Sound Vector - From Zero To Plus Infinity

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Sound Vector - From Zero To Plus Infinity
Sound Vector - From Zero To Plus Infinity
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Sound vector - from zero to plus infinity

Consciousness hides the true reality from us, creates the illusion of isolation - our own uniqueness. This feeling is the only one familiar to the person himself and those around him. A person does not know the other, so it is certainly not easy to admit that consciousness can be mistaken.

The sound vector is the only one of the eight vectors whose desires are immaterial. If the roles of the other seven vectors have a completely material embodiment in the physical world, then the sound engineer does not find himself in the material world and always in one way or another tries to look beyond the bounds of what is perceived by the five senses. Its role is special and lies in the knowledge of the root causes of everything and, above all, human nature. This is the desire to know oneself, which is sometimes little realized even by the sound engineer himself. Moreover, no one else can understand his throwing and dissatisfaction with material benefits.

What is to be done when desires are so abstract and not defined by a word? How, then, can we realize the full potential of happiness given to us by nature?

Diving into the depths of your own self

As a child, a sound engineer is an inquisitive little thing. It can easily overwhelm an adult with a non-childish question: “Why am I? Where was I before I was born? Who created people on the planet? " And others, implying the first steps in the search for the root causes of everything in the world.

If a little sound engineer is lucky with a home library, he looks for answers in books. He reads everything he finds: from dictionaries to masterpieces of world fantastic literature. Then - endless wanderings on the Internet, mainly at night. Page by page, site by site - surfing the Internet in search of something inexpressible, but vital …

Quite quickly, a lack of sound can grow from a pleasant hunger to a painful impotence. The soundman looks at his peers with a dull look. In the opinion of those around him, this silent and eccentric not of this world is simply fooling around: "You have everything, why are you so sour?" In fact of the matter. “Everything” for the other seven vectors, which have completely material desires and tasks, and nothing for the sound vector, whose hunger is not saturated with ordinary things. Outwardly, everything is fine, but he wants to strangle himself from the black emptiness in his soul.

Day after day, the sound engineer feels a growing pain from an unquenched desire, which he sometimes cannot even verbalize. "Why do we live if we die anyway?" - this is how a person with a sound vector expresses his emptiness - unbearable mental suffering. For a long time, not finding an answer to the question "What do I want?", He answers to himself: "I do not want anything." And he adds: "Life has no meaning."

At the bottom

Desire, without receiving fulfillment for a long time, begins to decrease. Symptoms appear: apathy, persistent fatigue, headaches, sleep for 12-16 hours, and then insomnia.

The suffering sound engineer is haunted by the question: "Why was I born?" After all, he did not choose this. Nobody asked him if he wanted to exist for the years he measured.

The soundman is an introvert in full understanding of the meaning of this word. When he does not find answers to his questions, the world around him seems to him a badly cut illusion, something like a computer game. And then the only thing that connects the sound person with reality and at the same time insanely burdens and burdens this body. An animal component that constantly requires attention: wants to eat, drink, breathe, sleep. Also, the body is the only thing that in the perception of the sound engineer makes him similar to other people.

A person with a sound vector clearly separates his soul and body. Being unrealized, he considers living in a biological organism as a compulsory life imprisonment. The soundman blames the body for its suffering and sometimes pronounces a sentence: "Get rid of." So obsessive suicidal thoughts settle in the head.

Sound vector
Sound vector

Errors of consciousness

Whether consciously or not, the audio search continues. Can it lead to anything? Potentially it can, but mainly, on a whim, passing the path of development of desire for self-knowledge, the sound engineer finds himself in a natural trap of sensation and awareness of only himself.

Tens of thousands of years ago, the sound engineer sat alone at night and listened to the silence: is there a predator sneaking around? From prolonged intensified concentration outside, a thought-form, revolutionary in its meaning, was formed in his head: “This is me. I am me!" - the feeling of one's own uniqueness, the separation of oneself from the “we” of the pack. At the same time, a powerful stream of questions arose: “Who am I? Where did you come from and where am I going? What is the intention? What is the meaning of my life? " From this moment onwards, the sound path begins through thorns to the stars - the path of knowing oneself.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan for the first time reveals the peculiarities of the psyche and worldview of a person with a sound vector, defining it with an exact word, in all cause-and-effect relationships.

Any person feels the world inside ("this is me") and the world outside (other people outside me). The exception is the sound engineer. He feels both worlds in himself. The world inside is consciousness. The world outside is the collective unconscious.

Yes, the unconscious is a general, not a personal hidden something, therefore it is not only me, but other people as well. But the sound engineer, being absolutely focused on himself, does not even know about this. Moreover, the feeling of one's own uniqueness leads the sound engineer on the wrong path.

The fallacy of focusing on yourself

Sound people are seriously fond of meditation. This is a legal way to be in a state of comfort - darkness, silence, loneliness. If a person says: “Leave me alone! Finally, leave me alone, "- then he is considered either an arrogant fool, or a mentally ill. And if a person says: “I meditate,” then he is ranked among people with a rich inner world.

However, if at first the process of meditation can really bring pleasure to the sound engineer (relieving psychological stress, faith in the idea of ​​enlightenment), then over time it only gets worse. Concentrating on himself, the sound engineer finds himself at the farthest point from the state of realization. If only because realization is a socially useful activity. If what a person does is not socially and not useful, it is not capable of bringing the desired feeling of satisfaction, wealth, fulfillment.

Someone very quickly bypasses the search for a method of self-realization and becomes addicted to drugs. It seems that psychotropic doping alters consciousness and provides answers to questions. But the narcotic intoxication dissipates, and the mental pain is felt only sharper and more hopeless. The soundman, of course, was assigned to receive incredible pleasure from the state of altered consciousness, but nature categorically did not mean the use of psychotropic substances.

Know yourself

Each of the eight vectors (in their pure form) is assigned to perform its own unique task in nature. The sound vector also has its own task - to reveal the unconscious. Each of the vectors develops into its opposite: the skin one - from a thief to a lawmaker, the anal one - from a student to a teacher … The sound vector is no exception. Its starting point is absolute egocentrism: there is no one in the world but me. The destination is the opening of the human soul, the collective unconscious. In this awareness, the perception of other people changes, we begin to understand them better than they understand themselves. And this changes the perception of the world as a whole, changes thinking and consciousness.

For this, there is not the slightest need to use doping. The realization of the sound vector, which has the largest volume of desire of all eight, brings an appropriate amount of pleasure, in comparison with which any hallucinogenic high not only fades away, but is completely devalued.

One way or another, the sound engineer is preoccupied with finding a method for changing the state of consciousness, whether he is aware of this or not. The problem is that any means of personal growth is wrong because it involves focusing on yourself.

Any closure on oneself does not lead to anything except intensification of suffering. The sound engineer, like any other person, tries to achieve a state of balanced and pleasant, but finds himself in a dead end. When a person withdraws into himself, he loses the meaning of life, this causes wild suffering.

From zero to plus infinity
From zero to plus infinity

Consciousness hides the true reality from us, creates the illusion of isolation - our own uniqueness. This feeling is the only one familiar to the person himself and those around him. A person does not know the other, so it is certainly not easy to admit that consciousness can be mistaken.

Is there a way out of the impasse? Is there an end station on the way? What can be considered a satisfactory outcome of the path of self-knowledge?

The way out of the vicious circle was the newest method for knowing oneself - the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan. This technique reveals the structure of the unconscious, the hidden mechanisms of its work and allows you to understand the root causes of any desires, actions and social phenomena. The study of the human soul using this technique gives the sound engineer the desired content and the opportunity to fully realize the potential inherent in the vector.

From the muddy bottom to the light

An early sonicist performed his specific role by listening to the sounds of the night savannah. This long-term state of tension of the mind at a certain moment led to a qualitative change in consciousness. Thus, six thousand years ago, man felt "I".

The task of the modern sound engineer is to concentrate outside, listen to the meanings around him in order to learn to recognize the mental mechanisms that move people.

This is the process of deep knowledge of oneself. Systematically revealing the souls of other people, comprehending the motives of their actions, he differs from them, begins to understand his own nature, defines himself in relation to another.

As a result of awareness of ourselves and other people, of all that moves and directs us, a new perception of the world arises, a new state of mind, where we are able to perceive what is happening deeper, at the level of cause and effect, and not just external manifestations. We are no longer lost in guessing what is happening and why, what these people are doing around here and where my place is in this chaos, on the contrary, we begin to realize a harmonious system of world order, which works according to clear, observable laws and has an understandable goal and a predictable direction of development …

New rules of the famous game

However, concentrating outside in an attempt to understand what drives other people is a logical and affordable way to achieve the desired change in consciousness, which is not easy for us, people with a sound vector. Pressure is needed to push us in the right direction and to help maintain this concentration.

For example, the early sound engineer concentrated in conditions of threat to the life of the flock and, accordingly, to himself: a predator will attack - it will not seem to anyone. In many ways, therefore, the need for concentration was obvious.

Natural management of hunger, the clear threat of predators are in the distant past. Modern man is in new conditions for the realization of freedom of choice and will. On the one hand, this complicates the situation, on the other hand, the state of a person depends on himself. He, relatively speaking, has the right to choose to exercise his freedom of choice, fulfill his role and live with a sense of satisfaction from life or not. If not realized, he experiences severe states of loss of interest in life and depression. This is the pressure that forces us sound people to keep looking and acting.

New thoughts - new life

Initially, a person lives, guided by the conclusions that he makes, based solely on personal perception of the world - sensations of the five senses, knowledge, life experience, etc. He makes decisions and performs actions as if in a coma - feeling only bursts of his experiences in a state own uniqueness.

Into the depths of the unconscious
Into the depths of the unconscious

At the moment when a person begins to observe manifestations of the unconscious, at least to a minimal extent, he begins to see the true "conditions of the game" - the natural laws of the universe. As a result, his worldview and behavior change dramatically. He does not go where he can get burned, but rushes to where he can get the most out of life.

A person who has mastered systemic thinking, in thinking, making decisions and performing actions, relies on a different coordinate system, perceives reality in a completely different way and, accordingly, behaves differently. This gives a different quality of life.

One of these turning points is the realization that the individual is only a fragment of a whole called "human species", which has one unconscious for all.

The more clearly and clearly a person observes the life of the collective unconscious and the more accurately he fits into it with his life (desires, thoughts, actions), the more he gets pleasure from life.

The more a person feels the psyche of another person, and in the future the view, the more naturally he performs exactly those actions that are capable of bringing him and those around him pleasure from life.

Outcome criteria: massive, repeatable, sustainable

Any human conclusion is vulnerable, as it is the fruit of consciousness. Therefore, at the stage of spiritual search, the sound engineer is not satisfied with previously existing or any other ideas - they seem insufficiently substantiated to justify life in all its manifestations.

The advantage of the systemic methodology of knowing oneself and the world around is that it is based on an understanding of human nature and the evolution of mankind, consistent with common sense, and it is impossible to refute reality. All causal relationships in the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, revealing the true reality, are observable, verifiable and predictable.

Knowledge of one's own nature, causes and consequences of everything that happens in life, which is revealed in the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, has become a guiding star for many thousands of people, and especially sound specialists. On the SVP portal, more than 20 thousand results have already been published on the changes that new systems thinking entailed.

You can get the first skill of focusing on the psyche and the first experience of uncovering the unconscious at the free online training System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register using the link.

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