, amok from the head will not disappear anywhere, and it will not be possible to prevent danger either.

Finding and recognizing the "problem head", understanding the human psyche today helps knowledge of system-vector psychology. You can arm yourself with free online trainings, register using the link:

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