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New Year
New Year
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New Year

New Year is a special holiday, we quite seriously believe that as you meet it, you will be “lost” all year round. It has always been considered a home holiday, and when planning to celebrate it with friends, we always tried to sit at the family table with our relatives for at least an hour with the traditional Olivier salad, “Soviet” champagne and herring under a fur coat.

New Year is a special holiday, we quite seriously believe that as you meet it, you will be “lost” all year round. It has always been considered a home holiday, and when planning to celebrate it with friends, we always tried to sit at the family table with our relatives for at least an hour with the traditional Olivier salad, “Soviet” champagne and herring under a fur coat. In the old days, the streets were empty for the chimes, flights were canceled, and even people in white coats on duty allowed themselves to put aside their stethoscope and pick up a glass of champagne.

And this collective action was not accidental. No matter how ironic today's smart people may be, but even from “Moscow to the very outskirts”, or rather, in the opposite direction, the whole country was waiting for the go-ahead - congratulations from the secretary general and a television picture with Kremlin stars, the chiming of the Kremlin chimes announcing the people stepped over to a new one, 19…. year.


Such a friendly and absolutely standard, stimulated by the collective psychic meeting of this most beloved holiday has never happened anywhere else and, if you want to know, not. It is clear that the New Year is marching across the planet and the heads of all states have prepared a standard text of an appeal to their people, but who is listening to them? In the West, there is generally no tradition of celebrating the New Year in the way it was accepted throughout the post-Soviet space. For them, Christmas is much more important, the next day after which Christmas trees fly into the windows as unnecessary, and the sweeper does nothing but manage to remove them from the sidewalks.

The New Year, or Sylvester in the West, is just an opportunity to break away at a disco with a drink, hang out in a crowd of thousands near the Brandenburg Gate or under the Eiffel Tower, warming up with alcohol or sipping from a bottle of champagne you have taken with you and eating tangerines. There are no chimes and Big Bens in Paris, so it's not surprising to miss the New Year. True, you can get out of the situation if you drop the Chimes on your mobile and remember to turn on the alarm.

And yet why? Why is there no feast familiar from childhood and the smell of a real Christmas tree, although all this is not difficult to organize? The answer is simple: the most important thing is missing - a real festive atmosphere, which gives a sense of unity and belonging, which was created by this already indistinct voice of an elderly urethral leader, at whom everyone and everyone was mocking, and on whose account of jokes, perhaps, no less than that of Vasily Ivanovich.

What songs are without accordions, and the New Year without Katanyans !?

How, you do not know who the Katanyans are? This means that you have not watched the film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!", But at the same time "Forgotten Melody for the Flute" and even later Ryazanov's picture "Hello, Fools!" The whole country listened with interest to the unknown surname, conjecturing and thinking out who it was about.

Ryazanov is a big joker. He immortalized not only himself in the tiny roles of his comedies, but also the name of his best friend and fellow student at VGIK Vasily Katanyan - documentary filmmaker and stepson of Lily Brik, the muse of Vladimir Mayakovsky.

The Irony of Fate, first shown on January 1, 1975, immediately won the hearts of the audience. She was expected every New Year, because the film was shown only on this holiday and it was simply impossible to see it at another time. Once again experiencing all the collisions of relations between such a very Petersburg Nadia, who knows his own worth of Ippolit and who broke into Zhenya's soul, closed Nadina, it was possible to find more and more new shades of acting and the beauty of Alla Borisovna's voice.


The picture was filmed in the genre of a lyrical and sad sitcom and became a tuning fork, by which not only the approach of the New Year was determined, but also some kind of special Soviet aestheticism. The simplicity and harmony of the film, shown before the holiday from year to year until the mid-nineties, did not tire anyone, and even vice versa - inspired. As befits a favorite film, it was taken away for quotes, but none of the filmmakers has ever managed to approach the special grace of behavior and refinement of Barbara Brylskaya and the new refined manner of performing romances by the then unknown Alla Pugacheva in their works. In addition, the names of poetesses Marina Tsvetaeva and Bella Akhmadulina were rediscovered to the general public.

On the eve of new days

In the early 80s, the initiative in celebrating the "New Year that is about to come" from the ever-beloved "Irony of Fate" was taken over by "The Wizards". Another generation came, and the 36-year-old Nadia Shevelevs, who were necessarily in any school in the Soviet Union, became six years older. Irony, with its lyrical twists and turns of the fate of the main characters, somewhat elitist, in semitones, chamber lyrics, Tariverdiev's music and restrained acting style, has been replaced by a real feast for sight and sound. Young beautiful actors, magnificent music and an unusual scenario, in which, although with difficulty, one can still guess the motives of the works of the Strugatsky brothers.

And no matter how naive today both "Wizards" and "Irony of Fate" may look, both films have long been included in the Golden Fund of cinematography, as well as "An Ordinary Miracle" created at about the same time with the insane sound engineer The Wizard, "Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession”,“The Star of Captivating Happiness”by Vladimir Motyl and“Office Romance”by Eldar Ryazanov.

They say old films are good. Well, you can't say that about "Office Romance", for example, or about "Miracle". They simply did not propagandize what the oral mouth is constantly cracking in search of free ears: sex and murder.

No matter how haters of socialist realism might assert, the best Soviet films and television series were created in the 70s and early 80s. Naturally, screenplays were constrained by the framework of censorship and nomenclature, just as the approval of actors for the main and episodic roles was regulated by ministerial and party functionaries. But in all this there was an absolute necessity, as they say, “one's own homespun truth of life,” hidden from public eyes, and the correctly chosen position of the state itself.


She hung up the beads, got into a round dance …

Post-perestroika tendencies, which have made their own adjustments under the name of "glasnost", "pluralism" and "democracy", have fabricated a monstrously deformed ersatz of the concepts of "freedom of speech" and "freedom of the press." The permissiveness and uncontrollable lawlessness that has spilled onto the street, which has nothing to do with the urethral freelancer, is still not possible to return to the former enclosures.

Art and literature, bursting out of the stifling clamps of socialist realism of the late 70s and gaining the desired freedom in the 80s, were unable to give birth to anything other than the pitiful "Russian Beauty", who made a lot of noise about nothing in the West and was 20 languages, fireworks of musical thugs romance that has filled all concert venues from Moscow to Vladik, and works of dubious value. For the last twenty years, having gained access to catwalks and stages, untalented, with underdeveloped properties of their natural vectors, skin-visual girls from the pages of glossy magazines and TV screens teach Russian women the wisdom and lifestyle according to their own model.

Dance, Russia, and cry, Europe! And I have the most beautiful …

Anyone with knowledge of system-vector psychology will smile: "Is it possible to shout to the whole country about your sexual shortages?" It turns out that it is not only possible, but also necessary. Today you will not surprise anyone with a “suffocating wave, lightly touching the sleeves”. Underdeveloped, but full of sexual aspirations, the female came out of the cave and … hung on a pole, publicly performing frank somersaults on it.

In the face of failures in the natural state ranking, archetypal skinners from show business, ready to do anything for the sake of money, bring such a special "military" female to any bridgehead, inappropriately and mistakenly mistaking all 150 million of Russia's population for a muscle army.

Oral vector degeneratism

The lack of vigilant control of the olfactory over the oral jester, at whose behest he opened his mouth in order to verbalize to the world in exact words the thoughts of his older brother-introvert through quartels of energy, has led to the fact that the oral extroversion, which has lost censorship, thoughtlessly grinds everything in a row, shamelessly and teasingly engaging in technical engagement who also paid for this "pleasure".


The willingness of the creative intelligentsia to earn "at any cost", "promiscuity in connections" in relation to audience target groups, from corrupt, mafia, gangster and others, led to the fact that famous performers with a successful Soviet past turned into low-class artisans who indulge and actively participate in erosion of the once elite Soviet culture.

In her New Year's article about the Snow Maiden, Irina Kaminskaya writes: “Through cultural figures, political power communicated with the masses. The main task of the new Soviet culture was to keep the collective enmity …"

The example of the collapse of the Soviet Union, followed by the abandonment of the vertical power system of government in favor of Western forms of government based on a standardized law, showed the fragility of our culture and the impossibility of its existence without the patronage of a strong government, natural, consonant with our mentality. It is difficult for today's Russian authorities to establish a dialogue with the masses if this maddened culture is dancing on the porches, splashing acid in the face of its own officials and oral influence on the subconscious mindlessly and obsessively ridicules, humiliates and devalues ​​the exploits, merits and historical conquests of an entire people that once served it reasons for pride.

Chatterbox - the cause of state destruction

Uncontrolled, uncontrollable oralists, carrying unrestricted (we have freedom of speech!) Gag, inducing by word, are able to form a hole in the collective mental of the whole people. How this happens, explains Yuri Burlan at lectures on system-vector psychology. A person listening to an oral speaker accepts the thought imposed on him by the "talker" as his own, he has a deceptive feeling that he himself always thought so. This is induction.

The oral is able to induce large groups of people, creating common neural connections in them, uniting them with a common thought. It all depends on what kind of emptiness and lack the speaker himself carries in his psychic and how much they are in tune with the crowd to which his word is addressed.

If the oral speaker in his well-reasoned speeches touches on topics that are close to the people, then the people begin to think with him in unison.

“A developed oral speaker is capable of transmitting precise sounds, precise words, and precise meanings,” says Yuri Burlan in the oral vector class. In other words, he says aloud what the olfactory person thinks, his non-verbal introverted brother in quartels of energy.

Who is behind the performance of oralists from Channel One and not only?

Guess for yourself. Those who benefit from the collapse of the Russian state. When the West faces such a “noble” goal, there is always a talker with “no cultural restrictions, not bound by the framework of a good education …”.

Now it is clear for whom all these entertainment programs are designed - "laughing panoramas", "crooked mirrors", "Saturday evenings", "new Russian grandmothers", primitive librettos, lyrics from New Year's musicals, etc., in which there is only one theme: sex and murder paired with a drink and a snack.

First of all, the spectators suffer from all this New Year's delirium - people with a visual vector, who are themselves natural carriers of culture, whose mental lives by emotions.


If their emotional uplift does not move up the scale and does not approach the “compassion” mark, for example, to the same Nadya Sheveleva from The Irony of Fate or Olga Ryzhova and Lyudmila Prokofievna from Eldar Ryazanov’s Office Romance, then these emotions are thrown down followed by devastation due to "monkey laughter on the blockage" to the accompaniment of primitive jokes by Petrosyan, Stepanenko and similar jokes.

“Laughter and laughter remove any degree of concentration, being the absolute opposite of concentration,” continues Yuri Burlan. Laughter is deceptively considered relaxing therapy. In fact, laughter hides deep voids and lacks of the audience, and the oral becomes a litmus that reveals these lacks.

Yes, there are many problems in modern Russian society, but they are all a reflection of our unconscious. Having split up into separate states and made an attempt to live separately geographically, the Soviet people, as a single collective psychic, felt emptiness, for which they still cannot find an explanation, expressing their collective hostility to each other.

The rudiments of primitive culture that emerged tens of thousands of years ago were called upon to unite society and restrain its animal urges. Unfortunately, modern Russian culture is transforming before our eyes into its opposite, into anti-culture, focusing on the identification of the most base, animal instincts. And it's time to do something about it.

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