Dr. Lisa. Life Is At The Peak Of Love. Part 2. In An Attempt To Change The World

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Dr. Lisa. Life Is At The Peak Of Love. Part 2. In An Attempt To Change The World
Dr. Lisa. Life Is At The Peak Of Love. Part 2. In An Attempt To Change The World

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Dr. Lisa. Life is at the peak of love. Part 2. In an attempt to change the world

Through her entire life and work, Doctor Lisa has shown what a Russian person is capable of and what is his highest realization.

Part 1. One, but fiery passion

The owner of the sound vector needs large-scale tasks - at the level of society, at the level of humanity. From time immemorial, sound scientists have been the creators of ideas about social transformations. In the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, a scenario of the life of a person with a skin-sound bundle of vectors is described - a person fanatically devoted to an idea, giving his life for its implementation.

Dr. Lisa has certainly realized such a scenario in her life. She was possessed by the idea of ​​a society in which there would be no genocide of the sick, but there would be equality of human rights, regardless of his physical capabilities. And she did her best to bring it to life. She spoke about the need to open more social shelters. For those who are in difficult life situations, small shelters should be organized, for 25-30 people, and not large barracks, similar to a prison. It is necessary to update the system of rehabilitation of people released from prison - it is difficult for them themselves, without the help of the state, to start a new life.

She also said that she did not want to beat the homeless, put out cigarette butts on their eyes, so that they would starve, and that worms would eat them alive. She spoke of the immorality of taking money from any sick person - rich or poor. This is how the Russian urethral-muscular mentality manifested itself in her, in which money and individualism do not play a decisive role, and the main values ​​are justice and mercy, giving back according to needs. To help those who are now worse off than you, so that the world becomes fairer and more humane - that was her conviction. A very correct belief. After all, justice is when not for yourself. Justice is when for others.

And although she always emphasized that she was out of politics, that she was desperate to change the system and no longer attempted to write humiliating petitions to the authorities, in reality she could not refrain from defending the rights of her wards every time, at every opportunity.

New step

In 2007, the mother of Elizaveta Petrovna fell seriously ill, and she was forced to move to live in Moscow. The mother was ill for two and a half years, severely and painfully. And again Lisa was next to the dying person. It seems to be a common thing, but this time a person close to her was dying. She organized the Fair Aid Foundation, she said, so as not to go crazy while her mother was in the hospital, and became its executive director. She again intuitively did the only right thing: when you are hurt and scared, help another, give him the warmth of your heart, a piece of your soul, then you yourself will have less pain.

The Foundation provided material and medical support to patients with oncology and other diseases, the poor, people who lost their homes. Every Wednesday, Liza Glinka's team went to the Paveletsky railway station, where they fed the homeless, treated them, and provided legal assistance. The foundation also provided them with food and shelter in the winter cold, clothes collected by volunteers.

Dr. Lisa. Life at the peak of love
Dr. Lisa. Life at the peak of love

The fund existed on donations, including from the most ordinary people, who sometimes transferred the latter to the account - 100, 200 rubles. There were volunteers who, at their own expense, helped to maintain the office. Dr. Lisa's team was small - a few doctors and assistants. She did everything herself, on an equal footing with everyone, while not receiving a salary in the fund - her husband supported her.

Then the country recognized her as Doctor Lisa - that was her nickname in LiveJournal, where she wrote a blog in which she talked about her activities. The reactions were very different. Someone, reading her notes, brought clothes to the fund's office, came to the station as volunteers, and someone threw mud at her, promising to burn down her house. "Damn you!" - there were such comments. The sediment remained, but it never stopped her. The blog did its job - people learned that it is possible to live like that, forced many to awaken in their souls.

During the period of the Fair Aid Foundation's work, Doctor Liza's piggy bank has found many more good deeds. This includes assistance to victims of forest fires in 2010, and collection of funds and items for victims of the floods in Krymsk.

A separate page is participation in charity events on the territory of the DPR and LPR, where she visited 16 times and saved about 500 children from death, as well as trips since 2015 with humanitarian missions to Syria, where she delivered medicines and where she organized medical assistance to the civilian population.

In November 2012, she became a member of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights under the President of the Russian Federation. Elizaveta Petrovna Glinka is the owner of many state and public awards for charitable and human rights activities.

But in fact, her contribution is difficult to assess - it is invaluable, especially for the Russian people. Indeed, it is in our mentality that it is so important to awaken the values ​​of mercy and justice, bestowal, priority of the public over the personal.

Through her entire life and work, Doctor Lisa has shown what a Russian person is capable of and what is his highest realization. Helping the disenfranchised, humiliated, people in trouble is what the Russians have always done, only in the last decades forgetting about their purpose, carried away by the tinsel of the leather consumer society. Liza Glinka did not let me forget and this irritated many.

Ordinary woman

She did not like being called a saint or Mother Teresa. “I am an ordinary person, just like you,” she always stressed. And indeed, she was on an equal footing with everyone - be it a statesman or a homeless person from the station. She did not keep her distance, and at the same time avoided familiarity.

An ordinary living woman who sometimes liked to go shopping, smoked, used strong words and even jumped with a parachute. Perhaps if she were a nun, she would be treated more favorably. But this "ordinary" was the most difficult to forgive, because it reminded that any person, each in his own business, can live like she, realizing all of herself, without a trace in serving people.

And she was happy. She loved life in all its manifestations, loved her job. This is how a person feels who realizes his properties to the maximum.


Dr. Lisa was strict and gentle at the same time. Strict, like a doctor who hurts the patient in order for the person to survive. Soft, like a mother who forgives her naughty child, because she understands that he has not yet grown, small yet.

Dr. Lisa
Dr. Lisa

The skin-sound bunch of vectors subordinated her life to a single goal and made her very purposeful - Lisa said that she was very stubborn and always achieves her goal. And she also asked her a passion for extreme, the desire to do what no one else has done. Life in constant challenge, at the peak of its capabilities, with incredible daily effort, physical and mental, for the sake of realizing a goal is also a manifestation of the skin-sound ligament in a high temperament. It was the strength of the spirit that made this fragile body so hardy.

Defending someone's interests, she could be conflicted, very harsh, but she always quickly retreated and often asked for forgiveness. She even felt anally ashamed of her outbursts.

As a person of great inner discipline and organization, Lisa could do several things in a skin-like way at the same time. In her office, the phone did not stop for a minute, but she knew how to concentrate on what she was doing, completely and without a trace. And having solved one issue, she was included in another with the same attention.

Once, her son, whom she took with her to the Paveletsky railway station, watching her work, said: “Mom, I didn’t know that you were a business-like and cold machine”. Lisa combined a hot heart and a cold head, which is systemically conditioned by the presence of visual and sound vectors. The ability to concentrate is the ability of a developed sound vector.

The developed skin vector made her a good organizer, capable of quickly solving complex issues, flexibly avoiding obstacles, and easily recovering from lesions. And also do not remember the insults from bullying and ingratitude.

In the team she was respectfully called "Petrovna" and obeyed without question. A person with a skin vector, who knows how to subject himself to discipline, can effectively organize others, arouses a desire to obey him and others. A small, thin woman easily supervised the work of five or six strong men.

Love is one for all

But most of all she loved to love, and her love was truly unconditional. She loved not for gratitude, not for beautiful eyes, but simply because she could not help loving. In her youth, as a person with a developed visual vector, she was "terribly amorous." Fell in love "right up to the shake."

Then, when Gleb appeared, her love gained depth, and then expanded in breadth, embracing all the unfortunate and disadvantaged. She became everyone's mom. That is why the problem of professional burnout, which is so common for psychologists and volunteers who work with such a complex category of people - the homeless, the dying, bypassed it. It's hard to see human suffering if you focus on yourself. And when you love, you only think about the one you love.

Dr. Lisa admitted that when she felt that she was no longer listening to her patients, but simply mechanically bandaging them, she just went to bed. The reason for her amazing performance is the withdrawal of all properties outward, realization not for herself, but for everyone, complete concentration on the other person. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that when a person completely subordinates all his actions to the goal of survival of the human species, he is given strength on exactly the same scale - so that there is enough for everyone.

Her unusually developed visual vector made her free from any superstitions and religious dogmas. And although she was a believer, Orthodox, this did not prevent her from parting with the priest who worked in her Kiev hospice - he did not meet the requirements of unconditional love for patients, independent of nationality and religion.

Dr. Lisa called working with dying people her privilege because they trusted her. She was for them the last instance in this world - absolutely accepting, understanding and loving. They left happy, and that made her happy too.

Dr. Liza Glinka
Dr. Liza Glinka

Invisible presence

On December 25, 2016, the plane on which Dr. Lisa was flying with humanitarian aid for the population of Syria crashed over the Black Sea. It is still difficult to imagine that she no longer exists. Words about her are not written in the past tense, as if she is still with us. As if her invisible presence continues to heal our bodies and souls.

And there is. Such people do not disappear into oblivion. The memory of them continues to do its bright work - to unite people, to do kinder, more humane, purer in soul, encourages compassion. Dr. Lisa will forever remain with us, like a beacon that does not allow us to get lost in this world, like a light that is endless.

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