Feminism: From "uterine Rabies" To Multi-orgasm By Choice

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Feminism: From "uterine Rabies" To Multi-orgasm By Choice
Feminism: From "uterine Rabies" To Multi-orgasm By Choice

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Feminism: from "uterine rabies" to multi-orgasm by choice

"Feminist" - today they speak contemptuously about women who prefer a career to a family or are simply not ready to obey their husbands. In Russia, this word has already become a dirty word along with emancipation and suffrageism.

Who would have known how I think of these naive poor things

who just want to get married, for the husband to solve their problems!

Fairy tales have done a lot of harm to our generation.

Bernard Werber.

"Feminist" - today they speak contemptuously about women who prefer a career to a family or are simply not ready to obey their husbands. In Russia, this word has already become a dirty word along with emancipation and suffrageism.

Men scold feminism and often see equality as the source of all modern problems, from the AIDS epidemic to the demographic crisis. It's amazing that women themselves will not fail to say a couple of nasty words about this most notorious feminism and the sexual revolution: they say, the men themselves have spoiled. If earlier a woman had no other occupation except home and raising offspring, today work has also been added to her usual duties. As they say in Russia: “what we fought for, we ran into it”.

Indeed: what did they fight for, what did they run into, and what is real feminism like?

Her Majesty the WOMAN: Feminism in History

Not so long ago, in the 17th-18th centuries, such type of transactions as the sale of wives was practiced in England. In those distant and dark times, divorce was an impermissible luxury, so a man could choose just such a way out of the situation.

"There is nothing more destructive than a woman" - a saying that is attributed to the ancient Greek poet Homer. This phrase perfectly illustrates the disrespectful attitude towards women up to the 19th century. In many cultures before, and even today, a woman does not have the right to eat at the same table with a man, she must obey and please her husband in everything. There were no rights, even the seemingly rational possibility of owning one's own property, and that was absent. The inheritance, as well as the dowry, completely passed into the possession of the husband, under his personal tutelage, so to speak. However, after marriage, the woman herself became the property of her husband, a powerless creature behind a stone wall (if she was lucky).

feminism 1
feminism 1

Divorce was considered a shame, primarily for a woman. In this case, she could not even count on the fact that her children would stay with her. There was no question of remarriage at all, so the divorce put a bold cross on a woman's full life.

Of course, such commonplace things as the right to vote and the right to defense were absent. It is hardly worth mentioning the books on how to beat your wife with a stick, which, if not contributing to the rise of domestic violence, then clearly reflected the position of women of that time.

Education could only be obtained by women from the upper strata of society, and then it can hardly be called serious: lessons in dance, French, piano and etiquette. The woman was completely excluded from social life, she was given a place in the shadow of her husband for cutting, sewing and raising offspring.

The first, not yet matured, steps of feminism date back to 1848, when the first congress on the protection of women's rights was held under the slogan "All women and men are created equal." Suffrageism, as the first organized movement against discrimination against women, appeared at that time, but it was not until 1974 that almost all Western European countries, as well as the USA and Canada, adopted a law on women's suffrage.

The most significant achievements of feminism occurred in the 1960s and 1980s, when women were finally officially recognized as equal to men. With the same list of rights as well as responsibilities.

Of course, the status of a woman is still very controversial in many Arab and African countries, where to this day such incredibly brutal torture of a woman as female circumcision is allowed.

In advanced countries, feminism has gained momentum today. The countries of Europe, the United States and Japan - carriers of the skin mentality - are using truly draconian methods to combat discrimination against women. Especially successfully developed and applied in the United States, where the law on "sexual harassment" leads to numerous and, as it seems to us, comical litigation and not so comical punishment in the form of imprisonment.

In Russia, the issue of women's safety has not yet been resolved. According to official statistics, 15,000 women are killed by spouses every year, and another 2,000 women commit suicide, unable to withstand beatings and insults. In fact, 40% of the victims never go to the police with this question at all, because they do not believe in Russian justice.

feminism 2
feminism 2

Her Majesty the WOMAN: the seed of feminism

Who were the pioneers of feminism? Why did the woman suddenly move away from the stove, abandoning peeling potatoes, pushing her offspring apart, stamping her heel and saying: “I want to vote!”?

Imagine Balzac's France in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Ladies in rich decorations, sumptuous balls and famous French perfumes. A woman is not yet a man, but she is already secretly acquiring the right to privacy. A rich married lady can already have a lover, but at the same time she must maintain a mask of innocence in the light.

Among the many dressed up ladies, we see only one: a light feather among the cock's fluff. Men look at her so lustfully, her eyes are so sparkling. Her attention and a slight smile will be enough for all the men in the hall, and they obediently follow the flapping of her eyelashes.

Behind her, there is a whisper of envious women, a whole heap of gossip is used: either this girl was seen with one marquis, and the next day she was already walking in the baron's garden, and on Wednesday she was in the theater with an unknown man. It is inappropriate to behave like this for a betrothed woman - her father has already chosen a suitable party for her from among the many contenders for her hand and heart. Woe to her husband will be with her, woe … Look how he smiles at all men! What a freaky tail!

This girl is a skin-visual one, known throughout the system-vector psychology for her pheromones. In the Middle Ages, they were burned at the stake for "witchcraft", in paganism they were sacrificed to the gods. But with the approach of the 20th century, skin-visual girls began to show themselves brighter and more active in society, and they began to fight for feminism.

Skin-visual - nulliparous woman, seducing. She gives pheromones to men undifferentiated, so everyone wants her. It belongs to everyone and at the same time to nobody. Due to their natural role, such people previously did not give birth at all and could not even get pregnant. A little later, they became able to conceive, but they died in childbirth, and today they even give birth, often with the help of medicine, but, as before, they do not have a maternal instinct. Such a woman is a natural couple only for the urethral leader, but there are not enough leaders for everyone, so they often do not marry at all, and if they are married, then, as a rule, several times.

feminism 3
feminism 3

Skin-visual - the only women who have their specific role on a par with men. They went hunting and war with men, were daytime guards of the pack. All other women sat in caves and waited for their piece of mammoth, ranking among themselves according to their men. He is a general, she is a general. The essence of a woman is receiving: she receives a mammoth, receives ejaculate, inspiring a man to accomplishments, and this is her meaning.

The specific role is always a return, so it can only be of the male type. In the eyes of society, the skin-visual girl experiences a strong internal contradiction between family and career, but for her career is always a priority, because she is the only woman of all women who has a specific role.

Feminism, suffrageism, the struggle for equality were carried out by skin-visual girls. Like no one else, they felt the infringement of their natural rights, the impossibility of social realization forced them to experience tremendous suffering.

In the anal phase of development, which lasted until the middle of the 20th century, the main values ​​were home, family, family, honor, reputation. There could be no question of any feminism: "A woman should know her place" - to this day, some representatives of the anal part of society are yelling. Skin-visual girls, at best, were tied to the house, forced to sit in the kitchen and shed tears about their unsuccessful and unrealized life. They have no such value as a family, they are not created to be faithful and obedient wives, and this has a great natural meaning.

Some skin-visual women managed to break through the boundaries of the hateful family shackles, to step beyond the boundaries of what was permitted at that time, but these are rather exceptional cases. They were not a decree of either our grandmothers or great-grandmothers. The attitude of other women towards them has always been negative, because only the skin-visual and to this day knows how to twist in one place like no other, and interrupt any others with her pheromones.

feminism 4
feminism 4

Nevertheless, feminism has become so widespread thanks to the skin-visual girls. As in any revolution, of course, urethral individuals were ahead, but it was the dermal-visual ones who to this day fight for the rights of women around the world, defending the oppressed and disadvantaged women.

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