Psychological Trainings - How To Study The Psychology Of People Effectively?

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Psychological Trainings - How To Study The Psychology Of People Effectively?
Psychological Trainings - How To Study The Psychology Of People Effectively?
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Psychological trainings - how to study the psychology of people effectively?

There are many trainings, but there is practically no control over their quality. Therefore, the most important question is not “how will I go through psychological trainings”, but “what kind of training I want to attend so that it would be useful for me” …

What do we expect from psychological training? Positive changes in life and the ability to successfully interact with others. Understanding the psychology of people is the key to a more effective life position and just happiness. How do you find a training that meets these needs? Consider in this article.

Variety of choice

Do you want to take psychological training? Nothing is easier … and more difficult at the same time. That's why.

Today the offer in this field is so wide that you can find interesting trainings in psychology in any city, be it Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kharkov. Don't want to waste time on the road and sit in the audience? Thanks to the Internet, you have the opportunity, without even getting up from the couch, to get a psychological education: you just need to download psychology trainings or attend online lectures by a psychologist.

There are many trainings, but there is practically no control over their quality. Therefore, the most important question is not “how will I go through psychological trainings”, but “what kind of training I want to attend so that it is useful for me”.

At least that was the question I often faced. As a person who checks everything on himself, over the years of my passion for psychology, I have gone through all the stages of practical psychology - trainings, consultations, education. What's the result? More on that later. And now an overview.

What are the psychology trainings for adults

Professional psychological trainings. These are trainings that combine professional training with psychological training. Sometimes they are held in the form of team building, which works according to the following principle: everyone was afraid together, worried and hugged at the end. Sometimes, like training in time management: this is an attempt to impose a single working format on the team. In any case, after the training, everyone led by the boss will walk in delight for exactly a week. Then things, problems will take their toll and one impression will remain.

Famous trainings for psychological growth (or, as they are also called, trainings for personal growth). These are trainings that promise to unleash a person's potential, make him more successful, self-confident and purposeful. The usual format for such trainings is group. Its advantages are cost, the ability to communicate with people and gain impressions. “Personal growth” today is a tribute to fashion: a modern person strives forward in everything, which means that as a result of training, something must grow. But three weeks pass - and nothing has grown, only good memories from shared experiences, tears and hugs remain.

Individual psychological trainings. These are face-to-face consultations. Individual trainings were invented for those who consider their status too high or their problems too intimate to talk about them in public. The methods of therapy are the same as in the group. You usually have 10 meetings once a week, for a total of about three months. Counseling helps to alleviate the emotional state of a person who does not have the opportunity to speak out or cry, to talk to someone heart to heart. It is good if, as a result of such training, a person gains the skill to cope with their problems on their own. But as a rule, this does not happen, and he is forced to return to take the course again.

Coaching psychology. If consultation is not enough for you (i.e. if you have not received your result), you can sign up for a permanent subscription - take a personal coach for yourself. A coach is your personal “success coach” who is designed to motivate, inspire the client, help him identify life goals and ensure that he relentlessly follows them. In short, when many saw that after the trainings and consultations the client did not have a sustainable result, they decided to introduce the following format: “I will be with you and will be for a very long time”. Couldn't get rid of self-doubt? Never mind, at every meeting we will tell you: "Well done, keep it up!" Didn't understand what you want in life? It's not scary, we will come up with guidelines for you again and again. If you have to make a lot of decisions, for example, about work and have no one to share with, consult,you might be fine with this format. But it is worth remembering that in this case the psychologist will not act as a specialist, but as a “friend for hire”.

The main thing is the result

Organizing a training is not a tricky business, but profitable. And many people use it. How many times in front of me people just got up and left classes, how many times I myself was bored and even funny. So the first and most important thing to pay attention to when choosing psychological training is its effectiveness.

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Regardless of what methods of solving personal problems the training offers, the main thing is that it leads you to your goal and gives practical results. It took me a while to understand this. As a result of my many years of experiments with trainings and psychological studies, I came to the conclusion that it is very difficult to eradicate psychological problems in myself - this requires years of work, tons of shed tears. And what else, because the most effective methods of healing go through tears and heartache. It was because of this prevailing opinion that my acquaintance with the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan was a shock for me.

I am Aphrodite and I am also a Capricorn

When I first met the information about Yuri Burlan's training in system-vector psychology, I was visited by skepticism - how can I get rid of my problems without long personal consultations and heartbreaking exercises? It's impossible. And then I read a small article with a brief description of the properties of one of the vectors and was amazed - no one showed me myself so clearly and completely. When a little later at home I turned on a free lecture of this psychological training, I was surprised at the reaction of my relatives - they laughed embarrassedly, because they also recognized themselves.

And then I realized that this is not just another typology of people, it is practical psychology for every day. Knowledge, formalized into a system, works for you like a well-oiled mechanism.

On the contrary, I will give an example of anti-system thinking:

"I like to talk, because I am an extrovert, I also like to wear beautiful dresses, because by the archetype I am Aphrodite, by the color typology I am red, so you will not get bored with me, and I am also stubborn, well, because I am Capricorn." This grotesque sketch on the theme of "mess in the head", in fact, taken from life. After each of the trainings, a person usually has one or two attitudes, which in beautiful terms "justify" the person's condition. For example, are you always sad and uncommunicative? So you're an introvert, face it. What is an introvert, why am I, and what should I do about it now? No answers are allowed.

Psychological training that works

The goal of practical psychology is not to instruct a person with diagnoses, but to give him a working tool that allows him to live his life happily, get more pleasure, less suffering and know exactly what needs to be done for this. He is guaranteed to receive such a tool when he undergoes training in system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan - a new study in the psychology of human study.

System-vector psychology does not just unite all working methods, it gives significant, long-term and stable results, which has been proven by the reviews of thousands of people.

This fundamentally changes the approach to learning and the opportunities that open to us. What is the point of wasting your time and money to get fragmentary knowledge in different places? After all, in psychology classes they will tell you how to behave in situation A, well, maybe in situations A and B. But you go out and face situation B - and what to do, again for training or consultation? Isn't it easier to learn the whole alphabet at once? And only then, in the topic of psychology and psychological trainings, you can put an end to - get your results.

The results of the people who completed the training can be found here:

You can register for free online lectures on training in systemic vector psychology and make your own understanding of this technique by following the link:

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