Pseudo-humanism, Or What Is Your Life Compared To Art ?

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Pseudo-humanism, Or What Is Your Life Compared To Art ?
Pseudo-humanism, Or What Is Your Life Compared To Art ?

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Pseudo-humanism, or What is your life compared to art ?

A real doctor never thinks about helping a patient or not. A true artist is able to see beauty in everything and embody it on canvas, a professional art critic can appreciate real art, but never put it above human life …

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The cutesy secular ladies, who strive to faint from the very thought of wounds and diseases, and the same nurses who take care of patients - treating, feeding, washing and changing clothes, are representatives of the same visual vector. The same properties of the psyche - the need for an emotional connection, but for the former - for its consumption, receiving for oneself, attracting attention, and for the second - for giving, compassion, empathy, sharing suffering and giving feelings outward, to another, from oneself …

Both those and others have their place in society, it would be wrong to say that someone is better and someone is worse. Everyone makes his own contribution to the general development of mankind, which means that he does not live his life in vain.

It is another matter when the existing realization becomes insufficient, and a person begins to suffer from shortages, emptiness, frustrations, pouring out his sufferings through hostility, ostentatious scandals, violent tantrums and other ways to "take it for yourself" and not "give it out."

Then any art becomes small, then the limit of tolerance collapses, hostility overflows and the level of education / culture / elitism loses its significance, giving way to an urgent need to be realized somehow, by any available means, to fill the gaping voids of the visual vector.

Without a systematic understanding of our psychological nature, we try to grope this way in the wilds of our own desires. And most often we find the most easily accessible, which means the elementary way - directly, into yourself, give, give, look at me, feel sorry for me, love me!

When emotions are low

This is the case when it is the representative of the visual vector, designed to lower the level of hostility in society, not only stops doing this, but also begins to contribute his own bit to the general cauldron of hatred and anger.

At this moment, art itself, the external manifestations of culture, education, education, and the like, become more important than human life, more important than the ability to sympathize, love and forgive in spite of everything.

Then the visual art critic begins to actively support the bombing of peaceful cities, then the artist preaches the ideas of Nazism, then the doctor begins to "filter" his patients and choose who to help and who does not, according to his own, whatever, convictions that a particular person deserves to live or not.

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When a damaged dress causes more horror than a murdered child, it means that the visual person suffers greatly from gaping voids that make him concentrate on himself more than on other people. And the longer a person is in this state, the more he is fenced off from the suffering of other people. Every day, his personal interests, views on life, beliefs or delusions take up more and more space, crowding out everything else and all others.

Desires, needs of the most compassionate visual vector hurt with their lack of fulfillment, being realized in daily activities only partially, and do not give a person full pleasure from his life.

Internal discomfort grows so much that it leaves no room in the heart for someone else's pain. Thus, a naturally sensible person, capable of compassion from birth more than anyone else, it is he who turns into a callous, soulless and even passively cruel person.

Unrealized visual desires can become the basis for the development of all sorts of fears, phobias, anxiety attacks, superstitions and other psychological garbage that litters life and reduces its quality.

Born to love can kill with indifference

Throughout the history of mankind, through the efforts of visual people, culture, art, compassion, self-sacrifice and love entered our life. Thanks to them, with each new round of human development, the value of human life increased, reaching a peak value in the modern world.

With each new generation, people are born with more and more temperament. The power of desire in the vector is growing and requires appropriate implementation. With the growth of temperament, the level of suffering from psychological emptiness also increases.

In this regard, today we can observe an increasing number of spectators striving to realize themselves at the highest level - the level of compassion for a person, and here the manifestations of callousness of other representatives of the visual vector, their cruel indifference and contempt for other people for a variety of reasons are striking. …

Volunteer movements, charities, shelters and hospices, public organizations and social projects - their number and scale are impressive compared to the past.

However, more and more often it is visual people (workers in the sphere of culture, art, medicine, education, and the like), under the pressure of frustrations, descend to an outright manifestation of hostility towards anyone.

You can't fool your heart

The bottom line is that, sinking to primitive manifestations of hostility, hatred and anger, the same spectator feels deep down in his soul that this is alien to him, that all this does not fill him, he does not get better, he does not feel good, there is no pleasure, which could be from true realization. There is no real joy of life, but there is only forced aggression under the pressure of fears, dissatisfaction and emptiness in that layer of the psyche, which is given by nature, but is not used for its intended purpose.

A real doctor never thinks about helping a patient or not. A true artist is able to see beauty in everything and embody it on canvas, a professional art critic can appreciate real art, but he will never put it above human life. Only a visual teacher, among other things, is able to instill in kids the ability to love and empathize without dividing into those worthy of this love and outcasts, because love is unconditional!

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Everyone who knows what real feelings are, for whom culture is not an empty phrase, who appreciates art and is able to express themselves in it, who are touched by other people's suffering, absolutely every visual person can realize himself at the highest possible level for him. To receive from this the most powerful pleasure and real joy from a fulfilling life, leaving no room for primitive hostility, regardless of its reasons.

Many spectators who have undergone training in system-vector psychology openly speak about real changes in life in their reviews. The heavy burden of psychological garbage in the form of children's anchors, clamps, fears, superstitions, panic attacks, as well as erroneous understandings of innate desires in the visual vector did not allow many to fully reveal themselves and express themselves to the full power of their temperament.

Once you understand the nature of your fears, phobias, failures, addictions and other psychological barriers, realizing the mechanisms of your desires and the true volume of potential opportunities, you get the opportunity to take control of life into your own hands. Consciously and deliberately choose the best options for the realization of their innate psychological properties, filling themselves with the realization of the highest level and thereby reducing the degree of mutual hostility in modern society.

You cannot be happy alone, we are all connected in one way or another, it is impossible to completely isolate ourselves from the suffering of others, you can only share them with others, only then both will be able to smile at least a little.

You can discover the secret of your own psychological nature at the next free training in system-vector psychology.

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