Myths About System-vector Psychology And Their Exposure

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Myths About System-vector Psychology And Their Exposure
Myths About System-vector Psychology And Their Exposure

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Myths about system-vector psychology and their exposure

Myth No. 4. A person cannot be shoved into any system. It is unique and unrepeatable. Since nothing in the world works by itself and every living being is included in a group of other living beings, their interaction with each other is subject to certain laws. There is no chaos in nature, each element has its own purpose …

Myth number 1

I can get tested on the definition of vectors, get the result electronically and understand who I am in terms of vectors.

And in fact!

But in fact, you will give the money to another profanator who wants to speculate a little on your keen interest in system-vector psychology.

As a result, you will get another label that does not reveal your essence and does not explain your inner world, and you will go on looking for new tests.

The fact is that the task of Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" is the process of a person's cognition of his roots, a deep study of his essence, research and acceptance of his desires and the disclosure of his abilities.

At the training, the alphabet of systems thinking is studied, with the help of which you will learn to identify trends and patterns in people's behavior, understand their thoughts and intentions, harmoniously fit into the environment, confidently express yourself there and realize your potential.

"System-vector psychology" is a deep psychoanalytic training. To devalue and reduce it to the level of a primitive test is gross ignorance.

Myth number 2

You have a huge forum, there is enough information (training notes, articles) to master the subject and use it in life. The training is optional.

And in fact!

The Forum is a learning portal created by people who have taken or are undergoing training. All materials posted on the forum are notes, thoughts and questions of our students, therefore the forum is an indispensable aid in the process of full-time education.

There are two types of knowledge: written and oral. We are used to receiving information ABOUT THIS WORLD from books and textbooks, i.e. from written sources.

"Systems Vector Psychology" is not a standard academic science that can be read and learned. This is the category of LIVING knowledge that is transmitted Orally from teacher to student, because the subject of study is latent mental processes in the unconscious of a person.

This approach guarantees that the information will be perceived by you in volume and you will be able to observe what you hear in the world around you and feel inside yourself. That is, you can use it in practice, and not just know it in theory.

Myth number 3

"System-vector psychology" is another typology. There are a lot of them now.

And in fact!

Any artificially created typology only complicates our perception of reality.

Types, invented out of thin air, provide neither knowledge nor understanding.

The training "System-vector psychology" does not create a new classification of types of people, but reveals what was hidden from human consciousness, namely: the connection between the mental processes of a person and his eight erogenous (sensitive) zones, expressed physically.

Each type of character determined during the training can be observed in our physical world. His manifestations, desires, thoughts and behavior have a connection with his most sensitive bodily zone.

Since a person has no other zones, the additionally invented classifications are only a figment of fantasy and imagination.

Myth number 4

A person cannot be shoved into any system. He is unique and unrepeatable, since man is a Divine creation.


And in fact!

Nothing in the world works by itself, and every living being is part of the group of other living beings. Their interaction with each other is subject to certain laws. There is no chaos in nature. And a person also enters a system in which each element has its own purpose.

"System-vector psychology" revealed the laws and tendencies according to which humanity and man as its component develops. Yuri Burlan and his team are ready to introduce them to everyone.

Myth number 5

If I open the unconscious and know everything about myself and others - their thoughts, desires and motives of behavior - then life will not be interesting. Life without miracles will become boring and monotonous.

And in fact!

A miracle is a phenomenon whose nature is unknown. Should we hope for a miracle in matters of relationships, family creation, upbringing, self-knowledge?

Is it worth living by trial and error in anticipation of a miracle where there is a scientific and systemic explanation?

"System-vector psychology" helps to quickly find a way to realize oneself in this world, to understand one's deep subconscious desires and characteristics. This training helps to understand and accept yourself and other people as they are. This is knowledge that raises to a higher level awareness of one's actions in this world and realization in a direction set by nature.

Is it boring to understand yourself, the world around you, to be fulfilled and happy?

Myth number 6

System-vector psychology operates in physical terms. There is no culture or spirituality here.

And in fact!

We are not concerned with the study of a form cut off from matter.

We operate only with real terms of the physical world.

We are talking about what is observable and verifiable in practice, otherwise you can go into the jungle of fantasies and meaningless reasoning, far from the real world.

We are based on the fact that nature has laid down his specific role in each person (for the survival of all mankind), during which he receives satisfaction from life. This is due to the presence of features expressed both in his mental apparatus and in the physical body.

The striving for knowledge of the spiritual world and the development of culture are also specific roles of a person. And a deep understanding of the psychic roots that gave rise to them makes it possible to realize oneself in these directions with great satisfaction and dedication.

Myth number 7

I can get training in systems psychology three times cheaper from your former students. Why should I go to you?

And in fact!

Thousands of students have passed our course "Systemic Vector Psychology" for ten years of practice of face-to-face and Internet trainings.

Among them there are those who decided to make the retelling of the training a source of their income.

Many of them simply change the names of the vectors to colors, correct the name of the course and give out notes from the training they have just completed, for their authoring developments and know-how, calling themselves the developers and co-authors of this method.

Some of them call themselves an "expert" in the field of sexual relations, some say that they will teach you how to conduct business in accordance with the theory of vectors. Someone combines the vector approach with some esoteric direction, and their fantasies no longer know boundaries. Each of them offers something of their own, which has nothing to do with the course that Yuri Burlan conducts on our website online.

Perhaps many of you have read the rave reviews of the System Vector Psychology course on our website. And for some reason they decided that the same effect would be obtained after passing the course of the same name in other people. We give guarantees of a positive result only for those who take the course with us at

Remember, common scammers and scammers often hide behind great deals. At best, for the small price you pay to these people, you will receive a meager retelling of the training, generously supplemented by their own speculations, and at worst, behind the mask of vector psychology, you will be offered the fruits of the sick imagination of another unrecognized "genius".

The psyche is a delicate material. Think twice before placing it in the hands of common crooks.

Miser pays twice.

Be carefull!

Distinguish the original from the fake!

And do not fall for the tempting offers of profanators who devalue brilliant and powerful knowledge.

See you at our Training!

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