Marry The Same Age As Father

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Marry The Same Age As Father
Marry The Same Age As Father

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Marry the same age as father

What is behind a young woman's desire to marry an aging man? What unconscious desires unite a couple of different ages and what scenario awaits such a union?

The dreary story of a young woman without dowry, forced to marry an elderly wealthy man, has been replaced by the fashionable trend of being a young muse for an experienced gentleman. Today we see not the fading gaze of the bride in the famous painting, but the proudly raised faces of the beauties who accompany their famous elderly husbands along the red carpet to receive the next creative or scientific award.

How do such pairs develop today? Has age really ceased to play a role in love affairs now? What is behind a young woman's desire to marry an aging man? A systematic consideration of which unconscious desires connect an uneven-aged couple provides an accurate understanding of the future scenario that awaits such a union.

The attraction of pairs does not arise in some miraculous unknown way, but naturally along the vectors. Nature is so laid down that a stable union will be for a man and a woman with an anal and skin vector, respectively. The urethral man will choose the skin-visual woman. The visual woman will naturally gravitate towards the sound man, and so on.

At the same time, a man is driven by a desire for a woman. But a woman primarily chooses a man according to the pheromones of the ranking, that is, she is inclined to choose a man of a higher social rank or according to the inner potential who is able to take one. And this is justified, because the man will provide for her and the unborn child at a time when she is physically unable to work.

All these mechanisms of attraction are accurately described in the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

Every product has a price

A woman with a skin vector, all other things being equal, makes a rational choice more often than others and can agree to a marriage of convenience if the future spouse has a fortune and position in society. She can go to such an alliance, even without having special feelings in relation to the chosen one.

The fact is that the skin vector gives its carrier an inner desire to be successful, to be realized in society, to be financially secure, to build a career. These subconscious desires are formed and developed in us in the course of the entire history of mankind. In early society, dermal people were hunters for mammoths. Therefore, their bodies are mobile, hardy, thin, flexible, capable of running. And in the cave, the skins keep stocks of extracted food and create restrictions on its consumption, that is, the law.

Today the human psyche is more developed. The desires of skin people have become much more complex. Now these are managers, economists, engineers, legislators, that is, those people who are engaged in the extraction of resources and their optimal distribution. Developed leather workers, realizing themselves in the profession, work for the common good and save resources or create new technologies for the whole society. And undeveloped or traumatized in the process of growth, they want to receive benefits only for themselves.

A woman with a not very developed, insufficiently realized or stressful skin vector will not experience any internal contradictions about marriage for the purpose of material or social benefit, because she perceives her youth as an asset and is ready to use it.

As a rule, such a scenario will not be successful and will not bring long-awaited happiness to the spouses. In it, a couple will not be able to form a full-fledged relationship, a real emotional connection will not arise between them, and such a union is doomed to inner loneliness together, even with all the successful external components.

Marry the same age as father
Marry the same age as father

Under the protection of the "gray-haired old man"

In the stellar creative environment, we see many couples of different ages, when famous directors or actors marry the chosen ones much younger than themselves. A man naturally gravitates towards a younger woman. His desire for life begins to fade away with age, and a young creature nearby charges him with energy, and he is further able to create and create works of art. In this scenario, the young woman is no longer driven by purely selfish desires. There is an emotional connection in such couples. Such a desire arises, as a rule, in a skin-visual woman.

A skin-visual woman marries a man much older than her for several reasons. A woman gets a sense of security and safety from a man when she becomes his wife. Unconsciously, she reaches out for an aged man, feeling his solvency, self-sufficiency. Next to him, her innate visual fear of death recedes, she feels relief and it may seem to her that this is love.

A skin-visual woman by nature is a female leader, a rank female, therefore her presence next to a man, as it were, confirms his high social position.

The man of her dreams

The visual vector is a huge emotional amplitude and sensuality, imaginative thinking and high intelligence. A visual woman can dream up any ideal image in her head, give it to anyone and fall in love with this very image. This can happen in the described scenario as well. Driven by the desire to receive security and safety from an adult man, the spectator endows her chosen one with the best qualities and sincerely falls in love with him. True, not for long.

It is much easier for a young visual woman to create emotional connections with an adult and a successful man than with a peer, and it is easier for her to enter into such a relationship. An adult man is more experienced and malleable to a young passion. To build harmonious relationships with a peer, you need to work hard: both moderate your egoism and accept his obstinacy.

There is another scenario in which a visual woman creates a relationship with a man much older than her. A developed sensual visual woman truly falls in love with a mature man and becomes a muse, support and servant of his talent. She admires the talent of her beloved and gives all her strength to inspire and prolong his creativity. An example is the marriage of Vladimir Zeldin and Yvette Kapralova, a couple of Alexander Mikhailov and Oksana Vasilyeva, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

What attracts you most about a man? Intelligence

Not just a smart woman, but super-smart in her potential - a sound woman. They can say about her that she is not of this world, because she is always focused on looking for something unknown, incomprehensible to others. She has a very powerful abstract intellect by nature. She feels herself much smarter than other people, and it is difficult for her to find herself a match for her intellectual level.

It is known that for some time girls develop faster, learn better, read more, so it is even more difficult for a young son to find an appropriate match among her peers. She is interested in intellectual conversations, books, reflections, in a sound way, she is drawn to a man smarter than herself. If among his peers he does not find the same developed sound engineer, then he reaches out to older men.

She very often transfers her inner aspiration to the search for the meaning of life to her chosen one, in whom she is trying to find this meaning. And if an adult man is also the owner of a sound vector, then all sensations of age are completely erased for such a couple. The sound vector is aimed at comprehending the First Cause, and not at the tasks of the material world. Such a couple, if they create an emotional and intellectual connection, is able to come to an incredible union of two souls, regardless of the age difference.

Why women choose older men
Why women choose older men

Love does not look into the passport

Today the boundaries of age have been erased in the world. Public people are the first to try on the trends of the new time. And we can see a large number of different age marriages, some of which have already been tested by time.

A marriage can be lasting and lasting when it is built on a true emotional connection. But before making serious life decisions, you should understand what creates attraction between people and how not to destroy your own fate and the fate of another person.

When we reveal what unconscious desires drive us, what a woman and a man are looking for in a relationship, we are able to consciously create a better, happier life scenario.

When a sound woman reveals in herself the sound properties, realizes the nature of her desires, then she stops looking for meaning where there is none, but finds a partner with whom she can comprehend this meaning together. And if he makes a choice in favor of an older man, then this will be a conscious decision, and not an unconscious leap into the unknown and possible disappointment.

When a visual woman realizes that she really loves her man, and is not looking for salvation from her fears under the protection of her father's age, she is able to become his muse and give him even more life and joy, inspire him to even greater achievements.

Register for free online lectures on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan, find out how our unconscious desires rule our destiny, and write your own, happy.

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